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The Destruction Saga is the first out of five sagas in the fan-fic, King Vegeta: Death and Revenge. This saga is about King Vegeta's attempt to stop Frieza and reclaim the throne, only to be killed along with all the saiyans of Planet Vegeta. This is probably the shortest saga of this series.


Chapter 1. Death of the King[]

<Story starts just outside of Planet Vegeta, with a transport pod leaving the atmosphere. It is heading toward Frieza's capitol ship, as the ship was looming over the planet for some time now. Inside the pod are King Vegeta, ruler of the Saiyan race and the planet, and two other of his soldiers.>

King Vegeta-(Disgusted and terrified) F... Frieza. How.. How dare you?! I am the King of the most powerful race in the universe, the Saiyans! How dare you threaten my planet? My life? (Long pause from him) My son... I will defeat you, and reclaim my throne. I don't care if your power level is 530,000!!!

Soldier 1- Sir, we should arrive in Lord Frieza's ship in about three minutes.

King Vegeta-(Still scared) Good. Once we get there, we will show Frieza that the Saiyans are not no be screwed around with.

<The pod approached the ship and entered the docking bay. The bay was unusually empty, except for two guards at the door at the end of the corridor. The small pod slowly and gently descended until it came to the floor. The hatch opened, and out came Vegeta and the two other soldiers, paying no attention to the guards. When they got to the door, one of the guards stops them.>

Guard- Halt! King Vegeta, i am sorry, but you simply do not have clearance to continue.

King Vegeta-(Smirking) Clearance? I don't have clearance? I am going to give you one chance to move out of my way, unless you want to suffer the consequences.

Guard-(Over confident) Oh yeah? What consequences?

<King Vegeta brought up both of his hands, and aimed them at the guards. Before the guards could react to anything, the king shot two large ki blasts at the guards, incinerating them. Where the guards were standing, only stood ash. The king let go a great laugh, then went to his regular serious face.>

King Vegeta-(Gesturing to his soldiers) C'mon. We have got to stop Frieza.

<The king and his soldiers stepped through the door and rushed down the hall, speeding past guards and rooms. They finally reached the end of the hall, a big door in there way. The king and the soldiers stepped in to see Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria looking out of the grand window.>

King Vegeta-(Scared) FRIEZA!!

Frieza-(Turns around) Vegeta, how nice of you to join us.

King Vegeta-(Terrified) Frieza, you think you can just toy with us Saiyans. You think that just because you have an un-godly power level, you can push us around. Well, that changes today.

Frieza-(Smirking) Vegeta, you really should watch your attitude. I do not accept insubordinate soldiers who think they have the right to rebel. You should watch yourself.

King Vegeta-(Terrified and angry) I WILL RECLAIM THE THRONE!!

<The king lunged at Frieza in a flurry of rage and anger in an attempt to sock him. Vegeta brought up his hand and sent it flying at Frieza's face. He easily dodged it, sending the king in shock. In a flash, Frieza's fist slammed into the kings face, killing him instantly. Vegeta was sent flying backward and landed on the floor, the amulet landing at Frieza's feet. King Vegeta's soldiers stood there in shock.>

Frieza-(Happy) HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Oh Vegeta, why did you have to be so uncooperative? If you behaved better, I might have just spared your pathetic planet. Well, you were right about the Saiyans no longer having to be "pushed around" by me, because tonight Planet Vegeta goes KA-BOOM. (Gesturing to Zarbon) Slaughter them. No mercy.

Zarbon-(Excited for some action) Gladly my lord.

<Almost like instant transmission, Zarbon moved fast enough to make it seem like he teleported. He appeared in front of the first soldier and punched a hole in his stomach, sending the fist through the torso, sticking out of the soldier's back. Blood poured every where, on the floor, on Zarbon's arm, in the crater in the soldier's stomach. Zarbon pulled his hand out and the dead corpse fell to the floor, landing in the miniature blood pond. He turned to face the second soldier and, similar to the move he did to the first soldier, except he brought his hand to the soldier's face, and shot an electrifying ki blast, blowing off his head. Blood spurt on Zarbon's armor, adding more blood to the pond.>

Chapter 2. Planet Destruction[]

<The setting changes to the scene where Bardock and Frieza meet in space for a final confrontation, moments before Planet Vegeta's destruction.>

Bardock-(To Frieza) Well here! HAVE IT!!

<Frieza already had his Supernova growing, so when Bardock shot his energy wave, the Supernova merely absorbed it, making it grow larger.>

Bardock-(Shocked) What?!

<Frieza continued the Supernova until it grew to the size of a small moon.> Frieza pointed his finger at Planet Vegeta, and the Supernova followed. All of the soldiers in space, including Bardock were swallowed up, and destroyed by the mass energy. The Supernova hit the surface, instantly killing millions of Saiyans. The massive energy ball continued, until it cut to the core. In a matter of seconds, Planet Vegeta's crust crumbled, and exploded in a huge ball of fire.>

Frieza-(Smirking) Hmph.

End of Destruction Saga...