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Deranged Forever is an online fan fiction about Karaso, a 17 year old full blooded Saiyan, her brother, Calagru and a mysterious, innocent Sigarou Tasani. The teens struggle through friendship, growing up and villains.


This article, Deranged Forever, contains spoilers.

Marijui Saga[]

Marijui. He is a madman that has escaped confinement. He murders countless Rodgians, and a Saiyan family. However, in this massacre, three odd teenagers arise to seek vengeance for all killed. Calagru and Karaso are Saiyan elite twins. However, Sigarou is a slave class Rodgian with a twisted side, Tasani. Marijui and the trio meet, and they battle. Calagru, however, is heavily injured, causing his sister to reach Super Saiyan for the first time ever. She murders Marijui, and along with Sigarou, wander the remnants of Rodga.

Tasani Saga[]

The Sequel[]

Lost in the World


The Story of Sigarou- Rated M; not shown in theaters.

Deranged Forever; Live Action- Rated PG-13: generally given a low rank by fans.