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After a year of gathering, the satanic Cultists gather around in their pitch black robes as the leader, adorned in a red robe, chants the sacred prayer in order to summon the great dragon Shenron. Echoing from a bright light, the godlike dragon emerged.

"Make your wish!" Shenron spoke.

"I, Beelzebub, a servant of the great demon lord, call out to you." "We must ressurect our great leader in our battle against God, we wish for you ressurect Demon Lord Dante!"

Meanwhile, as the cultists make their wish, a celebration was made at Bulma's house. It was Gohan's fifteenth birthday and among the participants was a boy, and a fellow classmate, named Ryo Utsugi.

Ryo was a mainly average looking human, nothing out of the ordinary besides the apparent sideburns which he should not have yet in his current age. He had black hair and reddish brown eyes with a gaze of a man in his late twenties.

As Ryo and the others enjoyed the annual party, the ground shook riggidly. The sky darkened with rising thunderstorms bristling about as lightning struck bit by bit. Some of the buildings collapsed as they crumbled and turned into falling debris crashing down. All this happened while Ryo himself recieved a massive burst of images coursing through his mind, like a tsunami of memories that he should not have, overloading the space of which his human mind could manage.

Falling to the ground, Ryo became stiff and unconscious but what cought Gohan and Z-Warrior's attention was how his body was just then struck by a large purple lightning bolt. His body was unharmed but his inner ki, suddenly awakening, was glowing bright purple. None knew what this meant but it was only the beginning for the future that was to come.

Chapter 1: RevelationsEdit

​To be continued...

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