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members of the former Planet Vegeta. Originally led by an unknown king, who decided to stay on the original Saiyan Planet with few as a hundred followers, while most departed for a new home. Led by Vegeta the first, the Saiyans invaded Planet Plant and successfully eliminated the Tuffles. The Saiyans then named Vegeta the first, king, and named the planet, Planet Vegeta. Soon after, Frieza came with an army and invaded Planet Vegeta. They killed many Saiyans until Frieza forced King Vegeta to make the entire remaining Saiyan population loyal to him. Many years later, after Frieza has destroyed Planet Vegeta and most of the Saiyan race, some have survived.

Frieza Involved SaiyansEdit


A Saiyan raised on Planet Earth by Martial Arts Master Grandpa Gohan, after being sent there as a baby to destroy it, he hit his head and forgot his mission. After many adventures, Goku turned Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza and the Ginyu Force. He also defeated Cooler, then killed him with Vegeta.


The Prince of all Saiyans. Goku's Rival turned close friend. He defeated Zarbon and Dadoria and helped defeat Cooler.


The Half-Saiyan son of Vegeta and Bulma. He came from twenty years in the future to warn Goku of a heart virus. When Goku defeated Frieza, he didn't really kill him. So, a year later, while Goku is making his return home from Yardrat, Frieza and King Cold invade earth. Trunks dispatches both them easily, finally putting an end to Frieza's reign of terror.


Goku's father. He was the last killed by Frieza. In the alternate timeline, he turns Super Saiyan and kills Frieza's grandfather Chilled.

The ExplanationEdit

Now, all the Saiyans that helped in Frieza's defeat are over. In an alternate universe, each section of the galaxy is ruled by a member of Frieza's family, King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza himself. Also along with the former Tamerainian princess, Blackfire, who will later become Frieza's girl. This is a story where Goku is long gone, Frieza overpowered him on Planet Namek. Ever since that, Vegeta has fled and has not been heard from. Frieza left Zarbon on earth to enslave the people, except for the ones who dare to hide or fight. Tien and Chioutzu stood fighting but were brutally killed. Yamcha and Krillin fled the scene.

Frieza also sent Dadoria on a search for Vegeta.


A Saiyan raised on Planet Tameran. His parents were sent on a mission there, but the Tamerainians overpowered them, so the Saiyans made peace and chose to live among them. They became really close friends with the Royal Family in charge. Then they had Archo. A year later, they had Zuni.

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