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Dr. Tacki is the creator of his own line of Androids, but stopped at Android 9 when his newer Androids, 8 and 9, were pitted against and miserably defeated by Dr. Gero's Androids: 17 and 18. He had been the head scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, until Gero proved to be smarter than Tacki's prototypes.

Dr. Tacki
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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Death: Age 766 June 13th
Height: 5'5"
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Dr. Tacki was originally a loof, had a lazy look on him, but he was smart. However, when he was booted out the door when Dr. Gero came along, he managed to steal several of Gero's blueprints for Androids. He tried out the Energy Absorbing models for his Androids #1-7, which defected and were destroyed. He tried out the Energy Supply Model, after kidnappping Alexandria C. Vargas and Danielle Carranza for his Android bodies. Unlike Gero's rebellious Androids, Androids #8 and #9 were obedient to their master, but turned against him and eventually killed him after he tried to destroy them when they failed against #17 and #18.


Dr. Tacki has grayish red hair, and wears glasses similar to Dr. Breifs. His hair is straight and long, and is usually tied into a ponytail when he works. He wears a suit with the logo 'T'. He uses the 'T' logo for all his Androids, similar to Gero's Red Ribbon Army Logo. He stands at five feet, two inches, smaller than his Androids.

Death at the Hands of 8 and 9[]

After trying to destroy Androids 8 and 9, he went into hiding, fearing that his creations would come for him soon. And they did. When he laid down in bed, with his loving wife beside him, he heard a noise in the kitchen. Groggy, he went to the kitchen, where 8 said, "Boo" and smacked him into the refrigerator. Disoriented and terrifed, he begged them to at least spare his wife, but to no avail. Android 9 entered the kitchen with Tacki's wife in her clutches. After torturing the woman, 9 finally killed her by punching a hole into Tacki's wife's heart with her hand, splattering her blood all over Tacki's face. He laid down and cried, sobbing and wailing like a child. While 9 wiped her bloodied hands clean, Android 8 lifted him effortlessly up by the throat, and crushed his spine with a bear hug.