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Devil State
Debut Has The End Arrived?
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Users Demigra
Class Transformation
Similar techniques God Unleashed
Devil State is the most powerful form a Demon God can achieve. It can be attained naturally after gaining a certain level of power or through draining massive amounts of divine energy from other entities.



Devil State appears identical to a Demon God's natural appearance, only differentiated by a black and purple energy aura if the user does not already have such an aura.

Power and UsageEdit

Demigra's power in this form rose from a God ki of 250 to 500 immediately after he attained the state. After adapting to Zamasu's spirit fully, his God ki rose to 1,000 and steadily increased to an unknown degree afterward.

Despite being somewhat stronger than Super Mystic Saiyan God Kaego, he was instantly defeated when the fusion used Kaio-ken at a 20 times multiplier.


Absorption Dependent - For Demigra at least, he needed to absorb the sealed spirit of Future Zamasu to acquire this power up.

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