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The Demon Invasion Arc is the first arc that Dragon Ball Z Chronicles starts off with. The Z fighters are in the middle of a battle against a race of beings later revealed to be demons. This arc contains sporadic humor and leads to the introduction of new characters and old returning ones. The prologue itself is divided into three parts ranging 11 pages each and detailing what the Z fighters are doing and how each of them are dealing with the situation they were placed in. It takes place one year after the Cell Games.

Prologue One: Tien, Yamcha and Krillin[]

The story starts off with Tien and Yamcha flying over South East City in search of Krillin. As they ponder what's been going on, the entire area suddenly shakes and a hooded being emerges from the ground, landing right in front of the duo and quickly proceeds to threaten them. Just as Tien questions the being, it reveals a severely injured Krillin who he then tosses at them. The being powers up in an attempt to kill the warriors but Krillin, despite being in his delusional state, fires a Kienzan that heads for the being. However hilarity quickly ensues as three Kienzan suddenly appear behind the being, severing his torso and right arm in the progress. As Tien and Yamcha look on in confusion, Krillin explains that he had fired the other three earlier while the one he just summoned was a distraction. As the being starts dying from his injuries, he reveals that he along with the other invaders are demons who are trying to take back planet Earth. It's shown that Vegeta had gone to train in space two days prior and is therefore absent from this arc. Before he gives them any answers, the demon suddenly bursts into flames and quickly desintegrates into ashes that later vanish. As the trio plot on what to do next, Krillin suddenly falls unconscious from his wounds as they were inflicted by a demon. Tien and Yamcha resort to have him taken to the Lookout to heal but before they get the chance, they are suddenly attacked and crash into a wall. The prologue ends with Yamcha saying, "Well this f****ing sucks!"

Prologue Two: Gohan, Piccolo and Goku[]

Prologue Three: Chaozu and Future Trunks[]


  • It takes place one year after the Cell Games.
  • The entire arc takes place at night.
  • Goku, Gohan and the other present Saiyan characters are unable to go Super Saiyan or use most of their powers (such as flight).