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Deno (でんお Deno) is a corrupt Policeman that operates for Universe 13's version of the Galactic Patrol. His name is a pun of Oden. Deno is the main antagonist of the Universal Field Trip Saga.

Creation and concept[edit | edit source]

The basis of Deno is based on the Dirty Cop trope.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Deno is an immoral and remorseless individual. He attempts enforce non-existent laws and regulation especially on unaffiliated planets. Additionally, Deno believes that no planet's law enforcement organisation has power over what the Galactic Bureau of Investigation can or can't do nor expects compliance regardless. He has no qualms in killing criminals and has no regard for civilian life as he willing levelled a city to stop a bunch of Namchekian bank robbers.

However, this seems to be somewhat of masquerade, as he his affronting as a corrupt cop to destroy the image and reputation of the Galactic Bureau of Investigations. He bares no remorse for the part he played in the deaths of 30 GBI officers and the subsequent psychological damages to survivors including Somi. He attempted to get the Lablaswear to bribe in order to stay on Coculot, however, after a brief fight - he left despite threatening to arrest them for trespassing on a forbidden planet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Deno is a tall, muscular body with reddish-orange skin, blue eyes with black pupils, and white-golden hair with a pair of white-golden horns in either side of his head. He wears a dark blue top with long sleeves, dark blue pants, dark policeman-like boots, and a light blue vest over his upper uniform. He possesses a utility belt which holsters his hand-cuffs, ray gun, and his baton.

When not in his Galactic Bureau of Investigation uniform; Deno wears silk boxers with alien-looking penguins on it along with necklace with a red orb-shaped gemstone it, a silver ring with two diagonal black stripes on it - on his right third finger, a spiked silver ring on his right index finger, and a white-gold ring on his right middle finger.

As child - Deno wore baggy shorts, a loose t-shirt, and sandals.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

When Deno was a child; he rescued his childhood crush Ketsunem during a raid by the Galactic Bureau of Investigation on Sun Harvesting Crew. Ketsunem's father; Menra had started an operation to harvest suns from other solar systems and as well as harvesting the remnants of suns that went supernova which by GBI code - is illegal. Deno asked Menra if he could take Ketsunem somewhere safe and Menra agreed.

A few years later while stranded on a moon to its intense gravity well; an electromagnetic storm struck the moon. Deno used a sun harvesting vial given to him by Menra to contain the electromagnetism but also accidentally absorbed the gravity from the moon as well causing the nearby planet to lose its gravitational anchor. Somi arrived on the moon a few minutes after and found Ketsunem on the moon. He killed Ketsunem after he saw a sun vial next to her after mistaking her toothbrush for a weapon which unbeknownst to him was witnessed by Deno.

Deno soon joined the Galactic Bureau of Investigation in the hopes to implement his revenge by making the GBI look bad. After Somi became the Director of the Bureau; Deno doubled down on his corruption.

Dragon Ball Advanced[edit | edit source]

Universal Field Trip Saga[edit | edit source]

Main article: Universal Field Trip Saga

A few years before the start of the Universal Field Trip Saga; Universe 13 was restored after Android 17's wish to restore the erased universe, and the subsequent banning of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation from operating on certain planets led to Deno's descending further into becoming a corrupt agent as he began ignoring the ban while enforcing non-existent laws and regulations.

During Namchekian's Robbery Crisis - Deno illegally entered the planet and inserted himself as an authority figure to quell the a robbery but he was ordered to disengaged by Namchekian police prompting him to battle with them and the robbers before using Magnetic Pressure Assault resulting in the destruction of the city and death of many officers, the robbers, and local civilian population. The Namchekian Police captain confronted Deno, but the magnetised crater resulted in the captain being disarmed.

Deno quickly left the planet soon after but was ordered to return to his post after attempting to get permission to intervene with the planet's robbery problem.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Deno is an S-Ranked Fighter.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Magneto-Graviton Manipulation - Deno is able to manipulate magnetic forces in conjunction with Gravitational forces.
    • Magnetic Pressure Assault - An compressed with of Gravitational energy infused with magnetised energy capable of crushing an entire city within minutes and leaving the resulting crater magnetised.
    • Electromagnetic Manipulation - Deno is also capable of utilising electromagnetism
      • Magnetisation - Deno is capable of magnetising a person, object, liquids, gas, and even plasmas as well as ki attack.
        • Magnetic Barrier Shield - Deno is able to repel objects he magnetise using a frontal shield/ward.
    • Gravity Manipulation - Deno is also capable of manipulating gravity.
    • Baton Coil Strike - Deno using his Gravity abilities to make his police baton float in front of him as he charges an electromagnetic current through his body. Deno proceeds to touch the positive side of his baton with his index finger and a fine beam is projected as the baton is propelled forward.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Ray Gun - A standard issue firearm for the Police unit that Deno works for.
  • Baton - A standard issue melee weapon for the police unit that Deno Works for.

Battles[edit | edit source]

  • Deno vs. Namchekian Police vs. Namchekian Bank Robbers
  • Deno vs. Ironflakes & Splint
  • Deno vs. Shinen

Kills[edit | edit source]

  • Namchekian Police - Killed when he used Magnetic Pressure Attack during his attempt to apprehend the Bank robbers.
  • Namchekian Bank Robbers - Killed when he used Magnetic Pressure Attack during his attempt to apprehend the Bank robbers.
  • Namchekian City civilians - Killed when he used Magnetic Pressure Attack during his attempt to apprehend the Bank robbers.
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