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"I can't be defeated the way I am now"
— Dial to Paradox Cell-X

Dial (ダイアル; Daiaru) is a Frieza Race/Stick Figure drawn by Future Trunks, and wished to life by Super Shenron that Face translate to him from the Time Nest originally asked by Future Trunks. However this event in history was altered by Towa, and became the second person to have the wish down, but was eventually saved by himself, and Namasu from Age 854, and became responsible for his own existence. He is the protagonist during the Xenoverse Group.


Dial name (like most of his fellow Stick Figures) is play on a clock; Sun Dial.



Post-revamp personality[]

Upon the completion of his creation - Dial had the mind of a newborn infant, however, after training with Future Trunks for 4 years in a Room of Spirit and Time and spending two additional years in gravity training - his mind was comparable to that of a 6-year old. As such he was prone to temper tantrums, had a child-like sense of wonder, and was also prone to be hurt by hurtful words directed at him. Dial seemed to have grown mutually from his fights with Saiyan Saga Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta and additionally seemed to have an eidetic memory as he was able to recite Goku's words the Gohan during the fight with Vegeta in the correct history.

After training with Vegeta - Dial's mind developed into that of a 16-year-old. He became less prone to being hurt by hurtful words as well as temper tantrums. He retained his eidetic memory but also became a selfless and serious person thanks to Future Trunks and Future Mai continually asserting themselves as his surrogate parents, however, he inherits Vegeta's fighting spirit and the desire to constantly train. Dial seemed to inherit some of Vegeta's pride as he insulted Frieza and Cell for allowing themself to be subjected to the Dark Magic transformation and Supervillain respectively which seemed to prompt Frieza and Cell to shake off their power-up.

Dial has the tendency to be reckless and refuse to back out of a fight even if he is losing or near-death - as when he set up a Parallel Quest he unintentionally made Cooler a little too powerful and continued to try and fight even when he was losing.

As a result of Dial's training with Frieza - Dial was able to learn to put aside his emotions when protecting the timeline, however, he maintained his innocent nature but seemed to develop a sense of justice which only continued to mature following his training under Cell. Following his training with Cell; Dial's mind developed further to the mind of an adult and no longer reacted to insults. He seemed to be more mature in his approach and no longer insulted his enemies but maintained his selfless and serious nature.

pre-revamp personality[]

Dial is cunning, as well as an intelligent fighter. He displays a great disgust in Frieza and his clan for their bloodlust, but still uses his persuasion ability to convince him to train him. He is strong-willed, and is often arrogant during battle. After battling Psidabura; Dial seems to have become slightly bitter, and willingness to use any technique to take down his foe; as he showed no pity or remorse when he scarred Naraku with his Aliento de Fósforo Blanco. Dial also can be hypocritical to others with a similar existence to him, and argues that logic can't be broken even though he breaks logic frequently by being a Paradoxical Existence.

While at the beginning of his appearance he displays an underdeveloped mind as he was recently created at time, he was still given the ability to know right from wrong, however, his battles slowly changed his perception of life. Although he was created with the intention to be intelligent, he still displayed a childlike nature as a sense of wonder, and curiosity matched to that a human child. He was overly excited when Vegeta agreed to train, and after he finished his training with Cell. However, his childlike mind soon disappeared after his advanced development made him more teen-like. His arrogance, and hypocrisy was blamed on his Teenage Mentality more than anything by the time he completed his training with Pybara - his mind developed into that of an Adulthood mind.

After the events of the Universe 1 Saga; Dial develops a quiet nature, and tends to answer with single-word responses. Since becoming a father; Dial has become more protective in regards to the timeline, and was willing to step aside to train with the Grand Priest in order to gain power to end the Time Crusade.

Dial is noted by Whis to have Diafthoraphobia; the fear of corruption or becoming corrupt as he started to freak out at the sight of Paradox Cell-X's corruption.


Dial head in his first form has two smaller white horns on each side and two long black horns on each side, while his body size and height is that of King Cold. While in his first form, he has black hands, legs, Feet, and a his tail due to his stick figure side, and white bio armour with shoulder pads with red spots on them, a red spot on his chest, arms, crotch, and ankles, and his head spot is red. He has blue eyes, red cheeks, and has an athletic build.

After his fight with Naraku; he gained severe burns on his right hand that later scar, and covers it with some bandages.


Dragon Ball Advanced[]

Z/Super Saga[]

Upon his creation - it was evident that Dial's mind wasn't created the same as his mind was comparable to that of a newborn forcing - Future Trunks to train and tutor him in one of Toki Toki City's Room of Spirit and Time. Upon leaving the room - Dial's mind was evidently changed to that of the mind of a child.

He was sent to correct a time distortion involving Raditz where he battled the Saiyan alongside Goku and Piccolo from the Saiyan Invasion era. Dial and Future Trunks viewed the Scroll of Eternity and saw a powered-up Raditz standing over a wounded Goku. Piccolo was ready to fire his Special Beam Cannon but as Goku attempted to put Raditz in a full-nelson - the Saiyan warrior sent a ki blast through Goku's chest and destroyed his spaceship as Piccolo stood in shock as Raditz destroyed him next.

Future Trunks looked over the scroll confused as Chronoa confirmed that time was distorted by an unknown source. Chronoa tells Dial that he needs to go in to make sure history gets back on a track. Future Mai asked why she couldn't just reset history now but she was told that the cause of the change was unknown and to simply erase the distortion would prevent them from properly finding out. She told Dial that she would reset time to its proper course once any information that can be gathered was collected. Dial nodded at before taking the Scroll of Eternity.

As Goku and Piccolo were fighting against Raditz most of the fight was going as it should including Gohan's attack, however, Raditz dodged the attack before dodging Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon after gaining an edge. He fired a ki blast at Piccolo resulting in an explosion, however, his scouter detected another presence amongst the smoke and dust.

Raditz becomes shocked that Dial's power level was 3501 especially since the unknown power that he had received doubled his power level to 3000. Dial introduced himself to Piccolo and Goku before sharing some of his power with them. The three of the battle against Raditz and manage to overwhelm him with their team effort.

Raditz attempted to maintain his distance from the trio but Dial easily got behind him and kicked him into the ground while Chronoa expressed confusion as Dial's power level should be more than 3501, however, Future Trunks responded that Dial was holding back in order to ensure that history was put back on track.

Raditz receives another power boost shifting his power level from 3000 to 180000 and allowing him to swiftly overpower all three of them. However, Dial powered up to his full power as Piccolo began charging his Special Beam Cannon and delivered a powerful punch to the gut and sent him crashing into the ground. Goku used this chance to grab hold of Raditz and allow Piccolo to use Special Beam Cannon. However, Raditz received a second boost allowing him to break free while also inadvertently saving Goku in the process.

Raditz's scouter explodes as he began to power up to his max and powered to battle against the Time Patroller. Raditz's power was now far above even 100% Power Frieza and made short work of all three of them. Future Mai arrived in Age 761 to help Piccolo and Goku heal back to before the power boosts while Dial prepares to face Raditz alone.

Dial delivered a punch to the gut but received a similar punch to the gut himself before being kicked into the water. Dial followed up with Buster Cannon, however, Raditz was able to repel his attack with Dark Sunday and created a huge explosion. Dial was heavily wounded by the attack but continued to his onslaught. Dial deflects each of the Saiyan's attack despite them still wounding him and attempted to knee him into a gut. Raditz grabbed Dial's knee and blasted him at point-blank range with Bloody Sauce.

Dial struggled to remain standing as Raditz stood on a cliff laughing at his carnage. Dial began to devolve into a child-like rage and a temper tantrum as he became furious about the situation. Chronoa became surprised at Dial as his rage and temper tantrum has seemed to awaken some hidden power within him and allowed to completely overwhelm the Saiyans.

For a while - Dial had the edge over Raditz, however, Raditz briefly regained his edge over Dial before the powers up became too much for the Saiyan warrior causing him energy to exploded from his body and resulting in him becoming immobile. Dial immediately tried to end the battle but Chronoa reminded that he'll need to make sure battle ends exactly the same way to correct the timeline and allow Chronoa to erase the change.

Dial grabbed Raditz by the ankle and hurled back to the crash site and flew over as Raditz stood back up. Raditz proceeded to use Baked Sphere and attempted to dart at Dial, however, the Time Patroller dodged his attack before proceeding to deliver a powerful punch to the gut. Dial powered down once again to enable Goku and Piccolo once again finish off Raditz and was immediately punched across the ground.

As Dial went in for another attack - he struck a cliff instead of Raditz as Chronoa and Future Trunks became confused. Dial looked around before noticing Raditz battling Piccolo and Goku, and noticed that he didn't have his power boost and was the same battle up to until Gohan used his hidden power to attack Raditz. Raditz's eyes suddenly glowed red and dodged his attack before firing a ki blast at him, however, Dial saved him. Dial was confused as Piccolo was confused about his presence and Dial reintroduced himself to the three of them as Goku got back up.

Chronoa informed Dial that someone reversed history around him and altered it somehow while it is still in the era. Dial felt that most of his power was gone as he wasn't just powered down as if someone was inhibiting his full power. Dial fought Raditz along with Goku and was able to overwhelm him enough to allow Goku to grab him as Piccolo was ready to fire his Special Beam Cannon.

Dial fought against Raditz while the Saiyan was using the Supervillain state unitl the timeline was reset by an unknown individual prompting Dial to immediately seek out Raditz despite someone inhibiting his full power. However, another change occurred which resulted in Dial and Piccolo fighting Great Ape Raditz, however, as Dial was about to take charge of the battle a Masked individual reset the timeline again but Turles and Slug arrived. The aged Namekian went in for the attack but Dial was able to dodge him and used his tail to send him crashing into the road. The second cloaked individual tried to make his way to the Spinach Wastes but Dial appears in front of him and punches him in the gut followed by a double axe handle - sending him into the ground. The cloaked individual revealed himself to be Turles and told them that they aren't going anywhere, however, he was told by Chronoa that another distortion has occurred at the battlefield - she told him that she has a plan and to stop Turles and Slug first.

Slug revealed to Dial that he was the evil half of Katas - the father of the Nameless Namekian and was separated from him after Katas birthed his son. Chronoa demanded to know how he is alive while Katas was dead - Slug revealed that his rescuer severed the link between him and Katas. Turles decided to give his own exposition by telling Dial that he was rescued from Planet Vegeta before its destruction and was raised in the Demon Realm.

Dial asked them if they were finished with their expositions before punching Slug in the gut followed by a knee to Turles' back. The aged Namekian transforms into his Great Namekian form and Turles enter a more stable form of the Dark Magic transformation known as "Villainous Mode". Dark Turles proceeded to fire Dark Kill Driver and obliterated the entirety of the Northern Mountains as Raditz, Goku, and Piccolo were almost swallowed by the explosion. Dial was mildly injured by the attack and was about to attack Turles but Slug's head emerged from the ground fired Darkness Blaster on Dial.

Dial managed to block most of the attack and followed up with a punch to the torso before proceeding to assault Turles. Turles loses his Villainous power-up and attempted to compensate with his Power Ball which caused him to transform into but Dial severed his tail immediately after Turles' transformation was complete before destroying the power ball to prevent Raditz from transforming.

Chronoa called Dial back to the Time Nest - while at the Time Nest - Chronoa explained that she was going to send him at the exact time the distortion occurred while he was battling Turles and Slug will be going in with a Ki-Isolater to prevent his "past" self from sensing him.

Goku and Piccolo were fighting against Raditz and were overpowered up until Gohan burst from the Space Pod and demanded that Raditz leave his father alone before proceeding rush at him, however, Raditz dodged his attack and fired a ki blast at him, however, Raditz's scouter picked up Dial's energy to which Raditz looked behind him and spotted Dial with putting Gohan and ground went over to face Saiyan. Dial decided to remain silent during the encounter as a massive explosion almost swallowed them all.

Dial and Goku dodged Raditz's Double Sunday and fought against Dial in order to get Piccolo the time to charge his Special Beam Cannon and to weaken Raditz. With a simple knee to the gut - Dial was able to stun Raditz just enough to allow Goku to grab Raditz one more time which additionally allowed Piccolo to hit both brothers with Special Beam Cannon.

Dial was shocked to see the death of Goku and left not too soon after as Chronoa was able to erase all the distortion. Chronoa tells Dial that she'll restore the memories of Piccolo and Goku when needed to. The Scroll of Destiny finished glowing with dark energy as Future Trunks walked Dial out of the Time Nest and Chronoa requested alone time to investigate.

Future Mai and Future Trunks discuss that Dial's power was affected by an unknown source which caused him to be just as strong as Piccolo the first time the Black-Masked Saiyan reset the distortion. Dial asked about the Saiyan and Future Trunks made it no secret that he thinks that the Black-Masked Saiyan is Vegeta. Future Trunks tells Dial that hiding his power level was unnecessary and even lowering it for the era was additionally unnecessary as the idea was to leave the distortion enough to allow Chronoa to investigate the cause. Dial asked Future Trunks if he could resume the training and Future Trunks agrees to send him back to the Space of Training.

Dial proceeded to participate in Vegeta's invasion and defeat a number of Saibamen, fought against the Black-Masked Saiyan, Golden-Masked Gohan, and later against Vegeta himself. After Vegeta's defeat - Chronoa asked Vegeta to train Dial to which help Dial become stronger while his mind became that of a teenager.

He later participated in the Battle on Namek where he fought the Ginyu Force, lost his body to Ginyu, regained his body, fought Mega Frog Ginyu, fought Turles and Slug again, fought Golden-Masked Gohan again and fought against Mira after Towa and Mira revealed themselves.

After the defeat of Frieza - Chronoa and Gohan convinced Frieza to train Dial and helped Dial master his power in his True Form but also enabled Dial to gained the Super Evolution.

He would later participate in the era of the Cell Games where he fights against Mr. Satan, obtains Super Fourth Transformation, fought against Cell Jrs, Cell himself, but was later killed by Cell after using the same method that Frieza killed Krillin. However, he was revived shortly after by Shenron and returned to the Time Nest before being sent off to help Future Trunks against Mira.

Demon God Demigra Saga[]

After a week pasts, Demigra surfaces again while on Earth. He revives Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu along with a few others and brings them to Age 850. Dial arrives on Earth, and faces a group of Saibamen, and Cell Jrs. He easily defeats along 60 combatants. of Goku whom was brought to Age 850 by Supreme Kai of Time from age 778 to arrives assist him. Frieza attacks Goku, but Goku dodges him easily. Cell fires a Kamehameha at Dial, and Dial knocks it away into a building destroying it. Kid Buu attempts to attack Dial from behind, but he senses him, and kick him into the ground. Frieza prepares a 100% Death Ball, Cell a Solar Kamehameha, and Kid Buu a Super Vanishing Ball. Dial appears behind them, and uses a Supernova on all three vanquishing their attacks, and destroys all three fighters.

'Demigra then brings Bee from Age 780, and possesses him. He attacks Goku, and Dial whom manages to overwhelm. Dial fires a Ki Blast at Bee, but he dodges it, and headbutt on Goku slightly damaging him. Dial launches a Final Kamehameha, and fires it at Bee. Goku than appears behind Bee, and knocks him out with a pressure point attack. Bee returns to normal, and Supreme Kai of Time sends him restoring time to normal.

Vegeta, Gohan, and Gotenks are shown in their Villainous Mode 2. Respectively they are in this Super Saiyan 2, Unleashed Potential, and Super Saiyan 3 forms. Goku, and Dial continue to fight, but hesitate due to the fighters. Gohan fires a Super Kamehameha at Dial whom manages to dodge it. Dial flies at a blinding speed, and elbows Gohan in the stomach sending him to the ground. Goku manages to counter Super Big Bang Attack from Vegeta, and flicks him in the forward forcing him into ground. Gotenks launches a Burning Kamehameha at Dial, but he deflects into to the ground. Gohan gets back up to fight, and goes after Dial. Dial faces off Gohan, and manages to hold his own until he defeats Gohan, and Gotenks with a Pressure Point Attack. Goku defeats Vegeta with Pressure Point Attack.

Demigra finally breaks from his prison, and uses Candy Beam to turn Tokitoki into a piece of candy, and eats gain his power. Goku tells Dial to go without so that he can make sure everyone is alright. He arrives at Toki Toki City, and transforms into his Ultimate Super Evolution form; he than begins attacking Demigra. Demigra dodges his attack, and blasts him with a Seasoning Arrows, and Dial manages to dodge each one. He launches an Emerald Supernova, but Demigra counters with Energy Jet. Demigra punches him, and sends into a damaged part of the hourglass. Dial recovers from the attack, and fires a Super Kamehameha at him, and Demigra throws a piece of the hourglass at it; making it take the blast instead. He than launches an Energy Jet at the fighter, but he dodges it. Supreme Kai of Time attempts to "persuade" Demigra to stop, but resist her powers in persuasion. Demigra blasts her away, and continues to fight Dial.

After battling them intensely, he manages to possess Xeno Trunks, and Dial is forced to face him. Dial faces both of them, and manages to dodge all Trunks' attacks. Xeno Trunks is much stronger than Demigra previous puppets due to his Godly, and manages hold his own against Dial. Dial uses an Super Buster Cannon; as does Trunks, and it collides. Dial deflects it away to avoid destroying the city, and kicks Trunks in the stomach. Trunks uses a Super Burning Attack, and Dial deflects it away from him, and the city. Demigra grabs Dial, and throws him into the ground. Trunks fires a Finish Buster at him, and it hits. Dial is hurt, but not too greatly. Dial teleports behind Trunks, and delivers a powerful punch to gut knocking out Trunks. He than knocks Demigra away.

Dial flies Trunks to the injured Supreme Kai of Time, and Demigra attempts to take control of Dial, but due to his Godly ki he is immune. Trunks tries to stab him, but he is took weaken and Demigra easily dodges him. Goku arrives, and both him and Dial begin fighting Demigra again. Goku blasts him with a Super Kamehameha on Demigra, and he manages to injure him slightly. Dial uses an Super Galick Gun on Demigra, and manages to blast him back. Goku powers up, and brawls with Demigra until he is kicked away. Dial appears in front of him, and attacks both of them brawl at an intense speed. The vibrations cause tremors in the city, and after they clash again another vibration occurs. This time several signs fall over, and several merchandise in the market area break. The go in for another, but this Goku joins combining his strength sending Demigra into the sand of the hourglass.

Demigra is furious that he is losing, and teleports into the Time Vault. The heroes follow him where he is preparing to destroy the vault with a powerful Energy Jet. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3, and Dial increases his power, and flies up to Demigra. He restrains them with staff-like projectiles with the heroes about to be defeated, Dial sends a Scroll of Eternity with Tokitoki's feather on it. Dial then finds them teleported outside of Time, and watches the Scroll of Eternity. He goes back to just after he was teleported away to free Goku, where Goku struggles to fight the Energy Jet, as Dial goes after Demigra. Demigra appears in the Crack of Time, and recent arrival of Dial angers him. Demigra transform into his final form, and begins attacking Dial. Dial is noticeably struggling against Demigra, and is receiving more damage than before. Demigra than grabs Dial and prepares to kill, but Goku arrives as a Super Saiyan 3, and saves Dial. The two power to their max, and begin to fight Demigra. After being outmatched by their combined power; Demigra prepares an attack called Demon Clash, and charges at them. Goku, and Dial preform a Friend Kamehameha, and enter a beam struggle with Demigra. They finally triumphant, and destroys Demigra freeing Tokitoki from Demigra, and escape the Crack of Time.

They appear back at the Dragon Altar, where Supreme Kai of Time thanks Goku, and uses the second wish to send Goku back to Age 778, as both of Tokitoki, and Supreme Kai of Time are weakened by their fights. Later while in the Crack of Time, Towa arrives holding a piece of Miira, and a piece of DNA from Demigra. Miira states that it is not over, and Towa leaves back to Age 1000 through a time machine used by Cell, that she restored.

Episode of Bardock Saga[]

2 years have passed, and Future Trunks, and Dial are training with Whis. Whis has placed his mark on Future Trunks' Time Patrol outfit, and on Dial's tail. Supreme Kai of Time notices Face is summoned, and goes to investigate. Towa reveals that she already made two wishes one that sent Bardock to 238 Before Age instead of dying, and restoring Miira. Towa reveals Demigra's wishes and that Bardock was sent back as according to history. Towa attempts to make another wish, but Supreme Kai of Time throws one of drawings at Face, and wish the Stick Figure to life. However Towa reveals that it was supposed to be the Supreme Kai of Time to transport Bardock back, and that she changed history so she could use Bardock. Supreme Kai of Time watch a Scroll of Eternity to see Bardock becoming a Super Saiyan.

Chilled arrives on back on Planet Plant near a cave, and reveals to Bardock in his True Form. Dial arrives in his 1st Form, and help Bardock faces off with Chilled. Chilled fires a barrage of Death Beams, but Dial dodges them all. Dial fires a Galick Blazer at Chilled, and knocks him away. Bardock uses a Rebellion Trigger, and manages injure Chilled. Dial fires a Barrage Death Beam, but Chilled dodges them all. Before Dial can land a decisive blow, Bardock disappears from the battle shocking them both. Chilled leaves the battle as he wants to take vengeance on Bardock.

Miira arrives after Chilled, and battles him. Towa in Age 1000, places a mask on Bardock, and uses her abilities to augment his power. Miira uses his Serious Bomb on Dial, but he dodges it easily. Dial uses his Super Galick Gun, but Miira evades it. Meanwhile, Towa continues to augment Bardock's power, and watches Miira battle Dial. Dial uses a Galick Beam Barrage to slow Miira down, but he counters with Galick Beam Cannon destroying all energy blasts. Bardock as the Masked Saiyan gets off the table, and Towa calls Miira back as he leaves Dial uses an energy blasts that goes through the Time Portal, and damages a wall revealing a tank with an incomplete hand pressed against it. The Time Portal disappears, and Dial remains in 283 Before Age. Later Vados, and Champa appear in this time from Age 784.

Vados reveals to Dial that a prolong stay will confuse the Plants, and go to an uninhabited part of the planet. Champa explains to Dial that Dark Namekians from around Age 900 created Mr. Poko Poko, an eternal dragon for the demons, and used it to increase Towa's power. Champa explains that he knows that him, and Future Trunks have trained with Whis, and Beerus. Dial asks what he is getting at, and asks them if Vados could train them. They agree, and he takes them to his planet in age 784 to train. Vados flies up to the sky with Dial, and Future Trunks creates massively heavy weights, and gets them to fly upwards while chained to them. Whis appears with Beerus, and asks Champa why he wants them trained only to respond with that Universe 6's Supreme Kai of Time believes that Towa, and Miira are a threat to both universes, and refuses to let them become destroyers like him.

By Age 786, Xeno Trunks had gone back to 238 Before Age with Whis, and Beerus letting Dial to train alone with Vados. She has him fighting an evil fission from him she created known as Ego, and both halves are having trouble with one another. Dial fires a Burning Attack at Ego, and he counters with a Buster Cannon. That enter a short beam struggle until Dial overcomes his evil half, and destroys him. Vados than challenges him to see his new skills, and manages to overcome his new power. Dial uses a Super Galick Gun on Vados, but she manages to brush it off. He manages to slightly wound Vados to which she is pleased about. She than mentions that Towa is still stronger as she was trained by the God of War from Universe 7. She explains that Gods of War maintain balance by inciting wars so that they can pave way to a new life; the Gods of War are usually seen the enablers of war, and are often shun by other gods. She tells them that the God of War in Universe 7 is To, and Gods of War thrive on fighting making them nearly on par with Gods of Destruction. She concludes his training, telling him to go back to 238 Before Age.

Dial arrives back on Planet Plant, and the time patrol is transported to an uninhabited planet in the South Quadrant of Universe 7 by Vados. Dial looks to see a mask saiyan, and attacks Dial. The Masked Saiyan uses Dark Rebellion Trigger on Dial only for him to deflect it back. Supreme Kai of Time arrives on Planet Plant reverting all the damages done after Chilled's return to normal, and travels to Age 1000. Dial shoots a Death Beam at the Masked Saiyan, but he dodges it. Dial tries to attack from behind, but the Masked Saiyan grabs his arm, and kicks him in the abdomen. Towa shifts all fighters back to Planet Plant, and places a barrier around them preventing outside interferences. The Masked Saiyan powers up to Super Saiyan, and attacks him with a Last Riot Javelin. Dial attempts to block it, but the area is destroyed leaving a large crater, and Dial being heavily wounded. Dial looks at the Mask Saiyan with confusion as he as trouble standing himself up.

Dial nearly falls over, but he manages to catch himself, and stand up. Miira arrives to observe the battle. Dial uses Perfect Barrier, and manages to keep the Masked Saiyan at bay for a while until he breaks through with a Heat Phalanx, and kicks him in the head. Dial delivers a ki-infused Punch at the Masked Saiyan, and cracks his new armour. Dial uses a Final Kamehameha on him, but he dodges it. Dial uses Beerus' Judgement, but Towa teleports the attack to the uninhabited planet, and it is obliterated. Dial attempts to fly kick the Masked Saiyan, but again he dodges the attack, the area leveled. They continue to fight, and the Masked Saiyan uses another Last Javelin Riot. Dial briefly transforms into his God Form and manages to stop it with a Buster Cannon, and uses an Energy Punch on the Masked Saiyan's mask, and manages to destroy it. Bardock is revealed to be the Saiyan, and looks at Miira. Enraged at being controlled, Bardock angrily turns into a Super Saiyan 3, and prepares to battle Miira. Dial is severely injured by the battle with Bardock, and was rendered in near-death state.

Bardock rushes over to Dial, as he is in a near-death state. Supreme Kai of Time is trying to free herself from Towa's restraints. Future Trunks arrives with a Senzu Bean explaining that he went back to Age 852, and got the them from earth. He proceeds to feed them to Dial, and Bardock restoring their ki, and health back to normal. Dial stands up, and Xeno Trunks tells them about Towa in Age 1000. Towa smiles, and a figure behind her watches the past. Miira heals his wounds, and powers up to his Super form. Xeno Trunks believes that Miira will be back, and it would be best if Bardock didn't interact with the Plants anymore. 'Miira arrives back in his Super form with another individual, and tells them to prepare themselves. Dial, and Bardock get into their fighting stances, and they tell Trunks to make sure the Plants don't venture out in the battle area. Bardock powers up to Super Saiyan 3 as the battle is about to start.

Just as the battle is about to begin; the mysterious figure arrives, and is revealed to be Dabura. He powers up to his demonic will form, and blasts both fighters with his Evil Impulse attack. The two manages to survive the attack, and Dial uses his Finish Buster on Miira, but he dodges the attack, and delivers a powerful punch to Dial. Dial flies into a plateau, but he manages to fly up to sky. Bardock activates his Saiyan Soul, and uses a Galick Beam Cannon that he mimicked from Miira, on Dabura. Dabura deflects it back to Bardock, and leaves a massive crater with Bardock whom is injured. Dial uses a Super Galick Gun, and manages to hit both Dabura, and Miira. They both survive, and kicks both of them away. Miira uses a Dark Kamehameha on Bardock, but counters with a Rebellion Edge, and slices through Miira's attack, and cuts off Miira's left fist. Dabura punches Bardock away. Meanwhile, Bardock uses a Dark Kamehameha on Miira, and Miira uses his own entering a beam struggle. Dial kicks Dabura into Miira knocking him, and causing Bardock to overcome Miira, and blasts both demons into a mountain. Miira uses Death Wave on Bardock, but he narrowly dodges it. Miira uses a Dark Kamehameha with his remain hand, and both Bardock and Dial counter with a Combined Buster Cannon. Dabura enters the attack with a Evil Wave, and the four enter a beam Struggle. Bardock, and Dial continue to struggle until they unleash the powers Saiyan Soul, and uses Nature Pulse respectively to increase their power. They overcome the attack, and Dabura dodges it, but Miira takes the full front of the attack destroying his limbs. Miira fires a Death Beam at Bardock mortally wounding, and lands on the ground. Dial gives him a spare Senzu Bean, and receives a Zenkai Boost. Dial claims that he senses Future Trunks, and that his power level is fading fast. Bardock uses a Ki Blast to blast Miira away, and knocks Dabura away with a Kiai.

Meanwhile Bardock, and Dial manage to find Future Trunks. Dial attempts to use a Senzu bean on Xeno Trunks, but it crumbles. Dial tries to pick another bean up, but Bardock notices the purple mist on Xeno Trunks, and stops him from touching Trunks. She teleports Future Trunks to her, and heals him. She explains to Dial, and Bardock her plan. Bardock, Dial, and Future Trunks train together while Chronoa puts her plans together.

Demon Realm/Shadow Dragon of Time Conflict[]

Dial arrive to assist int he Demon Realm Assault before being sealed after Rola's death. However, he was freed when one of the Shadow Dragons of Time arrived in a time before Universe 18 was erased and attacked Zeno causing Zeno to erase Universe 7 out of anger as well causing everyone in history to disappear but due to his wish to Face during the Time Crusade to make himself immune to paradoxes; he was spared and was able to assist in the conflict with the Shadow Dragons of Time.

He later goes on to fight alongside Vegeta against Atla.

2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Saga[]

Dial doesn't appear in the 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Saga but he is frequently mentioned by Old Man Trunks and his former fellow Patrollers.

Others stories[]

Dragon Ball Advanced (pre-revamp)[]

Z/Super Saga[]

After seeing several historical changes Future Trunks summons Face, the Dragon of Time, to turn his drawing of a part stick figure, part Frieza's Race named Dial into a real being complete being almost equal to him in power, and already ki bond. He explains to Dial that he needs his help in restoring time, and Dial agrees. Trunks ask Face to give him a voice as he doesn't have on yet, and he vocally agrees.

Future Trunks personally trains and tutors Dial following his creation, however, he only manages to tutor him enough to allow Dial to become child-minded while also training Dial in a similar to manner to Future Gohan's training and Piccolo's training with his own twists.

Dial observe a historical change in Raditz's arrival, and Trunks request him to restore history. He agrees, and goes to fight Raditz. Upon arrival, Raditz confuses him for King Cold, and proceeds to attack him after saving Gohan. Raditz manages to bluff Goku into making him let go, and proceeds to attack while Piccolo prepares his Special Beam Cannon. Dial blasts Raditz with a weak Ki blast to allow Goku to grab him again, but Raditz again breaks free. Dial grabs his tail, and throws into a cliff, and Gives Goku energy to grab him again. Piccolo finally delivers the killing blow to both of them, and Dial leaves. Letting the Supreme Kai of Time undo the change.

Another change happens During the arrival of Vegeta, and Nappa. Dial once again goes back to face him, and proceeds to attack the Saibaman. Piccolo's memory of Dial is restored by the Supreme Kai of Time to allow him to tell the others he is an ally. Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman after battling them intensely, and both Krillin, and Dial use wipe out the rest with a Scattering Energy Bullet, and Buster Cannon respectively. After seeing their defeat Nappa takes them on, and manages to easily defeat Tien, Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and Krillin. Tien is killed when he uses a Tri-Beam after Chiaotzu failed in his Self-Destruct attack, and Piccolo is killed by Nappa after saving Gohan. Gohan enrages, and attacks Nappa along side Dial; as the two manage to give Nappa a bit of trouble, Gohan calms down allowing Nappa to kick him away. Goku arrives just before Nappa can kill Gohan, and fights along side Dial. Goku manages to defeat Nappa with a Kaio-Ken Finish, and his killed by Vegeta.

They move to fight Vegeta, and have trouble to his power increase by an unknown power. Vegeta proceeds to continue give them trouble until Goku uses a Kaio-Ken x4 Kamehameha against his Galick Gun. Angered Vegeta transforms into his Great Ape form, and continues battles against the remaining fighters. They have trouble fighting him in this form, but Yajirobe manages to cut off Vegeta's tail. Before getting the chance to Fight Yajirobe, with a team effort Goku manages to defeat Vegeta with a Spirit Bomb, and escapes Earth after Dial prevents Krillin from killing Vegeta.

After the timeline is fixed, and returned to Normal. Dial meets up with the Supreme Kai of Time, and Tokitoki. She suggest him to train, and manages to bring a time duplicate of Vegeta from his first appearance, and convince him to train Dial. She explains Parallel Quests which sends a time duplicate into an alternate event, and the after the quest is complete the experience, and training is absorbed by the user. Due to it being a duplicate rather than the actual person, it isn't dangerous to the user. He proceeds to meet with Vegeta (Scouter) and trains with him. He trains him to use Galick Gun, and collect energy passively. He than gives him several Parallel Quests to help him train. Vegeta assists him in the first quest, and they take on 20 enemies allowing Dial to realise that there's no such thing a fairness in battle. He defeats all 20 with a great effort. They fight them on a jungle planet created just for the Parallel Quests, and thanks to the quality of the soil they are as strong as True Form Frieza. Dial eventually overpowers them, and vaporises all 20 with a Galick Gun. He then battles in another quest along side Nappa, and Raditz against Piccolo, and Goku. This time even more difficult he manages to unleash his energy, and defeat Piccolo, and Goku. Vegeta senses his powers have increased greatly, and proceed to challenge him to complete his training. He transforms into a Great Ape, and eventually defeat by Dial after long, and hard battle. Vegeta acknowledges him as his student, and later disappears from the Time Nest.

Dial arrives from the Time Nest to see that the entire Ginyu Force are confronting the Z-Fighters, and the Ginyu himself is not suppose to be their. They give hint of their Dark energy boast, and battle the fighters. The Ginyu force proceed to overwhelm nearly all of the fighters, and proceeds to attack Dial. Guldo is order back to Frieza's ship, and Krillin and Gohan go after him. Goku arrives after, and displays his superior abilities by easily defeating Recoome. Goku, and Dial proceeds to fight the other fighters. Vegeta finishes off Recoome, and leaves the two fighters to face the remaining fighters by themselves. Dial fights Burter, and Jeice whom are slightly more powerful. Goku seems to be giving Ginyu trouble as he displays stronger skills. Ginyu starts his Body Change ability where he attempts to take Goku's body, but Burter accidentally kicks Dial into the path of the attacks. With Dial in Ginyu's Body, and vice versa continues to attack. Ginyu is visibly angry, and proceeds to attack Ginyu. Goku uses Dial's unfortunate position, and asks him to go help Krillin, and Gohan. He agrees, and flies off to Frieza's ship. He is confronted by Guldo, and realises something happen. Gohan, and Krillin join up with Dial, and fight against Guldo, and the Frieza Force. Dial attacks Guldo with Milky Cannon vaporizing him completely to which Future Trunks scolds him as its not the correct event. Gohan, and Krillin manage to defeat the rest of the Frieza force. Ginyu, and Goku arrive at the battlefield, and proceed to battle again with Dial joining. Dial unleashing a Galick Gun at Burter, and Jeice but both dodge it. Vegeta appears behind, and finishes Jeice with a Genocide Breaker. Ginyu prepares his Body Change, and proceeds to fire it at Goku, but Dial intervenes; regaining their respective bodies. Burter holds Goku in a Full Nelson, and proceeds try again, and successfully takes Goku's body. Ginyu tests his new power out by using a Kamehameha on Goku, but he dodges it and Burter is killed instead. Dial, and Goku proceed to defeat Ginyu, but after attempting to take Vegeta's body Goku gets in the way, and retakes his body. Ginyu attempts again only to have his body transformed into a Namekian Frog.

As Ginyu hops away Dial flies off only to have Ginyu appear in front of him with his eyes indicated his possessed. Two Demons appearing revealing themselves as the meddlers, and Towa uses her power transform Ginyu into a Giant form, and gives him the ability to speak. Mega Frog Ginyu attacks Dial, and attempts to kill him only to have himself out match due to the Frog not having much power. Dial manages to wipe the floor with Ginyu, and blasts him with a Galick Gun vaporising him.

The taller Demon identifies himself as Miira, and declares battle with Dial. Miira manages to hold his own. Only to find himself dissatisfied by Dial power an attempts to kill him, but Towa convinces him not. Dial returns to the Time Nest, and Supreme Kai of Time explains that the pair are a demon scientist, and sister of Dabura; Towa, and her creation Miira. She then points out that they are interfering with the battle with Frieza, and he goes back. Frieza begins battling Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Dial. Frieza critizes Dial for helping Saiyans, and tries to convince him to switch sides. Frieza is unamused by his refusal, and continues to fight the tyrant. After being convinced by Vegeta; Frieza transforms into his True Form, surprising Future Trunks. Frieza easily defeats all three fighters leaving only Dial to fight until Piccolo arrives. Dial begins his Nightmare Transformation, and transforms into his Second Form. He battles alongside Piccolo, but Piccolo is easily defeated. Goku finally arrives on the battlefield, and assists. Dial transforms back into his First Form. After unsuccessfully attempting to defeat Frieza, Goku attempts to use his Large Spirit Bomb; with Dial keeping Frieza at bay. However the it fails, and Frieza neutralizes Piccolo, and kills Krillin causing Goku to go Super Saiyan. Dial, and an enraged Goku battle Frieza in his 100% Form. Eventually Goku request Dial to let him finish allow, and the events are all reverted to normal.

With history currently not changing, Dial meets up with a duplicate of Frieza whom asks to be his student, telling him his power and potential impress him. He battles Frieza in an test, and Frieza becomes impressed enough to teach a few of his techniques. Frieza creates Parallel Quest of a fight between King Vegeta, and Bardock, and ask him to battle both of them. He fights them both in space, and shows great difficulty in fighting them, but he manages to defeat them by creating the Supernova sending both them hurtling towards Planet Vegeta destroying the Planet, and the Saiyans. Impressed with his victory, Frieza offers him short Parallel Quest with Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta which he easily completes. After he gives him a full training, however he restricts him from transforming. Dial battles Frieza in his true form, and nearly kills himself with exhaustion in defeating Frieza. Frieza gives him a Senzu bean, and asking him to show him his Death Ball. He does so only for Frieza to uses own, and it nearly damages Toki Toki City, until Supreme Kai of Time kicks both energy balls away.

Frieza disappears, and the Time Vault starts emitting energy. Look at the Scroll of Eternity revealing interferences in the era that Cell was present, and observes a change in Cell's first fight. Dial arrives the at the Cell Games after finish watch, and battles Cell, and Mr. Satan at the same time. Dial has trouble from both of them, but he manages to defeat Mr. Satan, and Goku attacks Cell allow Dial to face Hercule.

Hercule rises again, and Dial fights him again. Dial punches him into ground, but he gets back up. He uses a Bloody Sauce on Dial, but he dodges it. Hercule uses his Dynamite Kick on Dial, but he grabs his leg, and throws him into the rings pillar. Hercule is finally knocked, allowing Dial to correct the history. While he was fighting, Gohan had already started fighting, and Cell has recently just killed Android 16, and Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Dial transforms into his 2nd Form, and assists Gohan.

Dial continues to assist Gohan until Xeno Trunks locates Miira, and Towa. He flies towards their direction, and meets up with Xeno Trunks. The two are confronted by Miira where they battle him. Prior to battle Dial transforms into his True Form. Both Time Patrollers give him trouble, until Miira transforms into his Runaway form. He fires his Dark Kamehameha at both of them, but they dodge it. Dial uses his Supernova on Miira, and attempts to destroy him. But Miira dodges it, and uses Death Slash cutting the open field, and Dial counters with a Super Galick Gun, and Future Trunks with a Buster Cannon. Realising that he is out matched, Miira leaves the battle. However back in the Time Vault it is reveal they went to his era after the Cell Games, and are trying to get rid of him.

Dial meets Future Android 17, and Future Android 18 revealing that have been taken control of, and attack him. He manages to hold them off until Future Trunks shows up, and attacks the Androids. The two battle the enhanced Androids, and use all their abilities against them. Future Trunks is defeated, but realises this is the corrected timeline. But he is still fading. A mystery figure shows, and offers to take him to 785 to change in time, and Dial meets up with Future Trunks whom is shocked to see Future Cell in his Perfect Form, and Present Cell also in his Perfect Form. Present Cell explains that both Future Android 17, and Future Android 18 of the third timeline were resurrect with the Dragon Balls, and he absorbed. But before he could attack them he found himself standing next another version of himself. Both Cells battle Future Trunks, and Dial, they manage give them a hard time, but they manage to brush most of their attacks.

Dial uses a Supernova on Present Cell destroying him, and Future Trunks destroys Future Cell with a Heat Dome Attack. Dial leaves, and tells Future Trunks not to thank yet. He leaves the battlefield, and returns to the Time Nest.

He than meets a duplicate of Cell, and asks to be trained. Cell turns it into a game, and they begin fighting. The rest of the training isn't seen.

After Cell disappears, Dial witnessing a losing battle between Ultimate Gohan, and a powered-up Kid Buu. Dial goes back instead of waiting for Xeno Trunks to the point the Majin Buu was affected. He assists Goku, and helps fight. Xeno Trunks finds out, and helps him correct the time. Dial gives Goku some energy as he was about to some before he chronologically was suppose to leave the fight, and left after promising Buu a powerful opponent.

Later at Majin Buu's House; Bee is targeted by Towa, and starts attacking Mr. Satan. Majin Buu recognising he is being control, and tries to knock Bee out. But he knocks Buu as well. Dial arrives to help, and the three battle bee. Eventual Bee is defeated, and returned to normal.

After Dial leaves, Miira stops him over Mount Paozu, and attacks him with a Galick Beam Cannon only for him to deflect into the mountain. Dial counters with a Kamehameha, and manages to hit him. Miira is slightly injured, and continues to fight. Towa uses her staff to augment the power of Miira transforming him into his Super Miira form. Dial use this chance to directly transform into his True Form, and punches Miira into the mountain. Miira attacks with his Serious Bomb energy ball, and Dial manages to hold off, and deflect into a large hill destroying it. Miira uses a stronger version called Really Serious Bomb, and Dial deflects it off the planet with a Galick Gun. They collide several times until Dial catches him off guard, and punches him through the chest. Dial uses a Super Buster Cannon and seemingly vaporises Miira.

After two days in 774 pass, Demigra controls Piccolo to prevent Gotenks from fighting Buu. But Dial arrives, and manages to defeat Piccolo, Super Buu then absorbs Gotenks, and Piccolo. He begins fighting Gohan, and Dial. Goku, and Vegeta arrive from the otherworld. Gohan gets distracted allowing Buu to absorb him, and obtain his power. Goku understand how powerful he has become, and convince Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. Vegito powers up to a Super Saiyan 3, and battles Super Buu with the help Dial. Dial transforms into his Super Evolution form, and fires a Kamehameha at Super Buu. After being nearly killed by Vegito, and Dial he absorbs them both. But Dial protect himself with a Perfect Barrier, and Vegito with a Saiyan Shield. They are then flanked by Super Buu whom assumes a Giant Form, and prevent Vegeta, and Goku from fusing again. Vegeta understands that they are still at grave disadvantage even with Dial with them whom as returned to his True Form, and fuses into a Super Saiyan 2 Gogeta. The two manages to free the others from Buu, and hold off. After escaping from Buu.

The three watch as he turns into Kid Buu, and narrowly escape death when Kid Buu destroys Earth. The three of them battle Kid Buu on the Sacred Kai planet, and manage to hold their own. Kid Buu approves to be stronger but, and kicks them all away. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, and fights Buu with Dial at his side as Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb. Dial transforms back into his Super Evolution form, and proceed to fight Buu. He uses a Supernova on him, but Kid Buu deflects it into a cliff. Kid Buu appears behind Vegeta, and knocks him out with a pressure point attack, and is saved by Mr. Satan allowing Goku to fire his Super Spirit Bomb. He struggles as usual, but with the help Dial they finish off Kid Buu. After Kid Buu's defeat he returns to the Time Nest.

He then meets with a duplicate of Good Buu, and the he offers to train him for helping him destroy Kid Buu. After testing him he teaches him Gack!, and offers to teach him more. Good Buu assembles a Parallel Quest so he can fight Evil Buu with him. After a long difficult battle, Good Buu brings him back to Toki Toki, where he continues to train by wearing weighted clothing that he magically materialises. After managing to do 20'000 push ups, sit ups, head stands, and handstand push-ups. Good Buu convinces Xeno Trunks to do the same while Good Buu, and Dial spar. He restricts Dial transformations to only his 1st, and 2nd Forms during the sparring. After a difficult battle Dial is now even more stronger than Super Buu w/Gohan Absorbed. Good Buu then takes it to the next step; by placing him in a gravity chamber with extremely heavy clothing, and makes him do 20'000 push ups, sit ups, head stands, handstand push-ups, and chin ups while under 10'000 Gs. After doing so he takes him to his final Parallel Quest, and sets him up with Super Buu w/Vegito absorbed the battle proves to but much difficult, but the Time Patroller manages to conquer him, and mimic several skills from him.

After Good Buu disappears from the Time Nest, Dial's hand starts to glow, and displays a capital 'D'. Supreme Kai of Time identifies this as a Majin Emblem, and removes it from Dial before it explodes. Then the mysterious individual appears, and Supreme Kai of Time reveals him as Demigra, the self-proclaimed Demon God. He reveals that he is now going go after someone even stronger. Xeno Trunks uses his sword to attack him, and slices him only to reveal the he is a mirage. Supreme Kai of Time works out that he is going after Beerus, and orders both to the Time Vault. After observing a possible change, Dial teleports in. He explains the situation to Goku, and transforms directly into his Ultimate Evolution while in his Super Evolution form, and fights Beerus along side him. He dubs himself as Emerald Dial, and battles against Beerus, whom manages to fight off several possessions. Dial uses an Emerald Supernova on Beerus, and points to Goku.

Beerus kicks it to Goku forcing him out of the Super Saiyan God form, and as agrees that he can't defeat Beerus even with the incredibly strong Dial at his side. Beerus's eyes glows red, and almost fires his attack at Earth until, Demigra's Mirage manifests, and Beerus furiously states that controlling him is an act of blasphemy states he'll just destroy Demigra instead. Dial goes back to his Super Evolution from, and states that Demigra doesn't need to be fought in his Emerald form. Dial, and Beerus team up to fight him. Whis takes Goku back to Bulma's ship, and the two fight Demigra. Xeno Trunks compliments Beerus resilience to which Beerus hears, and completely ignores him. Beerus uses his Sphere of Destruction, and Dial uses his Supernova on him. Demigra produces an Ki Blast, but both attacks go right through it, and destroy his mirage. Dial explains everything to Beerus, and all three return to the Time Vault.

Beerus and Whis meet with Supreme Kai of Time, and she tries to convince them to let Dial, and Xeno Trunks held it, but Beerus is unconvinced. Dial asks him; if he, and Whis could test them. If they passed let them take care of Demigra, and if they fail they'll let him. Beerus ups the agreement by saying that he'll train Dial personally if he and Trunks can defeat both of them. They begin the battle in the wasteland of Age 850, and begin battling. Dial transforms into his Ultimate Evolution from his True Form, and Xeno Trunks turns into his Super Saiyan 2' form. They begin battling to which Dial is noticeably more stronger than Xeno Trunks. He and Xeno Trunks use a combined attack called Creator-Creation Buster Cannon, and manages to land a blow on Beerus. Whis appears behind Xeno Trunks, but Dial senses him and kicks him away. Both of them are impressed, and agree that they pass their test.

Beerus takes Dial to his planet where he begins to train Dial. He makes him transform into Emerald Super Dial, and wear a total of 200'000 Imperial tons on his body. He then fires an Atom-like energy sphere at him telling him to dodge it. He easily dodges it due to being used 200'000'000 imperial tons; so Whis increases its wait to 250'000'000 imperial tons. He tries again, and with great effort Dial dodges them all. As time passes; Dial is now wearing 3 quintillion Imperial tons, and is attempting 50'000 handstand push ups. He succeeds, and then Beerus gets him to channel his power. Beerus than takes him back to the Time Vault getting him ready for Demigra's next plan.


Main article: List of techniques used by Dial (SSJJ)
Buster Cannon

Main article: Buster Cannon (SSJJ)

Dial's initial signature move. He unleashes a long stretching yellow-white energy wave. Dial learned this from Future Trunks after being trained by the latter. Dial was able to master and improve the attack as well as develop a new variation of the attack. He rarely uses it since learning Galick Gun.

Galick Gun

Main article: Galick Gun (SSJJ)

Dial's signature move throughout the series. Dial first learns the move after training with Vegeta. His manage uses multiple variations of the attack, and favours this technique over the Perfect Kamehameha taught to him by Cell.

Death Ball/Supernova

Dial's most powerful technique taught to him by Frieza, and he uses it against several foes with so far only Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu being destroyed by the technique.

Spinning Tail Whip

Dial adopted the Spinning Tail Whip attack as his signature physical attack follow the conception of the technique and has used against a variety of enemies. While it isn't his strongest physical attack - it is his most used physical attack.

Death Beam

For the most part of the Demigra Group and Cell-X Group - Dial mainly used Galick Gun and Supernova. During the Demon Realm Assault group - Dial started adopting the Death Beam as his fourth signature attack.

Spirit Control
Thanks to his training under Pybara; Dial was able to master Spirit Control. He is able to apply this power to his True Form and assumed a Spirit Control-Enhanced True Form. Thanks to Spirit Control - he can duplicate himself, heal others, enlarge himself, and use Instant Transmission. He can also use some of the more extremely advanced techniques of Spirit Control.

Unlike Frieza; Dial trained rigorously increasing his power. By that time he fought Majin Buu, Dial was as strong as Super Saiyan 3 Goku even in his 1st Form.

First Form

While in his First Form, his body size is that of King Cold's - standing 7'0" tall and the weight of 245lbs, and already has enough power to hold his against Frieza's True Form, and keep up with Goku's Super Saiyan form. He uses this form throughout his first few battles until, and later transforms into his 2nd Form during his fight with Frieza, and again with Cell. He has a large chestnut-shaped skull with four straight horns that protrude at near 45-degree angles. He also has a tail, which is relatively thick in width, as well as having three talon-like possible toes for feet. Dial is exceptionally muscular even when he was created. He initially used this form due to his inability to control his power in his True Form. In his first form, he has red sections on his head, shoulders, ankles, forearms, waistline, and abdomen. He has grey parts on his arms, neck, and face as well as his black skin on his legs, hands, and feet. He also has a white natural armour covering his chest, ankles, forearms, waist, and shoulders.


Dial was able to assume an enhanced state via intense rage resulting in a unique form as he gains a reddish-orange skin-tight aura along with his eyes becoming bloodshot and gaining red irides. As a result; Dial gains a massive power boost, however, after his hidden potential was unlocked by Grand Elder Guru - his power boost from this state becomes minute.

Ginyu Body

During his battle with Jeice, and Burter, he was accidentally kicked into the path of Ginyu's Body Change Beam by Burter. While in this body, he manages to heal it with a Senzu Bean, and fights Ginyu while using the body. He has full access to Ginyu abilities, and can fully use them.

2nd Form

2nd Form - Dial

His second form is similar in appearance to the first, except much larger, both in height and muscle mass, which can be clearly seen on his chest and stomach areas; he is three feet taller than his First Form having the height and weight of 10'0" and 414.5lbs. He shatters his bio-gloves and bio-boots, and loses the red spots on his wrists, and ankles. He also grows longer white horns, which now instead of protruding sideways from his skull curve to an acute angle. While in this form he is considered to be a Giant, and Towers over all other Frieza's Race members, and even towers of Goku.

During the Z/Super Saga; Chronoa noted that his power level was over 47'169'811.

3rd Form

Dial first uses this form while training Cooler. His head resembles that of Frieza's, however, he has three sets of horns instead of two sets. His third most horns are still black and are the longest and on an obtuse angle instead of acute, while is the second row are white and on an acute angle, and his first row is on a reflex angle. Unlike Frost and Frieza; his shoulder pads retract, and his the spots on his shoulders and chest disappear. He loses the spikes on his back. He stated that he obtain this form while training with Frieza, and decided to never use it. He slightly shrinks in height but is still consider a Giant Character while in this form.

He first used this against a swarm of Tennenmen, Jinkoumen, and evolved Saibamen.

True Form
True form DiaL bY darkhameleon.jpg

Dial's True Form is similar to Cooler's as only his chest, shoulders, wrists, tail tip, and ankles have bio-armour. He loses all his spots except the red spot on his head. In this form, he slightly towers King Cold, and his much stronger than before. His horns return to the similar length to his first form, and same number of horns. He armourless body displays his black skin, and has a portion of his tail remains armourless.

Initially, Dial was unable to access the full-power of the state but as a result of his training with Frieza - he was able to master his power and tap into his full-power without the need of assuming the 100% Full Power state as a result - he is able exert more power than before.

It was thanks to his mastery of this form - he was able to further transform into the Fourth Transformation which allowed him to earn the tyrant's respect even if it was miniscule-level of respect.

Super Evolution

Main article: Fourth Transformation (SSJJ)

Fourth Transformation Dial

Much like Cooler, he can further transform into the "Fourth form", and his slightly similar. Unlike Cooler, his bio-armour doesn't alter or gain a "visor". His head does form in a crown-like appearance, and his red spot becomes an oval shape. His height remains the same size as his True Form. He retains his pupils, but his eyes gain a green background instead of white.

While Dial has since gained a mastery of this form and its power - he rarely uses it as his opts to use either his True Form, Super Fourth Transformation, or Emerald Super Fourth Transformation state. It was initially believed that his unusual sclera was result of an specified mutation, but after learning that he was created exactly how Future Trunks described; he was revealed that his Sentient Stick Figure side influenced his transformation ever so slightly.

During the Z/Super Saga; this become one of the six most used forms that he used along with his True Form, Super Fourth Transformation, Emerald form, Emerald Fourth Transformation, and Emerald Super Fourth Transformation.

Super Fourth Transformation

Main article: Super Fourth Transformation

Super Fourth Transformation Dial

This state can be achieved by absorbing an extreme amount of energy from multiple fighters. In this state - Dial grows in height similar to Cooler in the Fourth Transformation while his head shape changes that to the same shape as Coolieza's head shape. Additionally, the user gains a flowing pure aura similar to that of Ultra Instinct. Additionally, Dial grows bio-gems on his arms and legs and sharp blades to come out of his wrists or ankles at the back.

He is able to bypass his Fourth Transformation in order to enter this form. Following - his continuous training with his mentor after he achieved this form allowed him to master the form was able to use it with any impairments to his stamina. During his fight against Jiren - Whis was able to use his abilities to grant him the maximum power in his Emerald form in order to grant him the maximum limit he had at the time which became the stepping stone to him breaking through his limits and achieving his Super Emerald form.

Ultimate Evolution

Main article: Ultimate Evolution (SSJJ)

Emerald dial background by darkhameleon.jpg

During his fight against Slug - Dial was able to achieve this form and commonly refers to it as Emerald Dial (エメラルドダイアル Emerarudo Daiaru). His bio-armour becomes Emerald Green while his face, hand, and faces becomes red coloured along with his eyes becoming red. Additionally, both of his horn also becomes emerald green and has a Emerald green aura similar to Frieza's aura. He gains red gems either side of his ankles, on his arms, and the centre of his chest.

Following achieving this form - he was able to gain better control over it through training with Good Buu and seemingly mastered the form after training with Pybara. He was able prove a challenge to certain foes while he was still rather overpowered by a number of foes including Dark Jiren and the Metal Army corps.

Whis: Heroes during the fight with Dark Jiren used his powers to transfer some of powers of his Emerald Fourth Transformation and Emerald Super Fourth Transformation in order to enable to Dial to fully master his Emerald form and was at the maximum limit of his powers at the time.

Later during the Episode of Bardock Saga, and onwards he uses this form in his God True Form, and can maintain for much longer.

Emerald Fourth Transformation

Main article: Ultimate Evolution Fourth Transformation (SSJJ)

Dial s emerald 4th transformation by darkhameleon.jpg

Dial enters this form being in his Super Evolution state and then transforming into his Emerald form or vice versa. In this state; his bio-armour becomes emerald green like before and his skin becomes red. He gains several red gems - one in the centre of his chest, one on each of his forearms, and two on each of his ankles. The piece of bio-armour on his tail covers his tail.

Following Whis: Heroes using his powers to unlock Dial's potential during the fight with Dark Jiren. His power in this form far surpassed even a majority of the foes that Goku fought against during Dragon Ball Super.

Emerald Super Fourth Transformation

Main article: Ultimate Evolution Super Fourth Transformation

Dial achieves this form by entering Emerald Dial while in his Super Fourth Transformation. His biological armour becomes Emerald green while possessing aura similar to that of Ultra Instinct.

Surge Rush

A power-up/transformation that was taught him by Good Buu accessing Grand Supreme Kai's memories. This form multiply Dial's strength, agility, speed, and reflex by 25 while completely suppressing his pain. In this state; he gains a bluish-white aura and his veins bulge.

Dial uses this form by inducing both an Adrenaline Surge and an Endorphin Rush simultaneously. Dial is able to increase the stimulation of his Adrenaline and Endorphins in order to use Shocking Surge Rush which multiplies his strength, agility, speed, and reflex by 166. However, the cost of using Shocking Surge Rush is that Dial will experience a cardiac arrest quicker than the standard Surge Rush state. The aura gains red bio-electricity streaks and the aura's radiance becomes more rapid.

Surge Rush always carries the risk of inducing a Cardiac Arrest from prolonged use and as a result; Dial prefers to limit his use of the state to just 2-3 minutes.

Emerald Dial Surge Rush

Dial is able to take on the Surge Rush state while in his Emerald Dial form. Doing so allows him to multiply his strength, speed, agility, and reflexes even further. His veins bulge while his aura becomes bluish-white and gains a light hue as a result of the aura.

Dial also capable of increasing stimulation in order to use Emerald Dial Shocking Surge Rush which still carries the risk of inducing a heart attack but also increasing his physical capabilities. Dial gains a red bio-electricity streaks within his aura as well as the aura becoming more rapid.

Due to risks of Surge Rush in general; Dial prefers to use it in for a maximum of 2-3 minutes

Super Emerald Dial

During his fight with Jiren; he uses his desperation and desire in wanting to help Vegeta along with his fears to power up to his new form. In this state; his bio-gem becomes purple and his eyes become gold as he grows two bio-gems on his each of the bio-armour on his wrists and two each on his knees like the Frieza's Race Berserker from Heroes. His skin except for his face and hands become a darker green while the bio-armour on his upper body expands as it covers his chest area including ribs similar to Froze except for the pieces at the waist. His horns recede and his muscle mass increases. However, this form's drawback is that it consumes a lot of ki and stamina similar to Super Saiyan 3, but at a slight faster pace and as result Dial hasn't used it since his fight with Jiren.

Reborn Dial

Following is training with Pybara - Dial takes on a unique form. His bio-armour takes on an appearance akin to the upper half of the Hero Suit and the lower half of the Elite Suit from Xenoverse 2. His white horns curve at an obtuse angle and his black horns on a near-right angle. He gains a small red spot (gem) in the centre of his bio-armour while his face becomes solid-white along with his hands, arms, and neck similar to Frieza's True (Final) Form and much like Frieza's Final Forms - he has lines on his cheeks. His eyes gain a black pupil and his irises become pale yellow.

Dial is noticeably shorter in this form, being taller than Vegeta but shorter than Goku. His aura is somewhat relaxed while possessing no brow ridge. Much like his Super Evolution and Ultimate F - form; he is able to use this form alongside his Emerald Dial form.

Ultra Instinct

During his training with Beerus: Heroes - Dial was able to awaken Ultra Instinct -Sign- and Ultra Instinct with mere seconds of each other. While in the full and master Ultra Instinct state - all his gems turn silver along with his eyes becoming like Goku's. Due to being in his Emerald Super Fourth Transformation each time - he uses the technique; he has his retains the rest of his appearances said form.

However, Dial doesn't consider Ultra Instinct to be his style and opts to evolve more in his own style compared to Goku and even his Master - Vegeta.

God 1st Form

Main article: Deific Assimilation


After returning to train with Beerus, he sends Dial, and Future Trunks to train with Whis instead, and Whis trains for 2 years. By Age 852, Dial, and Future Trunks were more powerful than before. In this form, Dial's bio-suit undo goes several changes, as now he possesses bio boots, and bio finger-less gloves.

This is Upgraded 1st Form that he managed to obtain by learning how to utilise Godly ki as well as learning to adapt the powers of his True Form and Emerald form into his First Form. The form is achieved as a result of his training with Whis and Beerus. In this state - Dial's muscle mass decreases in a similar fashion to Super Saiyan God. Additionally his bio-armour goes through minute changes.

Additionally; he gains a more radiant purple aura that crackles with red bio-electricity. His is able to use the raw might and enhanced senses of this god-like power even in his 1st form which significantly boots his power beyond. He was even noted to be much stronger than Frieza during the Golden Frieza Saga. He even began to use the form in place of his regular 1st Form simply for the power advantages. His notably unaffected by Towa's Dark Magic in this form.

God True Form

Main article: Deific Assimilation

While in this form, he's Bio Suit now cover his tail, legs, arms, face, feet, chest, and fists. While his back is left without a Bio Armour, and has three Black spikes on his back. He still strong enough to hold his own against an Golden Chilled, but with arrival of a strong Shun Haru made him outclassed as well as outnumbered. He gains red spots on his shoulders, wrists, ankles, and his black horns become red. He now towers over King Cold, and is consider one of the tallest Characters in the series.

Super Emerald Super Fourth Transformation

Dial is able to take on the Super Emerald form while in his Super Fourth Transformation - combining the powers of both. In this form - he even surpassed Vegeta's Royal Super Saiyan Blue form. He has the same number of gem as his does in his standard Super Emerald form. Initially had a double aura consisting of his Emerald Green aura and Pure Teal aura from the Super Fourth Transformation, but following having to fully adapt to the form and master the form - no longer had an aura, but did have emerald outline around his body.

The tips of his top-most horns become purple like his gems while gaining light blue markings on either side of his face. The bio-armour on his chest morph with bio-armour on his shoulders morph outward similar to his standard Super Emerald form. His bio-armour extend downwards past his waist with purple spikes similar to his gems along with an additional purple protruding from his bio-armour around his ankles just above his feet. His eyes become light blue just like the markings under his eyes.

Majestic Emerald Dial

Main article: Super Ultimate Evolution 2

Dial able to achieve this form while in his Super Emerald Super Fourth Transformation in which he dubs the form as Majestic Emerald Dial. His was able to use their power in the final battle with Dark King Demigra and ultimately defeat him. However, he was able to properly control his power and required him to undergo intensive mental training to hone and master the power.

In this form - Dial begins 5'10" with his head reshaping matching the appearance of head shape of the Frieza Clan Berserker while his bio-shoulder plates retract along with the waist plates. His gem plates become silver instead of Dark Purple and he dark blue pupils and blue irises.

Emerald Reborn Dial

Main article: Ultimate Evolution Reborn

Dial was able to achieve this form after training to master his Majestic Emerald Dial form. In this state he was able to easily defeat a number of Idengakumen.

In this form - Dial is 5'10" with his His bio-armour retaining the appearance akin to the upper half of the Hero Suit and the lower half of the Elite Suit from Xenoverse 2. His white horns curve at an obtuse angle and his black horns on a near-right angle. His bio-armour becomes Emerald green leaving only his hands, feet, and face to become red. His gem plates including the he gains in the centre of his bio-armour stay same colour. His eyes retain the black pupil from his reborn from, however, his irises become red.

Super Emerald Reborn

Main article: Super Ultimate Evolution Reborn

Dial was able to further evolve his Emerald Reborn state into the Super Emerald Reborn state - increasing his power further almost on par with his Majestic Emerald state.

His gem plates become purple while his irises become golden in colour while his body retains the Emerald green colour. He gains the additional number of gem plates as his other Super Emerald forms. Super Emerald Reborn head reshaped once again as his gains a similar head shape as Janemba while retain his head gem-plate with the very tip of his horns being black instead of emerald green like his other forms.

God Fourth Transformation

Main articles: Fourth Transformation and Deific Assimilation

Dial briefly enters this form as he was powering up through his transformations to reach Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn.

He used this form while battling Future Cooler, and later Cell-X. The spikes on his back become larger, and gains a spike on his tail, and ankles. He regains his two red spots on his ankles, and his shoulders. The Bio-Armour on his shoulders become longer in upwards angle like a Saiyan Full Battle Armour, and his bio-armour on his lower half gains the three downward-like guards also found on Saiyan Armour. His eyes become Pupil-less Green, and still doesn't gain a visor.

God Super Fourth Transformation

Main articles: Super Fourth Transformation and Deific Assimilation

Dial briefly enter this form as he was powering up through his transformations to reach Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn.

In this form - Dial heads proceed reshape into the same shape as his standard Super Fourth Transformation along with him retaining the bio-boots as well as the fingerless bio-gloves. Additionally, the spikes on his ankles retract. His muscle mass slightly increases.

God Dial Reborn

Main articles: Reborn and Deific Assimilation

Dial briefly enter this form as he was powering up through his transformations to reach Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn.

In this form - Dial's bio-armour takes on an appearance akin to the upper half of the Hero Suit and the lower half of the Elite Suit from Xenoverse 2. His white horns curve at an obtuse angle and his black horns on a near-right angle. He gains a small red spot (gem) in the centre of his bio-armour while his face becomes solid-white along with his hands, arms, and neck similar to Frieza's True (Final) Form and much like Frieza's Final Forms - he has lines on his cheeks. His eyes gain a black pupil and his irises become pale yellow. He also retains the bio-boots and fingerless bio-gloves.

Ultimate Evolution God Reborn

Main articles: Ultimate Evolution God Reborn, Ultimate Evolution Reborn, and Deific Assimilation

Dial briefly enter this form as he was powering up through his transformations to reach Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn.

In this form - his bio-armour takes on an Emerald Green colour while his finger and face become red while his eyes become solid red.

Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn

Main articles: Super Ultimate Evolution God Reborn, Super Ultimate Evolution Reborn, and Deific Assimilation

Dial first used this form against Series-1, Series-2, and Dark Devilman.

His gem plates become purple while his irises become golden in colour while his body retains the Emerald green colour. He gains the additional number of gem plates as his other Super Emerald forms. Super Emerald Reborn head reshaped once again as his gains a similar head shape as Janemba while retain his head gem-plate with the very tip of his horns being black instead of emerald green like his other forms.

Majestic Emerald Dial Ascended

Main article: Super Ultimate Evolution 2 Ascended

Dial was able to achieve this form in his battle against Series-1, Series-2, and Dark Devilman.

Dial becomes 5'7" in this form while having defined muscle mass and a defined brow ridge. He loses the shoulder plates as his gem plates on his wrist and legs lengthen while his gem plates from behind "break" off as his bio-armour on his torso reshape to resemble the top half of the elite suit without shoulder-plates. He retains the Emerald green colouration his body while he grows black spikes on his shoulder, wrists, and gains bio-armour around his tail. His head reshape to that of his original horns with one being emerald green and the other black. His gem-plates become silver and his irises become blue while he gains a dark blue pupil in each eye.

Metian Advancement

Main article: Metian Advancement

During his fight with Gamelan - he became surrounded by a tidal wave of lava causing him to given into pure fear and as a result; he transformed into his new form which.

In this state - Dial's mucle mass increases while he gains a black and green aura. He become slightly taller while his eyes temporarily become blank green while not in control, but in control the whites of his eyes become pure teal, and his eyes become blue. He gains a visor over his mouth, and his shoulder pads curve down over his shoulders while the "flaps" of his lower half crumbles away.

Great Terror

During his fight with Future Goten; Future Goten used corrupted ki blast to cause Dial to hallucinates is intense fear and a mild sense of hopelessness causing him to experience an explosion of fear causing him to undergo the Great Terror transformation. He frantically attacks Future Goten, but all his attacks are dodged effortlessly. He bulks up to an eight pack with his arms, and legs bulking up along with his body. His horns become slightly longer, and his eyes become blank green when not in control, and his height changes to 6'12"; becoming shorter instead of taller. He gains bio-armour similar to the Elite Suit, and gains visor of his mouth. He loses nearly all the spots except from the on his torso, head, and wrists.

Fear Accelerate

During his training with the Grand Priest; he was taught to focus on his fear on something by doing so he was able to achieve a new form. His right arm becomes jet-black with glowing red cracks, his right eye gaining a red iris, black pupil, and jet-black sclera. A spike grows out of his elbow, and his power increases. This was known as the corrupted variant due to his paradox, but decided to keep the appearance after the paradox was fixed by Face.

Horrified State

During his fight with Naraku; Dial becomes incredibly horrified by his presence, and underwent a transformation into the Horrified State. While this form; he retains the spikes on his back, but muscle mass decreases. He gains bio-armour similar to Froze, but with his own head shape, and his horns in the first row back longer forming into ridges, and more pronounced. While in control his eye colours become a light red colour.

Fear Accelerated - 3rd Form

While the Horrified State and Great Terror state only slightly alters 3rd Form but barely enough to call it another form; his Fear Accelerated Form does alter it. His right arm becomes completely black with a spike from his elbow, and his bio-armour forms a shoulder pad appearance, and gains a black gem on it.

3rd Form - Horrified State

His bio-armour bulks up becoming a more pronounced version of Froze's armour, and his eyes are a light red. In this form; he consumes more stamina and often is forced to return his normal 3rd form after 3 minutes.


After being exposed to Virus Naraku; Dial was reanimated as a Zombie. He retains the ability to transform, and was able to give New Future Kami and New Future Piccolo a hard time.


Dial obtain this after entering a sense of despair after sensing Cell-X. In this form; his left iris becomes red with his right side becomes black with red veins. His right side horns become longer with the tips on an obtuse angle, and he grows small spikes down his spine. He was able to lightly scratch Grand Priest in this form.

Ultimate F Form

Dial's horns recede, and his head reshapes into similar shape to Frieza's head in his True Form/Final Form. His muscle mass slightly increases, and his eyes gain a pupil and the colour changes to Byzantium purple. One of the spikes on his back recedes while the two remaining spikes grow that curl similar to the Ultimate F suit, he gains a red spot on his back, and gains a guard-like bio-armour over his crotch with line patterns and white colouring with the same white lined pattern on his ankle bio-armour guard with three red spots, two on each side of his lined pattern side, and one underneath. Spikes grow out his wrist bio-armour in shape of a dorsal fin, and purple spot with lines on wrists. Spikes grow out his ankles, and angled upwards. As he transforms; his bio-armour appears even more like the Ultimate F suit, as he gains lined red spots on throat area, and shoulders. The red spot on his chest vanishes, and his stomach area is exposed. He gains shoulder bows, and the shoulder bows gain dorsal fin-like spikes on them. The thigh guards gain red spots them, and his hands grow two spikes out of them. His feet also gain three spikes on his feet respectively, and gains both his hands, and feet turn red. He also gains a fiery aura that crackles with lightning.

Ultimate F Form - Fear Accelerated

While in this form; his right arm is left without any bio-armour and spikes grow out his elbow and shoulders. His aura also flows downwards instead of upwards as if it was pouring into the ground, and red and black lightning streaks.

Sorcerer God State

Following the Ritual; he was able to enter a state similar to the God-like Saiyan, however, he has a purple and pink aura while his facial features become more defined while having a slight muscle mass increase. After obtaining this form; he is shown able to stack his Ultimate F form with his Emerald form.

Ultimate Divine Sorcerer Evolution

Thanks to a specialized ritual preformed by Chronoa; Dial was able to ascend to his new form the Ultimate Divine Sorcerer Evolution or Sorcerer God Dial. His head shape returns to normal (Frieza's Race Head/hair style 2), his muscle mass has slightly decreased, his bio-armour covers his entire body except his face, and the horns on his back recede. He gains shoulder guards, and his armour becomes a bright titanium-like colour. He also has a stylized version of the Time Patrol symbol over his breastplate, and stands at 6'11" in height. He is powerful enough to block Naraku's Dark Scythe, and deflect his Dark Arrows.

God of Sorcery and Terror

While in his Ultimate Divine Sorcerer Evolution form; Dial can synchronize the energy he uses with the Great Terror form to undergo a minor transformation. He gains a titanium-like coloured version of Rezok Meta form, and his head forms in the shape of Frieza Clan Beserker's shape. His irises become an orange colour, and the whites of his eyes become green.

Temporal Duplication Forms

Dial is able to create Temporal Cloned Forms of himself thanks to his unfathomable power in his new forms allowing to asks the Temporal Duplication ability of the Time Pass, and is unaffected by anything done to the duplicates or the time they are taken from.

God of Sorcery and Horror

While in his controlled-Horrified State; Dial can synchronise his energy with his Ultimate Sorcerer God Evolution and vice versa. While in this form; he is capable of matching Naraku's Dark One form in speed, and defence. His titanium-like coloured bio-armour is a combination of Froze and Rezok's bio-armour, and his head shape forms similar to the Berserker's shape, but his back row horns remain black.

Ultimate Sorcerer God Evolution - Fear Accelerated

Aside from his arm transformation and gained spikes with his eye changing; his armour also undergoes changes as it gains several cracks through it, and right side of it is completely uncracked. His height also decreases to 6'2" and his muscle mass slightly decreases. His feet also their armour.

Ultimate Sorcerer God Evolution - Desesperación

Dial is capable of combining his Ultimate Divine Sorcerer Evolution with Desesperación gaining features of both forms, and increase his power even further than before. His height increases to 6'10" and gains a dark green-dark purple aura.

Dios del Miedo
After succumbing to his Diafthoraphobia; Dial undergoes the transformation into Dios del Miedo. In this form the cracks his body become normal veins while becoming black instead of red, his body becomes completely blue, his face becomes petrified with the look of terror, his fingers and toes become needle-like, and both sclera become jet-black. He spikes on his elbow grow longer as he grows more spikes out of his knuckles and his knees. His black horns curve downwards parallel to his neck with the tips point backwards, and his white horns now blue curve resembling Janemba's horn in his Dark Evolution form.

Main article: Dianks

Ditrunks is the EX-Fusion of Dial, and Future Trunks (Xeno). He is incredibly powerful, and is capable of going toe-to-toe with Cell-X.

Dicell Jr.
Dicell Jr. is an EX-Fusion between Dial, and a revived Cell Jr. He fused into this to test the abilities of the Metamo-Ring, and was successful fusion. He was able to fight toe-to-toe against base form Psidabura, Naraka, and Mr. Poko Poko.



According to Chronoa - as a result of Dial's training under Future Trunks prior to his first mission - his 1st Form's true power level was 119'999'945 which was few power levels shy of Frieza's 100% Final form which according to the canon wiki and Daizenshuu #7 was 120'000'000, however, after accidentally eating a fruit from the Tree of Might - Dial's power level jumped to 125'000'000.

Thanks to his training under Vegeta - Dial's power was able to rival Super Perfect Cell's power in his First Form. After some further image training - Dial was able to improve his power further to point that he even surpassed Super Perfect Cell according to Future Trunks and claimed that Dial doesn't need to enter the 100% Full Power state Frieza once used.

Pre-revamped Story[]

At start of his creation he was already as powerful as Xeno Trunks, but by the time of his training with Good Buu he was much stronger. He wore weighted clothing that weighed 100'000 Imperial Tons, and with the addition of 10'000 G which he speculated to increase it to 1'000'000'000 imperial tons, and was able with extreme effort do 20'000 push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, headstands, and handstand pushups. By the time he was finish training he was able to lift 1'000'000'000 Imperial tons. After he trained with Beerus he was able to run while wearing 20'000'000'000 Imperial tons under 100'000 Gs.

After his training with Beerus - his powers were comparable to Frieza's power during the Tournament of Power, and afterwards improved so much that by the time he was ready to train with the Grand Priest, his powers dwarfed the combined power of Team Universe 7. Following his training with the Grand Priest, he now stands as one of the most powerful beings in Universe 7 and even dwarfs Jiren's strength.

List of Characters killed by Dial[]

  • Amond - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Cacao - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Daiz - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Rasin - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Lakasei - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Commander Zeeun - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Angila - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Wings - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Kakuja - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Gyoshu - Killed after he arrived in the Time Rift that Dial was using to train.
  • Saibaman - Killed several. History Restored to original
  • Guldo - Accidentally killed instead of Vegeta with an energy blast. This kill was undone by Supreme Kai of Time after she returns to the timeline to normal
  • Captain Ginyu - Killed him in his Frog Body, but after the timeline returned to normal this kill was undone.
  • King Vegeta and Bardock (Parallel Quests) - Destroyed them both along with their entire planet with Supernova, this was a Parallel Quests, and as such this didn't chronologically happen or effect time. Nor did this taint his heart.
  • Saiyans (Parallel Quests) - as above he destroyed them during Parallel quest.
  • Present Cell - Destroyed him with a Supernova. History restored to original
  • Frieza - Destroyed him with a Supernova; along with Cell, and Kid Buu
  • Cell - Destroyed him with a Supernova; along with Frieza, and Kid Buu
  • Kid Buu - Destroyed him with a Supernova; along with Frieza, and Cell
  • Demigra - Killed by him, and Goku with Final Kamehameha.
  • King Piccolo - Killed him in a distorted timeline with Final Kamehameha. History restored to original - death erased.
  • Numerous Red Pants and Dark Namekian Forces - Killed during the Liberation of Universe 1
  • Cell-X - Killed his younger self by hurling him into the sun
  • Rola & Chilada - Reluctantly killed to destroy the formula required to break the barrier around the Demon Realm with a Buster Cannon.

Indirect Kills or Assists[]

  • Kami - As a result of King Piccolo's death - Kami was also killed. History restored to original - death erased.
  • Naraku - Pushes Naraku into a pit Lava that was enhanced in order to destroy gods by Anat; making Anat the indirect hero.


Dragon Ball Advanced[]

  • Dial (1st Form), Goku, and Piccolo vs. Raditz (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Turles & Slug
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs. Amond, Cacao, Daiz, Rasin, Lakasei, Commander Zeeun, Angila, Wings, Medamatcha, Kakuja, and Gyoshu
  • Dial (1st Form), Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin vs. Saibaman (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Gohan vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Nappa (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Vegeta (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Goku, Gohan, and Krillin vs. Vegeta (Villainous Mode 1 Great Ape/Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Vegeta (Training)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Vegeta (Training) vs. 20 Saibamen (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), Raditz (Parallel Quest), and Nappa (Parallel Quest) vs. Piccolo (Parallel Quest), and Goku (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Great Ape Vegeta (Training, Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan vs. Ginyu Force
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Ginyu, Jeice, and Burter
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), and Goku vs. Ginyu (Dial Body), and Jeice
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), Krillin, and Gohan vs. Guldo, and Frieza Force
  • Dial (Ginyu Body), and Goku vs. Captain Ginyu (Dial Body), Jeice, and Burter
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Ginyu Body) vs. Captain Ginyu (Goku Body)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Captain Ginyu (Frog Body Mega)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Miira (Base)
  • Dial (1st Form), Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin vs. Frieza (1st Form/True Form; Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (2nd Form), and Piccolo vs. Frieza (True Form Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (2nd Form/1st Form), and Goku vs. Frieza (True Form Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frieza (True Form 100% Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Frieza (1st Form, Training)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. King Vegeta (Parallel Quest), and Bardock (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Frieza (1st Form, Training), vs. Vegeta (Parallel Quest), Piccolo (Parallel Quest), and Gohan (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Frieza (True Form, Training)
  • Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Full Power) vs. Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Mr. Satan (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan Full Power/Super Saiyan 2), and Dial (2nd Form) vs. Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (True Form), and Xeno Trunks vs. Miira (Base/Runaway)
  • Dial (True Form), vs. Future Android 17 (Villainous Mode 1), and Future Android 18 (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Future Android 17 (Villainous Mode 1), and Future Android 18 (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Future Cell (Perfect Form), and Present Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Dial (1st Form), vs. Cell (Perfect Form, Training)
  • Gohan (Unleashed Potential) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Majin Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), Majin Buu, and Mr. Satan vs. Bee (Villainous Mode 1, Giant)
  • Dial (1st Form/True Form) vs. Miira (Runaway/Super Miira)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Piccolo (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form), and Gohan (Unleashed Potential) vs. Super Buu (w/Gotenks, and Piccolo absorbed; Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (True Form/Super Evolution), and Vegito (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Super Buu (w/Gohan absorbed)
  • Dial (True Form), and Gogeta (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Super Buu (Villainous Mode 1; Giant)
  • Dial (True Form), Goku, and Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (Super Evolution), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Kid Buu (Villainous Mode 1)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Majin Buu (Training, Parallel Quest) vs. Evil Buu (Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form), vs. Majin Buu (Training)
  • Dial (True Form/Ultimate Evolution) vs. Super Buu (w/Vegito Absorbed, Parallel Quest)
  • Dial (Ultimate Evolution), and Goku (Super Saiyan God) vs. Beerus
  • Dial (Super Evolution), and Beerus vs. Demigra
  • Dial (Ultimate Evolution), and Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Beerus, and Whis
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. 30 Saibaman (Villainous Mode 2), and 30 Cell Jr. (Villainous Mode 2)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Frieza (Villainous Form 2, True Form 100%), Cell (Villainous Form 2, Super Perfect Cell), and Kid Buu (Villainous Form 2)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Bee (Villainous Form 2)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Goku vs. Vegeta (Villainous Form 2, Super Saiyan 2), Gotenks (Villainous Form 2, Super Saiyan 3), and Gohan (Villainous Form 2, Unleash Potential)
  • Dial (Emerald Super Dial/Reborn Dial) vs. Demon God Demigra
  • Dial (Reborn Dial), and Supreme Kai of Time vs. Demon God Demigra
  • Dial (Reborn Dial) vs. Demon God Demigra
  • Dial (Reborn Dial) vs. Future Trunks (Villainous Form 2, Super Saiyan 2), and Demon God Demigra
  • Dial (Reborn Dial), and Goku vs. Demon God Demigra
  • Dial (Reborn Dial/Emerald Reborn Dial), and Goku (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Demon God Demigra (Giant Demon God)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. King Piccolo (Towa's Dark Magic/Supervillain)
  • Dial (True Form) vs. Commander Red (Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket) & Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket (Towa's Dark Magic)

  • Dial (1st Form), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Whis (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Bardock (Super Saiyan) vs. Chilled (True Form) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Miira (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Ego (1st Form) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Vados (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form/God Form) vs. Bardock (Masked; Base, Super Saiyan) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form), and Bardock (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Miira (Super Form), and Dabura (Demonic Will) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Towa (Darkness form) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs Haru Haru, and Shun Shun (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form/2nd Form) vs. Shun Haru (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (God Form/God True Form/Ultimate F Form) vs. Chilled (Ultimate Evolution/Augmented Golden Chilled), and Shun Haru (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (Ultimate F form/Ultimate Evolution-Ultimate F Form), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan), and Bardock (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) vs. Chilled (Augmented Golden Chilled) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Octopapa (Giant) (pre-revamp)
  • Dial (1st Form) vs. Bongo (pre-revamp)

Possible voice actors[]

If Dragon Ball Advanced were to become a real anime show these are the voices I'd like for him to have.

  • Japanese: Shinichiro Miki
  • English Dubs: Greg Abbey



  • Dial has defeated/killed all three previous main villains of Dragon Ball Z.
    • He has also killed two incarnations of Cell.
  • He is the first Stick Figure to ever be created, and brought to life.
  • He trained with all four previous main villains of Dragon Ball Z
    • Vegeta, and Good Buu are the only ones to become heroes.
  • He is the only member of Frieza's Race not to have name pun of something cold related.
  • Dial is biologically the youngest character in my continuity as one doesn't age in Conton City/Tokitoki City, and his time pass prevents him from aging foreign timelines. He's currently chronological 14 years, but he remains at the biological age of 0.