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Toki no Kaiōshin
Manga name Dosei
Alternate names Previous Supreme Kai of Time
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Shinjin
Gender Female
Date of death Age 993 (Naraku's Death; spirit destroyed) (revived in Age 950)
Address Toki Toki City
Allegiance Time Patrol
  • Mechikabura (creator/surrogate father/predecessor)
  • Demigra (brother)
  • Max (Guardian of Toki Toki City/Permanent fusee)
  • Chronoa (sister/successor)
  • Dosei (土星) was the Supreme Kai of Time prior to Chronoa. She was created by her father Mechikabura alongside Demigra in order to help him patrol Time.

    Overview Edit

    Appearance Edit

    Dosei was roughly the same size as Chronoa, but with longer pink hair. Her kai outfit was similar to Kibito Kai's, and Zamasu's. However it had pale yellow sleeves, pale yellow baggy pants, and black stiletto-like boots. She wore black belt with a pale yellow buckle, and her coat was light green with brown outlines and a brown button. Like her successor she had Pink/purple skin.

    Personality Edit

    Dosei was said to be ambitious, polite, brave, and lonely. Her loneliness contributed to the fact to her summoning Max to her time, and using the Super Shenron to change his masculine mentality, and appearance to a feminine mentality, and appearance.

    Fusions Edit

    Supreme Guardian of Time (SSJJ) Edit

    After Maxine accidentally puts Dosei's Potara Earring, they end up permanently fusing into Supreme Guardian of Time. After that she gained all the powers of the Supreme Kai of Time, and all the powers of Guardian.

    Trivia Edit

    • Dosei is the romaji form of Saturn.
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