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Dragonball NG (Next Generation) is a fan series taking place during the numerous years in the 100 year gap between Goku leaving with Shenron and the 64th World Tournament aswell as taking place after that. The story feautures some of the main character achieving new forms eg. Goku achieves Super Saiyan 5 and 6.


  • Super Saiyan Saga
  • Tuffle half-breed Saga
  • Cabbadu Saga
  • Xiccon Saga
  • Ultimate Dragon Saga
  • Android #26 Saga
  • Uinversal Buu Saga
  • Zeel Saga
  • Android #27 Saga
  • True ultimate Dragon Saga
  • Majin Buryu Saga
  • Demon Lord Saga
  • Kai Saga
  • Frozon Saga
  • Omashi Saga
  • Ultimate Rivals Saga


Super Saiyan Saga[]

1 month after the defeat of Omega Shenron, the Z Fighters are having a reunion when Gohan and Vegeta sense evil ki that Gohan remembers sensing before. In another part of earth Raditz, Nappa, Bardock, Turles and Paragus escape from Hell from a portal similar to the one Gotenks made as Turles achieved Super Saiyan 3. The Saiyans have learnt to sense ki and head to Dende's lookout. On New Planet Namek, Goku is training with the Strongest Namekian and notes that this Namek is even stronger than Piccolo (As Piccolo's strength by the time of GT is higher than what Super Buu's was). The two then battle and Goku is winning but despite Goku's superior power, the Namek, Gasstro is doing well do to his great techniques. Goku goes Super Saiyan to show how powerful he can become and easily wins. On Earth, the Z Fighters sense the Saiyans approaching and get ready to fight. The evil Saiyans transform into Super Saiyans but Bardock stays out of the fight as he is rather good. Raditz and Nappa begin fighting but are beaten by Goten and Trunks. Turles attacks the two half Saiyans before they can finish defeating Nappa and Raditz. Raditz steps back as his personality has become good. Super Saiyan 3 Turles then fights against Gohan and Vegeta but they don't even have to transform to completely overpower him. Paragus then attacks Krillin but is stopped by Gotenks who plays around but still manages to destroy him. Turles launches a blast to destroy the earth but Gohan and Vegeta go in the way of it. The blast is powerful enough to badly injure them. This causes Pan and Bulla to transform into Super Saiyans. Together they manage to defeat Nappa who is finished off by Vegeta. Turles then restarts the fight but is hit by both Bardock and Raditz. Bardock fights Turles and quickly kills him. The two Saiyans then join the Z Fighters. On Namek, Goku is given the Dragonballs and makes his wishes: to revive Piccolo, revive Pikkon and become an adult again. He then uses instant transmission to bring him and Piccolo back to earth. They soon join the Z Fighters and are suprised by Bardock and Raditz's appearance but more suprises appear when Androids #17 and #16 appear. #17 then battles Piccolo to settle their battle from almost 3 decades ago. Piccolo wins as he fused with many Namekians in Otherworld (as Piccolo was allowed back into heaven) so that an Ultimate Super Namek could exist. The Z Fighters soon sense a large power level and go to invetsigate. The Z fighters arrive to find two Saiyans; Parslee and his sister Cisha. They show that they can go up to Super Saiyan 3 but Parslee can go to Super Saiyan 4. Tarble appears as well with Abo and Kado when seeing Saiyan Spacepods appear. Raditz and Bardock shows they've also learnt Super Saiyan 4 in Hell and are amazed when seeing Goku and Vegeta use it as well. Broly suddenly appears from another portal and goes mad. Goten and Trunks fuse and battle Broly. After they transform into a Super Saiyan they overpower Broly but even their Super Saiyan 3 form isn't enough when Broly transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan 3. Gohan steps in and beats Broly up after transforming into a Super Saiyan. Broly then goes to his Legendary Super Saiyan 4 form but Goku and Vegeta's training pays off and overpower him when transforming into Super Saiyan 4s. Broly then goes to his ultimate form, God Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta only has a slight upper hand. After the fusion wears off, Goku and Vegeta bring all their power out into a Mega Super Saiyan 4 but even this isn't enough to defeat Broly. Goku then remembers he forgot to bring his new pupils with him to Earth. He goes back to Namek and brings Gasstro and his pupil Tirun. Tirun's ancestors were from many different races and because of this, he's able to go into a transformation with incredible power. He easily defeats Broly who still tries to kill Goku when at the brink of death. Goku says he wants to fight Broly again as a friend before finishing the Legendary Saiyan off with a full power blast. Goku then goes home to spend time with his family.

Tuffle Halfbreed Saga[]

After the battle against Broly, Goku goes to Dende's lookout and asks if Dende knows where the Dragonballs are as they returned to Earth after Goku adsorbed them. Goku then swallows the 4 star ball and brings Nuova Shenron back to life. Nuova then gives his Dragonball back to Goku as he'll still exist without it. Goku then is about to return home with his family and Vegeta's family when he senses something happening soon. A spacepod soon lands on Earth and a warrior that looks like a Super Saiyan 4 midget with silver hair come out from it and confront Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. The warrior easily kills Chiaotzu and starts his fight with Yamcha & Tien. They soon fuse to become Tiencha but are still not at the same strength as the villain. After the fusion ends, Yamcha and Tien are killed and the warrior heads towards Goku. When the warrior finds Goku he reveals his name is Tsufflak and that he's a Saiyan-Tuffle hybrid who was sent by his Tuffle-Saiyan hybrid race to destroy the Saiyans on Earth as most of his race have Tuffle blood in them. Goku fights him and is easily winning until Tsufflak goes to a Super form. In this form he manages to just barely overpower Mega Super Saiyan 4 Goku but is killed when Vegeta shows up, transforms into a Mega Super Saiyan 4 and does a team attack with Goku. Soon another ship lands and from it comes Tufflon, the king of the Tuffle-Saiyan hybrids that Goku defeated 6 years after the battle with Buu. Goku is barely trying even after Tufflon goes to his Super Tuffle form but when Tufflon goes to a Super Tufflon 4 form not even Goku and Vegeta's combined efforts can defeat him. They then fuse to become Mega Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and easily kill Tufflon. In a part of Earth, a portal opens and Baby comes out of it. He then finds Vegeta and takes over his body again. Due to Vegeta having gained Mega Super Saiyan 4, he easily overpowers Goku. Baby Vegeta starts firing multiple death balls and some of them almost hit Pan and Cisha. Parslee goes in the way to save Pan and Trunks moves Cisha out of the way. As the battle goes on, Goku attempts to make a spirit bomb. Nuova Shenron tries to trap Baby Vegeta in a field of fire and gives Goku enough time to make a Spirit bomb. Goku then adsorbs the energy from it and achieves Ultimate Super Saiyan 4. He then defeats Baby Vegeta and the Tuffle retreats from Vegeta's body. Goku and Vegeta both blast Baby back to Hell and leave. Goku wonders if he should use the Dragonballs to revive Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha but the three warriors contact Goku and tell him not to as they like the Otherworld and are training on the planet of the Zen Kai, a Kai above any of the others. Goku then says that he was just stopping by and leaves with Tirun, Nuova Shenron and Pikkon the next day.

Cabbadu Saga[]

10 years later, Goku returns with Pikkon, Nuova and Tirun and finds some changes. Pan has married Parslee and had a child called Gokin while Trunks has married Cisha and had a child called Trurunnks. Goten and Valese have got married as well and had a child called Gotun. All children can easily transform into Super Saiyans. Goku starts training them and they can easily transform into Super Saiyan 3s (although Gotun can't). Goku reveals one of his reasons of coming back to Earth was to see if he could find Broly's reincarnation but it seems he hasn't been reborn yet. Goku decides that the boys deserve to see Shenron once in their life and decides to go on a search for the Dragonballs with them. When finding the last Dragonball they encounter a Demon who is unbeatable when in the dark and covers the entire battlefield in a shadowy mist. Goku, Gokin and Trurunnks transform into Super Saiyan 3s and destroy the mist and then erase the demon from existance. Suddenly, Goku senses an evil ki approaching Earth and he, the boys, Vegeta, Tirun, Nuova Shenron, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Parlsee come to see who it is. It turns out to be a Saiyan called Cabbadu who has the ability to become an incredibly powerful Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta is shown to have become an Ultimate Super Saiyan 4 while Gohan, Trunks and Goten have become Super Saiyan 4s due to Bulma's blutz wave device but none of them are powerful enough to kill Cabbadu although Goku and Vegeta do a good deal of damage to him. They try to fuse but they don't get a chance to fuse. Goten and Trunks fuse to become Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks but are still easily overpowered by Cabbadu. Goku prepares a Spirit Bomb while Gohan, Vegeta, Tirun and Nuova Shenron stall Cabbadu. Raditz and Bardock arrive but are killed. Goku creates the Spirit Bomb and goes to Super Saiyan 4 and wishes Cabbadu to come back as a good guy. Gokin, Trurunnks and Gotun have summoned Shenron and Shenron hears the wish. Goku then kills Cabbadu but then realises he has a lot of power left from the Spirit Bomb. He goes into the air and transforms to a new form. He then goes back to normal and he and his friends try and decide the 2nd wish. Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl soon arrive and make a wish for all three of them to be eternally young due to being jealous of their husbands never aging. The Dragonballs can now grant three wishes but Bardock and Raditz don't want to be wished back as Raditz married Princess Snake in Otherworld while Bardock would like to stay with his friends who along with him and King Vegeta have been accepte into Heaven and able to train with Grand Kai although Bardock has been allowed to train with Zen Kai. Goku says his goodbyes with his father before wondering what to wish for next. Gokin, Trurunnks and Gotun wish to be able to achieve the adult forms of Super Saiyan and become Super Saiyan 4s. Shenron then leaves and the Z Fighters go home.

Xiccon Saga[]

A spaceship starts to head to Earth with a beatiful woman and her son start to head for Earth. Meanwhile, Goku goes to have a short training session with Pikkon and Nuova Shenron and decide to train on a Planet near Jupiter but when training they see a spaceship heading for Earth. The woman and Goku seem to know eachover but after a friendly chat, she seals Goku, Pikkon and Nuova in a void of nothingness. She and her son then head for Earth. She and her son see Majuub (disguised as Papayaman) defeating Pilaf, Shu and Mai. While Goten and Pan take on other threats in the city. The three Z Fighters are easily defeated by the woman's son. Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta come to see what's happened and find their friends in a near death state. Krillin and Piccolo arrive and take the unconcious fighters to Dende's lookout. The woman reveals her name is Princess Lila (Note this part is based on AF but this isn't the same Princess Lila) and her son is Xicor, the so called Super Saiyan 5. Gohan and Trunks go to Super Saiyan 4 while Vegeta goes to Ultimate Super Saiyan 4. None of them are able to injure Xicor who tells his mother to escape back to their homeworld. It seems Xicor was made from Goku's DNA when he stopped on a planet during the 10 years between the Tuffle-Halfbreed Saga and the Cabbadu Saga. Gokin and Trurunnks arrive and show their new knowledge of the fusion technique by becoming Super Saiyan 3 Gokunnks but are almost killed. Trunks goes in the way and gets criticly wounded. Gohan attempts to power up to a form that will always surpass his current limit which is known as True Ultimate Gohan but due to his great increase of power by becoming a Super Saiyan 4, it takes a while to transform but he dosen't get enough time to transform as Xicor uses his Warzone crush attack. Meanwhile, Goku and Pikkon have a sparring match which Goku wins. They all try to make a barrier but not even Goku's stratergy to go Super Saiyan 3 and not even Ultimate Super Saiyan 4 works. He then uses his new form to break the barrier and escapes with his friends. Tirun arrives on the battlefiled but is quickly defeated. As Xicor prepares to kill Gohan and Vegeta, Goku appears. He then shows that Xicor isn't a Super Saiyan 5 as Goku transforms into the actual form (which Goku achieved from the energy of the Spirit bomb from the battle against Cabbadu). Goku and icor battle but when Xicor is at a disadvantage he tries to attack the planet. Goku transports them to another planet but finds out there are beings living on it (the beings being of Frieza's race). Goku tells them to escape in a Spaceship while he fights Xicor. Xicor soon tries to blow himself up and take Goku with him. Goku escapes to the planet he was training on before but Xicor comes with him by grabbing hold of him. Xicor then then grabs Goku and blows himself up. When he does blow up, Goku's friends fear the worse but Goku soon returns to Earth as he got free of Xicor and used instant transmission right before Xicor blew up. As Vegeta starts to get jealous of Goku's new form, Goku promises he'll teach it to Vegeta and all the other adult Saiyan Z Fighters. A few days later, an incredibly great ki arrives on Earth. It seems to be a Saiyan who searches for the Z Fighters. He acts evil and states he's Xicor's brother Xiccon and unlike his brother he's a true Super Saiyan 5. He also states that he was born when Lila saw Goku become a Super Saiyan 5 due to her telepathy and impregnated herself. Xiccon was born in mere days and born as an adult, he killed Lila and went to Earth. Many fighters such as Gotenks, Gohan, Gokunnks and Tirun battle him but are no match. Goku and Vegeta fight him as Super Saiyan 5s but do hardly any damage to him. They then fuse to become Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta and manage to defeat him. He then tells Gogeta he isn't actually evil, he killed his mother as he knew she would use him for her evil bidding and came to Earth to find Goku who was technicly his father, test his skills and join him. Xiccon then becomes the newest and strongest Z Fighter and goes to his father's home to become a new addition to the Son Family.

Ultimate Dragon Saga[]

10 years later, Goku and the Z Fighters enter a tournament. In one of the rounds Goku battles a boy called Udabbac and knows the boy is Cabbadu's reincarnation. Goku wins the battle by going Super Saiyan 5 and takes the boy on as his student. The tournament progresses and in the final round Goku battles Hercule. Hercule is deciding he should retire soon but Goku dosen't want to be champion. Goku holds back most of his power and the battle ends a draw. Hercule remembers he promised Buu could be champion one day and decide's that Majuub should be his successor. Majuub agrees to be champion and a new Champion is born. A few days later, Goku is spending time with his family while training with Xiccon and Udabbac. The Z Fighters soon see the sky go black and sense two powerful warriors on Earth. Goku and the Z Fighters go to check out what's happening and see two Dragons. They are called Infinite Shenron and Neo Shenron and are made from the Dragonballs; Infinite from the Namekian Dragonballs, Neo from the Earth's. Every 500 years, the Dragonballs become consumed by evil energy and the evil Dragons that appear are allowed to rampage throughout the universe for a week. Goku and his friends battle the Dragons as Goku decides that Xiccon and Udabbac should battle the monster. They easily overpower the Dragons but the Dragons merge to become Ultimate Shenron and not even the efforts of the Super Saiyan 5s can beat him. Xiccon then fights him as a Super Saiyan 5 and is overpowering the monster but when caught off guard, he's wounded by Shenron's attack and seems helpless against Shenron when he decides to use his ultimate attack. Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta and save Xiccon. They then fight Shenron and waste no time. To counter his ultimate blast they use the 1000x Big Bang Kamehameha to destroy him. Before being completely destroyed, the Dragon says that he will return in a few decades, more powerful than ever. The Dragonballs then turn back to normal and go back to where they were before.

Android #26 Saga[]

Dr Gero decides to try and get revenge on Goku again by creating an Ultimate Android called Android #26. Originally, #26 was a failed project but Gero improved him and made him the ultimate android. Gero opens another portal between Earth and the Afterlife and teams up with all his evil Androids and the Red ribbon army. The other villains rampage randomly through Earth. Meanwhile, Goku is training Xiccon and Udabbac but is interrupted by Tirun who is jealous since Goku isn't training him. Goku tells him his training is complete and Tirun decides to abandon the Z Fighters, believing Goku dosen't care about him. Tirun runs into Android #26 and is killed. Goku senses this and leaves with Xiccon and Udabbac to find out what happened. The other Z Fighters deal with the other villains and after all the villains are defeated, they confront Gero and #26. #17 arrives soon and fights against Hell Fighter #17 and is forced to merge with him becoming Super #17. Goku defeats #17 by going to Super Saiyan 3 and eventually #17 turns back to normal with all the power of Super #17 while all of Hell Fighter #17's power is drained and he is destroyed. Android #26 is powerful and has an upper hand against Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan 5 form but is being damaged. They then fuse and fight him as Gogeta. #26 adsorbs a bit of Gogeta's energy and the fusion time expires. Xiccon then fights #26 but the energy he adsorbed gives him an edge in the battle. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Xiccon and Udabbac then use all their power to destroy Android #26 while #17 destroys Dr Gero again.

Universal Buu Saga[]

The Z Fighters decide to go to Namek and wish Tirun back to life. Before they do, Goku gives Krillin a bit of training and Krillin becomes much stronger than he ever was before. Master Roshi decides to make Krillin the new Turtle Hermit and gives him an Immortality elixer. As the Z Fighters go to Namek they don't know what danger awaits them. It seems that when they defeated all of the villains that escaped from Hell, Kid Buu managed to survive. He travels with them disguised as a piece of Bubblegum and starts adsorbing the Z Fighters when they get to Namek. He then goes back to Earth and adsorbs everyone there before travelling around the universe adsorbing people. Eventually, he adsorbs everyone in the universe except Goku, Vegeta, Majuub, Udabbac, Xiccon, Nuova Shenron and Dende and transforms into Universal Buu. Against this threat, none of the Z Fighters stand a chance against Buu not even Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta can damage him. Buu then adsorbs Majuub but spits him out when the goodness of Majuub weakens him. A clone of Vegito who was created years ago appears and gives Gogeta his Potara earring. They then become Gogito but as a Super Saiyan 5 they're still outclassed by Buu. They then go to their normal selves and Goku prepares to gather enough energy from people in Otherworld to defeat Buu. Nuova Shenron and Vegito try and buy Goku some time but when that fails a new hope arrives. Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu have been training with the Zen Kai and with their new strength they and Zen Kai's pupils (three happen to be good Majins) use their team attack to hold off Buu. Goku then gathers enough energy and transforms into a Super Saiyan 6. He then fights Buu and is barely winning. Buu then uses all his power in a Giant Planet Burst Attack. Goku uses the 1,000,000x Kamehameha and his friends use all their power to help as well. Udabbac summons Shenron and Goku makes a wish for all the people Buu adsorbed to return to where their homes. Buu still has the same form and power he had before but is destroyed by Goku's attack. After the battle, Goku is enjoying himself with his friends when Vegeta orders him to help him become a Super Saiyan 6. Goku shows everyone how to become a Super Saiyan 6 and all the Saiyans except Tarble and Xiccon are able to become Super Saiyan 6s. Goku and Vegeta have an ultimate battle to see which is the strongest. They are equal in ability and power and when they're both exhausted they fall down and it seems a draw, however, Goku fell on the floor before Vegeta so Vegeta wins. Goku then says he's leaving to achieve further strength and tells anyone who wants to do so to come with him. Vegeta, Xiccon, Nuova, Udabbac and the revived Tirun join him. He then says his goodbyes to his friends and family before leaving. The future of the world is now in their hands. After Goku leaves, Gohan is now the Planet's strongest protector. The three Majin students of Zen Kai merge with Majuub to make his strength near that of a Super Saiyan 6. Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu's lives were restored by Zen Kai and Tien became the leader of the new Crane school and was given an Immortality elixer by Roshi. Gohan wrote a book explaining ki abilities and many people started to train under Tien and Krillin. Goten and Trunks also trained people to use all their ki into a sword and started a sword school. Majuub brings Buu back to life but his own power dosen't alter and Buu starts a Majin race. A group of Namekians come to Earth and join the Z Fighters. The Z Fighters now have many new allies to hlep them protect the Earth now that Goku is gone.