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New World Tournament SagaEdit

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Saiyan Attack SagaEdit

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Rikmin SagaEdit

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Toba SagaEdit

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Rush SagaEdit

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Demon SagaEdit

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First Kai SagaEdit

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Gohan's newest son, Zeku, is destined to be the galaxy's newest hero. He achieves Super Saiyan level during the New World Tournament Saga. At the beginning of the series(Episode 1 of the New World Tournament Saga) he is about 25 years old. Since his grandfather is Goku, he has learned some helpful moves such as the Dodon Ray from Tien, the Kamehameha from Goku himself, the Wolf Fang Fist from Yamcha, and the Special Beam Cannon from Piccolo.


Zeku's younger brother, Kan, is a great help to Zeku sometimes. Kan is about 18 years old. Kan has not learned about all the moves his brother has, but he has learned some of them. Kan has not achieved Super Saiyan level yet.


Zeku and Kan's father. He is Goku's eldest son, and the first to achieve Super Saiyan 2 status. He married Videl, and taught her about most of the martial arts moves she knows. Unfortunately, Gohan dies early in the New World Tournament Saga.


Zeku and Kan's grandfather, and the former hero. Now about 65, although his appearance doesn't give anything away. Taught Zeku and Kan the Kamehameha technique. Married Chi Chi, and had two sons: Gohan and Goten. First to achieve Super Saiyan status.


Mother of Zeku and Kan. She is the daughter of Hercule(Mr. Satan), and does not do much martial arts. She knows how to fly, and she can be fairly useful in combat.


Zeku and Kan's older sister. Was injured in the New World Tournament Saga, but made a recovery. She cannot turn Super Saiyan as of yet. She is 3/4 Saiyan, and only 1/4 human, so she can perform most moves involving ki. Helps Zeku many times in fights.


There are no feature films as of yet.

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