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Dial's Metian Advancement is the 152nd chapter of Dragon Ball Advanced.


Dial proceeded to burst through the level before proceeding to punch Gamelan in the gut as Pend opened one of his eyes to watch the battle with Bardock, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Demigra. Dial proceeded to launch Hyper Galick Gun at Gamelan which he was able to dodge the attack with Dial following up with Electric Supernova only for it to be knocked into space. Dial was able to regain control quicker than Pend and was surprised by his new power as he proceeded to go on the offensive against Gamelan.

Tercenia and Dae Vampire commented that Dial had a better chance than Pend due to his battle experiences and state of power. Tercenia asked if they should help, but Dae told her that if Gamelan were to fall - then it would make it easier to take control of the remaining forces especially if they believe that they've remained loyal to him.

Dial was kicked into an underground cave as he emerged his was in the Majestic Emerald Ascended state before transforming further into Majestic Emerald Metian Advancement combining his new forms to cover allowing him to deliver a thunderous punch to Gamelan which sent him flying into the ground and managed to deal some serious damage. Dial proceeded to launch Super Emerald Galick Gun at Gamelan which proceeded to engulf him completely and left the deep battle scar in the area around hima s Dial proceeded to enter into an exchange of punches and kicks with Gamelan. Gamelan and Dial punched each other in the face followed up with a series of punches to each others stomaches before proceeding to blast each other ki. Dial proceeded to use Galick Beam Barrage with Gamelan deflecting each blast followed up with an uppercut to Dial's jaw before proceeding to punch him in the face. Dial was noticed that he had more power than Gamelan and was forcing the Dark Namekian to use his full stabilised power.

Gamelan was knocked into the ground by Dial and proceeded to scowl that he was getting overpowered. Gamelan stated that he couldn't believe that he was getting beaten by him when it took the Konatsian to make a wish to get themselves to level to challenge him. Dial proceeded to use Emerald Super Nova against Gamelan to which he was able to dodge causing it to go into space and explode. Dial and Gamelan collide on the ground as their struggle began to cause the ground beneath them to deform. Dial proceeded to drop down on his back as he proceeded to kick Gamelan in the chest with both feet before flipping back onto his feet and firing Vanishing Beam at him causing a massive explosion as Dial proceeded to charge Vanishing Ball. Gamelan emerged from the smoke and noticed the large energy sphere and asked Dial if he intended to take the planet with them with an attack like as Dial told him that he should not underestimate him.

Gamelan was beginning to worry about his predicament when he decided that it was time to stop with half measures and removed his pauldron as he began powering up much to the confusion of Dial. Gamelan's eyes turned red as his take on became a Red-eyed Namekian and proceeded to unleash his full power before firing ki blast straight through Dial's energy sphere and blasted him in the chest sending him crashing into the ground. Vegeta told Dial to be on his guard as Gamelan's power was even higher than it was before. Dial proceeded to knee Gamelan in the gut, but Gamelan was able to recover relatively quickly before proceeding to punch him in the gut before kicking him across the ground.

Elsewhere - Piccolo was helping Z Broly understand fusion and managed to get him to lower his base-level power enough to equal Goku's before getting them to do the fusion technique. However, Broly didn't match his fingers with Goku causing them to become Fat Goroly with them trying again, however, Broly extended his fingers at the wrong time and thus becoming Skinny Goroly.

Gamelan proceeded to punch Dial in the gut before kicking him into a mountain in which Dial reverts to his true form. Gamelan proceeded to deliver a powerful kick to gut which destroyed the mountain and sent Dial further into it, however, as Gamelan was getting ready for a finishing blow with his Explosive Demon Wave - he was suddenly launch into the ground with such a powerful kick that it caused a shockwave to knock almost everyone off their feet.

Dial opened his eyes and saw that a warrior calling himself Goroly was looking at him. Goroly proceeded to transform into Super Saiyan C-type as he told Gamelan to come at him.



  • Universe 1
    • Universe 16's Konats


  • Dial (Metian Advancement/Majestic Emerald Metian Advancement Dial) vs. Gamelan (Super Namekian (Second Fusion)/Red-eyed Namekian)