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Dennish is schoolmate and best friend of Tekka. Later he became husband of Bulla, and father of Nami.

Alternate versions:Edit

After Super: Over 10 years later after end of Tournament of Power, Dennish start to training in Tien's New Crane School. Dennish met Tekka when he was fighting with robbers, and they became friends. He met Bulla when he came Capsule Corporation for summer job, and later they start dating. Dennish even was part of peoples who planning Metamo-Ring.

After GT: This version is almost same as after Super, but in this version is after defeat of Omega Shenron.


Dennish has a pure-hearted personality that is so pure that he is easily fooled. However, he is willing to help people out if they are in need. He and Tekka has good relationship between friends. When Tekka is in trouble, Dennish is always there for helping. He's also a really loyal to his family and friends, and he even sacrifice his lives to their due.

When he met Bulla, he wasn't really interested at her at first, but when she saw Bulla's fighting skills, he though Bulla is really neat girl.


  • Ki Blast: Dennish learned how to control his Ki after to Tien start to training him.
  • Flight: Dennish learned this technique, when he began training out with Tien.
  • Dodon Ray: Dennish learns this move from Tien.
  • Tri-Beam: Dennish learns this move from Tien.
  • Kamehameha: Dennish learned that technique when he training with Tekka

Forms and transformations:Edit

Super Human: Super Human is almost like Super Saiyan, powers grow tenfold, the speed rise and the muscles grow. But hair turn silver-blue and blue aura appears around the character. Dennish learn this form when he was training with Wukong.

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