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Dark Kai is the final antagonist in the fanfiction series, Dragon Ball ST. He makes his appearance in the Creation Saga.

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Dark Kai's appearance is similar to a normal Kai, except he has dark purple skin and red eyes with black hair. In his Ultimate Transformation state, his skin turns black and his size increases immensely. He wears a black robe which shrouds his body, but is ripped off when he transforms to his Ultimate form. His original appearance was that of a normal Kai, execpt he had a bulk that is not seen on the generations after his. When he first appears, he is see with a long blade on his back, but he later loses this in the battle against Goku and Vegeta.

He stands 6'5" tall and has slick, long hair that runs down his back. Interestingly, he has six fingers, one of which, is never used in his battle. His Ultimate form is similar to Garlic Jr.'s, but is not as wrinkled and stands around a foot taller and has three horns growing around his scalp.


Dark Kai's personality is somewhat strange. When he first appears, he is polite to Goku and the Z-Fighters, though as the fight progresses, he starts to get angry and disrespectful. One example of his changing personality is when he witnesses Serroli's rebirth and is deathly afraid, though starts to mock Serroli when he transforms. It is shown that Dark Kai is actually very bitter and hateful towards the Universe that he created, hating it so much as to try to erect a new Universe over the current one. He has utter confidence in himself as illustrated in the beam struggle between his Ball of Evil and the Spirit Kamehameha.

One aspect of when Dark Kai loses his self-control is when he is hit with the Super Dragon Black Kamehameha. He is severely damaged, and cannot control his anger and fires an extremely powerful Explosive Wave into Goku's face, causing him to revert from his Heightened Super Saiyan 6 form back to his base form. Also, as shown in his beam struggle with Vegeta, he has a tendency to not finish things. He teleports away as soon as he can rather than finishing the fight.


Before Dragon Ball[]


Dark Kai was born into an alternate Universe where Kai's ruled everything openly, and freely. He was considered weak by both his family and other Kai's. His original society shunned weak beings and Dark Kai was abandoned at a young age. He was left to wander the Universe, searching for a purpose, until he was attacked by several renegade Kai's who had also been abandoned. As death loomed near, Dark Kai unleashed hidden power that had lain dormant in him before, becoming Ultimate Dark Kai. He slew the Kai's, and drained the power from their bodies. He began to raid villages and soon became very notorious in his power.

After several years, Dark Kai remembered the people that had left him for dead when he was young. He found the enclave where he had been born, and rose high above it. He knew the limits of his power and knew that he had become the most powerful Kai ever. When several members of the colony spotted him, it was too late. Dark Kai had charged and created the Ball of Evil and, not knowing how powerful it really was, launched it at the colony. It collided with the ground and stayed still for several seconds, seeming harmles. He was laughed at by the ther Kai's, but second later, the Ball of Evil detonated. It drained all colour from the Universe, then light and continued until everything had died, except for Dark Kai.

Just as Dark Kai gathered himself, the Ball exploded and a new Universe flooded out, over the top of the old one and destroyed it completely. Dark Kai was unharmed during the process of this, and found himself staring at a new Universe. He explored a bit, and soon came to the conclusion that he had full control. He created several races, two of which were the Saiyans and the Namekians. He gave the Saiyans incredible fighting skill so that they could defend the Universe from unknown terrors, then gave the Namekians incredible mental abilities and magic.

He ruled the Universe like a true guardian for several thousand millenia, but eventually, the Namekians saw what he could not in his heart. They saw greed, and an evil background as well as future in Dark Kai and created the magic Dragon Balls to give hope to those inthe Universe. They crafted a special eighth Dragon Ball for special occasion. Dark Kai saw false evil in them, and tried to destroy them by killing their planet. The Namekians had confirmation that Dark Kai was evil, and sealed him in the Eighth Dragon Ball through trickery.

Creation of Serroli[]

Dark Kai was incredibly furious and soon discovered that he had control over portions of the Universe still. He commanded a group of elite Saiyans to travel to the Namekian homeworld, and destroy them. They failed as the Namekians had learnt to fight over the course of evolution, and Dark Kai resorted to drastic measures. He found the two strongest Saiyans, who were named Kakarot and Vegeta, and fused their bodies into a permanent fusion that would create an ultimate warrior. He then gave this new Saiyan great power that enabled him to transform to all levels of Super Saiyan.

He named this Saiyan god Serroli, and forced him to destroy Namek, Serroli nearly did, and ended up killing the majority of the Namekian race, as well as damaging their planet so that it could never be walked on again. The Namekains fled to a new planet where Dark Kai nor Serroli could reach them. Dark Kai, furious at Serroli's failure, gave him more power to find and finish the Namekians. Serroli used this power to break free of his chains and he stopped obeying orders from Dark Kai. Dark Kai was furious, but soon lost contact from the Universe.

Dragon Ball ST[]

Note: The following is taken from the Dragon Ball ST Creation Saga.

Return to Terror[]

"These deer can teach us how precious life is"— Goku to Pan and Goten

Several months later...

The ship touches down outside the Briefs' house, and everyone rushes out, Pan and Uub pushing to the front of the group. The ship opens and Goku and Vegeta step out. After recovering from the Sun's glare, Goku steps down from the ship's ramp and runs to hug Pan. Vegeta slowly walks back to his family, a strange smile on his face. Bulma, Trunks and Bulla all run to him and leap on him, pinning him to ground. The Z-Fighters all celebrate Goku and Vegeta returning home and after the festivities end, Uub returns to his village for the first time after destroying it in his corrupted state.

Goku settles down, now taking care of Pan due to Gohan still neglecting his family and friends. One day, while out on a picnic with Vegeta and his family, Goku, Goten and Pan wander away to explore the nearby country. While watching some deer, Goku decides to return back, as he is getting hungry. They head back to the picinic site and settle down to eat. When Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks and Bulla decide to leave, a powerful Ki blast barrage rains down on the site, destroying most of the area. Goku and Vegeta act quickly, turning into Super Saiyans and erecting a protective barrier around their families. After ensuring nobody is hurt, they rise above the carnage to confront the being responsible. What they see astonishes them.

A dark purple being, similar in build to Kibito Kai stands there, grinning. It looks up and shoots a stare at Goku. Goku immediately transforms to Super Saiyan 3, as does Vegeta. The being starts laughing and says that it came to the right place after all. Vegeta powers up and demands to know who this being is. The creature then glares at Vegeta and says, "You should know me well. I am the being responsible for everything. I created you, the Saiyans, the Namekians, Serroli. I created the Universe."

Origins of the Universe[]

"You managed to hurt me!"— Dark Kai to Goku

"That can't be true... You're lying!" Vegeta charges a Final Flash and fires. The being smirks and takes it full on, barely having a scratch. "It is always a pitiful attack from you Saiyans." Vegeta becomes enraged and fires a volley of Ki blasts, none of them even grazing the being. Goku stops Vegeta and tells the being to continue. It clears its throat and begins.

"My name is Dark Kai. I am the original part of this Universe. I created everything you see around you. I created everything, even the Other World. However, those foolish Namekians, whom I gave too much knowledge, created those damned Dragons and trapped me inside the eighth Dragon Ball. Even though I was trapped, I still had some control over the Universe. I created a being with power rivaling even mine, and sent him to live among the Saiyans. He was Serroli, and I got my revenge as he destroyed those Nameks." Dark Kai stops and gains a mad look in his eye. "Unfortunately, Serroli gained so much power, he discovered how to create energy I had never created, and used this to achieve transformations beyond that of a Super Saiyan 4. These transformations were not available to normal Saiyans. He stopped listening to my word, and never freed me from the Dragon Ball. I lost contact with the Universe after that. Luckily though, you two have finally freed me, and I have come to take vengeance on this Universe."

With that, Dark Kai charges at Goku and creates a sharp blade, intending to slice Goku with it. Goku dodges and fires a Kamehameha. Dark Kai takes it full on, and simply stands there, not hurt at all. Vegeta charges a Crimson Galick Gun and Goku charges a True Kamehameha. They fire simultaneously. When the smoke clears, Dark Kai grins, saying that actually hurt him. This gives Goku an idea and he tells Vegeta to keep Dark Kai occupied. Goku flies high over the area, and locates his and Vegeta family's. After dropping the protective barrier, Goku grabs Goten and Trunks and flies them to the battlefield. After seeing and sensing Dark Kai's power, they both transform to Super Saiyan 3, Goten powering up to Ultra Super Saiyan 3. Suddenly, Vegeta comes flying back at them and is caught by Goten.

The Ultimate Battle Begins[]

"You're looking at both!"— Goku to Dark Kai

Vegeta is badly damaged, and tells Goku that Dark Kai is far more powerful than anything they had ever faced before. Goku says that he knows, and bypasses Super Saiyan 4 to Super Saiyan 5. After recovering a little, Vegeta does the same and the four Saiyans stare down Dark Kai. He looks back and tells them that it won't be enough. Goku replies, saying that even if he dies, that won't stop him. They all rush at Dark Kai, blasting, punching and firing Ki blasts. Dark Kai dodges them all, and uses a Kiai to knock all the warriors away. He then says, "Only Serroli or a Super Saiyan 6 is equal to my power. And you four are neither." Goku and Vegeta look at each other and smirk, replying to Dark Kai by saying, "You're looking at both."

Goku and Vegeta space themselves away, and begin to power. The ground starts to shake and light emits from both Saiyan's bodies. The light swallows everything up and eventually, Goku stands there, Super Saiyan 6. The transformation for Vegeta however, is not as short. Lightining starts to split from his body and strike many things in the area, even Dark Kai, and it wounds him. When the lightning stops, and the light clears, two Super Saiyan 6's glare at Dark Kai. "How are you able to do that? Only Serroli should be able to do that!" Dark Kai starts to show fear on his face.

"When we split fom Serroli's body, we learnt many secrets from the experience." Goku stares straight at Dark Kai. "That's impossible! The true Saiyans killed Serroli with hte help of Shenron!" Dark Kai starts to gain more confidence, even being so brave as to charge a Ki blast and threaten Goku with it. "Oh, that's what you would think. However, Shenron couldn't kill us and had to split Serrloi into two seperate beings. We recently re-fused into him and caused more terror ever imaginable. We know true power and aren't afraid to use it." When Goku finishes his speech, Dark Kai stops charging his Ki blast and intead charges a Death Ball of incredible size. He lets loose and Goku bats it away, knocking into the Solar System, where it destroys a distant planet.

After commenting on the huge power that had, Goku, Vegat, Goten and Trunks all leap at Dark Kai, battling him intensely. Dark Kai manages to avoid all of Goten and Trunks' blows but suffers considerably from Goku and Vegeta's. He resorts to teleporting behind the four and knocks Goten and Trunks to the ground. He then punches Vegeta in the back of the head, knocking him out and then grabs his body. Goku stops and asks Dark Kai what he will do. Dark Kai smiles, and throws Vegeta over him. He charges a powerful attack and as Vegeta falls past him, he fires, blasting Vegeta away. However Goku uses this time to charge a Black Kamehameha and lets loose at Dark Kai. He hits the evil creature full on and severly damages him. However, when the smoke clears, Dark Kai stands there, barely harmed at all. Goku is shocked, "This can't be happening. That was the most powerful attack I've ever pulled off."

More Horror[]

"I am not here for vengeance. I am here for him!"— Serroli to Goten and Trunks

"My, my. You really have become a lot more powerful than Serroli was when I knew him. That blast had enough potential to destroy a Galaxy. If only I wasn't the most powerful being in the Universe, then you would destroyed me." With that, Dark Kai cups his hands together and begins to charge his own Kamehameha. "Now this is what can be called a Kamehameha!" Dark Kai fires the blast and is met with an attack from Goten. The attack takes Dark Kai by surprise and he aims his Kamehameha into space, harming nothing. Goten then powers up to his advanced state of Ultra Super Saiyan 3 and charges at Dark Kai. The two engage in a fierce battle, though Dark Kai laughs in Goten's face as he dodges the hits. While Goten fights, Goku hovers down to his and Vegeta's family's.

He tells Bulla to take Bulma somewhere safe and Pan to do the same with Chi-Chi. Pan defies Goku, saying that this new guy will be a piece of cake. Goku grabs her and shakes her, saying that Pan could not be further from the truth and that sort of attitude will get her killed. Pan quiets up and lifts Chi-Chi up. Before she heads off, Goku tells her to gather the Earth's Special Forces. Pan nods and heads away. Goku gets up and heads over to Trunks. Upon seeing Trunks, Goku grabs him and tells him to battle as hard as he can. Vegeta lands beside them and says to Goku that he has been watching Goten and Dark Kai fight, saying that Dark Kai hasn't even started to tire.

Goku curses and looks up. He sees Goten do a lazy punch, with Dark Kai taking advantage, delivering a powerful blow to his jaw. Goku tells Vegeta they have no other choice and Vegeta agrees. All three fly up to where Goten battles Dark Kai. Trunks interrupts the battle and Dark Kai asks what is going on. Goku shouts that they have no other choice. The two distance about a metre between them and start to power up to their limit. An energy barrier erects about them and they shout, "SERROLI." Light obscures the area. Dark Kai looks incredibly afraid and fires several Ki blasts in to the light. They all get deflected back.

The light clears and Serroli grins at them. He looks at Goten and Trunks and says, "I remember you two." When the two brace themselves for battle, Serroli laughs and says, "Don't worry, I am not the same Serroli now. I am of the light. No, I haven't come for vengeance, I have come to destroy this filth!" He looks at Dark Kai, who scrambles away. "You created me and now you are afraid to face me. Kai, you have grown weak!" Serroli teleports in front of Dark Kai and fires a Decimating Ball in his face. Dark Kai gets thrown into the atmosphere. There, he charges a Death Ball the size of a planet. "No one, not even Serroli will be able to prtect the Universe from this!" yells Dark Kai. Serroli laughs and charges a Decimating Ball several times smaller. Both warriors fire the ball and they collide. They stay solitary for several moments, only Dark Kai pushing, then Serroli's ball takes charge, batting the Death Ball away. The Decimating Ball blasts into Dark Kai, sending him spiraling away from the Earth. Within seconds however, he teleports back, even angrier than before.

Battle for the Universe[]

"Just try to battle me and your past enemies at once!"— Dark Kai to the Z-Fighters

Dark Kai growls and prepares a Super Explosive Wave. Serroli grabs Goten and Trunks and erectes a protective barrier around them. Dark Kai unleashes the energy and it destroys the surrounding area, rendering it to a wasteland. Serroli steps out of the protective area and laughs at Dark Kai, calling him a useless thing. Suddenly, the words, "Neo Tri-Beam!" are head and Tien releases a devastating blow upon Dark Kai. Dark Kai swivels his head around at the newly appeared warrior and smiles, charging a Ki blast. Tien fires another Tri-Beam and Dark Kai releases the blast. The two balls of energy head straight for each other, until Serroli teleports between them. Both attacks hit him and Serroli is covered in smog.

When it clears, Serroli tells Tien to wait until he tells him to fight. Tien nods, sensing Goku's presence in the Saiyan god. Serroli turns to Dark Kai who has anger written all over his face. Dark Kai demands to know why he stopped the two beams, and Serroli tells him that it was unnecessary destruction. Serroli then charges a Final Flash and teleports behind Dark Kai, unleashing at his back. Dark Kai gets blasted away but stops himself and says to Serroli that he has all the means necessary to take him down. Dark Kai starts to close his eyes and creates odd symbols out of thin air. Within seconds, a portal is created and Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenron are thrown through. Serroli laughs and asks Dark Kai why he called in such weak allies. Dark Kai smirks and orders all the old villains to attack Tien. As they rush towards him, a Super Spirit Ball is thrown at Frieza's back, and he gets destroyed instantly.

Serroli smiles as Yamcha approaches. Serroli then decides to let Goten and Trunks help in bringing down the old foes. A Dodon Ray is fired at Cell, who knocks it shrugs it off. Chiaotzu enters the fray. Suddenly, Krillin and Android 18 appear, both charging Destructo Disks. As the Z-Fighters fight the villains from the past, Serroli and Dark Kai get ready for their real battle. They both smile at each other, then charge. Serroli gets the first hit, cracking the evil Kai's head with his fist. Dark Kai staggers back, and coughs up blood. He smile, saying it had been a long time since he had last bled. He then tells Serroli that he is about to be majorly out-classed. Serroli is perplexed, but steps back.

Dark Kai starts breathing heavily, then starts screaming. All the fighters stop and watch the evil thing. His muscles expand at an alarming rate, and his chest bursts open, revealing a larger body underneath. His legs ripple and enlarge themselves incredibly. Serroli smiles, saying, "Incredible." Dark Kai continues, deafening those about the area. Eventually, he calms. As he flexes his new body, he says to everyone, "This is the power with which I created the Universe with. This is the Ultimate Transformation!"


"I will turn everything to darkness!"— Dark Kai

"Now Serroli, watch as I tear you apart!" Ultimate Dark Kai rushes at Serroli with intense speed and dissapears. He re-appears again behind Serroli and gives a swift hit in the back of the neck. Serroli gets knocked out and falls to the ground. Dark Kai lowers himself so he is standing next to Serroli and tells him that it was his fault he is about to die. Serroli lies there, unmoving, then thrusts a hand into Dark Kai's face. Serroli stands up, and charges a Decimating Ball in Dark Kai's face. He then brings his hand around and places it on the Dark Kai's back. He charges another Decimating Ball and fires both, severly injuring the evil being. Dark Kai then picks himself up and says that attack did nothing. Serroli tells Dark Kai that he expected no less from the mighty deity who created everything.

Meanwhile, the Z-Fighters manage to take out Frieza and Cell. Tien, Yamcha, Krillin and Android 18 all battle Kid Buu while Super Saiyan 3 Trunks fights Baby and Goten battles Omega Shenron while Chiaotzu hangs back. Super 17 is causing more unnecessary destruction when suddenly, a portal from Hell opens and Piccolo steps out. He takes one look at the battefield, removes his armour and rushes at Super 17. The Z-Fighters finish off Kid Buu and head towards Super 17. He starts to take advantage, until a shout is heard and a Chocolate Kamehameha is fired at the Android. Uub heads to the area, picks up the chocolate 17 and eats him. The Z-Fighters turn their attantion to Omega Shenron who, by stroke of luck bats Goten to the ground, knocking him out. As he advances on the warriors, a Super Flashing Kamehameha hits him dead on the back. Everyone turns to look at Gohan, who arrives on the battlefield.

Suddenly, Dark Kai backs away from Serroli and tells him that the longer he stays free, his powers return to him quicker. Dark Kai charges his power and yells some dark incantations. There is a screech of noise, a flash of light, and Serroli splits into Goku and Vegeta again. "What did you do?" yells Goku and Dark Kai tells him that he can disobey certain laws of the Universe. Vegeta is furious and attempts to land a Galick Flash on the creature. Goku tries a different technique and starts to draw his energy in. Eventually, Dark Kai comes close, dodging Vegeta's attacks. Goku unleashes his move and yells, "DRAGON FIST!" Dark Kai gets distracted and looks over just in time to see Goku charging at him. Goku draws back his fist, and drives into the stomach of Dark Kai. Dark Kai gets pushed back until he can resist no further, and Goku drives through, bursting a hole through his chest. Dark Kai staggers and curses. Goku keeps on going, and hits Omega Shenron in the middle of the chest. Omega Shenron dies and Goku wheels around to see.

Dark Kai screams a wordless scream and leaps high into the air. He announces that he can do things to hurt the Universe, without inflicting physical pain. He draws himself into a ball, and the light in the area dims. After several minutes, it is pitch black and Dark Kai laughs. He heals uses the light the heal his body and states that there is no longer any light in the Universe. He then says that he can see as if it was day and rushes off. Goku and Vegeta both laugh and tell that Dark Kai must have forgotten about the senses of Saiyans and how they are very finley tuned. They then head off in an unintelligble direction, leaving the remaing Z-Fighters to find their own way to the final battlefield.

The Power of the Saiyans[]

"You could learn from us Dark Kai"— Goku and Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta find Dark Kai firing Ki blasts at an ignorant city. When the two Saiyans arrive, Dark Kai stops and asks them how they found him. Goku smirks and says that Saiyans have more finely tuned senses than he thinks. Dark Kai mutters something, then rushes at Vegeta. Vegeta dodges and delivers a punch to Dark Kai which drives him to the ground. Tien arrives and Goku asks him to keep Dark Kai ocuppied for several seconds while he and Vegeta get ready. Tien agrees, with out questioning and prepares a Spirit Neo Tri-Beam. He fires and starts to severly injure himself while Goku and Vegeta ready themselves.

They scream out to Dark Kai that they learnt many things inside Serroli and he gave them a much needed power boost. Dark Kai and Tien stop and listen. Vegeta then tells Dark Kai and everyone in the city to watch closely. They start to charge their energy and the intensity of the screaming heightens. Slowly, bit by bit, a speck of light is created, in between the two Saiyans. This light starts to grow bigger and soon, the two bodies of Goku and Vegeta are seen. Dark Kai watches in amazement, horror growing on his face.

The light patch grows, and soon several more Z-Fighters find the area. Bit by bit, the light grows and the city appears from the darkness. When Earth's Special Forces discover Goku and Vegeta starting to tire, they join the group and start charging too. Soon, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Chiaotzu, Pan and Uub are all lined up in a row, charging power with the two True Saiyans. Soon, the whole Solar System is glowing and Goku and Vegeta are super-charged. They head to Dark Kai who announces that he still has more power than the two Super Saiyan 6's.

The Ultimate Technique[]

"Let's finish this!"— Vegeta to the Z-Fighters

"I don't believe you." Goku smirks at Dark Kai. "If that were true, you would look and sound a lot more confident and your powerlevel wouldn't be below ours." Dark Kai has a look of horror on his face and backs away slowly. "No, no that's impossible! You cannot have more power than the Creator of the Universe!" Dark Kai grows angry and charges a powerful Vaishing Ball. He throws it at Goku who counters with a Black Kamehameha. The Black Kamehameha overpowers the Vanishing Ball almost instantly, and shrouds Dark Kai in an energy ball. Dark Kai looks around him and curls into a ball. Vegeta charges a Galick Flash and adds his own energy to the sphere surrounding Dark Kai.

Goku shouts to the watching Z-Fighters to pool their energies and fire their own attacks. Suddenly new energy comes from all directions. A Special Beam Cannon, Spirit Ball, Tri-Beam, Dodon Ray, Destructo Disc and many more attacks all hit the sphere. It grows and soon Dark Kai is invisible inside. Goku tells them all to stop and he and Vegeta take full control of the energy. They release it, and a huge explosion sounds, deafening everything for miles around. Bright lights fills the area and Goku can no longer feel Dark Kai's energy.

He doesn't power down however, having learned from the battle with Buu. Instead, he tells Vegeta to stay in his Heightened Super Saiyan 6 form, and searches around the area. He eventually finds no body and relaxes slightly. Several members of the city come out from their hiding spots. They applaud Goku and the Z-Fighters, screaming joy. Suddenly, a huge crash is heard and a huge energy ball swoops past, killing the citizens. Goku is outraged and looks up to see Dark Kai incredibly damaged. Goku cannot contain his anger and screams out, charging a Super Dragon Black Kamehameha.

The Beginning of the End[]

"We need it now more than ever!"— Goku to the people of the Universe

Goku fires the Super Dragon Black Kamehameha. He follows the dangerous beam, and as soon as it hits Dark Kai, he drives through with a Super Dragon Fist. Dark Kai waits until Goku is just before him, then uses a Super Explosive Wave. Goku is thrown back into a building. A large flash is seen, and Goku tumbles out of the building, reverted back to his base form. Vegeta stares and asks Goku why he reverted back so quickly. Goku replies that he probably used too much energy with the Super Dragon Black Kamehameha. Vegeta starts to tell him that was foolish, but gets a fist in the gut from Dark Kai. Vegeta slumps to the ground and looks at Goku. Goku tells Vegeta that they only have one more hope. Vegeta agrees and says he will stall Dark Kai.

He rises to his feet in agony. Dark Kai doesn't do anything, then fires several powerballs of huge size. They destroy much of the city and one lands on Vegeta's back. Vegeta screams out in pain and flies high in the sky. He charges a Final Flash, and fires. Dark Kai retaliates with a Decimating Ball and the two beams enter a deadlock beam-struggle. Being pre-occupied with the beam struggle, Dark Kai doesn't notice Goku rise high into the air behind him.

Goku raises his hands and shouts out to the people of the city. "Give me your energy, and I promise to destroy this foul being forever. All you must do is raise your hands. We don't have much time!" Several small balls of power head towards Goku and soon a small ball of intense energy is formed above his hands. Dark Kai hears the shouts but doesn't pull out of the struggle. Goku gathers all the energy he can from the city and goes to his friends. They all contribute as much energy as they can, and the ball of power grows. Goku then yells across the Earth, telling them to raise their hands to the sky. Slowly, the ball increases in size and power.

Goku knows the energy from Earth will not be enough and tells King Kai to let him speak to the Universe. Suddenly, Supreme Kai and Elder Kai appear before him. They tell Goku to keep going and that they will gather energy from the Other World as well. Goku smiles, finally seeing a ray of hope. He soon shouts out to King Kai and finds he is talking to the Universe once more. "Everyone, we need your energy. I know most of you are shrouded in darkness, but if you simply raise your hands, I will bring light back to the Universe!" The ball grows bigger and bigger until it blocks out the sun and finally, the Ultimate Spirit Bomb is resting in Goku's hands.

Goku Fires the Spirit Bomb[]

"You're better than that, Vegeta!"— Goku to Vegeta

Dark Kai sees an opening in the beam struggle with Vegeta and takes it. Instead of using the oppurtunity to gain the upperhand, Dar Kai teleports away and Vegeta's Final Flash drives into the ground and destroys a large portion of the Earth around them. Dark Kai turns to look at Goku and sees the Spirit Bomb in his hands. He smiles and says that he has his own variation of the move. He cups his hands and soon a huge ball of energy is clasped within his grasp. He puts his hands above his head and a dark red ball takes shape. "This is the technique I used to create this Universe with! I will wipe away this one, and create a new one where I have complete control! I will not create Namekians or Serroli again! I will not make that mistake! I call this attack the Ball of Evil!" Goku looks at Dark Kai and smiles to himself on the inside, knowing he finally has enough power. He pulls his hands backwards and prepares to throw the Spirit Bomb. Dark Kai does likewise and they both release.

An almighty spark is heard as the two energy giants collide. Lightning erupts from the two Balls and everything underneath the massive energy is swept aside. Dark Kai smirks as his red attack starts to overpower the Spirit Bomb and Goku looks on in horror. He struggles intensely and futilely until Vegeta steps up to help. Vegeta is incredibly damaged, and has reverted back to his normal form. He shows no pain however and charges up a Final Flash. He fires and the Spirit Bomb spurs forward with more power. Dark Kai outs forth more energy and the Ball of Evil takes the advantage again. Goku charges a Kamehameha and fires it, pushing the Sprit Bomb into control, and turning it into a Spirit Kamehameha

Dark Kai grows furious and charges a Decimating Ball. He fires it into the mass of growing energy and soon takes control again. Goku and Vegeta pour as much energy into the Spirit Kamehameha as they can but find they have run out of energy. They start to give up and Dark Kai pushes the energy further towards the two heroes. Vegeta stops and retracts his Final Flash, knowing they are about to lose. Goku stares in anger at him and starts to shout that he gave in too easily. Vegeta starts crying and asking what's the point. Goku stares in disbelief and says that a true Saiyan wouldn't give up so easily. Vegeta stares at Goku and says there never were any true Saiyans and that Dark Kai is the only true anything. Goku looks at the seething mass of power heading his way and tells Vegeta that, "Even if Dark Kai is the only true anything, we have the power to defeat him and become the True Saiyans!" Vegeta isn't moved by this speech. Suddenly, Dende appears.

He says there isn't much time and begins healing them. He heals Vegeta first, then Goku. Goku, now fully healed, puts more power into the Spirit Kamehameha. He says to Vegeta that there is one thing he knows he cares about. Vegeta lifts his head and looks at Goku. Goku tells him that Bulma, Trunks and Bulla would all be gone and Dark Kai would have won. This gets through to Vegeta and he silently gets up and releases another Final Flash. "Awesome, Vegeta! You're really something!" Goku turns back to the horror facing them and starts counting down from ten. Vegeta smiles and joins in. When they reach zero, they both transform into Super Saiyan and push the attacks even harder.

This takes Dark Kai completely by surprise and the Spirit Kamehameha, coupled with the Ball of Evil rockets towards him. It hits him and a huge flash of light blinds everything and the energy overspill lights up the rest of Universe. Dark Kai's screams fill the ears of all those in the Universe and deafens the humans still alive in the city below. After the intense effect of the Spirit Kamehameha, everything turns black but clears up after several minutes. The chaos clears and Goku and Vegeta see a small wisp of smoke where Dark Kai stood, which then flutters away. Goku and Vegeta smile, then burst out laughing, tears of joy streaming down their faces. The citizens of the city come out and start to wildly applaud the two great heroes. They float to the ground where they are surrounded by everyone and then swamped by their families and the Z-Fighters. They laugh and finally know that the evil and terror is over for good.

Dragon Ball ST Movies[]

The only special that Dark Kai has been featured in is Dragon Ball ST: Origins of Serroli. The storyline follows Dark Kai's creation of Serroli and Dark Kai's entrapment in the Eighth Dragon Ball by the Namekians, who knew what he really was and tricked him into the Ball.

Forms and Transformations[]

Ultimate Transformation[]

Dark Kai used this form to create the Universe and battle against Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball ST. His power doubles and his size swells to nearly twice his normal, so that he stands at a menacing 7 feet. He grows arrogant and cocky when he assumes this power. Ultimate Dark Kai can only be bested in strength by Super Saiyan 6 Serroli, or Heightened Super Saiyan 6 Goku or Vegeta. Dark Kai's power grows for several minutes while in this form, then decreases for several minutes, then rises again so that he is never at the same power for more than several minutes.


Ball of Evil[]

Dark Kai used this to create the Universe and in the battle against Goku and Vegeta. It is his signature attack, though it is only used twice and only seen once. Its power is so great that it can wipe out an existing Universe by planting another one over it.

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