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Dragon Ball Generations Character
Vital statistics
Species: Half Shin-Jin

Half Human

Gender: Male
Hair Color: White; formerly brown
Eye Color: Red
Position: Western Supreme Kai
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Dark Kai is the fusion of Super Kai and Olormi, and the first ever fusion made upon the Ultimate Potaras. He is the Western Supreme Kai by the time of Dragon Ball Generations, and is over one million years old. He is the North Kai after King Kai.


Dark Kai was formed in a last-ditch attempt to defeat Olormi, by Super Kai placing one of his custom Ultimate Potaras on Olormi's left ear and the other on his right and fusing the two. Thankfully Super Kai's overall judgement won over Olormi's, and Dark Kai then began travelling the universe for the next one million years. He eventually became the Western Supreme Kai. He gave the Ultimate Potaras to his student, an exiled Saiyan Prince named Romato, who used them also.