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Dhennon Xi

Dhennon Xi
Featured in To Kill a God-Emperor
Pronunciation den-uhn zahy
Adjective Dhennonian
Parent star type F-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 733.5 d
Satellites 2
Satellite names Tzali, Yu Xhexinao
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 4829.6 km
Polar radius 4813.5 km
Surface area 22.8% land
Mass 1.81653×1025 kg
3.04 M
Equatorial surface gravity 51.9771 m/s2
5.3 g
Axial tilt 62.39°
Surface temperature
Minimum -136.8°
Mean 21.6°
Maximum 94.8°
Composition 68.33% nitrogen (N2)
30.28% oxygen (O2)
0.74% water vapor
0.54% argon
0.11% trace elements
Sentient Species Corvos League members
Sentient species 1 population 2282
Number of major cities 1
Technology level Tier 2

Dhennon Xi is a Corvos League-controlled world.


Dhennon Xi was an isolated world in the far west of the universe. It was treated as a summer retreat world for the current God-Emperor of the Corvos League. As such, the planet had only the one mansion (outrageously expansive though it was), and enough staff and guards to comfortably keep the God-Emperor safe. The rest of the planet had remained undeveloped for many thousands of years, ever since the first God-Emperor claimed this planet for his own in the lost aeons of time.

In Age 744, Dekiru, an exiled Kai from Universe 9, and his assassin-in-training, Linessi, were granted an audience with the God-Emperor Takkyi-eil, and seven of the twelve members of the Elder Circle. Linessi was meant to fight the God-Emperor's champion in an exhibition match (which she did), but her primary mission was to assassinate Takkyi-eil himself. She did so during her exhibition fight, using a technique called Purging Light to catch the God-Emperor and his Elder Circle off-guard. Her attacks devastated much of the God-Emperor's personal gardens, and even vaporized his waterfall.

Afterwards, all of the God-Emperor's guards were killed (though most of his servants survived), his transport cube destroyed, and Tuhanlahir, the Wind of Krakatan was stolen by Linessi.

Notable facts[]

  • Dekiru was killed on this planet.
  • This planet had been continually used and maintained by the Corvos League for tens of thousands of years, spanning many thousands of God-Emperors and eras.
  • This planet is the location the Corvos League uses for negotiations with enemies and allies alike.


  • Dhennon Xi's population:
    • At height: 2282.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Dhennon Xi is still around.

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