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"Are you drunk on the sweet wine of victory, boy?"
Diadan Cometh

Diadan is the current leader of the Kill Squad. He is the strongest member and has only been defeated once.


Diadan looks very similarly to a human skeleton, however, the spaces between the bones are covered by a black-skin-like substance, and he has eyes that are completely red. He wears no clothes to speak of, save for two brown wristbands.


Diadan is suprisngly arrogant, but has the power to back it up. He takes pride in mocking his opponents, especially if he has defeated them. He also has the bad habit of referring to the rest of the Kill Squad as his "slaves", which greatly irritates them.


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  • Flaming Barrage- A million tounges of flame appear above the target.
  • Nova Storm- A circle of flame surrounds the target, then explodes.
  • Arcane Smoke- Diadan is concealed in a large cloud of smoke.


  • He is inspired by a nightmare Zeon1 had as a child.