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Dimension Spirit Bomb
Dimension Spirit Bomb
The Dimension Spirit Bomb
Dimension Spirit Bomb
Anime name Dimension Spirit Bomb
Manga name Dimension Spirit Bomb
Alternate names The incredibly awesome energy orb wielded by Golen
Debut Super Android 0
Appears in Super Android 0; Dragon Ball Saiyan Vengeance
Inventor Golen
Users Golen
Color clear
Similar techniques Spirit Bomb; Large Spirit Bomb; Super Spirit Bomb; Universal Spirit Bomb

"You're a pretty heavy hitter, 0! But when you mess with the bull, you get the horns... and this is the horns!"
— Golen before unleashing the Dimension Spirit Bomb

The Dimension Spirit Bomb is a technique used by Son Golen to destroy Android 0. It first appeared in Super Android 0. Unlike the other Spirit Bombs, it's energy is not just taken from the universe, but from Other world and the Kai's Dimension as well.


The DSB is incredibly small, able to be held by just a finger, but when it strikes the opponent, it burrows into them, and then destroys them from the inside out, culminating in a large explosion.