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Dark Frieza Saga is the second Saga of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking. This saga is about Frieza who being corrupted by the Three-Star Dark Dragon Ball and threatening the Planet Namek, only Team Xeno can stop Frieza and obtains the Three-Star Dark Dragon Ball before Erazor and Yumark do.

Main Events[edit | edit source]

  • Beyley, Xeno Chronoa, Xeno Towa are joined force and Beyley named her team: Team Xeno.
  • Beyley, Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa sensing Frieza has arrived on Planet Namek, but corrupted by the Three-Star Dark Dragon Ball and due to the Dark Dragon Ball's Memory Time Manipulation, he sense Beyley and Xeno Chronoa that he helping them to escape Planet Namek in order to defeat Frieza alone.
  • Recoome arrived on Planet Namek early before the Ginyu Force because he sense Xeno Chronoa's energy.
  • Beyley defeat Recoome to death with her Rebellion Thrust while Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa beat Cui before he ran off as she used her staff to erase Cui's memories about Recoome and their appearances.
  • Beyley and the others see Vegeta in the main timeline who attacking the Namekians.
  • Beyley and her teammates meet Gohan and Krillin in the first time.
  • Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa are battling against Cui instead of Vegeta.
  • Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa accepts their friendship because of Beyley's speech about friendship.
  • They teamed-up against Cui and defeats him by combined attack.
  • Beyley and her teammates meet Gohan, Krillin, and Dende in the first time.
  • Beyley and her teammates learned about the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Beyley and her teammates meet Dodoria in the first time while Vegeta is still busy to find the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Beyley turned into her Super Saiyan in the third time.
  • Beyley repels Dodoria after he was badly injured by Prism Kamehameha only being killed by Vegeta's Dirty Fireworks for telling him about Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta.
  • Beyley and her teammates met Nail and Guru, the elder Namekian in the first time while Gohan and the others are busy for looking for the two last Dragon Balls.
  • Vegeta face off against Zarbon, but he was defeated by Zarbon's monster form.
  • Guru awakens Beyley's Super Saiyan powers within her while he awakened Chronoa and Towa's potential powers.
  • Beyley and her teammates met Zarbon in the first time and battle against Zarbon.
  • Beyley transforms into her newly evolved form, Super Saiyan Evolved.
  • Beyley and the other met their strong foe named Patrol Fighter 17, Commander Yumark's assassin in the first time who being interrupted in the fight against Zarbon.
  • Beyley and her teammates are utterly defeated by Patrol Fighter 17.
  • Patrol Fighter 17 take Xeno Chronoa to Yumark's Time Nest in order to attempt to imprisons her as punishment.
  • Vegeta heals Beyley and Xeno Towa in the Healing Chamber Room.
  • Vegeta helps Beyley and Xeno Towa to find Patrol Fighter 17 and Xeno Chronoa.
  • Beyley and the others have a rematch against Patrol Fighter 17 to save Xeno Chronoa.
  • Beyley and the others begin to rematch against Patrol Fighter 17 to save Xeno Chronoa.
  • Gohan and Krillin met Grand Elder Guru and Nail in the first time in the altered history.
  • Guru awakened Gohan and Krillin's hidden potential to fight their enemies.
  • With the unlikely help of Vegeta, Beyley and Xeno Towa manage to defeat Patrol Fighter 17 with combined attack and save Xeno Chronoa. Patrol Fighter 17 retreats back to Commander Yumark.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Xenoverse Sparking universe[edit | edit source]

Mainstream universe[edit | edit source]

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  1. Forward, Team Xeno
  2. Frieza's Returns, Chronoa and Towa's Accepted Friendship
  3. Strike Down Frieza's Elite, Super Saiyan Beyley vs. Dodoria
  4. Vegeta's Defeated, Zarbon's Monster Form
  5. The Crushable Defeat, Beyley vs. Patrol Fighter 17
  6. The Unlikely Support, Vegeta vs. 17
  7. Guru's Help, The Potential Power Within
  8. The Four-Men Team? The Ginyu Force
  9. Chronoa vs. Guldo
  10. Battle of the Ginyu Force

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