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Dr. ZadX, thinking about a "pLan"

Dr. ZadX is the secret android Dr. Gero had. He was supposed to take his place when Gero died, and so he did


Dr. Gero created him as an extra-android to take his place when he died, and he was built in the movie Super Android 13!. He lives almost internal but can be destroyed easily.

The Plan[]

Dr. ZadX had a plan to build an android so powerful it could wipe out the whole universe, and thats when it happened. He took remaining pieces of Super 17, Super Android 13, and Android 16 to make the almighty Android 2000!

A2000's New move![]

When A2000 (Android 2000) was created, things started coming to mind what and how he would use him. He finally found out. The Big Bang Blast was stuck in his mind after A2000 got blasted with it, and he thought how the KamehameHa was powerful, so he gave it a little tick and A2000 had a Universe-Destroying move, the Big Bang Dark KamehameHa!

A2000's Goodbye[]

when Android 2000 got powerful enough to use his new technique, Gokan new he had to have done something about it. When Gokan and A2000 met, Gokan Killed and literally destroyed A2000, leaving nothing but his own Brain Chip, wcich is what kept him going.

Dr. ZadX's Final Resort[]

Dr. ZadX had met up with Dr. Raichi after he found out A2000 had been destroyed, and Dr. Raichi was now confused. He decided to let Gokan face Dr. ZadX but it was too late. Dr. ZadX had been demolished by Piccolo Already. That was the last episode known to see Dr. ZadX to-date.