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Domarangosun (ドマランゴスン Domarangosun) is the Eternal Dragon of the Time Breaker Dragon Balls. His name is an amalgamation of the Japanese romaji words for Dragon and Month.


Domarangosun is fairly neutral and will accept a wish whether the one was a member of the Time Breakers or not. Due to his creation he will not accept a wish from the same person in the same summoning meaning that the person would have to collect summon Domarangosun a total of a three times to get their wish.


Domarangosun has sawfish-like features while having the Time Breaker symbol on his forehead.


Domarangosun can be considered the Omniversal equivalent to Ultimate Shenron due to his near limitless abilities to grant wishes on an Omniversal level, however, Domarangosun cannot grant wishes from the same person in the same summoning.


  • Flight - The ability to fly.
    • Wish granting - The ability to grant wishes.
      • Power granting - The ability to grant one powers others such as portals and Demon God powers..
      • Pure Progress - The ability to have some master their powers as well as unlock higher levels of power.
      • Reanimation - The ability to reanimate others.

List of wishes granted by Domarangosun[]

  • Dabura - Wishes to gain all the power that Xeno Dabura possessed and the power to access the second version of Demon God at will
  • Gosuto - Wishes to gain the power to transform into Super Saiyan D-type 2 and Super Saiyan D-type 3 without affecting his physical appearance when taking off some of his lifespan to apply the power.
  • Yamcha - Wishes to acquire several Metamo-Rings
  • Dae Vampire - Wishes for the ability to use Resurrection Portal.
  • Bojack - Wishes for souls damned to hell to regain their bodies so they can pass through the Resurrection Portal.
  • Tercenia - Wishes to be reanimated as fully cognitive aware Zombie that doesn't decay like regular Zombies do and magic that would be suited to her as a self-aware Zombie.
  • Captain Bacterian - Wishes for Dae Vampure and Tercenia to Universe 1's most powerful, proficient, and fastest Sorceresses.
  • Gohan - Wishes for Konats and the remaining citizens to their respective Worlds and Universes, and send all fighters as well as Mansucro, Ragluco, & Tapion to Universe 7's Kanassa