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"There is no such thing as peace for warriors. There are always new threats to be conquered."
— Shenron, opening sequence of A Distrubance in Time

DragonBall AF is a new anime by FUNimation Entertainment. It is inspired by the manga, and has a storyline similar to Dragon Ball Online, featuring several villians and abilities from said show. It mostly ignores the events of GT, except for the Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

Season 1- Before Crisis Saga[]

Episode Number Title Summary
1 A Disturbance in Time A small portal opens New Namek, and a mysterious creature emerges. It then proceeds to devestate Nameck, forcing them to flee to Earth, where they worn the Z-Warrirors about this new threat.
2 Something Evil is Lurking... Dende senses the destruction of his people, and alerts Future Trunks. Meanwhile, Miira makes his way towards Earth, encountering Piccolo, who is easily defeated and left to die.
3 When in Rome... Miira arrives at Earth, and it is revealed that he saved Bardock, Goku's father, from Frieza's Supernova. Goku senses his father and, with Vegeta, they both depart towards the Energy Signal.
4 Goku Meets his Father! Goku and Vegeta arrive at the planet's atomosphere, but Bardock is not in sight. Unknown to the duo, Miira and Bardock (who is under Miira's control), are hiding in order to ambush! A battle erupts as Goku faces his father for the first time!