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Dirin by josedbaf2 ddmvf7i-350t
Anime name Diri
Manga name Diri
Alternate names Dirin
Debut Dragon Ball AF
Appears in Dragon Ball AF
Race Saiyan/Human hydrid
Date of birth ?????
Date of death ?????
Height ?????
  • Bardock (ancestor)
  • Gine (ancestor)
  • Ox-King (ancestor)
  • Chi-Chi's mother (ancestor)
  • Goku (ancestor)
  • Chi-Chi (ancestor)
  • Gohan (ancestor)
  • Videl (ancestor)
  • Mr. Satan (ancestor)
  • Miguel (ancestor)
  • Goten (ancestor)
  • Pan (ancestor)
  • Goku Jr. (ancestor)
  • Gotan (brother)
  • Diri (known as Dirin) is a descendant of Goku Jr. and Goku's family, and the younger sister of Gotan, is a character of the series PGV Dragon Ball AF.


    Diri is a girl similar to Pan, but with shorter hair is similar to those of Kid Gohan of the Namek Saga and also has blue eyes. The most common way is that she wears her light orange dress and the red stripe and she also wear a brown shoes and purple socks.


    Over 700 years have passed, in the center of the famous city where Goku defeated the last dragon there are five statues dedicated to the five unbeatable warriors: Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta and Goku. There are hundreds of descendants of the Saiyans on the Earth. The greater part of them live as the common citizens and ignore their own origins, only some of them have inherited the great power of the Saiyan and the ability to transform themself in Super Saiyan.

    A descendant of the Son Goku's family is about to lay some flowers to the feet of the family tomb with his sister; they are called Gotan and Diri.

    And now Zeel and his henchmen were all there, in the main Dragon Ball timeline, to a few minute distance from the Earth, ready to get the revenge for the destruction of Plant and the Tuffle. Finally Zeel's spaceship lands. Saber and Lord Nutti remain on it, while Zeel goes to eliminate the Saiyans with Greyn and Kutiengo. His brother immediately perceives an evil aura in the individuals and tells Diri to go home, but not in time to move that the beings came. Greyn creates an energy wave and kills Diri, the sister of Gotan.

    His brother is disperate for his uncapacity to save Diri, he looks at her, starts to cry and transform into Super Saiyan.

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