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Daskan, brother of Agafh.

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Daskan was a descendant of Vegeta and brother to Agafh.

He was the former champion of the World Tournament, but lost the title to Singan, descendant of Goku. Although Daskan accepted his defeat, his brother, Agafh, felt angered at Singan for making his brother lose.

Agafh challenged Singan to a duel which Daskan soon became aware of after finding two clashing power levels which were the same amount of power Agafh and Singan shared.

Daskan intervened and attempted to stop the fight, but Agafh pushed his brother aside and lunged at Singan, who kicked the Saiyan in the face, sending him flying back to his brother. Daskan grabbed Agafh, begged Singan for forgiveness, then whisked himself and his brother back to their home.

Agafh then planned to take vengeance on Singan once more, but Daskan became aware of his plans and attempted to stop his brother. This led to an argument which quickly escalated into a long battle between the two brothers. Agafh was blinded by rage and killed his brother in the battle.


Daskan was a peace loving descendant of Vegeta. He loved his family and he respected Goku's family, especially Singan. He truly cared for his brother and refused to kill him in their battle, let alone seriously wound him.

Power level[]

Daskan's power level was 898,789.



Base Form[]

  • Royal Pain: Daskan hits the opponent's back with a double axe handle, kicks the opponent's stomach, then finishes him off with Destitution Cannon.
  • Destitution Cannon: Daskan blasts the opponent with a purple one handed beam that can stretch over 10 miles.
  • Grounding Blast: Daskan fires an unusually large ki blast which contains as much power as a Destitution Cannon.
  • Berserker Rush: Daskan rushes forward, then unleashes a flurry of kicks, punches, ki blasts, and Grounding Blasts.
  • Asteroid Breaker: Daskan throws his opponent to the skies, blasts him with multiple Grounding Blasts, flies up and punches him in the stomach, causing the opponent to spit out blood.

Super Saiyan Form[]

  • Ultraviolent: Daskan rushes the opponent, disappears from view, and punches the opponent so quickly that he can't even be seen.
  • Inside Earthquake: Daskan punches the opponent in the stomach so hard that the latter's insides start to shake or even secrete blood.
  • Asteroid Destroyer: Daskan knocks out the opponent, flies up, then zips back down, with his feet being firmly implanted into the enemy's stomach.