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"My name is Demigra, True Lord of Time! Face me and Perish!" - Demigra when he beat Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, and now facing off against Ariko and Beerus

Lord Demigra

Demigra full

Demon Lord
Unknown due to Time Manipulation
Power level:
??? (God Ki)
Character Type:

Lord Demigra of the Genesis Timeline, he is of course the True Lord of the Demon Realm when Dabura died. His true goals are to rule over all of Space and Time, Destroy all Gods of Destruction and become the true God of Destruction and eventually overthrow Zeno as the true ruler of All.

He is one of the more powerful Characters in Dragon Ball Genesis, but is still lesser Ariko, Grand Priest, and Zeno's Guards.





His power is great, as in normal form he had power capable of equalling Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and surpass Gogeta, and in his Dragon form is cartoonishly Superior to Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. However, that's where most of his power ends against the more powerful characters as he is still lesser to Lord Beerus himself, whom of which is capable of casually destroying 4 Universes in an instant. Demigra himself is stated to be at least capable of destroying two universes with Some effort in an instant as Gogeta does.

He only gets more powerful, as after absorbing the Deathly Wish Balls, he gained the power of Death himself. With this, he is on the level with Lord Beerus and is capable of basically casually destroy 4 universes instantly and absolutely TOY with Super Saiyan Blue Vegito Kaioken x100. It is due to this that it's obvious God Ki does not run on traditional ranking systems as using human logic, Kaiokenx100 Super Saiyan Blue Vegito should stomp even Whis. In his Dragon Form with this upgrade, he is slightly superior to Beerus but still no match for Whis, then able to contend with Super Saiyan Blue Ariko for awhile while both were fighting at 100% (He still lost). He eventually grows in power even more after he adapted to the form and was superior to even Whis at that point. However later on, This form gets outdated as Super Saiyan Blue Infinity States is heavily superior to Dragon Form, Death Boosted Demigra.

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