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The UFO that destroyed the nearby city of Kusai.
Death From Above

It's a normal day in the Kame House. Yamcha is the only one there,watching Fox 5. Suddenly,lights appear from the corner of Yamcha's eye.

He walks to the window to find the nearby city (new cities were built) in flames. Yamcha then flies over to the area,to see Tien on the ground, Choutzu helping him. Yamcha is told that U.F.O.'s were spotted overhead and blew the city. Tien and Choutzu fly to safety,but at thet point a shadow appears behind Yamcha.

The last thing he saw was a hole in his stomach. The shadow dragged him to a U.F.O. .

Gohan hears his last scream,and speeds over to him. The UFO already began to take off. Gohan proceeded to follow it until it dissapeared.