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Demon Realm Royal Family

Before Age 8672




Demon Realm


Dabura (†)

Main Members:

Dabura (†)
Towa (†)




The Demon Realm Royal Family is the family of demons who rule the Demon Realm through the bloodline of Dabura. They have ruled the Demon Realm for almost nine thousand years. After Dabura was abducted by Babidi, Aekyarian, Tyren, and Towa all made various attempts to become the new ruler of the Demon Realm. However, none were successful. Beelzebub is the current King of the Demon Realm.


In Age 377, Beelzebub took his first vacation on Earth. He met Korin during his trip.

In Age 653, Aekyarian and Tyren attempted to usurp the throne from Beelzebub. While they managed to kill many of his guards, including Grinzal and Tanbal, they were thwarted when Jiugin stepped in and banished them into the future and out of the Demon Realm.

In Age 776, Towa sent Beelzebub to Earth in order to give herself time to take over the Demon Realm. The demons loyal to Dabura's family began revolting against her, causing much bloodshed. Lilith was imprisoned by Towa as well. When the prince returned before she expected him to, she revealed her plot to him and attempted to kill him. The boy used one of her own devices to teleport the woman to Earth. Days later, under Beelzebub's order, Ledas fought and executed Towa, bringing her rebellion to an end.

Known members[]

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