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Are you tired of DragonBall tabletop RPGS relying on binary systems? Do you wish you could spice up your success' with a bit of threat, or maybe even have some advantage while failing? Want to play a system that is narrative, yet versatile for action and combat? Bring not one of your OC's but, all. With DBG you will be able to not only bring your OC's to roleplay life within a TRPG but, you will be given a great supplement to use as a resource. Boasting 75+ pages of mechanics, lore, races, and so much more.

Players will be able to play every core race DragonBall has to offer with the selection we offer to our players. Fan of the Ginyu force, Tuffles, or any race that isn't included as a core race? Well we even have a Generic Alien race where you can basically build whatever we don't have with your GMs permission. Races that are currently supported as a core race are: Earthlings, Saiyans, Core Person, Namekian, Friezan, and Majin. Along with two Sub-Species like: Earthling Half-Saiyan and Core Person Demon Race. With this we feel we can offer a TRPG supplement for Genesys that offers a bit of everything.

Careers you say? We have careers indeed. Sword fighters focus on melee combat, charm, support, and are general survivalists. Martial Artists focus on brawl combat, negotiations, and are resilient survivors. Galactic Warriors focus on brawl and ranged combat, with a focus on offense, and are space faring soldiers. Exploring Engineers are ranged fighters, all around bulma type characters, and focus on being the everything the others are not. Non of this sounds interesting you say, maybe redundant? That's ok! We included the information at the start of that section for creating your own careers so you don't have to play with the ones I made.

Transformations are a big part of dragonball, I understand this 100%. For this reason I am happy to say your characters will not only be able to go super saiyan, they can go all the way to super saiyan Blue (perfect)... or for GT fans, Super Saiyan 4. What's that? Your OC goes super saiyan alpha green? Just ask your gm to reskin or approve your talent transformations per session. Want to go Ultra Instinct, well have at it when it's added until then though, don't.

Discord: https://discord.gg/yKqqndys4G

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