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Dashing Edge
Debut Copai Saga
Appears in Less than Normal
Inventor Copai
Users Copai
Class Rush Attack
Color       (ki burst)

Dashing Edge (颯爽エッジ, Sassō Ejji) is a sword-based attack invented by Copai, first used during her match with <REDACTED>. First, Copai fires off a burst of ki, then flies towards the opponent, delivering an axe kick to the hip area. Finally, once the opponent has settled from the sudden attacks slightly, Copai appears from above with Wild Sense, and delivers a downward backhanded slash onto the chest of the enemy. Copai describes the attack as 'strong enough to finish anyone in 20 seconds- maybe even less', although it fails to live up to that description when she uses it against <REDACTED>, although it does make him flinch and lose his guard.