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Dogora attacks a city.

Dogora is a Kaiju (giant monster) created by Toho Company LTD. and will appear as the main antagonist in the upcoming fan fiction, Dragon Ball Z: Bio Terror, written by Godzilla3000. Dogora first appeared in its own film Dogora (1964). In the Bio Terror continuity, it hails from the distant planet Gorath.

Role in Bio TerrorEdit

Dogora is the last of its kind. With no life left on its home planet Gorath, the Dogora journeys through the cosmos, searching for food. The creature eventually arrives on Earth, where it is met and battled by the Z fighters.


  • Flight
  • Tentacles
  • Corrosive, acidic, hide
  • Acts like vacuum and can suck up whole Kaiju
  • Can grow to be larger than cities.
  • Cannot feel pain
  • Pieces broken off can grow into full grown Dogoras.
  • Can spawn H-Men.
  • Regeneration
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