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This article, DragonBall AF (Goku484), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Some people say that there is a series called DragonBall AF being developed in Japan, but this statement was proven wrong by official sources saying that GT was the last of it. But there is a Fan-made DBAF comic being made in Japan by Toyable, with Xicor Goku's son by a goddess, birn super saiyan 5. Strongest being in the universe he easily defeats both Gohan and Vegeta as super-saiyan 4s, Trunks as ssj3, and Goten as ssj2. But this isen't my story. My story is different from that. AF stands for Alternate Future, Almost Fable, Another Future, After Future, April Fools, Absolutely Fiction, etc.

My story will not have Xicor, because GT dosen't exist. This Story takes place 10 years after the World's Martial Arts Tournament where Goku left to go train Uub. Uub is 20, Goten is 27, Trunks is 28, Gohan is 37, and Pan is 14.

Its been 10 years since goten last seen his father, who went to go train the reincarnated Majin Buu, known as 10 year old Uub, after the tournament. Since then, Goten has become well-known for 1st place the Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament, because Mr.Satan finally decided to relinquish his title. Since Hercule didn't compete, neither did Majin Buu, because he wanted to be with Hercule all the time.

Goten won one year, then Trunks won the next two.

Goten goes to Tournament practice once a year to get his skills up to par. There is new people their every time because its a martial arts school. Goten stays behind longer, after class is over, where he waits for Trunks, who always comes late because he is the CEO of Capsul Corps now. Gohan comes too, after being in colledge half of the day, he is relieve to get in a sparring match with his brother and friend. The Sensei judges these matches as this is his advanced class. Whoever wins between Goten and Trunks has to fight Gohan.

Goten only goes once a year because he trains on his own. Trunks only goes once a year because he's the CEO of Capsule Corps. Gohan only goes once a year because he is trying to become a full-fledged scholar out of colledge.