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King cold was beating up ymach and ox king with the help of ymma.they were desparate for victory. then king cold who was ss by now went and gone super namek, which required yamcha to fuse with puar creating puucha puucha had the force of a thousand super saiyans and then stayed away king cold, who went back to hfil. Aft that ther was a great rucus where the new villain emerged. It couldn't be king cold since he went bac k oh hell but dishmaster supreme. He had a bitchface and a half inch penis and they called him dishmaster supreme.

"this mess. didja miss me?" he said in a deep boice with trying to be all cool, but he was only makeing a joke on himself.

the yemma and yamcha and others all gathered for the fight whic hwas going to be very hard and grueling. then puuamcha said "I'll fight him myself" and the others agreed so puuchar fought him himself. and they fought in a blaze of glory while yamcah threw dishes at dishmaster and dishmaster expertly cleaned them and put them in a neat pile in the corner. Dishmaster was unstoppable, his power was maximum. yamcha couldn't keep up and the dishes were all getting cleaned. Yamcha slipped on some bubbly water on the floor and it sent him down to the ground where Dishmaster Supreme had his way with him, which included beating him up. but thendishamster got lazy and let yamcha go and ymma came up behind him and hit dishmaster over the head with a frying pan. the bitchaface was knocked out cold! The good guys win!

but wait, there's more. The next villain came up and his name was galorius holious from the andromada galaxy where he was feared by some. he had a super high power level out of nowhere, and they didn't sense it before but they did now. he landed and blew up Yemma and his desk and all the other ogres leaving only poor vide l to clean up the mess. Too bad Dishmaster was already dead because the dishes got spilled when gh came. Tune in next time for the next graat episode of the anonyomous series.