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The Desesperación (絶望; Zetsubō; Spanish for "To Despair") form is the third form achieved by experiencing complete despair.



The body undergoes another metamorphosis that is causes great pain, and discomfort. The blood thickens around the dominate arm, and spreads to same side of the body. The veins become more visible, and they fingers become needle like. Spikes grow out of the uses spine, and the eye opposite to their dominate side becomes red. Their hair spikes up again, and their aura becomes larger.


Desesperación increases the users' speed much greater than that of the Horrified State, and increases their strength, defences, and basic power by 940'000 times times than that of the Horrified State; making the users' power significantly greater than that of a Super Saiyan Rage (Super Saiyan 3 if their power level were to be similar to Buu Saga Krillin's). The user's regular ki turns black and green.



Desear (望む; Nozomu. spanish for; to desire or to wish) is an upgraded version of this state used by Bella due to her Angel and Frieza Race DNA and is rare mutation of the state. This gives her power equal to a Super Saiyan Blue and is a couple feature from each of her species.