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Decaun Equino

Luminous regular

Decaun Equino in his regular form/Light form

He is one of the leading researchers in the Mage council of Eccanterlight, which aims to learn all about Mana, Light, and Darkness. During the first discovery of Mana, they realized that its properties can be affected by the hearts of the Mana wielder, and from then on, research was dedicated to the subject.

At first, it seemed remarkably simple. They worked on the simple theory of Tai Chi, where one is the opposite of the other, the antithesis which couldn’t coexist. However, a leader, named Grendel Bell, discovered that there was a correlation between these 2 energies, and found out that they coexisted like 2 sides of the same coin, with one being defined as the lack of the other.

Initially, Grendel Bell’s attempts at proving this was futile – The 2 groups of researchers, each an expert in their own field, rejected the idea fervently. Even though it was proven without a shadow of a doubt, the new system required a complete overhaul of the previous methods of research, as it revolutionized the ideas of what these 2 energies constitute, and altered the way in which they should gather information. Since then, some of the masters of Light and Dark have separated from Eccanterlight to form cults of their own, while the rest remained behind to investigate these new phenomena.

2 centuries passed, and Decaun is the current leader of such equilibrium experiments on the planet. Since then, the Eccanterlight group has expanded, with it’s influence spreading throughout one country. The Darkness and Light cults, however, have become empires, as people are often inclined to one side, instead of seeking a balance, resulting in their empires expanding far faster than Eccanterlight.

As of now, Eccanterlight will seemingly be caught in the crossfire, while the heralds of darkness and clerics of light gather.

As land becomes an expensive commodity, with diplomatic tensions rising between the 3 nations, War is looming. Who will emerge victorious? Time will tell.


Decaun Equino grew up in an orphanage, in a town known as Boufre, a town controlled by the Dark Mages. Over time, he grew and understood how these Dark Mages worked, and pick pocketed for a living. For a long time he lived in the village, learning magic of his own from the residents. However, the fact that he lived the thug life meant that he had very little friends. Soon, at the age of 15, he left the area to be a wanderer.

Several years later, he had made many friends with merchants, clerics and the like, eventually arriving in the Light Capital of Baylorn. It was there where he lived the next 10 years, up to the age of 30.

Of course, during his stay at both countries, he learned many things about both cultures, and more importantly their magic. However, what puzzled him was the Eccanterlight cult. In both lands, he had heard the name Eccanterlight several times when eavesdropping on powerful mages (in an attempt to learn their secrets). His curiosity got the better of him, and he set out to learn more about Eccanterlight.

It was 1 year later when he found the Eccanterlight council, in the outskirts of village Brishtan, and it was there where he met the aged Grendel Bell in a run-down hut. Not knowing Grendel Bell’s background or anything, he went on to live with the old man (Mages are known to live for up to 3 centuries, Grendel has retired). For 3 years things were peaceful, with Decaun secretly practicing and learning more spells. However, unbeknownst to him, Grendel was always observing him in secret.

One day, deciding to break this monotonous lifestyle, Grendel “stumbled” upon Decaun when he trained.

Grendel, “I see you’ve been practicing… magic in my house? So you’re one of those dark magicians!? GET OUT!”

Decaun anxiously responded, “No! I’m not one of them! I can use white magic as well! See?”

True enough; a white orb appeared in his hand.

Grendel looked on, bemused, “So, you’re one of those wizards from Eccanterlight, eh? I can see that you’re quite skilled at both of the elements.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Decaun replied, “I’m a wanderer old man, I just grew up liking magic.” ‘Why those religious nuts treat black/white magic like a cult is beyond me’

Grendel beamed, “Well, you certainly do have potential, that fiery passion shouldn’t be wasted on something so trivial as the basics. Come, I’ll instruct you on the more advanced spells. Oh, and tell you how those cults came about as well.”

‘He can read my mind?’ Decaun looked on, shocked.

“Yes, yes I can.” Grendel smirked as he summoned his staff and opened the door leading to the restricted basement.

“So, I’m guessing you have heard of Eccanterlight, the mysterious cult of magic.” Decaun nodded his head. “In truth, what Eccanterlight teaches mainly comprise both elements, and the mystical spells of equilibrium. I trust that you have heard of the spell, Chronoscythe?” Grendel asked.

“Yes, that spell wiped an entire forest off the edge of the map, but that’s just myth, right? According to the legends, it was said that a mysterious user by the name of Bell casted it to end the rampage of a dark mage gone rogue, crushing the million strong army to be wiped off the face of the earth. What of it? Seems too far-fetched to be true.” Decaun spoke, obviously not believing the tale.

“Oh it’s true all right, and I casted that spell myself. I once told you that my name is Grendel, I didn’t tell you that my surname is Bell. Now, why did you start learning both kinds of magic? Normally most would be prone to their religious dogma.” Grendel asked inquisitively, sitting down on a chair in the corner.

“Well, I believe that all magic is the same. They all use mana, whether light or dark, and both have their own benefits. I’ve been to both lands, and seen many similarities, but why they are unable to reconcile is beyond me. If something stems from the same thing, Magic, why is it that there are so many problems? I thought magic was an energy to be molded and wielded, tools to be used. Right now, it seems that both groups have become slaves to magic…” Decaun spoke, unknowingly ranting on the situation.

“Well then, I guess I should get you started. After all, this is the first time I’ve seen someone with as much passion as me in learning about both magics, the rest just seem to associate magic with good and evil, which is false, as ultimately, the magic, is directed and conjured by you. Come, disciple, you have a lot to learn.”

Decaun beamed, and followed. Eventually, he became the leader of the Council of Eccanterlight, and took over Grendel Bell’s research.


Decaun appears to be a middle-aged man, and disciple of the deceased Grendel Bell. He has white hair and blue eyes, wearing traditional robes adorned with a pendant on his neck, ropes at his midsection, and a watch by his side. He also wields a staff with 2 ends, with a star on the ends of each.


A man who is neutral,. Decaun is a carefree man who willingly accepts and listens to others opinions, and helps relieve people of their problems. Also, he tries to do away with prejudice and looks at things objectively. This is because as a wanderer, he learned that there are people of all kinds, differing personalities, etc. and that it is important to let them speak their mind, no matter how undignified they may sound.


Decaun uses Mana in every single one of his attacks. Currently, he has 400,000 units of Mana. The cost of Mana of each technique is stated in the character’s abilities (Can apply to RP if needed)

Post-Timeskip: Decaun’s Mana, after the timeskip, has increased exponentially, to that of 1,300,000

Below are the basic spells which Decaun can use.

Flash BlinkEdit

Disappears in a flash of blinding light. Used to teleport over continental distances, arriving at any location of the user’s choice. Can be used almost instantly to avoid attacks.

Spell Type: Teleport

Mana Cost: 5

Darkness CollapseEdit

Decaun collapses into the darkness, reappearing at any location that is dark. This grants him temporary invulnerability as he travels between “dimensions”. However, he must be in darkness to use this teleportation spell, or at least be in contact with his shadow.

Spell Type: Teleport

Mana Cost: 10

Magic GuardEdit

One of the most natural abilities for Decaun. Magic Guard automatically directs 90% of damage to his Mana Points.

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: 0

Criticality EnhancementEdit

With each successful hit, the subsequent attacks deal increased damage, as they feed on the previous dark/light energy which was there. Criticality chance and damage increases by 10% for each successful hit.

Spell Type: Passive Buff

Mana Cost: 0

Powers, Abilities, TechniquesEdit

Decaun Equino has trained for nearly a century in magic, learning Grendel Bell’s spells, and mastering much of his own as well. However, all he has learned so far is just the theoretical aspect of magic.

Now, in an attempt to gain experience, he is leaving for the realm of monsters in the dimension of Pandeura, seeking practice and experience so as to use his abilities more efficiently during battle.

Light Magic

Light Magic is broad category of powers in and of itself. Light Magic focuses on healing, conjuring, creating life, as well as manifesting physical objects into the real world. Light magic is primarily composed by strength of will, control and powerful, positive emotions.

Unlike darkness, light can permeate through the thickest clouds of darkness, yet it can equally easily be obscured by it. Light aims to spread itself, like a fire, enlightening all who come under it. That is why the Light Empire has expanded thus far, as they have decided to treat Light Magic like a religion.

However, unlike Darkness, Light attacks are not as capable of self-sustaining, however it makes up for that with increased potency in damage.

Dawn’s Incandescence

This is attained when the last vestiges of darkness is converted to energy and sent out, causing Decaun to be filled with pure light energy, unleashing light in the form of rays all around him. As long as he is filled completely with light (Using no light spells or dark spells), his next light spell will deal 2500x its regular damage unto the enemy. Also, a passive light shield is formed, automatically clearing all darkness in the vicinity, and acts as a mirror, deflecting all energy-based attacks. In this state, his hit points regenerate over time, emitting a powerful healing aura.

The amount of mana required to maintain this state drastically increases the more darkness is in him. Also, all elemental spells will be automatically enhanced with the light element, giving it a holy, burning effect.

Aside from that, holy energies from other sources will also be drawn to the user, flooding the existing environment, and preventing darkness from festering. Also, a halo is formed around Decaun, creating a powerful barrier which safeguards him from many spells, doubling as an impenetrable shield. This is a result of Midnight Spark acting on him, becoming a natural defensive mechanism, providing an even more powerful defensive mechanism.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 0

Celestial Rain

Celestial Rain is a technique which summons thousands of white portals in the shape of mirrors, the amount depending on Decaun’s choosing. He can summon these mirrors at any location, and from these mirrors, several dozens of arrows, composed of light, will be sent towards the enemy. With it, he can achieve an effect similar to Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night, or summon an endless rain-storm of light arrows.

With this technique, he can cover his blindspots, move the mirrors at will, and maneuver his enemies into a more favourable position. This light can also penetrate through corporeal objects such as elements.

Spell Type: Channeling

Mana Cost: 0.01 (per second per portal)

Hum of Reincarnation

Summoning forth the depth of the emotion Love, he entwines his energy with the concept of love, causing his Light Energy to be empowered by healing energy. With this, he can produce the “Hum of Life”, bringing the life back into any dead body, healing and repairing it such that it accepts its own soul back, resurrecting it.

It also allows the wandering souls to reincarnate into the different lifeforms which have not been born yet.

Type: Healing

Mana Cost: 250

Messiah’s Hammer

The Hammer of Liberation, summoned by concentrating Light Energy, and fueled by maintaining a constant flow into it as well. Being enormous, it can be swung to deal massive damage, and banish dark energies.

The Messiah’s hammer is a powerful counter to the Dark Energies’ negative influences, as it can literally hammer them out. Also, the Messiah’s Hammer is one of the few weapons which can banish a dark creature for a short period of time.

Furthermore, the Messiah's Hammer is a self-repairing construct, and despite being incredibly dense and powerful, it is unfathomably light to the user. Hence, despite not being a warrior, Decaun is able to keep up with far stronger Melee fighters.

Spell Type: Channeling Construct

Mana Cost: 400 per minute

Relentless Impale

Summoning his Soul orb, he conjures an endless stream of continuous bullets of light, which aim to pierce through the enemy and flood his body with light energy, sending their body into a state of mental flux, preventing them from forming complex plans b disrupting them.

Spell Type: Channeling Attack

Mana Cost: 10 per second

Salvation’s Bliss

In an instant, Salvation's Bliss floods a large area with blinding light, illuminating the field in a glaring field of sparkling power. As this field of envelopment expands, darkness within it is quelled to the point where it is reduced to a mere, harmless shadow without form or capacity to harm. Also, it sends people into temporary enlightenment, understanding, and bliss, making them feel liberated.

This is used to break down the target, rendering darkness users incapable of attacking or defending under the immensity of light, and forcing them to retreat or resort to other spells. It also enhances the power of Light techniques, and is highly addictive as it grants temporary “Liberation” from the world, which is like an addictive drug or great motivation for would-be members of the Light.

Spell Type: Healing/Dispel/Support

Mana Cost: 750

Grail’s Holy Might

This is a technique which, for 1 minute, turns darkness into light. It utilizes the nature of Light to overcome darkness, replacing darkness and all matter within into pure, yellow light. Using this technique damages and weakens darkness constructs for a period of time.

It is also highly devastating, as it can overcome and defeat Darkness users who are over-reliant on utilizing Environmental effects to win.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 670

Midnight’s Spark

From the depths of darkness, there is always one light which stands strong. It is a tiny spark amidst the great void which illuminates all, and can spread warmth to everything around it. Midnight’s Spark, unlike other light techniques, is all-encompassing, spreading love, warmth and understanding to everything. It causes the spiritual self of whatever this spark touches to flare out in brilliant radiance, which drastically weakens the darkness in them.

This technique can also spread like wildfire, as it spreads endlessly and eliminates the rigid cold of death, replacing it with life’s warmth. Yet, care must be taken to control it, when spread too far and becoming too powerful, the spiritual activity resulting from the spreading “spark” may kill the user. Its dramatic enhancement and incredible power is very hard to control.

However, this technique can be countered by darkness as well, and most darkness users always prioritize dealing with Midnight’s Spark over… pretty much everything else. However, the amount of darkness required to quell this technique is phenomenal, and they often resort to other, lower mana cost spells to deal with it.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 1500

Rising Sun

White Knight

White Knight

Calling upon all that is holy, reaches into a dimension where light is manifested into beings of great power. He summons the mythical White Knight, a being of immense power, to join him in battle. This white knight’s armour is nigh-invulnerable, as it is forged in the Armory of Heaven. Unlike traditional mages, the White Knight uses light magic directly, applying it to sword slashes, even creating wings to aid him in battle.

The White Knight is also a magical being, and is thus largely immune to Physical damage, and makes it unable to tire. As it draws energy from the environment, it has a limitless supply of energy it can use to combat opponents, and its speed, as a result increases over time.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 3000 (This being is self-sustaining)

Imbued Attachment

A buff which the user casts upon himself. Imbued Attachment prevents the user from passing on to the afterlife or having his/her soul stolen by enemy users. It also allows the user to resurrect himself if he were to accidentally die when this buff is active.

Spell Type: Supportive

Mana Cost: 30

Ether Eyes

Ether Eyes allow Decaun the ability to permeate through the darkness in the world with light from the inner soul, originating from the pineal gland. This eye is gained by the most devout and persevering of Light Mages, as they are expected to be highly trained mentally and spiritually. Despite it being a spiritual side-effect, many associate it with the users’ being at the pinnacle of Light Magic Mastery. People with these ability are often in major leadership roles, or belong to the higher-level White Mages.

With Ether Eyes, the user may see through the intent and thoughts of other people, granting him limited precognition. To a certain extent, he may look into others’ past lives, and learn more about their spiritual flaws as well, or gain more knowledge. Aside from that, it grants Decaun the ability to observe darkness in its purest form, and with this sight, it prevents darkness from seeping into his own soul, thus preventing corruption or external influence. Furthermore, Ether Eyes bestow the user the ability to meld, compose and manipulate Light Energy in its pure form, congregating it and gathering it from the ambient surroundings.

It is also said that Ether Eyes grant the user a far more in-depth understanding and mastery over light magic, though to what degree is uncertain.

The upgraded version of this is Aether Eyes, which can be accessed when Decaun converts his existing light energy into Aether, a more powerful variation of the run-of-the-mill Light energy.

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: NIL

Ray of Redemption

Fires a ray of white, bright light, which damages evil foes while healing the user and allies. It can heal anything from simple wounds to mental complications and major internal bleeding, or even resurrect the dead. It generates copious amounts of heat in the form of a laser and dries up the area, acting as the light which pierces through the darkness.

When used as an environmental effect, it generates incredible heat which sears the surrounding area, while maintaining a cooling aura amongst all those who are being healed. It has the effect of closing wounds at a rapid rate, and even has the ability to resurrect those who were recently killed.

Spell Type: Healing/Defense

Mana Cost: 750

Purifying Inferno

Summons light in the form of fire, flaring and encompassing the target, seeking and eliminating darkness from the target. Against darkness users, the light contests with the enemy, seeking to engulf them and bathe them with immense purifying power. It is a form of purification rite for apprentices, to confirm that little to no shreds of darkness exist within them.

This technique generates searing heat within the enemy’s body, damaging them proportionately to the amount of darkness Mana they currently have, feeding off of it like a leech sucking blood.

Spell Type: Attack (Self-Sustaining)

Mana Cost: 380

Aegis of Oblivion

The Aegis of Oblivion draws upon the properties of conversion and creation. When it is used, it converts surrounding energy into pure matter or gas, than disperses them into the surroundings in a massive shockwave depending on the strength of the enemy's attack.

The effects of this attack occur after the initial blinding flash fades, where the effects slow enemy attacks until all of the energy in its makeup is converted, then dispersing it as harmless gas.

Spell Type: Defense

Mana Cost: 540

Purifying Conversion

Condenses and converts the user’s energy to purified Aether energy. Aether Energy’s properties exceed that of regular light energy, and is known to be fired in the form of lasers or giving life to gigantic stone structures. It opposes Nether Energy by creating pure, mystical energy in the form of stones, which draw stones together to form sturdy titans of power. Despite being sluggish, they can draw upon massive amounts of strength.

Aether Energy can also ensure fair weather for months. Known Aether users have had the effect of calming people, creating peace and harmony, and improving the moods of everyone they meet. Aether users also reassert reality and prevent darkness from seeping into their souls, preventing themselves from being subject to manipulation. Strong enough users may also break out of the dark worlds created from Nether Energy.

Unlike Nether Energy, Aether energy empowers and creates, rather than morphing, disfiguring and manipulating. Weapons or the elements can also be imbued with this energy for the sole purpose of eliminating its Nether counterpart.

All light spells are enhanced by 200x when this buff is active, and light-related abilities cost double the Mana.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 2000

Alabaster Intervention

White hole

Partially-Charged Alabaster Intervention

White hole(2)

Alabaster Intervention (Full Power, directed at Space)

Summons a white hole. This white hole, instead of drawing and absorbing energy, instead condenses it and releases it in a controlled, powerful laser. The light from this attack, when unrestrained, is known to be visible to planets of other galaxies, and has caused many people to mistake night for day due to its effects on the sky.

This is also known as the penultimate Light Spell, emitting untold brightness from it. It has been known to instantly obliterate darkness in the area, and wring out Mana from the surrounding area for more power, contributing to its unmatched concentration and power.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 12000

Dark Magic

The opposite of Light Magic, it opposes Light Magic by focusing more on the inhibition of freedom, with it being fuelled by negative emotions, such as anger, fear and desire. It is also all-encompassing, being present at every nook and cranny, and is ready to overtake light and spread the moment signs of wavering are present.

It is relentless, uncompromising, and deadly. Yet, such ideals of this energy are just the baseline of what darkness is about. In truth, Darkness is Entropy, the eventual end of all life, existence and creation. Comprising all that is not, and making even light naught, it serves to be the primordial origin from which existence starts and ends.

Darkness aims to hide, to shroud in ignorance, to obscure the truth, and more importantly, to keep people hooked in delusions of power. Darkness users do not dwell in superstition, rather, they believe in power and might, and are highly realistic. Abstract concepts do not apply, and most end up to be slaves of their own desire for power.

Dusk’s Veil

Luminous evil

Dusk's Veil form

Elliptical orbs of darkness revolve and orbit around Decaun, akin to the elliptical orbits of electrons around an atom. These darkness “electrons” crackle with lightning every second, and every 10 seconds, another “electron” is formed.

Dusk’s Veil is the opposite of Dawn’s Incandescence, being formed when all the light in the user is used up. However, unlike Dawn’s Incandescence, it does not project a shield outward, nor does it heal and empower nearby objects. Rather, it draws in Mana from the environment, sucking it all in to form “electrons” floating in elliptical orbits. These “electrons” are called “Void Orbs”, which can each restore 10,000 Mana to Decaun. This veil enhances the next darkness attack by 1200x, and for every extra Void Orb used in the attack, the attack’s power will be multiplied by 1.5x (the power progression is thus 1200x, 1800x, 2700x, 4050x, and so on). However, the mana cost of the attack will be multiplied by 2 for every Void Orb used.

All light in the vicinity is also slowly absorbed by these Void Orbs. These Void Orbs represent the opposite of Light. This is because the light variation focuses on powerful defense, while darkness focuses on redirection and offense.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 0

Void Orb

Void Orbs are a key part to Darkness Spells. With it, Mana can be substituted with these, resulting in no MP used to generate a more powerful version of the attack, whilst maintaining the state of Dusk’s Veil.

These Void Orbs also have their own gravitational field, sucking energy towards itself. Hence, when placed tangent to any attack, it can absorb energy to its heart’s content, forming more Void Orbs or resupplying Decaun with Mana. It is often used to negate and counter enemy attacks, pulling them away from Decaun.

Below are the effects of the Orbs For every Orb, Darkness percentage in Elemental attacks are increased by 0.5%

For every 5 orbs, A darkness shield is formed around the user

For every 15 orbs, Decaun’s Mana reserves are increased by 10,000, and he regenerates 5,000 Mana

For every 25 orbs, the potency of his darkness attacks is multiplied by 40x

Every 50 orbs, he gains an intimate layer of darkness surrounding him, granting him superhuman strength, speed, power, etc. Also allows for instant use of Darkness Collapse, precognition, and a projectable Aura (which acts like an external cloak)

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 0

Malevolent Permeation

This technique draws upon the darkness in the target’s heart, and empowers it to overwhelm their "light" side. It can be done so either subconsciously, out of battle, or forcefully during a fight. Malevolent Permeation often results in targets getting manipulated and controlled like puppets, or even outright corrupted and driven insane.

Malevolent Permeation also uses the properties of darkness to infect and seep through the defenses of target, using the ever-present darkness and permeating properties of shadows to overcome pesky barriers and whatnot. When used offensively in that manner, it looks like a barely visible shade on the ground.

It is often used to weaken Light Mages, and limit their power, or for other, more sinister purposes like corruption and infiltration.

Spell Type: Curse

Mana Cost: 200

Rotten Perturbation

Using subtle dark magic, the user perturbs the target’s state of mind through the use of “suggestion”, tempting the target to consider other options to fulfill his own deep, dark desires.

During times of peace, this rotten perturbation is used to target the weak-minded, and can trouble enemy commanders to no end, to the point where they begin making mistakes during battle. In combat, however, this technique can be amplified to the point where it affects the enemy’s clarity of thought, making them more prone to revealing weakness and error.

Spell Type: Curse

Mana Cost: 500


This spell conjures an all-encompassing pool of darkness which emerges from the ground, shrouding the world in black. Messing around with the opponent’s senses, most find it impossible to escape in this endless void, and end up becoming insane.

Aside from that, it sends countless tendrils, beams, howling winds and black thunder all at once, sending it towards the target. The air is freezing, as cold as the void, with the literal absence of everything desiring to snuff out the target's flame or soul. The ground beneath him threatens to engulf the target whole, and it forces them to reconsider their allegiance to light, as fear is brought out from the very core of their mind and soul.

It slowly erodes the physical body, and snuffs out all signs of light, heralding Armageddon. The enemies are often decomposed to nothing when this technique is used, making it one of the more dangerous techniques in his arsenal. Those who are not eroded, however, are often paralyzed as a result of its other side effect kicking in.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 630

Void’s Curation

The Pitch Black night encompasses the sky, shrouding it in mist, uncertainty, and pure darkness. This technique calls upon the all-consuming void to absorb the target, and shred him into pieces. However, it is hard to control, making it inefficient despite its power.

When this technique is used, the temperature of the area drops to near absolute zero, driving everything to be weakened over time, as all forms of energy gradually get absorbed into the limitless nothingness.

Spell Type: Environmental Effect

Mana Cost: 700 (Self-Sustaining)

Thanatos’s Quintessence

Element Death. The very essence of the void. It is the epitome of darkness magic mastery, the core of what darkness is meant to be. Thanatos’s Quintessence basically allows the user to force the target to the state of maximum entropy (lack of energy), which forcefully disintegrates them.

Aside from that, Thanatos’s Quintessence allows the user to generate limitless amounts of “nothingness”, drawing upon the void's core to cover the area and "devour" it. It can even destroy or occupy areas where air is present, removing all potential mediums.

Aside from that, it is the only element which can truly harm almost all beings, and meet almost no resistance whatsoever. The problem lies in the tendency for Thanatos’s Quintessence to… try and consume everything…

It should be known that this void energy is significantly more powerful than Darkness Energy, and aims to consume targets. However, when met against the skin of the Terrorzard, it seemed to take a long time to begin affecting the Terrorzard. Despite this though, Thanatos's Quintessence is nothing to scoff at

All darkness spells are enhanced 1000x when this energy is used to fuel it. Spells’ mana costs are multiplied by 1.2x

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 900

Forsaken Indulgence

This technique summons the Grimoire Necronomicon, granting abject knowledge over the arts of necromancy, and provides a more in-depth understanding of darkness itself. This book, when read entirely, is said to grant the user a mastery of darkness which parallels even the Transcendent of Darkness. However most who have read the book often fall into insanity less than halfway through. Stronger darkness users are said to have read just up to three quarters, while their leader is said to have read all of it.

Decaun has read about nine tenths of the book, and remarks that each page’s effects get exponentially stronger as every page is read, with the knowledge being engraved unto the memory of the user, along with the subsequent mental effects.

If the Necronomicon is read backwards, however, the user turns into a Void Phantom (which can also be accessed by absorbing enough Nether Energy). Immense Light Magic is required to free the user when this happens, though masters of Darkness are said to be able to control themselves. This book also grants incredible power at the cost of insanity. While few are said to have mastered this form, their leader is the only one capable of turning into what is called, “Lord Tenebro”.

Decaun mostly accesses the Void Phantom state during Equilibrum mode, as it is then where he can counterbalance the Darkness properly.

Darkness Warrior

Lord Tenebro

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 50

Hades’ Hole

The portal to the unending, infinite River Styx. Hades’ Hole drags all entities within it, converting their bodies to both light and dark energies, then absorbing it. This strengthens Decaun’s power.

It can be used to test the Spirituality of the target, for example the level of inclination towards the dark or light. Also, it can be used to absorb other powerful techniques as well. The downside is that this technique only lasts for 30 seconds.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 870

Midnight Sun

Gigantic orbs of darkness cloud the night sky, obscuring it and the land in twisting, confusing ways. Light is bent around certain, specific angles, which affects visionary capability and the target’s senses, preventing the target from getting out by simply illuminating the area, only serving to increase their confusion.

These orbs then rain down like meteors, releasing absolute zero void shards everywhere, which are highly sensitive to all forms of energy. These makes the void shards homing and incredibly hard to destroy and avoid.

Void shards can be countered with Physical force and extreme amounts of light energy, for Ki, however, the amount of it needed to destroy Void Shards is much greater, as each Void Shard is linked to another, and all have energy absorbing capabilities.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 1350

Void Shards

These Void Shards are made of Void Energy, which can absorb almost any form of energy. However, the difference between Void Shards and Ender Crystals are that Void Shards do not gain any power from absorbing energy, instead energy is sent straight to the void, which creates more Void shards. Also, it has a weakness, which is that it can be broken by Physical attacks, or drastically powerful light and Ki attacks.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 10 (per shard)

Forlorn Banishment

Absolute Banishment. This allows the user to cast an eternal torture unto his victims, pulling out their souls and placing them in another body. Better yet banishing their mind to be caged within itself, while the user implants another soul, or possesses the body itself for the user to control.

It is an incredibly harmful torture technique, which can cause immense damage to the target’s psyche. Another thing which it can be used for is to imprison the minds of powerful, enemy wizards into weak, fragile bodies to be placed in prison

Spell Type: Curse

Mana Cost: 930

Shadow’s Delusion

This creates illusions which supersedes and temporarily replaces the vital core of the user’s existence. The enemy’s attacks, as a result, seemingly affect the enemy, when in actuality, he is unaffected. This provides a buffer between the user and potentially deadly afflictions, and allows him to deceive the target. This powerful illusion of reality generates multiple layers of powerful "fakes", which serve as multiple "lives" for Decaun.

It also allows him to cast multiple different spells at once, as these shadow delusions can form more clones of the user.

Spell Type: Illusion/Defense

Mana Cost: 1400

Mirroring Shadow

Mirroring Shadow is a technique which creates several magical, dark copies of the user. Mirroring Shadow is completely intangible, but mimics the actions of the user entirely, effectively multiplying the user’s attack count depending on the amount of Mirrored Shadows created. The cloned magic spells deal 50% of the damage of the original spell, yet the shadows deal twice the damage when physical attacks are used. These shadows lasts 600 seconds.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 400 (Per shadow)

Apocalyptic Devastation

Luminous Apocalypse

Apocalyptic Devastation

This conjures columns upon columns of dark fire and lightning, spreading through the area like wildfire. The fire spreads dangerously, consuming energy, then propagating to the next target with more energy in order to continually sustain itself and grow stronger. The Dark lightning however, travels through the “path of least resistance”, and is fuelled by the dark fire.

Targeting enemies and expanding at a phenomenal rate, it is no wonder that Apocalyptic Devastation is a terrifying a sight to behold.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 3354

Fog of Deprivation

Creates the backdrop of freezing dryness, causing all forms of life to drop dead almost instantly. Dark, tumultuous thunderclouds gather overhead, crackling with lightning, whilst raining dense hailstones. Howling winds make the environment even more unbearable as this environment persists continuously.

On top of that, due to the inherently dry environment, static electricity gathers extremely quickly, proving to be a fatal distraction in battle. Furthermore, such dry air also draws all forms of lightning toward the enemy target.

Any targets that die within this fog will decompose very quickly. Wounds will also be infected by this, and the effects of viruses and poisons will be greatly enhanced. This is what makes the fog a highly dangerous technique to all biological life forms, and to an extent Androids and Robots.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 800 per minute

Behemoth’s Forgotten Terror


Behemoth's Forgotten Terror

Summons a Legendary Dark Titan thought to be long forgotten. This titan wields a great round globe on its back, similar to Atlas. Despite making it sluggish, it’s blows are known to curse the opponent with dark magic, and deal fatal damage as well.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 3250

Void’s Eye

The eye of darkness, the ultimate all-seeing eye. Unlike the Ether Eyes, the Void’s Eye is not based or rooted in the Pineal Gland, rather, it is activated by channeling darkness into the eyes, giving excellent night vision and perception of darkness.

One thing that should be noted for Void’s Eye is that it is impossible to experiment upon. Its abilities are based on and rooted in knowledge. It is only in the Grimoire Necronomicon where more information on the Void’s Eye, as well as the incantations required to unlock its more advanced states, can be unlocked.

When Void’s Eye is activated, the typical effects are that all darkness spells are enhanced, and they become more resistant to light. Their eyes also turn darker, signifying the extent of dark magic they can use. There are 4 levels to Void’s Eye.

1st level: Drastic enhancement to darkness affinity, incredible darkness awareness. Also grants the ability to manipulate shadows and control others’ movements. Darkness spell mana costs reduced by 20%

2nd level: Higher order spells and knowledge and access to Thanatos’s Quintessence. Enhances the user’s perceptive abilities and allows the user to conjure an invisible, observing eye which instantly relays information back to the user. The number of “invisible eyes” that can be conjured increases with mastery of Void’s Eye and multitasking capability. Darkness spell mana costs reduced by 35%

3rd level: Dark spells become capable of swallowing light itself. User can access the pinnacle of darkness spells, calling upon the essence of nonexistence and even summoning a Black Hole, or its counterpart Hades’ Hole. Darkness spell mana costs reduced by 50%

4th level: The user gains access to a mystical energy known as Nether, which is one of the most powerful forms darkness can become. The user’s understanding, knowledge and power over darkness exceeds what was previously thought impossible and has the literal effect of unnerving people. Darkness spell mana costs reduced by 70%

5th level: This level is said to be possessed by the Leader of Darkness. The abilities of this state are unknown, but it is said that even Time is under their jurisdiction and control.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: (1) – 300, (2) – 500, (3) -700, (4) – 1000, (5) - ???

Chthonic Energy

Nether Chthonic

The Nether

Often called the Energy of the Nether. It is the inbetweener, the existence of nonexistence, and the core of all beings. Nether Energy has vast abilities, drawing upon the energy of souls, life and dark. Unlike regular darkness and necromancers, Nether Energy does not summon skeletons, or mere husks for people. Rather, they summon people and enhance them into powerful minions such as ogres or trolls, empowering them with incredible physical strength, as well as power and experience. Giants can also be created with this power.

This is the energy which affects the far more subtle energies in the world, such as ley-lines, concepts, etc. With it, portals and dimensions can be created which grant the user total control over the environment and the people within.

It can also transform the user into a controlled version of Void Phantom, by using the Gauntlet of Damnation to pull in all forms of soul, light and dark energy and pooling it into the user.

Other effects of Nether Energy include the temporal nullification of certain universal laws on a set area, as well as the sealing of enemy spells, preventing them from reciting the same incantation. It may also be used to wipe their memory clean of recent events.

With enough Chthonic Energy, it is said that even the counterparts of the elements, Anti-Elements, can be summoned and used in battle.

Multiplies effects of dark spells by 680x, Mana cost X 40

Aegis of Conversion

Temporarily creates an energetic null zone, shrouding Decaun in darkness. This darkness acts as a barrier and an amplifying converter, changing the energy into something useable for Decaun to use. Oftentimes, during the conversion process, the raw mana(Element X) generated from the enemy’s attack (If very powerful) results in the surrounding reality breaking down. Spell Type: Defence, Barrier

Mana Cost: 2,500


The Primordial Origin and source of all forms of magic in the universe – Mana. Unlike Light and Darkness, Mana is finite depending on the user’s knowledge, understanding and physical capacity, and it is this Mana which directly affects the amount of energy which can be conjured at any point of time, and determines the potency of the energy itself.

Greater amounts of Mana and capacity of it affects the knowledge and power of the user, as the more Mana the user has, the more the user gets to grasp upon the effect of minute amounts of Mana, due to its properties being very elusive.

Mana can take the form of almost any kind of spell, though most people on Decaun’s planet use Light and Dark, it is, in fact, Elementally Neutral.


A skill which temporarily bypasses the barriers between the user and his surroundings, allowing him to directly draw an acquire Mana from space and the ambient environment, leaving him with a literally endless supply of Mana for 3 minutes. User’s Mana is automatically replenished at the end of Infinity.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 0

Summoning: Darkovian Pentagon

Summons each of the 5 Darkovian lords: The Werewolf King, Vampire Queen, Wolfwing the Werepyre, Dracopyre Nightbane and the Primordial Essence Dragon to assault the enemy.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 5000

Summoning: Cordial Zodiac

Summons each of the 12 animals in the Zodiac, each empowered by Dynamic Equilibrium and sent towards the enemy. The Cordial Zodiac are a self-sustaining summon group, however they mostly aim to do physical damage, and Entropic Energy is used to enhance their strength immensely.

Alternatively, they can be summoned with 12 Entropic Summoning Stones.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 12,000

Summoning: Mythical Carnax


Mythical Carnax

Summons a gigantic, multi-elemental beast of incredible power. Its body is incredibly dense and thick, with all forms of powerful magic and energy proving useless on it due to an incredibly powerful seal. As such, it can only be withered away by weak spells, which aren’t nullified by its body’s special properties.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 68,000

Summoning: Trigoras the Trinity Dragon


Trigoras the Trinity Dragon

Dragons have, for a long time, cohabited the world with mages, Yet, they are often solitary creatures, and prefer not to engage in any form of combat, preferring to live out their days in isolation. However, the occasional Mage always meets them, and these dragons always offer them a challenge in the form of a battle or whatever. It so happens that Decaun won a challenge against the powerful Trigoras.

Trigoras is the Dragon of Trinity. It is green, representing its affinity to the Earth and landscape, and as such, its primary affinity is Earth. Trigoras is only summoned in rare occasions, particularly when Decaun is face-to-face with other powerful Elemental Mages.

Trigoras has extremely dense scales, being almost impossible to damage. Furthermore, despite its size, it is incredibly deft, dodging attacks and guarding against powerful attacks with his enormous wings, even deflecting them. Each of its heads can fire a particular Elemental breath attack, with the 1st head fire, the 2nd head ice, and the 3rd head Energy.

Containing extreme resistances, it is able to absorb all fire, ice, electricity/Energ, and Earth-related attacks for increased hit points. However, Trigoras has a slight weakness to water.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 76,000

Elusive Element X

Element X is… different from the darkness variation of the Void. Rather than consuming everything, Element X stems from the purest essence of Mana, the stuff which rewrites reality itself. When this element hits the enemy, they are either reduced to the primal void and become free for the user to alter (highly exhausting), or they allow reality to reassert itself (massive pain spiritually and physically wise). When raw Void energy is used, reality will melt all around the user, and this loss of medium will prevent literally anything from passing through.

Shape Mana

Shape Mana takes Mana, and shapes its raw form into an invisible energy. After which, it is fired unto the enemy, literally causing reality to collapse on the enemy, causing extreme pain throughout. Stronger variations of this Shape Mana spell are known to even knock out powerful entities decisively, due to the pain it causes.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: Varies, minimum 354



Rexxius the Mana Spirit

Rexxius is a being composed of raw, pure mana, sapping energy directly from Decaun himself. All of its attacks directly use the Elusive Element X, which bypasses almost any form of protection. Rexxius, being composed of purely mana, also cannot be disposed off in the standard, destructive manner, as although his form may be destroyed, his energy can and will linger and reform.

Rexxius glows a turquoise blue, and looks like a miniature buff humanoid thing. Depending on the amount of Mana put into him, Rexxius’ shape and size may change accordingly.

Spell Type: Summoning, Channeling

Mana Cost: 354-1500 per minute

Xenator’s Twist

Decaun Equino, using complex magic, turns Rexxius into a perfect copy of any creature or being. Element X then takes on the properties of the forms’ default energy, however, Rexxius’ physical attacks are still enhanced by regular Element X, only this time, when the attacks hit the target, it is transformed to whatever is their weakness at the time, or a random element.

It is aptly named Xenator’s Twist as it can be transformed into almost any being under the sun. One of Decaun’s favourite entities to have Rexxius transform into is the TerrorZard, which takes basically -10,000x the damage of enemy attacks, which heals the Terrorzard’s health and energy points, which can then be used for extremely powerful attacks…

Spell Type: Support, Buff

Mana Cost: Varies depending on form selected.

Formless Entity

Rexxius becomes a pure, controlled element of the user’s choice. It can be disguised as a part of other attacks, an example being Rexxius turning to fire then assaulting the enemy with a Fire attack, and in turn causing fatal damage as they only cast a simple dispel or shield in defence.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 0

Dissipate Mana

It is a devastating technique to use against other Mages. This is because this technique combusts and burns the Mana within the target enemy, and their Spiritual Energy as well, leaving them weakened drastically as they lose energy over time.

Spell Type: Attack, Debuff

Mana Cost: 1300

Spatial Masquerade

Using a large portion of mana, this ability temporarily grants him the ability to warp and decentralize gravitational ley lines and reconfigure the positions of atoms and light within the surroundings, and in turn obscures the world by preventing light particles from ever escaping.

Spell Type: Defense

Mana Cost: 5800

Elemental Null Zone

Calling upon the power of the Elemental Gods to temporarily nullify the effects of all Elemental Attacks in the area, be it infused with mana or Ki, or summoned from sheer power. This technique, however, does not dispel the effects which had already transpired (eg. When the spell was cast, his arm was burned, his arm won’t recover from using this spell)

Spell Type: Ward

Mana Cost: 2930


Luminous Manasplosion


Deals damage based on current, maximum mana. The user must have their mana at a certain range when using this ability, or face the risk of the attack backfiring.

Coalescing mana into a tight core, it unleashes a pure Mana attack in the form of a Big Bang, dealing massive damage to the enemy, as well as convert surrounding energy attacks into even more Mana to fuel the explosion.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 800 - 300,000

Elemental SpellsEdit

The most common and the favourite kind of spells for Magicians, these Elemental spells are highly devastating, with its abilities being channelled from the Elemental Gods themselves, who aid users of mana shape and channel their power into the elements.

Elemental attacks are known for their far lower energy costs, and are generally easier to manipulate.

Synonymous RetributionEdit

The Void Eyes of Observing(stage 2) are activated. From where the “eyes” are located, lava, darkness, wind, lightning and fire all converge and overwhelm the enemy from several directions, where the invisible focal points are located. These eyes and Decaun himself can see through the attacks, thereby ensuring the enemy does not escape.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 10 (per “Eye”)

Pressuring InfernoEdit

Decaun Equino summons the winds to pressure the opponent from all sides, meanwhile sending lava soaring out of the ground. This lava is then attracted towards the wind, but just as it is sucked in, the heat is suddenly removed from it, turning the molten lava back into solid stone, and the fire sent flying towards the opponent.

This fiery effect applies to lava-related abilities. It basically turns all sources of heat against you.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 90

Earthen EntanglementEdit

A large patch of land turns into a muddy sinkhole, aiming to drown enemies. Slimy tendrils made out of natural superglue emerge from within the sinkhole, aiming to keep people within it and dragging others down as well.

Once grabbed by the superglue, slower, more massive earth hands rise to grab the target, after which, it slowly buries the target under a condensed Earth Core(summoned by Decaun for this technique), which absorbs the mana and power of users over time to relieve energy expenses from Decaun.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 100

Shocking StaticEdit

Decaun draws all the static charges from Earth into an orb on his hand, becoming a miniature generator. As all Earth’s charges flow into him, lightning and thunder reverberate and echoes throughout the world, aiming to neutralize the voltage difference. Then, all the lightning in the world is controlled to home in on a single point – the enemy.

Lightning then strikes down, and Decaun unleashes his as well. This combination often leaves the enemy charred and weak.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 90


Ice is mixed with water to give it a deadly piercing effect, as the winds, ice and water form tumultuous currents and sink the area in a massive flood. When ice is created, the energy lost from the cooling down of ice is utilized to create stronger currents, making this technique incredibly powerful as it is mostly self-sustaining.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 125

Turbulent Tornado of RamificationEdit

Tornado of Light pulls in everything with immense winds, and then disassembling them into their constituent particles, absorbing their energy, then being reassembled. For energy attacks, Decaun may absorb their power through this tornado. As the energy conversion system is flawed, he would likely gain only a fifth the power of the original attack.

This conversion doesn’t work on channeling attacks. Rather, channeling attacks are normally made to swirl around the tornado and back at the user.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 230


Decaun’s favourite Energy spell. It is a blast which will shake the very foundations of the enemy’s core.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 800

Akdranor’s Searing Essence (or FTWBBQ)Edit



Decaun chanced upon this spell in Grendel Bell’s archives, as he recorded every single spell he knew, including theoretical spells. This spell was crafted by the deceased Akdranor, God of all Fire Dragons. His magic was great and his fire’s potency insurmountable when he lived. He was said to burn even darkness and time itself, turning almost anything to fuel. As an ancient spell, it requires a phenomenal amount of Mana to conjure, and its fires are often impossible to quell.

The first part of this spell is to recite the incantation “Esperanub’rozin, Ishkota Scorcha!”, creating a connection between the user and the Essence of Fire. After that is done, the concept of fire will emerge in the user’s mind, giving him utmost knowledge in the area of pyrokinesis as he focuses, allowing him to conjure this technique with greater efficiency.

After which, a searing inferno emerges from the ground, consuming all those within it, and it can even encompass entire landscapes (depending on Decaun’s choice). This fire can devour any living being in less than a second, and eliminate armies without access to powerful Pyromancers/Hydromancers, who can counter and temporarily offset its effects. Unlike regular combustion, it also speeds up the rate of decomposition and oxidation to ungodly levels, which neglects durability to a large extent. Aside from that, is the mental, searing effect it has on the opponent’s mind, disabling multiple senses as they are overwhelmed by the sight, smell, taste, touch and sound of a ruthless, unforgiving fire, disorienting them greatly if they are capable of withstanding the fire. This is due to the ensuing, powerful mental effects of this flame.

When more Mana is used, greater fires are generated, and sometimes, even time itself can be said to be burned, slowing it to a halt, even “burning” away damage on the user when Decaun surrounds himself in that fire.

Despite its borderline-extreme Mana Cost, it is easily maintained once the fire itself is conjured, as it can sustain itself on even Air.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 80,000

Akdranor’s SourceEdit

Akdranor’s Source is the fuel of imaginings, something thought impossible to burn, a highly compressed, condensed version of the hydrocarbon C billion H 2 billion and 2. Normally, this would be impossible to faze even by the most powerful of energy attacks, due to its melting point and boiling point being of absurd temperatures. However, it can be ignited by Akdranor’s Flame, which sends the temperature soaring to absurd levels.

When this is used, the flame of Akdranor becomes drastically empowered, changing instantly from a luminous, orange flame to a highly focused flame, and its temperature becomes capable of vaporizing almost every known living creature.

With this, Akdranor’s Searing Essence’s strength and power is multiplied several thousandfold.

Spell Type: Fuel

Mana Cost: 130,000 (limited supply)

Unholy MasqueradeEdit

An ability developed by Decaun Equino. Basically, it channels forth unholy amounts of chameleon-brand energy, created from a combination of each of nature's elements.

With it, Decaun Equino gains relative immunity to most things, blending and sifting through every known element without so much as a negative side effect. Likewise, he becomes impossible to detect, even in the most blatant of situations. More importantly, this chameleon-like feature, to adapt and camouflage in all surroundings, has even been expanded on.

When expanded upon, Decaun gains great control over the environment, creating a temporal immunity for himself and whatever he deigns protection to. Other than gaining control, it also prevents others from using any natural elemental abilities, as such affinities do not apply in the area he's in when he uses this ability. This also serves to disable almost any environmental effect, rendering it useless.

Spell Type: Defense

Mana Cost: 140,000

Mysterious MelodiesEdit

They are spells conjured through channelling magic into multiple runes, generating certain sounds which affect the state of mind of the opponent, or even damage their physical body with certain runes(which are activated by certain tunes). Such abilities are incredibly potent, but come at a larger Mana cost.

Wizard’s ZealEdit

Several runes on the floor are spontaneously generated, summoning the core soul and power of the first Archmage. With Wizard’s Zeal activated, the spells known by the user become subconsciously familiar to him/her, granting him precognition, combat sensory, reaction and experience, as well as a strengthened desire for magic as his reserves expand. When this is used, Buff durations are extended by up to 80% (Infinity included), and magical damage is multiplied by 10x.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 7500

Siren’s SongEdit

An altered state of mind induced by the Siren’s Song. Decaun Equino has found a way to record and inscribe such a song into the runes, which induces the effect of rendering Decaun to be guarded by a Mana Shield, which also enhances the power of his spells. This shield, however, runs on Decaun’s mana.

Spell Type: Defense, Support

Mana Cost: 4000

Transformation: Magic BorneEdit

This ability causes Decaun to take the form of one of the finest Wizards of all time – the all-powerful Warlic. This is done when Decaun speaks the simple incantation of “Thou Art Magic”. This causes Mana from the surrounding area to gather around him, forming the silhouette of the great mage Warlic.

This ability draws upon all the stored energy inside Decaun’s Eternal Shard of Infinity, increasing his maximum Mana to Warlic’s level for as long as the form is maintained. Though it grants Decaun a wide range of Mana attacks, and additional abilities, it takes away Decaun’s ability to utilize Equilibrium spells.

Spell Type: Transformation

Mana Cost: 10,000

Power WordEdit

Power Words are basically the summarized version of the spell itself, preventing enemies from copying the recital of the spell, and also has an immediate effect. Power words are generally more taxing on the user as they generally cost more Mana. However, their effects are also more varied as a result, as the spells’ effects are far more direct.

Power Word: InfusionEdit

Infuses the target with whatever element of the user’s choice. This can range from generic elements to even more subtle ones like illusion (distracting their opponent), or even obscure abilities like the ability to ignore external force’s effects. Normally, Decaun just infuses himself and most other things with speed.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 200-20,000 (Amount of mana used affects potency)

Power Word: Undead ArmyEdit

An Undead spell, part of the Grimoire Necronomicon. It is a Power Word as most magicians do not wish for their enemies to suddenly conjure millions of Undead Troops out of nowhere.

This spell summons undead grunts, brutes, berserkers, past magicians, ogres, and other assorted nasty creatures.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 20,000 (for a Million-Strong Undead Army)

Power Word: GiantEdit

Enlarges the target/targets to epic proportions, to towering heights greater than that of Godzilla himself. The effects of this spell last 10 minutes.

It acts as a Chain Lightning spell when there is more than one target, therefore the mana cost is perpetually the same regardless of how many beings are summoned.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 1500

Power Word: DisruptionEdit

Forces the opponent to fail in whatever they do the next time they attack. The more complex their plan, or method of attack, the more damage the failed attack will do on the user himself. Also, it can disrupt their energy flow as well.

Spell Type: Curse

Mana Cost: 2000

Soul OrbEdit

The orb which demonstrates Decaun Equino’s current state of mind, and magic affinity. When one element is used (Light for example), the other is empowered (in this case Darkness will be enhanced)

This is a crude, physical representation of the distribution of Light and Darkness within Decaun’s soul. Also, it is a very powerful, invulnerable orb (which does nothing but remind Decaun of which spells he should use to attain equilibrium). Also, this orb can be used to directly fire Darkness, Light or Entropic blasts.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 150



Equilibrium State

A state achieved when the darkness and light are at perfect harmony and equilibrium within the Soul Orb, when it is biased towards neither side. When Equilibrium is reached, the Soul Orb turns white, grey and black. Grey spirals circling around the black centre of the Soul Orb. Around the orb, is a white outline travelling opposite the direction of the grey spiral.

This Equilibrium state is the state of abject calm, of perfect harmony and entropy. As such, control and manipulation over the darkness and light elements are drastically enhanced and improved, multiplying its power tenfold in terms of potency, manipulation, and effect.

A passive effect of this state is to “Equalize” all incoming attacks, preventing them from dealing damage to [Decaun Equino]], and making it impossible to harm Decaun Equino in this state, as he basically assimilates and absorbs all incoming attacks. As such, it is the Ultimate Defense.

Furthermore, it grants Decaun the ability to use the forbidden power, the Entropic Energy which is a mixture of both Light and Darkness energy, to its fullest extent.

This power which combines both Light and Dark Energies, both its defensive and offensive aspects, makes Equilibrium a state to be reckoned with, as it is the best of both worlds.

This state lasts for 5 minutes. 9 minutes when Infinity is activated beforehand (continues even after Infinity buff ends). Decaun’s Mana supply is also increased by 300,000

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 0

Disharmonic Nullification

In the Equilibrium state, Decaun gains an aura known as Disharmonic Nullification. It basically slows all things down to the state of entropy – the state of calmness. This is where the enemy’s spells are rendered null and void preventing most attacks from even reaching the user, and also strengthens his abilities largely as all excess energy is absorbed by him.

As such, this spell prevents the opponent’s use of weak attacks, and drastically weakens all spiritual Ki attacks. Thus, it limits the opponent only to close-range combat, as other options are mostly a waste of energy. However most of the time, this aura seems redundant as it is almost impossible to even harm Decaun in Equilibrium.

Spell Type: Aura

Mana Cost: 0.

Entropic Energy

The sign of death is not darkness, it is Entropy. It is the absence of movement, negativity, whatsoever, the perfect, harmonious equilibrium. Even in darkness, things can exist, move, corrupt, influence, and spread. In light, everything aims to consume, to burn on, to enlighten. However, in Death, Entropy, none of these exist, as everything is calm, and that is the point and power of Entropic Energy – a power which brings about nothingness.

Entropic Energy involves an equal mixture of both light and dark magic, alongside large amounts of Mana. Hence, at regular times, it would be extremely improbable to use Entropic Energy, as Decaun needs to concentrate and focus on the amounts of Light and Dark energy he is using, as well as summon mana to stabilize it, which creates a large cooldown for these abilities.

However, in Equilibrium state, he need not worry about such concentrations or its mana cost, as he is perfectly capable of summoning highly stable Entropic Energy, as well as removing cooldown time.

Entropic Energy is superbly powerful, whereby its spells transcends time and space itself and is capable of freezing the opponent’s permanently, removing all their energy, conjure primordial beasts, and even enhance existing creatures to phenomenal levels. Unlike the Void energy, which aims to consume, this aims to balance and equate, and it can thus overwhelm almost any other concept. Hence, Entropic Energy is one of the most potent types of magic, used by mages in Eccanterlight.

Entropic Reapers

Luminous Death Scythe

Entropic Reapers

Summons 4 gigantic scythe-toting reapers, holding blades of length 10 meters and shaft of length 25 meters, sweeping down and carving the enemies on the ground at hyper speeds. One Scythe is composed of light, the other darkness, and the last 2 of Entropic Energy.

Due to their entropic nature, they are exempt from the laws of time and the physical realm, allowing them to bypass most physical resistance and in particular time-based spells. As such, even though the target may block the Reaper’s Death Scythe, the reapers will still pass through them even though they dealt no damage.

As these reapers travel along, they unleash entropic winds which literally aim to drag the life out of the target, while their scythes are coated with Entropic Flames. Everytime they complete one reap, they disappear into invisible portals (which only they can enter) and reappear somewhere else to begin reaping again, this time reaping again at an increased speed as the energies of enemies are absorbed, and the reapers are strengthened.

These reapers can only be hit by spiritual attacks (Undead creatures, Ki, magical elements, etc.)

With every reap, the speed of the reaper is multiplied by 2

Every 5 reaps, a reaper clone (at the initial speed and size of the original), is formed and starts reaping.

Every 8 reaps, the size of the reaper and its scythe is multiplied by 1.5

Every 10 reaps, a shield of Entropy forms around the reaper, slowing enemies and weakening enemy attacks

Every 16 reaps, they gain another scythe which they can telekinetically control to reap more things

Every 20 reaps the scythe of the reapers become more capable of channelling entropic energy, and become shinier and sharper.

Every 25 reaps, a portal to the world of Entropy releases Entropic Energy, restoring Decaun’s Mana by 8,000

Every 40 reaps, the reaper is capable of piercing one more additional layer of defence. For example, when you block, the reaper then passes right through you like you aren’t there. However, after 40 reaps pass, a single defence isn’t enough, as the reaper can hit your first defence, then reassert its presence the moment it passes by your first defence. This is because the reapers normally do not hit the same object twice, but after 40 hits, they gain enough power to do so.

Every 100 reaps, Decaun Equino gains an Orb of Entropy, which he can use to utilize the more terrifying abilities accessible from Entropic Energy.

Every 125 reaps, an Entropic Summoning Stone is summoned (comes in the form of a raining, black meteor). These summoning stones are almost impossible to destroy, as it is surrounded by an Entropic Aura which slows down and weakens any attack being sent towards it. To destroy it, a long, powerful channeling ki/magic attack is required, as physical materials will immediately be disintegrated. Even though it looks as if time is slowed inside the barrier, and the attack as well, the truth is that the attack is moving “real time”, so when the user stops the attack, the attack inside the barrier doesn’t continue, but is instead dissipated instantly.

Decaun can also select whether he wants a collective “reap count”, or an individual one. A collective reap count means that if there are 15 reapers for example, when they reap once, they get all the effects which comes from 15 reaps (shield, 30x speed, etc.). However, in the collective count, reaper clones can’t be formed.

It is the recommended method for dealing with armies.

Spell Type: Attack, Area-Of-Effect

Mana Cost: 100,000 (Non-Equilibrium), 1500 (Equilibrium), 2500 (Dynamic Equilibrium).

Maintenance cost: 10,000 per minute

Summoning: Primordial Entropic Carnax

Primordial Entropic Carnax FINAL

Primordial Entropic Carnax Many thanks to Genki Dama for his help creating this!

If Decaun Equino manages to summon THIS guy in battle… you might as well turn around, strip, bend over, kneel down, and let Decaun personally kick your ass one by one to kingdom come.

This Carnax requires 200,000 Entropic Summoning Stones to be summoned, and even then, an absurd amount of Mana has to be used to summon him. This Primordial Entropic Carnax is noted to be incredibly deadly, firing condensed but enormous blasts of Plasma casually. Furthermore, this Carnax is in a state of perma-Equilibrium, reducing the damage of all attacks to a mere 1 compared to his unfathomably colossal hit point count. It is twice the size of the regular, Mythical Carnax normally, but can change its size at will.

Alongside that, is an incredibly powerful seal which guards it, preventing ungodly Magical and Ki attacks from being used against it, causing those attacks to fizzle out of existence and be absorbed by this Carnax, regenerating and raising its hit points.

When Carnax is on the battlefield, countless reapers will continually pour out of an Entropic Portal (Under Decaun Equino’s control), and Ender Blades will begin raining from the skies as a side effect. Carnax’s aura also causes the speed of most beings to be slowed down immensely, preventing them from dealing powerful physical blows. Aside from that, it also has the power to reverse effects of negative Magic, for example, if you tried to turn this Carnax small, instead, he will become enormous. This makes Carnax a tough foe to even challenge and beat, as he is literally immune to almost everything. Gigantic, pillar structures of Ender Crystals are also formed throughout the landscape, draining the area to be void of all energy.

Its physical strength is also off the charts, as it is a magical creature. As such, it can alter its density to be as light as an unmoving, entropic void, or as heavy as a neutron star. This makes Carnax unnaturally agile and strong, as it can move about at extremely fast speeds unnoticed.

It has the Entropic Ice on its frontal-left leg repels energ, and controls the Ender Crystals, while its other purple leg generates the constraining Entropic Flames, which acts like an elastic band – the more the enemy moves when being burned by these flames, the more the band stretches, the more energy they spend moving, and the more energy is drained by the flame.

On its back, is a white and black temple which acts as a reserve system, drawing energy from the void like Decaun Equino’s Infinity spell, only this lasts forever. This temple is its source of energy, and grants it the ability to use extreme Telekinesis. Aside from that, its other effect is to maximize and reinforce the Entropic, Harmonic nature of Equilibrium, akin to an externally enforced Equilibrium. This prevents enemies from disrupting the effects of Carnax’s equilibrium through its body, maximizing the power of all Equilibrium spells, and granting it infinite reserves and hit points. On top of that, an aura is present around the temple, guarding it from being destroyed, as it is the only thing on Carnax which is not immune to powerful magical spells (Since the temple is an “external” part of Carnax, but Carnax can still regenerate it). However, it is not easy to get rid of this temple, as Carnax at full power is a force to be reckoned with. It should be noted that destroying this temple does not destroy Carnax’s equilibrium, merely it allows people to disrupt it (if they manage to tap into it), and eliminate its connection to the Source (Entropic Void). This also makes it immune to both Dark and Light attacks as it absorbs them.

It’s yellow eyes represent life and power, and allows Carnax to create massive neon lightning attacks, or condensed plasma balls. Lasers are also a common attack utilized by Carnax’s eyes. Aside from that, it has the potential to heal all assorted injuries, and it often uses healing rays on itself, annoying its enemies to no end. When the enemy is hit by these rays, however, they are immediately put into a deep sleep, as a side effect of these rays is the fast-forwarding of time (and as a result, a potential quick death).

Its body is also a dark blue in colour, which is the same colour as the backdrop of the dark and bluish night-sky. This dark-blue colour gives Carnax the ability to summon pure Mana and Void energy, which strengthens the effect of his other attacks immensely by allowing him to reconstruct most matter into other forms. Through its mouth, it can also fire a transparent beam of pure Entropic, Void energy, which has the effect of aging, burning, electrifying and reshaping the person into nothing. Of course, this is but a simple application of its power, as it can also use it to render itself intangible, invisible, change its shape, or even temporarily altering the enemy’s attack to nothing to get out of the way.

It’s back 2 legs, however, contain different properties. They are dark green in colour, representing the Elements of the Earth. With it, Carnax can control and manipulate any element he wishes, and renders him partly immune to concepts such as Gravity due to his control over it. Combined with the source of energy provided by the temple, and Mana from the dark blue body, gigantic natural disasters can be summoned with no problem whatsoever. This also renders elemental attacks to be almost useless against him.

Lastly, there is his Red Tail, granting Carnax the power of Knowledge itself. It is red as it signifies power and the desire to seek things outwards, the ability to consume and absorb into itself the one thing that entropy cannot eliminate – Understanding. With this power, Carnax can utilize his power wisely, and not be a mindless beast of useless destruction, instead focusing its abilities to cast multitudes of massive spells and shields to eliminate the enemy. Carnax can also absorb the knowledge from dead enemies and grant them to Decaun himself, increasing his knowledge.

These abilities, Good and Evil (black and white temple), Life and Age (yellow eyes), Energy and Void (Dark-blue body), Elemental Unity (Dark green legs), and Knowledge (Red Tail), can be combined to form the famed Death Energy. This energy is the energy of annihilation and creation, as it can erase the enemy from existence, or even bring someone erased from existence back. Death Energy can be used for a multitude of purposes, and is the penultimate form of magic. The first time the Primordial Entropic Carnax was summoned was when Grendel Bell fought the other two ancient masters of Light and Dark (who was from Eccanterlight), with Infinity activated (Their infinity could last for 1 hour). The battle was long, as the Darkness master kept using “Power Word: Giant Undead Army”, while the Light Master kept summoning a never-ending hail of light bolts, lightning, fire, angelic warriors, etc. Grendel Bell, however, kept countering with his Death Scythe, which gained power immensely from the amount of Undead, up until they reaped enough times for him to summon THIS version of Carnax. Needless to say, Grendel Bell won the battle. All of them have gone into retirement since then.

Truth to be told, Carnax is actually a peaceful beast, since it is harmonic (being made from Entropy),

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (Normal mode), 100,000 (Equilibrium), 150,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Mana Cost (w/o Entropic Summoning Stones): 10^33 (Normal Mode), 10^15 (Equilibrium), 10^17 (Dynamic Equilibrium)


Luminous Ender


Conjures a gigantic Blade composed of a balanced Light and Dark energy, fired at the target. When it strikes the enemy, the enemy feels a combination of Light and Dark, Burning Cold, Soothing Pain, and Brightly Dark are some of the descriptions of the kind of pain felt from this technique. If it does not instantly kill the enemy, it deals 7 hits of Critical damage to both their souls and bodies.

When it hits the landscape, it is known for destroying and replacing life in the area, but not before creating a huge explosion of light and darkness, affecting nearby creatures. Prior to that, Entropic Flames trail the blade of Ender itself, covering the landscape. These Entropic Flames absorb the energy from the surroundings and form Ender crystals, which can be used by Decaun.

This is said to be one of the more terrifying abilities of Equilibrium, as Ender can potentially rain down upon the enemy, assimilate both light and dark skills, and travel through regular elemental skill shields as if it were intangible, making it exceptionally dangerous.

Spell Type: Attack

Mana Cost: 30,000 (Non-Equilibrium), 1000 (Equilibrium), 1500 (Alternate-Equilibrium)

Orb of Entropy

Forged from the very material of the Entropic Dimension, the Orb of Entropy creates an aura in which all forms of Entropic attacks are enhanced. Furthermore, it radiates the essence of the Entropic Dimension, healing all Entropic creatures near it at rapid rates. It also reduces the Mana Cost of all Entropic spells by 2% each(When not placed down).

Each of these Orbs, when placed down, grows to the size of large monoliths, ranging from 2 meters tall to 50 meters in height. It can also be used as the medium for related entropic attacks, allowing for a far greater amount of Mana to be used in the spell, as well as amplifying its potency fortyfold. When placed down, it has the passive effect of healing any related Entropic Creature in a 40 meter radius, and channeling energy directly from the Entropic Dimension to the attacks, giving it 20% increased power every second.

Each Orb is a sphere with a 1-cm radius, and is absurdly condensed. These Orbs are incredibly hard to manufacture and are a highly sought for in the community for its ability to mold weapons and armour, amplify magic, and create high-quality scepters. It is also highly immune to heat, being the worst kind of conductor for heat, and can be placed in a shield to divert flame attacks away from its wielder.

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: 40,000 per Orb (Equilibrium), 60,000 per Orb (Dynamic Equilibrium)


Ender's Symbol


A defensive technique used by Decaun. It can be activated at any time when Decaun is not in Equilibrium mode. This is used in order to temporarily utilize Equilibrium abilities and access his ultimate defense. However, unlike regular Equilibrium, this lasts only for 30 seconds.

It has a cooldown of 20 minutes.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 4500

Entropic Enhancement

Utilizes the state of equilibrium of many things, Earth, Nature, and the like, to enhance and empower his own spells. The difference between this and Infinity, however, is that this only increases the power of his Light and Darkness energy, boosting their potency 4 thousand times over, as it allows him to concentrate energy far more efficiently.

This is because it taps onto the unused energy, the dormant energy of life – the more the energy is untapped/unused, the more power this ability can draw. The Energy drawn when this state is used mainly comes from the Light and Dark energy present in all things.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 25,000

God’s Equivocation

Using Entropic Energy, calls upon a large amount of energy to equalize the opponent’s elemental energies, converting their attack to your own and using it against them. It first summons a portal made of Entropic Energy. When the enemy’s attack passes through it, Fire for example, it will be converted and transformed into Anti-Water for Decaun’s use, sending it back at the enemy to both burn and drown them in scorching water. If wind is sent at Decaun, Anti-Earth is generated to be sent back at the enemy, delivering solid cuts and erodes them at high speeds.

Anti-Fire : Fire-like, freezing properties, feeds of their energy

Anti-Water: Water-like, burning properties, drowns them and absorbs their energy to form Anti-Ice in their lungs

Anti-Earth: Earth-like, eroding properties, forms tornadoes of solid Anti-Earth which feeds on Air

Anti-Air: Air-like, solid, transparent but can be used to form transparent jutting stones to destroy the enemy

Spell Type: Conversion

Mana Cost: 20,000 (Normal), 750(Equilibrium), 1000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Ender Crystals

The Crystals from the Dimension of Entropy, they are condensed forms of Entropic Energy, partly-saturated with Mana and Energy. An Ender Crystal shard which forms from the Entropic Flames is normally enough to regenerate up to 20,000 Mana points, but it can be used for other things as well, such as the creation of armour, or the storage of energy, as it has the potential to store up limitless amounts of energy, and grow as a result.

In the Equilibrium state, Decaun is able to nudge these crystals to launch themselves towards the enemy, forcing them to flee in terror. If Entropic Flames are on them, they lose energy more rapidly and slow down, until these Ender Crystals can attack themselves onto the enemy, where they forcefully extract energy from the enemy’s body and harden, acting like unbreakable superglue.

Decaun can also use the energy it has captured to revert it back to Entropic Flames, which he can manipulate with greater ease and efficiency.

As it gets harder the more energy it received, it is also often used as armour. With its incredible homing properties, capacity for energy storage, as well as malleability, the Ender Crystals are likely the worst thing the enemy could deal with, due to their inherent indestructibility. Also, although it can be broken by Physical attacks, it will turn back into fire, which would begin restricting the opponent once more.

Spell Type: Attack, Defense

Mana Cost: 75,000 per minute (Normal), 5,000 per minute (controlling them in Equilibrium state), 6,500 per minute (Dynamic Equilibrium State)

Entropic Fire

Entropic Fire is one of the special elements in the Dimension of Entropy, and works like a constraining elastic band. The more the target moves while being burned by Entropic Flames, he will feel his joints weaken and burn up, feeling more tired as energy leaves his body. As he moves, the flames act like an elastic band, creating resistance to the person’s movement. However, unlike regular elastic bands, it does not move pull the target according to its movement, retracting appropriately, rather, it continues pulling them at a direction directly opposite of where they intend to go. Hence, the resistance force increases and increases, to the point where the opponent’s movements become sluggish, and finally, it forces them to stop.

Another effect of this Entropic Fire, is it directly feeds off the enemy’s energy source, without restriction, similar to its Ender Crystal counterpart. Anything it comes into contact with, it attempts to burn and convert into more energy to fuel itself.

This Fire is much easier to move about as compared to its Ender Crystal counterpart, and moves much faster. Walls of this can be used to directly guard against powerful Magical or Energy attacks, soaking up the damage and creating an enormous shield of Ender Crystals, which can be converted to Mana in Equilibrium Mode.

Spell Type: Attack, Defense

Mana Cost: 90,000 per minute (Normal Form), 8000 per minute (Equilibrium), 11500 per minute (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Entropic Ice

Entropic Ice has properties contrasting Entropic Fire; however they complement each other very well. While Entropic Fire forcefully restricts the movement of its opponent, Entropic Ice instead acts like a powerful “electromagnet”, either repelling or attracting the enemies’ energy towards the user. This can be used for powerful combo attacks, forcing the opponent into a trap, or making it easier for the user to rip out the enemies’ energy with Entropic Ice.

Another application of this Entropic Ice is that it can weaken attacks which take some time to gather energy, or weaken a channeling energy attack. By placing it tangential and at the sides of energy beams, some of the energy will deviate outwards, weakening the force which is directed at the user. Also, when attacks like Spirit Bomb are used, by placing it around the target enemy, it can effectively repel all the “good” energy away from them, and attract them towards the user.

It is also used to mimic powerful gravitational effects, especially when the enemy can fly.

As such, it is highly useful tool in repelling, and redirecting energy wherever the user wants it to go. This works very well with Entropic Power, which creates a greater resistance the more the user moves (or is moved). Hence, this can force even solitary and slow users who require very little movement to deal a lot of damage to be quickly restricted by the Entropic Fire, and overwhelmed. When placed together with Entropic Fire in the formation of a shield, it increases the amount of kinetic energy from the enemy’s attack, increasing the amount of energy absorbed by the Entropic Fire.

Entropic Ice gains energy for its attraction and repulsion by pulling in matter and energy, absorbing them directly. This gives it more power to pull in energy, or repel things with a powerful deflection shield.

When summoned, they come in the form of large orbs.

Spell Type: Support, Defense

Mana Cost: 90,000 per minute for 40 orbs (Normal), 5,000 per minute for 40 orbs (Equilibrium), 7,500 per minute for 40 orbs (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Entropic Summoning Shards

Entropic Summoning Shards are extremely powerful anchors, which weaken the dimensional barriers between the Dimension of Entropy and this world, allowing Decaun to summoning entities from that realm into this realm, by using up the power of the stones.

These stones can summon many things from that dimension, be it Entropic Fire and Ice, Ender Crystals, or creatures. It, however, is most often used to summon powerful creatures from that dimension, removing the strain from Decaun Equino when he summons those creatures.

Each Entropic Summoning Stone can summon 10, gigantic, Ender Crystal Sword and Shield wielding Entropy-Fire filled soldiers.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 50,000 (Normal), 12,500 (Equilibrium), 17,500 (Dynamic Equilibrium)


Creates a “Tai-Chi” sphere composed of both Light and Dark energies, in perfect Equilibrium at the core of it. Comprising the very core of Entropic Energy, the forces balance out to stagnate time itself, slowing everything within the Tai Chi sphere greatly.

Within the Tai Chi sphere, energy attacks are useless, as they are immediately assimilated into the Equilibrium, which causes the temperature within to skyrocket.

Within this Tai Chi sphere, all spells using Entropic energy are strengthened, as they can absorb energy from the sphere itself for more power. It also warps spatial ley lines to an extent, creating portals within it and causing attacks to just warp to different parts of the Tai Chi sphere, while outside, attacks just curve around it.

When Infinity is activated, this skill spans hundreds of kilometers, encompassing the landscape, and then it is used in conjunction with Entropic Reapers to eliminate the enemy, alongside raining Ender Blades, etc.

Spell Type: Area-Of-Effect, Attack

Mana Cost: 100,000 (Normal), 8,000 (Equilibrium), 12,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)


A legendary spell once used by Grendel Bell. It is impossible to escape from conventionally, as it appears precisely at your location, attacking you through the appearance of one gigantic scythe, slicing downwards towards your location. The scythe is several kilometers long, but despite its immense size, the scythe blade is sharper than any other conceivable object, and is wreathed in Entropic Flames, while generating Anti-Pressure and Anti-Air as it sweeps down. Aside from that, it is made out of pure, solid Entropic Ice. Its actual properties between states however, differ greatly.

Its primary property is to be attracted to everything not at Equilibrium (basically everything which moves), and as such it targets everything. Due to its properties, it is utterly immune to the effects of space and time, and is virtually omnipresent, in that more than one of it can be present at any point of time.

There are 3 ways in which this Chronoscythe can be used. The first is an attack which targets a particular enemy/group of enemies. The scythe, in its ethereal and invisible form, slices down towards its intended target, becoming visible in the split second the enemy is about to be hit. If, however, it knows that its enemy will dodge it, a subsequent “clone” of it will reappear by its side, slashing down towards the location where the enemy will next arrive in, striking it at the same, perfect interval, continuing until it hits the enemy. It should be noted that the scythe is virtually omnipresent, with the only time of it appearing being the split second it is about to hit the enemy. When the enemy is touched by the blade, it can be said to be frozen forever in the sea of eternity, sending it into the next best possible state of Equilibrium, that of no energy. As such, when the enemy is touched by the scythe, they immediately become still, their kinetic energy completely stolen by the blade in this mode. As the enemy dodges the scythe, it consistently gets faster and faster, similar to the reaping of the Entropic Reapers, as such, this technique is fatal, and should be dealt with immense caution. It is also immune to all Chronokinetic attacks. The reason for its ability to freeze enemies for eternity is because all the different variants of Entropic Energy work harmoniously to provide an unbreakable link to the Entropic Dimension, a level of harmony which Decaun himself is unable to attain. Hence, while this is his most powerful attack, he is unable to directly wield this concentrated variation of the scythe.

Next, is the Area of Effect variant, Unlike the prior version, this version of the Chronoscythe technique utilizes pure brute force, absorbing and translating all energy into pure cutting power. This variant is 14 kilometers long, much larger than its prior variant, and focuses on annihilating the target. As it swings down, it unleashes all of its Entropic Fire and Anti-Air energy throughout the battlefield, causing untold destruction. This was the variation Decaun was talking about when he mentioned it to Grendel Bell during their meeting. It causes untold amount of chaos and pools in energy directly from the latent, infinitesimal powers of Gravity throughout the battlefield. With the area defined completely by Anti-Pressure, it represents the completely chaotic effects of the Chronoscythe, switching and moving Equilibrium around to cause untold chaos.

Lastly, would be wielding the scythe regularly. With it, he can mimic the effects of Warlic’s Silent Waltz, unleash the powers of the scythe completely, etc. He can also draw upon the endlessly dense properties of Entropic Ice within it, repelling or attracting objects with his will, or utilize Entropic Fire to reduce the enemy’s capacity to move whatsoever. It has similar weapon properties to Messiah’s Hammer, in that this weapon does not allow Decaun to harm himself with it, passing through himself hjarmlessly. Furthermore, despite its incredible mass and stored power, it is seemingly weightless to Decaun, as the handle from which he wields it is the point of contact for his own magical power. Thus, while feeling unfathomably heavy to enemies, Decaun can utilize it at whatever speed he wishes, enhancing his skills with it. At any point of time, this scythe can create a Chrono-Stagnation field, unleash a wall of Entropic Flames to form more Entropic Crystals, or enhance his speed, making it Decaun’s most useful melee-magic weapon.

Spell Type: Summoning, Attack

Mana: 300,000 (Equilibrium, first kind), 180,000 (Equilibrium, second kind), 80,000 (third kind, permanent summon)

Mana: 450,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium, first kind), 300,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium, second kind), 130,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium, third kind)

Mana: 1,500,000 (first kind), 1,200,000 (second kind), 600,000 (third kind)

Equinox Dragon

Tyton89 ender-dragon

Equinox Dragon Picture taken from

The Equinox Dragon, found in the depths of the realm of Entropy. This dragon is unique, one-of-a-kind, and requires 150 Entropic Summoning Stones.

On its underbelly, transparent, Entropic Ice coats its scales, allowing the dragon to have full control over its position, dodging attacks with great ease, repelling others, and in general granting it extreme maneuverability in the skies. On its body, Ender Crystals coat its wings and back, granting it extreme protection from attacks. When energy attacks, etc., hit the dragon, the scales will glow in response, showcasing the newly stored Energy in its wings, which the Dragon can either absorb, or redirect back towards the enemy in a stronger beam. This energy can also be used to coat its body in even more Ender Crystals, making it almost impossible to truly harm the dragon.

As each of the 2 different materials have the body as a medium, energy can be transferred between them freely, allowing the dragon to exchange durability for speed, strength for repulsion force, or even durability for firepower. This is because it can generate and spew Entropic Fire out of its mouth, which, combined with its absurd agility, makes it almost impossible for the opponent to outmaneuver this dragon.

Another one of its abilities helps it tap into the essence of any planet, drawing upon its untapped power (Potential Energy is already in Equilibrium) and pulling it into him, pooling it into the Ender Crystals scattered throughout its body. This causes the Ender Dragon’s features to become more defined than before, and sharper, while increasing its size. During this new Equinox state, the dragon becomes equal shades of white and black, and its Entropic Energy’s potency is strengthened even more than before.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost (w/o stones): 20,000,000 (Normal), 4,000,000 (Equilibrium), 6,000,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Mana Cost (w/ stones): 200,000 (Normal), 20,000 (Equilibrium), 30,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Nephiloxx the Oblivion King

Entropic Exodia

Nephiloxx the Oblivion King

Stronger than the Equinox Dragon, Nephiloxx requires 200 Entropic Summon Stones to summon forth into battle. Unlike the more physical, direct nature in which the Equinox Dragon defeats its opponents, Nephiloxx takes a less direct path, often casting spells to boost itself.

However, despite its tendency to use spells, Nephiloxx is actually highly adept in physical combat, often overpowering enemies with his unnatural, magical strength.

Dynamic EquilibriumEdit

Luminous Light

Light Clone

Luminous Dark

Dark Self

This is a forced state of equilibrium, attained by literally projecting from one hand, all his darkness, while from the other hand, all his light energy. This is when the amount of energy being used, no matter dark or light, will cause the equilibrium to only shift and adapt accordingly, generating the opposing kind of energy to counteract the other (More darkness generated = more light formed). In this state, Decaun can access Equilibrium spells, albeit at a relatively higher Mana cost.

However, this dynamic equilibrium also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, it does not have the absolute defense which comes with the Equilibrium, which means he is still equally susceptible to damage. Also, this state can be disrupted by other beings as well if they understand how the 2 “clones” work in conjunction.

Its advantages include access to other abilities which make him even more unpredictable, as well as the ability to fire both Light and Dark spells simultaneously, with the advantage of Equilibrium’s increased potency for both elements. This also allows him to multitask more efficiently, as his light and dark sides can take on personas of their own, while he himself maintains the Zen state which comes with Dynamic Equilibrium (Not regular equilibrium).

Often, this technique is a powerful substitute to regular Equilibrium, with its primary flaw lying in that Decaun is unable to achieve regular Equilibrium in this state. However, Dynamic Equilibrium can be maintained indefinitely, unlike Equilibrium.

However, it should be noted that this state can be accessed while in Equilibrium, combining the advantageous aspects of both forms. When both states are used, the power of Equilibrium spells increases by 100x, and Mana costs for Equilibrium abilities decrease by 30%.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 1,000/minute

Zen EyesEdit

Dynamic Equilibrium grants Decaun the Zen Eyes, as a result of him projecting all the alternating emotions of light and dark into 2 other, separate entities. This leaves the original with the perceptions of a neutral man, free from the influence of conceptualization and bias, thus allowing him to become more rationalized, honest, and less delusional.

These Zen Eyes grant the user the “Perception of the Thousand Truths”. Seeing the objects for what they are, without associating any concept whatsoever to it, or predefining its purpose, is what makes the Zen Eyes so ruthlessly efficient in deciphering veiled attacks. With it, Decaun manages to foresee and predict the potential possibilities as he is able to read what the attack is most likely going to do, and this gives him a sense of Precognition.

Another power to these great eyes is that they unlock the Zenith of Perception, allowing him to gaze directly upon different realms of magic, exploring the many possibilities underlying Mana. This has aided him in his investigation on Mana, however, it has not granted him any significant advantage in researching it as of yet.

However, it should be noted that it unlocks the state of Zen, which is very useful for focusing spells.

This state enhances Decaun’s Equilibrium Magic 5x

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: 0

State of ZenEdit

The state of Zen is one of abject concentration. With his identity and ability to associate things with concepts melting away, he gains greater focus and basically thinks his “gut instinct”. By that I mean Decaun gaining extrasensory perception, as he understands perfectly what his gut feeling is saying, allowing him greater maneuverability and instinctive dodging, to a greater efficiency than that of Spider Man. This is the physical portion and more notable effect of Zen Eyes.

Aside from that, the focus behind his casting of spells is enhanced. As such, Mana spells of Darkness and Light skills in this state are reduced to 50% of its original cost, with the technique’s power being 5x of its original strength.

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: 0

Damage ReflectEdit

One of the most peculiar spells under the possession of Decaun. This attack has no real fundamental premise, rather, it functions on a select set of unique spells placed upon himself, which stores and controls the effects of Damage Reflect.

When the enemy hits Decaun with their attack while his Damage Reflect is activated (Seen from the swirling brown energies around Decaun), he receives a portion of the damage which they attempt to inflict, and then circulates it in seals and other assorted power enhancers, causing it to flood and circulate through his body at a greater rate and power. After which Decaun glows blue, brighter and brighter as the energy stored increases over time, then being stored in the form of Lorian Orbs, which can be unleashed at the enemy.

Decaun then uses his magic to attach a powerful link between him and the opponent, coursing all the received damage directly at the opponent’s body, regardless of their armour.

Up to 10 Lorian Orbs can be formed at any time. With each Lorian Orb formed, the time he can maintain the orbs decreases drastically. While 1 Lorian Orb can be maintained for 1 hour, while 10 Lorian Orbs can be maintained for less than a minute.

For optimum effect, Decaun can absorb his enemies’ strongest attack, instantly forming 10 orbs. However, despite being very efficient and powerful, the 10 orbs must be discharged within the minute it is formed, right back at its source, or else Decaun himself will receive extensive damage.

Spell Type: Buff

Mana Cost: 50,000 (Normal), 8,000 (Equilibrium), 5,000 (Dynamic Equilibrium)

Lorian OrbsEdit

These peculiar orbs are the result of Decaun receiving damage. Unlike other forms of magic, this technique requires the user as a medium to receive the enemy’s powerful attack, without the use of Magic Guard.

With great pain comes great power, or so they say. This technique is highly risky, as Decaun isn’t as highly adept in combat as masculine close-ranged fighters, however, the advantage which comes with it are these perpetually-glowing Lorian Orbs. These Lorian Orbs multiply the power of the enemy’s attack’s effects, storing and amplifying it as Decaun receives damage. Despite relieving 60% of the damage, the enemy’s attacks still deal a significant amount of damage as compared to when he has Magic Guard on.

This allows Decaun to reflect any kind of attack, including status ailments. This is because by experiencing the attack head on, he gains an intimate, experiential understanding of how the technique works, and this Orb passes on those very same effects of the attack to the opponent, regardless of immunity. The “Pain” felt if the opponent doesn’t receive damage is just the direct transferring of Decaun’s personal experiences with the attack. In other words, Decaun select which pain he wishes to inflict, be it mental or physical, transferring it through the Lorian Orbs to deal damage. Oftentimes, he combines both of these aspects together.

Solunar EminenceEdit

The 3 entities – Decaun, his Light Clone, and his Dark Self, flex their aura. These 3 auras pressure the opponent, and intermix to form powerful, intermittent pressure alterations. Aside from that, the 3 different types of auras work harmoniously.

The Light clone’s aura effects are simple. In essence, it forms a tender, shining light which blinds the target, preventing him from looking up. It also induces the mental projection of sizzling skin, affecting the target mentally. Above all, it serves as an homing beacon for light attacks, locking every single light attack onto the enemy.

The Dark Self’s aura, however, acts as a powerful, opposing force. Being situated beneath the target, it pulls them in like a tireless, ceaseless black hole. Functioning upon the need to devour, this aura can be seen in the form of chains drooping around the user, as well as the large seal right beneath Decaun, expanding 20 meters around the Dark Self. This pit also exerts a stronger force on those who stare directly at it, as they will be implanted with mirror illusions and false realities, disorienting them greatly.

Decaun himself, however, emits the aura of Rectification. As the aura of recreation, it materializes the concept of harmony, and reconciles the differences between the effects of the Light and Dark auras, mediating them to coexist, whilst enhancing both effects.

Spell Type: Passive/Buff

Mana Cost: 200 (Activation)

Essence TransferEdit

When dealing with energy attacks in this state, Decaun is capable of transferring, amplifying, and redirecting enemy attacks, or that of his own. This is done so through Essence Transfer, whereby both the Dark Self and Light Clone creates portals, of a colour opposite that of their own element. When the enemy fires an attack directly at either clone in this state, the attack will literally “disappear” into them, after which it is either amplified or re-released, or absorbed entirely into Decaun through the medium of the clone (which temporarily stores the energy). This technique, though spontaneous and highly efficient to use in battle, costs quite a bit of mana and creates a weakness.

That weakness is that the actual Decaun cannot move as all the focus is sent into these 2 alternate personas of himself. Though they can shield Decaun, his immobility is a major drawback to this powerful skill.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 10,000 (Activation cost per use, only available in Dynamic Equilibrium)

Entropic EquilibriumEdit

The Paragon of all Equilibrium states, the Penultimate Source, the Pinnacle of Entropic Mastery, call it what you will. The Entropic Equilibrium is the state in which true Equilibrium is accustomed to, in which creatures of the Entropic Dimension reside. However, despite all convenient thoughts and suggestions which make most think that these Entropic Creatures have attained True Entropic Equilibrium, it is in fact the reverse. The very fact that they seek energy, and absorb energy they do not possess to equalize it, implies an imperfection in their abilities. Furthermore, they live upon the limited shields of defense which most planets there generate, and are hence able to live on and thrive.

However, there are, of course, creatures who have managed to overcome this, and miraculously live harmoniously among the chaotic depths of stable instability. True Entropy is not that which is perfect calm, rather, it is perfect chaos, opposing all which that moves and doesn’t move, balancing them out in imperfectly stable manners. As such, it can be said that true Entropic Equilibrium is the ability to maintain chaos and order within itself, and to do that is to attain a greater understanding of both, realizing that both are, in actuality, no different from the other, as both are results of the same causality.

This True Entropic Equilibrium is also the source of the Chronoscythe’s vast power, however, the Chronoscythe applies the full and complete concentration of everything in the vast expanse of chaotic Equilibrium unto the target, destroying them.

This extreme state was attained by Decaun after several years of non-stop training during the timeskip, sending several astral projections into this realm and collating his findings. Over time, as these reports get more detailed, with Decaun’s understanding of the realm and magic prowess continued to grow, he finally managed to master this skill. He can now last in Equilibrium for 25 minutes, and Infinity for 15 minutes as a result of this.

To continue on with the prior point, the basic, fundamental requirement for True Entropy in general is to be made up of nothing, to lack actual existence, and this was a tough thing to do, until Decaun realized that Element X and Death Energy can be used for this very purpose. By channeling those into him, he attained a state of temporal nonexistence, becoming purely consisting – whereby his supposed existence is defined by a sum of parts. This lack of existence allows the Entropic Equilibrium state to manifest, and take form, using the primal void as a medium, and the Death Energy to be a limitation to its effects on the surroundings. This also renders Decaun immune to the physical limitations of the body, and allows him to generate and utilize god-levels of speed and strength before materializing, dealing extreme damage.

Using this state, many effects can be achieved. For example, the very fabric of reality can be twisted at a whim, as a result of Entropy doing away with all forms of resistances, allowing simple forces to have its full-fledged effect on something with no resistance. When punches are thrown by Decaun in this state, they deal absolute damage, as if facing no resistance whatsoever, or unleash an incomprehensibly dense force courtesy of the warping spatial laws being set up by his presence. Next, all forms of energy attacks possess Greater Element Seeking, where the attacks automatically strike the element to which you have the least resistance against, including all forms of entropic energy and reality warping. It also attains a form of invulnerability far exceeding the former Equilibrium, whereby he becomes utterly immune to almost every feasible, physical and energy-related attack. More details on its other effects will be explained in the next few sections.

The state of Entropic Equilibrium can only be held for 5 minutes. If used in conjunction with Dynamic Equilibrium, it spawns forth a fourth entity and a fifth one if Equilibrium is activated alongside this ability. This is because each state fundamentally requires different energy sources, and thus works differently. Also, this state runs entirely on the apparent energy source of Equili-Energy (Energy from True Entropy), it does not require Mana of any sort when using the related abilities, only Mana to maintain it.

It has a cooldown of 10 minutes per use. All Equilibrium spells are now a fifth of their Mana cost. True Entropy spells do not require Mana (most of the time). It also grants an additional 800,000 Mana, on top of Equilibrium’s 300,000 bonus, giving him a total of 2,400,000 Mana.

Also, despite the supposed power behind these True Entropy Creatures which he can summon (shown below), they can be held at bay by powerful warrior mages, who possess either extreme amounts of knowledge over Light or Darkness, or are insanely fast and strong. On Decaun’s planet, they utilize certain seals to limit the manifestation of such creatures. However, for the most part, if they truly got a foothold in the world, the enemy would most likely lose. As it is, most creatures go berserk once the time limit for Decaun’s transformation is over.

Spell Type: State, Form

Mana Cost: 10,000 (Activation of State)

Aura of Truth

This state emanates what is called the Aura of Truth, reducing and converting things back into their actual state via the use of Entropy. This Aura of Truth stems from Decaun’s transformed state, and can be utilized at will. This aura exerts pressure across the battlefield, and it causes the gravitational field lines, energy tracts, universal laws, to be bent and spun randomly. It also causes the enemy’s attacks to go in random fluctuation, either entering a region where power is dispersed, or another where it is concentrated. Furthermore, the enemies will lose control of their own energy as it fluctuates constantly without end, leaving no room for complex skills and abilities to be used.

If the aura is strong enough, it is able to render all things to have no presence, and if they attempt to resist, their unprotected physical form will become vulnerable to all forms of attack.

Aside from that, the enemy would feel as if they do not “belong”, and will begin to feel uncomfortable with their presence as they slowly get annihilated by the aura. If Decaun were to unleash the actual presence of the Void, in the form of Chronoscythe, however, the enemies will instantly be integrated into the never-ending expanse of the infinitely growing Entropy.

Spell Type: Aura

Mana Cost: 0

Equilibrium Shift

The most basic skill granted by Entropic Equilibrium – it allows the user to shift Equilibrium at a whim. This grants the user several advantages over other, less experienced users, in that their attachments to their energies vary, and as such are prone to control. Though Decaun is unable to directly control and manipulate their energy, he can definitely disrupt it.

Utilizing Equilibrium Shifting, Decaun can control the natural state of Equilibrium of the enemy’s energy, which affects the percentage of which it is made up of a particular substance. As such, the more complex the ability, the more susceptible it is to Equilibrium shifts. Of course, there are many creatures which use primarily one type of energy, but, if the source of that Energy is spiritual, he can disrupt the process greatly, converting the energy back to spiritual power, or reverse it to strain the enemy’s power.

While it does not do any damage, it is a highly-efficient, cost-free spell.

Spell Type: Support

Mana Cost: 0

Karmic Space Synthesis

This is a technique Decaun has developed over the years, known as the Karmic Space Synthesis. While it is true that the Entropic Dimension has no real “existence”, and instead comprises of only “Space”, Decaun has managed to condense this space into a liquid-like, viscous substance. Within these liquids, all laws of the universe are amplified several trillion fold, namely Friction, Gravity, Pressure, Force and the like. The Equilibrium is also naturally shifting within this area, preventing the formation of all forms of Spiritual Energy whatsoever, and as such only physical abilities work. This prevents anyone from simply flying out via regular means. Also, all forms of technology are disabled, as not only is Energy absorbed and converted at rapid rates, constant electromagnetic pulses are being fired outwards, and this prevents any form of technology from being used. Nuclear technology is also disabled, as the catalysts and laws for reaction work very differently. As such, when stuck within the ocean of Karmic Space Synthesis, it is extremely hard to get out of.

This Karmic Space Synthesis, in actuality, is the true space of the Dimension of Entropy. However, unlike the effects of the Chronoscythe, which subjects the target to the pressure of the entire dimension focusing on the target, this is a more generalized version of that ability, in that it affects the environment entirely without prejudice, inducing pressure onto all things not in the same state as the space, forcefully dematerializing and converting them, equalizing them. As such, the stronger the “difference” in the states (where the user has a lot of energy as opposed to Entropic Space), the stronger the pressure being exerted on them. The Pressure of this technique, which is that of space-time law, is great and relentless, and if your ability is to regenerate, the Space will feed on the influx of energy needed to do so.

The Karmic Space Synthesis basically comprises Entropic Space, and can be molded to Solid, Liquid or Gaseous states, or even Plasma States as well. The effects of this condensed Entropic Space, depending on the substance it has been molded to, can have varying physical and mental effects. For example, the gaseous version spreads and distorts your bodily systems, destroying you both externally and internally, and attacking the flow of energy and power within your body. The Liquid version is more direct, and aims to crush, flow, and absorb everything, preventing all forms of energy from being manifested. The Solid State is an enigma, whereby it is, miraculously, largely indestructible, its compactness only gaining power from the chaotic equilibrium it is set in, which makes it nigh-impossible for enemies to escape from the Solid Space’s “clutches”. As for the Plasma State, it is miraculous in that it can spread; creating Physical effects while remaining ethereal, and burns the enemy’s soul – their largest source of Spiritual and Life Energy. This affects the enemy’s thought processes as the battle continues. Aside from that, Entropic Space also has the powers of the Primordial Entropic Carnax, and can access the effects of Death Energy, and amplify the effects of regular Entropic Energy. Each of these types can be manipulated and controlled as if it were an element, and teleported at a whim.

It should also be noted that Entropic Space, acting as a medium, is an extremely powerful amplifier for all forms of Entropy Spells, and allows maximum damage to be dealt by related attacks, as all are destined to strike at the enemy’s weakness. It should be noted that all Entropic Spells cast in the voids of Entropic Space require no real Mana whatsoever, as this is the penultimate medium for such abilities.

Also, in general, the Equilibrium is always shifting, and this often generates unknown effects and assorted damage. As such, it is impossible to label all the effects here. Even Entropic Creatures (Not from Entropic Space) are vulnerable to such effects.

Last thing of note – Regular Entropic Creatures which can be summoned from Equilibrium take damage over time under this environment, while True Entropy creatures take no damage. Other, live creatures however, will take a much greater amount of damage over time, making it unwise for any creature to be summoned into this ability’s ever-expanding Area-of-Effect (which is a result of it growing stronger from its absorption of surrounding energy).

Spell Type: Offensive, Support

Mana Cost: 250,000

Eyes of Entropy

Decaun possesses the Eyes of Entropy, allowing him to perceive the end of all things, chaos, etc. and how to circumvent many effects. This reduces the Mana cost of all techniques of his by 50%, and drastically increases the range of all his attacks. Due to these eyes, he has begun to be able to utterly control the effects of Entropy, slowing it, and increasing the rate as he pleases. These eyes, as such, are one of the most deadly things to have.

A more powerful version is wielded by the Anarchic Dragon of Entropy, and more details can be found there.

Spell Type: Passive

Mana Cost: 0

Creatures of Shadow

Decaun can summon the creatures of the Shadowy Twilight in this state. These creatures are part of the few which manage to survive in the ocean of True Entropy, living out in Entropic space with no problems. These creatures can take the form of any existing creature which Decaun can summon, or has met before, and mimicking the properties and abilities of any creature, only converted Entropy-wise.

These creatures possess untold levels of regeneration capability (reforming from bare space itself), and are one with the space of Entropy. Even without such a space, they are seemingly weightless, making absolutely no sound as they travel throughout the battlefield, while stretching their limbs and altering their features as they please. They can also camouflage with the environment perfectly, and courtesy of these creatures having no real “Presence”, they are almost impossible to sense, or even touch if they don’t want to be detected. If they are seen, their skin radiates a “dark” glow around themselves, looking to be “shaded”, and seemingly emanating a dark aura which pools in Light. They also possess an absurd strength, overpowering even prior, regular Entropic Creatures, as they are on another plane of power.

Inside of Entropic Space, however, their presence can be detected in the form of a malevolent “pressure” being exerted on the target, and better sensors can detect the source of this “pressure”. However, whether they can catch these creatures in this environment is another matter altogether. In the realm of Entropic Space, the home of the Shadow Creatures, they move at speeds nigh-instant, disappearing and reappearing at a whim. Being masters of the dimension, they are at home with the constantly shifting Equilibrium in the area, and abuse it by strengthening all aspects of themselves, while locking certain others, gaining power as time passes. Being powerful shapeshifters reflecting reality, they can conjoin realities, and create completely new entities and creatures, and this makes them seemingly “Out-of-this-world”.

Unlike the Hulkupine, however, despite seemingly “not-existing”, they actually have the seed of life, the soul. However, what is unknown is that what constitutes the “soul”, and what the “soul” is, varies between dimensions, and there is no direct definition as to what can truly be called a Soul. This, as such, prevents creatures from the Entropic Dimension – Including others such as Void, Harm, Death, Light and Darkness, from being affected by most Soul-manipulators.

Also, despite what its name suggests, these Shadow creatures have no actual affinity with either Light or Darkness, rather, it is the state of all creatures residing in True Entropy, which are the epitome of what it means to Change. What we believe to be evolution and change is what’s normal to them. As such, it is almost impossible to surprise Shadow Creatures, as they are highly prone to evolution and adaptation, being the fundamental requirement for their existence within the Entropic Dimension.

Yet, the above only applies to physical entities which manage to live there. In actuality, there are many other, unaccounted creatures which range and contain different forms of a so-called “Presence”, and lack existence for the most part.

It should be noted that these creatures have a tendency to go berserk on their enemies.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 50,000 (Within Karmic Space Synthesis). 250,000 (Entropic Equilibrium), 1,250,000 (Equilibrium)

Anarchic Dragon of Entropy

Dragon of Darkness

Anarchic Dragon

The Anarchic Dragon of Entropy is similar, yet very different from the stereotypical dragons – Instead of possessing a very definitive and powerful existence, it possesses none. Instead, it consists; it is the culmination of many existences throughout the many realms of the Entropic Dimension, made up of many, seemingly insignificant entities, primarily Shadow Creatures and the like. This prevents the Anarchic Dragon from being destroyed, as the source of its existence only requires metaphysical factors, disregarding the need for soul, entities and the like. This prevents it from ever being destroyed, as it can be repeatedly manifested, provided certain conditions are met.

This dragon also possesses several different properties from the entities it is made up of. Namely, it is capable of eating colours, and removing the Spiritual Essence which is life. When colours are eaten, the entity itself becomes “empty”, representing the void which comes about from its effect. When foods with no more colour are eaten, they feel “empty”, void of nutritional content, taste and feeling, and just occupy space. This is the very sustenance of the beast, as it continually feeds on Reality itself, consuming change in all its purity and source – the World itself. This in turn grants the beast extreme power, growing in strength, power and size, and makes it a devastating enemy to face.

Despite its seemingly gloomy outlook, its scales are extremely colourful, a stark contrast with what it does naturally. Also, its eyes are completely void, dark even, as if it is pulling in all the surrounding light to perceive the world itself. Furthermore, it has the dark aura of pulling in, and bending light around itself, as its skin seemingly absorbs all energy for itself, as such, it can also prevent itself from being seen. Its shadow, comprising of the Shadow Creatures, can induce the effects of Equilibrium Shifts wherever it reaches, inducing massive pandemonium amongst the area. Aside from that, is the generic ability of causing whatever creatures which touch its shadow to turn into a hollow and lifeless bronze statue (a largely irreversible affliction). It is said that these people can be healed by touching the Dragon’s wings, which is true, however, whether you can get near to the Anarchic Dragon’s wings is another question altogether. Regardless, it is not often that the dragon decides to “activate” this ability, which makes it somewhat “extra” and “irrelevant”.

The Dragon also breathes rainbow-coloured Fire, which is a rough combination of Death Energy, True Entropy, and Life, which are the 3 afflictions of existence, where life is inherently chaotic, seeking control, Entropy is inherently stable, seeking chaos, and Death is inherently chaotic, seeking to devour others into “peace”. These 3 afflictions each have their own effects, and can serve to drive the enemies crazy as they begin losing control over their own body to external factors, such as fluctuations of energy. The inclusion of all these forms of energy may have the following effects.

Life Energy supercharges the target, but sends the target into a berserk frenzy, where while the mind is clear, it begins getting disconnected from the body, and they begin losing control over it. It also causes major internal damage to the body, as muscles and internal organs are ripped apart from the coursing Life Energy. Also, Life Energy causes the energy within the body to spiral out of control, which would lead to them losing the energies which allow them to control their body n the first place. Aside from that, it acts as a catalyst which enhances the effects of all attacks being sent towards the target, and a beacon for other attacks to home in on them.

True Entropy, as described, seeks to create chaos out of stability. Unlike Life Energy which seeks to stabilize itself through whatever means necessary, True Entropy seeks to derive instability from balance. As such, the Equilibriums’ within the body shift and fluctuate, disrupting blood flow, modifying blood pressure, damage breathing rhythms, overstretch muscles, form a new balance of Spiritual and Physical Energy, modify the degree of the mind’s control over the body, and vice versa, alter the effects of suggestion, disrupt the resistances to certain attacks, strengthening/weakening various muscle groups, distorting the muscle fabric and elemental constituents, etc. This wrecks major havoc within the enemy’s body, and while it remains in a stable state, the constantly shifting Equilibrium does extreme damage. However, the above are just internal effects. External effects can vary a huge bunch, as they affect temperature, the states of Thermal Equilibrium, the generation of Anti-Pressure, and other assorted conceptual warping, which applies only to the target.

Death Energy is the energy of complete peace and stability, which seeks to consume others into its ever-growing “Presence”, stemming from the power which generates death. It represents the perfect harmony of all things which have passed on – unmoving, stable. Yet, it is miraculous how Death Energy gains energy from this state – it can actually be said to be the epitome of Equilibrium, however, it is but a weaker portion of Entropy. Death Energy seeks to devour life, dragging them into the pitless depths of Equilibrium, and collecting the energy which will be generated by them for past, present and future. When the target is affected by Death Energy, they find themselves being rapidly drained of “Available Energy”, in that while they have the energy, they realize they are unable to control it, as if it were sealed away or given to someone else to control. This energy then spreads outwards, attaching itself to whatever object, space included, and uses these things to attempt to restrain the target. The more they struggle, the more energy they surrender to the Death Energy, and they end up getting restrained. This is because Death Energy sets a certain boundary as to the percentage of energy they can access out of their restrained limit, and the more energy they use which supersedes this limit, the more energy being sent over to the Death Energy side, and this boundary slowly shrinks over time.

Its empty Void Eyes are also the first ever Entropic Eyes, which possess the ability to deceive and alter the environment as it wishes. It can also generate a field of vision, and generate it to override the perceived reality. Whenever there is an influx of energy generated in a set area, the Entropic Eyes are capable of asserting the quality of Equilibrium over the target attack, fast-forwarding the dispersion rates and generating an “Equilibrium shield” around itself, thereby negating the enemy attack entirely. It can also choose to fluctuate and alter the existing Equilibrium at a whim, allowing the Dragon to negate the presence and existence of several concepts to a large extent, coming out virtually unharmed in many scenarios due to the newly generated Equilibrium around itself. Also, it can alter the rate of Energy dispersion and how Equilibrium (such as Thermal Equilibrium) applies to certain attacks of its own, which allows it to send attacks with perpetual energy (which prevents it from being affected by surrounding dispersion forces, etc.), and allows all energy of its own to be directed for one sole purpose. Next, it can utilize its eyes to directly perceive all forms of energy, and through this perfect analysis of the enemy’s attack (courtesy of its perception of the “End”), create a perfect counter to their attack. The “End”, in this case, represents the final state of things (or Entropy). Lastly, all forces, when stopped, are met with a balanced, counteracting force. The power of these Entropic Eyes is to manipulate this very force as well, and through it, negate the enemy’s generated force, and the resistances being put up, thus bypassing the enemy’s defenses. As such, all forces go straight through the enemy’s body, ignoring durability in general and wrecking havoc. However, the amount of force which can pass through with this ability at any point of time is limited.

Similar to other Shadow Creatures, it is most easily summoned in the realm of Karmic Space Synthesis, where it can manifest properly. However, unlike other creatures which are weaker outside of this element, the Anarchic Dragon actually gets far more powerful. It generates an aura which spreads throughout the area, feeding on all colour and freezing all mobile, lifeless objects in mid-air, feeding on all energy being generated. While Change is less prominent here, it is not bound by Equilibrium, and thus possesses infinite potential, of which this dragon can harness for its use. The longer the Dragon stays in the dimension, the greater its colour-draining effect, resulting in things slowly dulling, until all colour is lost, while it gets bigger and more colourful over time. Due to its existence “consisting”, it possesses vastly different properties as compared to its constituents, and this renders it largely immune to most forms of damage, as it either bypasses it or disables it entirely. It also has instantaneous reaction speed.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 800,000 (Karmic Space Synthesis), 12,000,000 (Entropic Equilibrium), 9 x 10^9 (Equilibrium), 8 x 10^50 (Normal)

Chromalekh the Shadow Lord

Chromalekh by ramsesmelendeze-d4wnx69


Chromalekh is a Shadow Creature which has transcended the contemporary limits and has become something different. Chromalekh is the personification of Death Energy within the Entropic Dimension, and has become one of its greatest wielders there. Aside from having enhanced stats as compared to regular Shadow Creatures, and the ability to shapeshift much better, it also possesses a far more malevolent aura as compared to the others, sending all things to an abject “stillness”, far different from the Entropic Dimension’s. This energy, rather, becomes his, and he gains the abilities from the target whose energy he has absorbed.

Becoming a creature whose existence is oriented around Death Energy itself, Chromalekh has largely become exempt from time, similar to other True Entropy creatures, though to a greater extent. Unknown to most, Chromalekh is the deviser and creator of the Chronoscythe, and can control it to an extreme extent. As its creator, it can assert its omnipresent factor to ambush the enemy, exert unfathomable amounts of pressure unto the points of impact, and bring about the property of “Death” entirely, and can even disable a Black Hole entirely. However, unlike what most would expect, the blackhole does not entirely cease to exist – it is still there, physical form and all, however its properties have all been disabled and it becomes a frozen frame in time. All its energy, however, past, present and future, becomes stored in the eternal void of Death, accessible by Chromalekh.

Over time, Chromalekh gains strength from change, gaining strength from death, feeding on the eternal aspect of evolution. As more deaths occur, more lives become his, more power is granted to him, and thus, it can be said to be an extremely powerful “Aspect”, possessing deadly abilities.

The minions of Chromalekh, as seen in the regular inhabitants of the Entropic Dimension, are more commonly known to be Entropic Reapers – lesser minions belonging to him. Its size, as such, can reach unfathomable heights, based on the power it generates. Also, it is capable of summoning countless reapers by its side to deal perpetual damage (Permanent), and mimic their abilities, aside from creating clones of its own.

Aside from this, it is one of the few creatures which has attained mastery over certain elemental aspects of the True Entropy Dimensional Plane. One such element is Detricity and Litricity, the Life and Death segments of Electricity itself. Detricity is orange and pools in all forms of Death Energy to enhance its power, growing in depth, concentration and power as time passes, serving to numb, destroy, and assert control over its targets, aside from forcing them into a state of Death (with effects similar to Entropic Fire), by absorbing all facets of movement, physical or Spiritual. Litricity, however, pulls in Life itself, absorbing the nature of the pull between chaos and equilibrium, the fight against eventual Entropy, yet, ironically, is relatively darker and black in colour. This Electricity affects all that which is ethereal, destroying and stealing Awareness, Emotion, Feeling, and Sensation – the facets of change. These 2 elements, when working together in harmony, serves to deharmonize and bring about Death in a being. However, these 2 elements have limits of their own, though few have managed to circumvent it, due to the powerful, absorbing nature of these elements.

Similar to electricity, the effects of these elements are sudden, shocking and powerful, and require much energy to maintain, and thus takes its toll on the user. However, it equally easily disperses into the surrounding. However, while this is a known weakness, there are manners in which this weakness cannot be applied, such as when these elements are mastered.

Chromalekh also possesses the ability to convert its body entirely to both Detricity and Litricity, extremely dense elements of nature, and has stabilized it such that the elements are not easily destabilized, materializing and converting it into an actual, physical form. As such, despite its normally small stature, it possesses untold amounts of physical might, due to there being no need to channel energy – it already is energy.

Unlike the Anarchic Dragon, it does not feast on the environment in general the moment it enters the world, nor does it become bigger. Instead, it slowly becomes more “attached” to the world, gaining access to all the deaths occurring in the realm throughout, increasing its power and strength. It also controls its size accordingly, and can enlarge any part of its body at will.

Chromalekh also has a passive aura of Death, inducing several effects onto the enemy’s attacks, and can even disable them to an extent. Through this, Chromalekh can also analyze the enemy’s abilities more directly. Also, its concentration and mastery over Death Energy is far greater than the Primordial Entropic Carnax, allowing Chromalekh to use it in far more subtle gestures and methods. This also allows him to dissect the enemy’s attacks, perceiving its weak point/weakness, allowing him to render the attack useless.

Lastly, Chromalekh can summon Shadow Trees, which are the main trees existing in the realm of True Entropy, extending both Decaun Equino’s reach using True Entropy skills, reducing Mana Cost by 1% per tree, increasing the potency of related attacks, etc. These trees also convert surrounding waveforms into energy as well, fuelling the development and growth of the “Death Blight”, which spreads and absorbs more energy for the tree’s consumption.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 1,400,000 (Karmic Space Synthesis), 15,000,000 (Entropic Equilibrium), 7 x 10^13 (Equilibrium), 9 x 10^43 (Normal)

Shadow Trees

Shadow Alien

Shadow Tree-Alien-Thing

These Shadow Trees are mobile, Alien like things. Unlike trees, they need not attach themselves to the ground, as their presence is enough for them to produce the desired effect. Being gigantic creatures, towering over humans like malevolent towers, they possess ridiculous amounts of energy, and aim to spread the Entropic Dimension through their “connection”, which allows the Entropic Dimension a foothold in every known world.

These shadow trees are, like other shadow creatures, deceptively fast and strong. On top of its massive weight, it possesses unrivaled strength, and extreme durability, with energy absorption capabilities to boot. They draw in unquantifiable amounts of energy, analyzing and adapting the Entropic Dimension’s qualities accordingly such as to have the smoothest integration effect on the world, which allows related spells to be casted more easily. As such, the Karmic Space Synthesis mana costs drop by 25% per summoned tree. Summons, however, do not have that bonus, though their energy stores are replenished by these trees.

The Shadow Trees can also create roots on the planet, which allow them to spread their influence much more, as well as activate their energy absorption capabilities. However, they become much harder to control in this state.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 5,000 (Karmic Space Synthesis), 80,000 (Entropic Equilibrium), 250,000 (Equilibrium), 850,000 (Normal)

True Metal

True Metal resides in the Entropic Dimension, which somehow maintains its existence in the space of True Entropy. As such, it possesses many peculiar properties. Namely, it is the only kind of Metal which can perfectly channel Entropic Energy, warping accordingly. As such, it is the most malleable form of material known, as it is highly prone to change, switching form however it pleases, and combining several elements into one with ease, even generating more deadly effects from a combination of heat and cold. It is also known for splitting Equilibrium into its constituents, and can generate Absolute, Negative temperatures alongside KugelBlitz temperatures from simple Room Temperature itself, as it maintains the same Equilibrium. As such, this is one of the Metals which are immune to shifting Equilibrium.

True Metal is summoned by Decaun alongside Karmic Space Synthesis, as it can flow in the form of liquid as well, thus it can take on many different shapes and sizes with ease. It is also a perfect form of material, due to its mechanically shifting, absorbent properties. As such, it is largely known to be an indestructible material, due to its properties.

As a weapon, it directly takes on the properties the user most prefers, and is most natural with. The weight of the weapon shifts accordingly, and adapts according to the situation. Even its shape will shift to remain advantageous to its user. Unlike energy weapons and other regular, legendary staffs, this weapon readily adapts to the user, and to the user, it feels as if the weapon was made for him. Furthermore, the weapon serves to amplify the user’s stats and abilities, multiplying their magical and energy potency, and strengthening their attacks.

If enough power is channeled into the weapon, it then explodes in a burst of power, surrounding the user in a powerful armour made out of True Metal. In this armour, the user’s speed is greatly increased, and for a certain period of time, they are capable of manipulating their energy perfectly, channeling their attacks with greater efficiency, without waste. This drains the users Mana.

Aside from that, the range of their attacks, be it physical, magical, or whatever, are greatly increased. This is because the armour negates “Spent Energy” by preventing attacks from being affected by the external environment, as they treat the force to be “At Equilibrium” with the surroundings, and thus causes no external disruption and is basically soundless. Combined with the innate amplifying ability of the armour, this strengthens the versatility of all users.


Concept robo by armandeo64-d57tx0k

Equivobot (Basic size)

Equivobots are cybernetic creatures, or robots with sentience. They are made entirely out of True Metal, equipped with the ability to fire all forms of Entropic Elements. This makes the Equivobot extremely deadly in battle, as it can access most abilities with ease. It also possesses the abilities and properties of True Metal, courtesy of what it is made of.

Aside from that, it also possesses durable claws made out of True Metal, from which it can materialize any known material in the Entropic Dimension, such as gigantic swords and the like. Through its armour, it can channel and absorb all the elements with ease, also creating massive disparities within itself, allowing it to deal several forms of damage. This is due to its ability to freely shift Equilibrium within itself.

Also, it can summon up tremendous strength despite its relatively small stature. More importantly, it is known for wielding Light and Darkness Energies, shifting them to meet the needs of generic Equilibrium, while the Red on its body represents the disorder which is True Entropy. This allows it to wield, to an extremely limited extent, the 3 elements of existence, Life, Death and True Entropy, and it often combines these 3 elements into one for convenience purposes.

However, the Equivobots have a limit as to how much energy they can summon forth and utilize at any point of time, including the strength of the “disparity”. As such, it is vulnerable to damage once it is overwhelmed, and can be destroyed during that time. However, once that time has passed (about 30 seconds of rebooting), the robot comes back 1.5x larger, and far stronger than before. The largest robot Decaun has ever summoned was 3 kilometers tall, which managed to face off against multiple armies at once.

To summarize, the Equivobots are extremely durable creatures which are impossible to harm energy-wise, and are incredibly resilient to physical attacks. However, though they can be damaged by Physical attacks, the effects are most prominent only during the “rebooting” phase, where all attacks can harm it. The Equivobot is not entirely defenses though, as it can defend itself to an extent.

Due to it being just a cybernetic heap of True Metal granted sentience, it is immune to all Soul attacks and electrical disruptions, with the only way of destroying it being its “rebooting” phase.

These are creatures which cost little Mana to summon, and are the main “warriors” of the world, effective primarily in large quantities.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 200 (Karmic Space Synthesis), 10,000 (Entropic Equilibrium), 200,000 (Equilibrium), 1,000,000 (Normal)

Bestial Knight

Xing tian who will never surrender by phoeni x man-d4jurvq

The Bestial Knight

Be wary of this knight – it is the only entity which has a physical form in the outskirts of True Entropy. In fact, it is one of the greatest slayers there, often beating other True Entropy monsters and somehow managing to adapt to the odds of the True Entropy Space. On its head is a helmet with Entropic Fire burning on top, and a mask which conceals its true form, looking eerily similar to that of a Chinese Lion. In its hand it wields the Axe of Indecision, one of the most powerful weapons, given form by True Metal and the Bestial Knight’s own power.

In actuality, nobody knows how old the Bestial Knight truly is, only that it has existed alongside nonexistence for countless of eons. Miraculously, it has managed to stand its ground against the multiple other powerful entities within this dimension itself, proving immune to many forms of Entropic Attack.

Similar to many Shadow Creatures, the Bestial Knight possesses an absurdly terrifying physical might, easily shattering even the famed Anti-Ki material which Geti Goku possesses, and the assorted True Metal, while indestructible to most, is less than tissue paper to him. Combined with his assorted indestructible armour and weapon (which even he cannot break), he is one of the strongest enemies anyone could ever face.

Aside from manipulating all forms of energy available in the dimension, the Bestial Knight possesses the Axe of Indecision, which is his main weapon. This axe is phenomenally heavy, and contains the power to overwhelm all forms of resistance, by empowering to extremities the suggestion of indecision, whereby the enemy is unable to muster any form of resistance against this axe itself, as it is influenced by the axe. Also, even the atoms themselves are under this influence, and often, this causes the atoms to remain absolutely still. Despite this unknown, immense resistance, however, the Bestial Knight has been known to continually slice his enemies clean through, or deliver a force so great it reverberates every single one of their atoms, causing the enemy to implode.

The Bestial Knights most renowned ability is known as “Subatomic Implosion: Eternal Atoms” which is where the Bestial Knight asserts the aura of his weapon, sending a supposed “Tractor Beam” aura which renders the enemy completely immobile. After which, the Bestial Knight, with its blinding speed, strikes every single subatomic particle in the enemy’s body with a fully-powered slash from the axe itself, forcing vibrations to course through every fiber of the enemy’s being. All of this is done at less than a fraction of a planckth second, despite the axe’s ability to hold the target still for quite some time. However, the Bestial Knight always stays on the safe side, and repeats this motion until 1 complete second has passed.

On a final note, this creature is at an astounding height of 40 kilometers, though it regularly takes forms far smaller than this. In battle, most people often confuse the Bestial Knight to be an advanced Equivobot – which would be their end.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 10^20 (Karmic Space Synthesis), 10^25 (Entropic Equilibrium), 10^48 (Equilibrium), 10^96 (Normal)

Void Phantom StateEdit

Onimusha 3 demon siege profilelarge

Void Phantom State

Utilizing the power of the Necronomicon, Decaun reads through it backwards, causing his Dark Self to turn into a Void Phantom. His Light Clone, in order to counteract this transformation, adds unfathomable amounts of power unto itself.

However, what is unique about the Void Phantom state is not about his ability to cast huge, area-of-effect spells like apocalypse. Rather, it focuses on the concise release of concentrated blasts of darkness, eradicating almost all available durability in that area and allowing his attacks to cut through enemies with the utmost of ease.

In this mode, an aura is emanated, absorbing the life forms and energies of anything within a 20 meter radius at rapid rates, while weakening everything biological and weakening anything metallic.

This state is one of his most powerful forms, as while it lacks Equilibrium’s durability, it makes up for it with absurd offense. Only useable in Dynamic Equilibrium.

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 35,000

Pinnacle of Zenith MasteryEdit

A mode resulting from the mixture of all his transformations and modes, resulting in a Decaun who is capable of doing almost anything with his abilities. Despite its immense power, it can only be held for 2 minutes, lest he loses control or dies from overwhelming power.

Cooldown: 1 day

Spell Type: Mode

Mana Cost: 0


Staff of Ruin

The Staff he originally wielded. This staff has a red core in the centre of the tip’s spiral, is a magical artifact. Being inclined towards darkness, this weapon enhances all darkness spells by a factor of 3. However, its true purpose and abilities lies in the decaying and decomposition of structures and creatures.

In total, he has fought a total of 3,000 battles with this Staff, and throughout these battles, the staff has been renewed and refined to the level it is now.

Luminous Staff of Ruin

Staff of Ruin

Scepter of Death

Luminous Death Scythe Mana

Scepter of Death

This Staff was created from the Death Energies of the Primordial Entropic Carnax, and is Decaun’s most powerful weapon. As Decaun hasn’t mastered this weapon, it drains magical energies from him the more he uses it. Although it only helps the staff get attuned to its wielder, in battle, it serves as a distraction and has the effect of wasting Decaun’s magical reserves.

This Scepter’s affinity, instead of inclining towards Death, instead inclines towards Mana and Light energies, and as such enhances related attacks at a far higher rate and efficiency as compared to that of the other elements.

It enhances the user’s spells tenfold more than the Staff of Ruin, at the cost of (the temporary problem of) Mana being absorbed.

Bishop’s Staff

Luminous Holy Staff

Bishop's Staff

A staff passed on to Decaun from a powerful secular Magician (who had guided him when he lived in the lands occupied by Dark Mages). This Staff looks simple at first glance, however it contains a highly advanced Light Amplifier and Converter, allowing the user to convert most forms of energy into Holy Light, using either Mana or Magic.

Decaun, having used it for quite some time, has used his knowledge to further refine this artifact, and it has become something more than a simple “family heirloom”.

Gauntlet of Damnation

Forcefully sucks and absorbs all forms of light, dark and soul energy in the area into the gauntlet, gathering energy for Decaun to enter the Void Phantom state controllably. It is also capable of regenerating Decaun’s own reserves and energy, or weaken enemy attacks as they travel toward him.

Eternal Shard of Infinity

This shard was found and dug up from the very depths of the planet, deep in the dungeons and caves isolated from the rest of the world. These dungeons and cave systems are widely regarded as some of the most dangerous places anyone can venture in, and only the strongest few cultivate themselves there.

This shard is a tiny fragment of the energy source of the planet, and is the reason why Magic has developed and advanced so quickly. Wielding this shard, Decaun can basically store as many potions and Mana as he wishes into the shard, and is thus a virtually infinite energy source. Decaun can also attach it to his staff or wield it to enhance his magical might by up to 50 times.

Dormant Satazard

Sketchy Frogzard


Attained after the mini-arc where Decaun tested the Lookout Crew, “Invasion of Terrorzard!” After several evolutions undergone by the mystically magical Terrorzard, the result was the Dormant Satazard form, where the Terrorzard now lies dormant after gaining hefty amounts of energy.

In this state, the Satazard is like a statue, lying dormant. However, a sufficiently great energy will awaken the Satazard from its dormant form, causing it to begin wrecking havoc throughout the land. The Satazard can be controlled by Decaun because it was created from Rexxius, his Mana Spirit (After the creature forms, Rexxius returns to being a spirit).

Unlike the Terrorzard, the Satazard is Tier 3, courtesy of the copious amounts of energy it absorbed from attacks (be it physical or magical). Entering the Equilibrium state, the Satazard can also guard itself from its weakness, Element X, and other attacks which can affect it such as Entropic Energy or Death Energy based attacks. Furthermore, it receives -10^20 x the damage of any attack, regenerating its health and energy by a godly amount. Even it throwing a stone at itself is enough to regenerate it to almost perfect health. It can also fire any attack it has been hit with before, be it Kamehamehas, Darkness attacks, etc. Amplifying them with its own extreme amounts of Mana, it can basically unleash almost any form of attack at the enemy through its mouth. It is also noted to be able to summon Terrorzards through its mouth, flooding the area.

This massive discrepancy between the Satazard and its previous state results in it growing at an increasingly phenomenal rate, as it is impossible to tire, and has an infinite growth potential. It is often hypothesized that the Satazard is one of the very few things which can fight the Primordial Entropic Carnax, as they are similarly, mythically, powerful.

However, it is unknown if the Satazard has any more transformations, as the Satazard is almost impossible to destroy regularly and the international agreement of Mages is that no further experimentation is done on these creatures.

The Satazard is 2 meters tall.




Due to the many different abilities Terrorzard has, I am obliged to go into detail about every single one of them, as well as its subsequent forms (Except Satazard)

Terrorzard is a mysterious Zard on Decaun’s planet. Its source of origin is unknown, same for other Zards which have existed on this planet for a long time. The Terrorzard has the uncanny ability to absorb the energies from all forms of conventional attacks, Physical strikes included. Its skin is commonly referred to be indestructible, with all forms of attacks being dealt to it doing “physical damage” being useless. This is because the Terrorzard desires to receive attacks wholesale, allowing all slices, punches, and attacks to deal its full effect. Despite losing limbs, it is almost instantly regenerated due to the amount of Physical Harm caused by the enemy’s attack (mostly because of its absurd multiplier for enemy attacks which heals itself). When experimented on, the Terrorzard’s limbs are impossible to cut due to its inherent magical properties and immunity to conventional attacks. The Terrorzard is noted to be 1.5 meters tall.

Its common attacking style is biting. However, it can also fire beams from its mouth, and replicate all attacks it has received unto itself. It is also capable of using Mana to an advanced degree, creating intangible clones from afterimages, fuelled by Mana. These clones can chase the enemy, and divert all damage received to the original (despite being intangible, attacks enter a mysterious void after striking them), healing the original. It is only when these clones come into contact with the enemy’s skin, do they become tangible.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 30,000

First Transformation


"Mother" TerrorZard

The First Transformation is attained when the Terrorzard absorbs enough energy from attacks. During the intermediate phase, all attacks being dealt to it decreases its size, and increase its strength and speed. When enough energy is absorbs, it becomes the size of a Nokia 3310. After which, it glows when any further attacks are dealt to it, seemingly hitting “Critical Mass”, resulting in the transformation.

The transformation results in the Terrorzard suddenly bursting in a blinding light, seemingly disappearing as all binding spells are rendered ineffective, as the Terrorzard seemingly disappears from the area throughout. After which, it reappears as a gigantic, navy and neon blue, house-sized “Mother” Terrorzard, When it receives “damage” in this state, it grows until it reaches the size of a 20-storey-building,. After which any further damage will be directed to its mouth, creating an enormous ball of energy. This Ball of Energy then diverts and splits itself into tiny variations of itself, then creating thousands of Terrorzards which rain down on the area, and can be fired around as projectiles.

Unlike regular Terrorzards however, these ones coming from the “Mother” Terrorzard are linked to itself, causing all forms of damage to be redirected to it, and it gains power from that. The select few types of damage which could hurt it, however, destroys these Terrorzards and the damage isn’t transferred over.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 300,000

Second Transformation


"Grandmother" TerrorZard

When enough damage is received by the Motherzard, it begins to shrink into a “Grandmother” size, which is the size of a regular Terrorzard, and glows a bright yellow. In this form, it is incredibly deft and fast, able to dodge most blows and fire concentrated, light orbs at its opponents. It charges towards regular attacks with severe prejudice, eager to absorb energies in order to evolve into its next phase.

To dodge attacks, it can even turn into a beam of light particles, dodging enemy attacks with great ease, or receiving the enemies attack completely without their knowledge (the beam will just pass through the Terrorzard particles) This is often regarded as one of its most dangerous phases, due to its ability to dodge and take out many magicians.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 2,605,000

Third Transformation



Its 3rd Transformation changes it into a purple TerrorZardosaurus, its ancestor. In this form, its muscles become more bulky and powerful, with it gaining superb jaw muscles and serrated teeth to shred its opponents. Also, that was when it had unknowingly evolved tiny arms, to provide a limited counterbalance to its highly bulky form and immense size (8 stories tall).

In this form, it gains a limited immunity to the Entropic and Death Energies , receiving a bare 10% of the initial damage. All the previous minor Zards are also absorbed to form this TerrorZardosaurus

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 350,000,000

Fourth Transformation

Night zard


This is when it becomes the Equili-TerrorZard. In this form, it gains almost all the benefits of being in indefinite Equilibrium. It is the fastest in this state, whizzing by enemies with the utmost of ease and unleashing combined rays of light and darkness to form the pseudo equivalent of Ender Blades, also unleashing beams of pure Entropic Energy. As with the benefits of Equilibrium, it receives no knockback from all other attacks except Entropic Energy (which in this state deals normal, negative damage, healing itself), Element X and Death Energy. Although energies can “harm” it, its skin can no longer be cut, and it becomes a complete tank in and of itself.

As such, this is the most deadly state of the Terrorzard thus far, as not only does it take the longest time for this Zard to transform into its next stage, it can also begin copying attacks it sees.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 5,080,000,000

Fifth Transformation

Dormant Zard concepttion

The forming of Satazard

The Satazard form. Details on its abilities can be seen in his Possessions (Dormant Satazard). When the Terrorzard transforms into this state, it unleashes a massive ray of light which shines and fires out into space, indicating the fusion and power expended between the merge of the Terrorzard and all its gained energy, restructuring its entire body structure into its new, pseudo-indestructible form.

Though this new form is dormant, if enough energy is hurled at it, the Dormant Satazard will be awakened. It is said to be indestructible as physical energy and regular energy is absorbed by it. However, its weakness, like all regular Terrorzards, is the Elusive Element X and Death Energy, though its Hit Points and Energy levels are much higher.

Spell Type: Summoning

Mana Cost: 10^21

RP ArcsEdit

Invasion of Terrorzard!Edit

Arriving on the Lookout, Decaun unleashed a massive blizzard and trapped all of Lookout into a dark, black sphere, and then summoned Rexxius, creating a Terrorzard from him. The Lookout Crew initially didn’t know how to deal with it, and spent most of their time attempting to ignore it – Until it began destroying things. They were distraught and began attacking it, only to find that the Terrorzard gained massive speed increases and power over time despite becoming smaller. They thought they beat the Terrorzard when it was the size of a Nokia 3310, but they were wrong.

Dealing what they thought would be the final blow, the Terrorzard seemingly exploded, but it reformed into its first transformation – The Mother Terrorzard. Kato Senshi tried to deal with this as he concentrated spiritual energy and unleashed it from a pistol – which only served to make the Terrorzard bigger. As they continued doing all they could – Slicing up its belly, crushing its heart, burning its eyeballs, dealing countless slashes on its body, it only served to make the Mother Terrorzard bigger, making it crackle with power. Slowly, it formed a massive ball in its mouth, and any attempt to dissipate it went wrong. Even Zero, in an attempt to stop it, unleashed his Rainbow Kamehameha, yet, this only drew the ire of that Zard, causing it to unleash all of the pent up energy (which became TerrorZards). The Mother Terrorzard then unleashed the Zards around towards Kato Senshi, Maroyasha, Bizarro, and Zero. As they dealt with all the Zards, the Mother TerrorZard became a Grandmother TerrorZard and turned a dazzling yellow.

After which, the Terrorzard stood there and received their relentless barrage, slowly glowing and growing in size as it became a TerrorZardosaurus (where it then got its arms chopped off). Growing more and more powerful, the Terrorzard eventually became the Equili-TerrorZard. That was when it posed the greatest challenge to the Lookout people, as it literally could not be knocked back even by their most powerful attacks, absorbing energy utterly. Only when Zero used his strongest attack, combined with the additional power of Kato, and a bored Decaun’s massive energy attack, was the Terrorzard sent into its next form – in a dormant state. All 3 attacks created a massive, blinding light which encompassed Lookout and wiped out all debris.

At the end of the Battle, Bizarro revealed himself and introduced himself to the Lookout Crew, Decaun joined the Lookout Crew, and brought back the “Statue” of Satazard.

RP BattlesEdit

Decaun Equino defeated Zero

Decaun Equino defeated Jeff 2.0

Decaun Equino defeated Masa in PAGE RP: Masa vs. Decaun Equino - Swords vs. Magic!

Leogian defeated a super-powered Trigoras

Gilgamesh was defeated by Satazard in a flawless victory. Refusing to fight the Satazard any further, Gilgamesh has agreed to allow Satazard to continue biting his scrotum until the end of time.

Decaun Equino tested Geyser's strength, and was partly impressed. The battle ended with Geyser (Role-Play Character) being turned into a pony.

Trivia and More InformationEdit

  • His name is an anagram of “nuanced”, which fits into his character concept of “Equilibrium”
  • Decaun is a loner for a leader, while he is powerful for a mage, multitudes of mages can still beat him.
  • Decaun’s world is located in one of the planets in Geti186’s massive universe, currently undiscovered.
  • He is the 3rd Original Character I have created
  • Decaun’s Character Page is now longest character page I have made thus far.
  • He ended up in the Lookout Universe by experimenting on Dimensional Portals and their properties, and he occasionally drops by Lookout.


  • User:Crestero helped give me some important ideas for several spells!
  • User:Genki Dama helped me recolour the picture for the Primordial Entropic Carnax!
  • Many thanks to everyone else who helped me think of ideas!
  • All the works of art I have used (belonging to users), come from these people/sites: Romantzer, Tyton89, hybridt,, AQWorlds, Adventurequest, Final Fantasy, Yugioh, Huntik, Maplestory, Antonia Michaelis (Book Cover), ramsesmelendeze, rmandeo64, and phoeni_x_man
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