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This article, Data Goku, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Data Goku is Goku's memory of him being used to living on planet Earth.

Goku Gt

Data Goku in his regular form

BUDOKAI AF menu Evil Goku by pgv

Data Goku turns into super saiyn 6


Data Goku in super saiyn 7

Dragon Ball:Stories[]

Because Goku is not from Earth, Data Goku is only him turning back into a child again.

Data Goku was able to reach many goals that the original Goku did, and became super saiyn 5, super saiyn 6 and super saiyn 7. Data Goku is not Gohan or Goten's father at all for a reason.

Goku SSJ5

Data Goku getting ready to fight Frezia