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The Dark Empire Saga is the second saga of the Demon Realm Assault Group and ninth saga overall in Dragon Ball Advanced. Like the previous Saga; this saga is composed of Mini-Sagas.

  • The Prison Escape Mini-Saga covers The Prison of the Dark Demon Realm
    • Chapters 313, 314, and 315 several as minor story known as the Hirudegarn and Tapion Mini-Saga
  • The Demon Realm Kid Buu Mini-Saga covers Hello, Demon Realm
  • The Rola Mini-Saga covers Keep Your Friends Close...

Story Edit

Locked Away Edit

Chronoa suggests getting Goku, but Naraku explains that she already talked to Shin and Goku is currently unavailable due to unknown circumstances. She suggest another timeline, but Naraku suggests that it wouldn't be a good idea to keep bring characters from alternate timelines into the fray especially since some of them may not of have the same power to Goku's or Vegeta's. Chronoa decides on someone that they can use without risking a timeline and suggests Goku Black. Initially she disagrees only as that would be dangerous, but Chronoa manages to convinces and makes her wishes to bring Goku Black, Vegeta Black, Vegito Black, and Future Zamasu to life in Conton City while separating them from respective fusions. Vegeta Black gets Face to reclaim control over Vegito Black and has Vevegeta become a permanent fusion whenever they fuse again. Chronoa tells them of the situation and Goku Black initially refuses and calls her a failed god, but she threatens him with complete erasure. He agrees while Vegito Black agrees to do it if he can have some Piccolo's forms. She allows him to gain the ability to use the Red-Eyed form and gives him the potential unlock Limit Removal. Chronoa makes Goku Black and Future Zamasu into permanent God of Destruction and Supreme Kai respectively even in death. Chronoa names the team Dark Dragon Team and sends them through the portal without telling them that it's a one-way trip. A couple of hours before the Future Dragon Team arrives in Age 950; Rola is kidnapped by Putine and placed in cell with Chilada, Cell, Cooler, Pend, and Frieza. He tries to break the door, but Frieza tells him that he is wasting him time as they have power-dampeners through out the prison and they aren't going anywhere. Rola begrudgingly sits next to Chilada and waits for guards to come back as they give the chores while wearing power-dampening chains as Rola looks for holes in security as the others work. Salsa kicks him in the back as Rola as he has stop working to view the area, and Rola retaliates by punching him in the face. Salsa tries to slash him, but he dodges it and manages to trick him into slashing his chains; freeing him. Rola transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and manages to dodge a punch from the Demon God and returns with a kick across the face. He powers up to Super Saiyan 3 after Salsa manages to repel most of his attacks, and is knocked down with a kick to the back of the head and restrained once again. A couple of hours after the death of Gravoom; Future Zamasu is the first one to arrive in the Demon Realm and takes out several soldiers in an instant as the rest arrives and assist in taking out back-up. Their arrival causes the Kagejin to become erratic in behaviour and seeks shelter from them as they take-out a large quantity of soldiers without mercy. Salsa arrives at the location of the Portal and attempts to exit it, but he is repelled from it and is knocked into Vegito Black. He turns to face and Salsa backs away as they introduce each other and confirms that he knows who they are. Goku Black grabs Salsa by the collar and demands to know where the Future Dragon Team is, but he refuses to tell them. After Rola is defeated; he is tended to by Chilada' while he is chastised by Frieza for attacking him without a plan and insults him; calling him a typical Saiyan monkey. Angered at his statement; Rola punches Frieza, but it has no effect on him and he simply knocks him down with a swipe of his tail. He proceeds to grab him by the neck as the tyrant continuously punches him in the stomach and throws him to the ground while Cell and Pend eat something. Salsa walks up to the cell as Rola punches Frieza and he grabs him by neck and throws him outside and proceeds to attack him. Once again; Chilada tends to his wound and begs him not to pick fights anymore as she grasps his hand. However, he doesn't listen and continues to get into fights and at one point is nearly killed. Chilada saves all every time and starts getting fed up with his behaviour, and results in Rola taking control of his impatience.

He manages to break free from Goku Black's grip and attempts punch him, but Salsa's punch does nothing to him as Goku Black uses Black Power Ball on him and sends him into an arch; vaporising it. Salsa emerges with a few injuries as Vegito Black appears behind him and fires his Spirit Bazooka at him sending him into the portal and resulting in an explosion that nearly leaves him severely wounded. Vegito Black powers up to Future Super Saiyan and fires his Spirit Rocket at him, but he manages to survive as his power returns to normal. He punches Vegito Black in the gut and knocks him away with with kick to the jaw and finishes with a heavy attack to the back of the head. Goku Black transforms into his Super Saiyan Rosé state and kicks Salsa away as they fire a Holy Light Grenade at him and disintegrates the area into a large crater as they kick him at the same time while he is weaken by his own power's instability is acting up. Vegito Black powers up even further to the Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed state and manages to deal more damage to Salsa once his power stabilises again. Goku Black fires his Hellzone Grenade at Salsa and manages to severely wound him as he continues to battle against the two, and is able to defend himself while his power is normal, but is at a great disadvantage when it's not. He slashes Vegito Black in the back with his sword and nearly impales Goku Black, but Vegito Black stops him as he regenerates his wound and kicks him in the gut as Goku Black kicks him in the back. He is slashed on the shoulders by Salsa's sword as Vegito Black attempts to fire his Black Galick Gun at him, but he regenerates as he kicks him away into the ground. Goku Black grabs Salsa by his hood and blasts him through several mushroom rocks and lands on the edge of a fin. Future Zamasu heals Goku Black and fixes Vegito Black's outfit as they fly over to him, and once again damned answers from him. Rola notices that Salsa hasn't come back yet and tries to convince Frieza into help him escape, but he rejects all his escape plans before he strikes Frieza again forcing the tyrant to hit back and results them fighting in the cell and nearly involving the others. He swipes with his tail as Rola attempts to punch him in the face until a Kagejin engulfs Frieza as it passes the cell and produces an Egg before leaving; Frieza cares for the egg until it hatches and completely ignores the escape plan, and opts to help Rola in order to make sure his son is raised well. He names his Yukirieza and tries to attack a guard, but it snatches Yukirieza and takes him away before returning to try and discipline him, but Rola manages to open the cell and proceeds to attack the guard with his full-power. He subdues them each with his Spinning Heel Drops and a Backslap to a burly guard before knocking out another with Heavy Strike; Chilada becomes suspicious of the escape plan and Frieza's part in it. A loud crash occurs outside as some of the guards discover that Salsa is also locked in battle and tries to help him, but Rola destroys them with his Galick Fire.Goku Black punches Salsa in the stomach while Vegito Black demonstrates his true power by delivering a powerful kick to Salsa. He sent through the prison; destroying several cells and completely devastating the cell block that Rola is in as Salsa manages to throw two ki-dampeners at Goku Black and Vegito Black completely weakening them. He captures Vegeta Black and Future Zamasu as they attempt to save them and takes them to another cell block with the other prisoners. Frieza is at first amused by the appearance of Goku Black as is Cell, but they later stop caring. Salsa shows them the Dark Realm that they are in and they see a valley completely covered in the Kagejins; causing to look completely dark.

While doing several chores; Goku Black is abused immensely while Vegito Black is given unfair chores. Rola is annoyed that he was able to escape and blames Frieza, but he is given a response in the form of Frieza knocking over his wheelbarrow of rocks. The guards attacks them until being ordered back to work by Salsa as they move along. Frieza throws a rock at Salsa and he attacks him in retaliation and nearly kills him before Rola intervenes and condemns him for his treatment of prisoners as Goku Black manages to sneak behind and nearly cuts his restraints off, but Salsa elbows him into the wall before kicking Rola in the stomach. Rola tries to punch him in the face, but Salsa informs him that Chronoa killed his mother and Goku Black is assisting her; causing him to become confused and allows Salsa to knock him over. After being fed; they are placed back in their cells where they continue to plot another escape while Future Zamasu kicks back. That's when Rola gets an idea and plans to exploit Future Zamasu's immortality. They spend the next few hours planning and preparing to execute their plans, but they are interrupted by Salsa as he takes Rola away for solitary confinement and forces their plans on hold. Later, Rola returns and while they are planning Naraku uses her Power Augmentation ability to augment everyone's power in Rola's cell and raises their power either pass Gravoom's power or equal to it as Naraku explains that Gravoom's power in his final moments surpasses even Vegito Blue's power. Salsa meets with Buritsurito in an attempt to get him to help train his Demon God form, but he refuses to assist as he feels there is no reason to and walks back inside the Palace of the Gods. Salsa punches Buritsurito in the cheek and sends him flying into a monument. Buritsurito grabs him by his hood and sends him flying into a monolith before fire several ki blasts at him. He creates an identical sword to 'Salsa's sword and they clash all throughout the valley and send each other into cliff opposite from each and are buried beneath tons and tons of rocks. Buritsurito blows the rubble away and knocks Salsa through several stone tablets and lands at the feet of a Kid Buu statue. Rola notices that Salsa is gone and he grabs a guard near his celldoor and tries to take his key, but the guard breaks his arm and punishes him as he enters the cell. Rola grabs the guards bladed weapon and impales Future Zamasu with it as the Shinjin feigns injuries and fakes his death by slowly his heartbeat enough. The guard grabs his body and takes him down to a morgue where he leaves him to a punch off creatures for them to feed as he remains in position. The guards relentlessly attack Rola as they throw him outside the cell, and attach the ki-dampening cuffs to him as they continue to attack him as he tries to defend himself. Salsa returns heavily injured and throws Rola back in his cell while destroying the guards for annoying him and proceeds to shut the celldoor before leaving to recuperate. A large explosion erupts in the morgue; vaporising everyone in it and near it as shadowy figure emerges from the smoke and fires several God Splitters at the cell.

Future Zamasu succeeds freeing everyone in Rola's cell and they proceed to attack the guards and eliminate each and everyone of them as Salsa arrives to try and stop them, but Vegito Black attacks and sends him through walls of the Prison and crashes into the opposite side of the monolith. Vegito Black powers up to Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed and continues attacking him while the others escape from the Prison. He grabs him by the wrist and continuously punches him in the gut before double kicking him in the stomach; sending him through the monolith and into the dark valley. Several Prison Guards attempt to cut off Future Zamasu, Frieza, and Cell, but they easily destroy them with few punches before making an exit in the ceiling with a couple of ki blasts. Rola explains them that the reason why they aren't able to fly is because of a Flight Inhibitor that he saw while in solitary. Vegito Black manages to fly above the valley as he isn't close enough to the Inhibitor and proceeds to disturb the Kagejins by blasting the area with a barrage of Spirit Rockets and finds Salsa on the ground attempting to power-up. He uses his Trick of Tornado to mask his movements, and successfully undergoes his Dark Fusion. He punches Vegito Black in the face, but it does nothing to him as his power is still superior and transforms even further into his Dark Fusion V form. He kicks Vegito Black in the gut and manages to slightly phase him and sends him into the ground with a kick to the face. He gets up and displays no injuries as Salsa's forms continue to injure him. Salsa manages to impale him with a Wind Javelin as it disperses, but he regenerates his injuries before slashing him several times with his Wind Naginata before switching to his Wind Lunge Mine and use it as a throwing weapon to cause large explosions. He creates multiple of them before using two of the to undergo the Dark Fusion W transformation and results in him becoming even more powerful at the price of his harmful aura becoming more harmful. Vegito Black dodges his punch and sends him flying into the prison as he attempts to punch him again, and his punch causes the wall to explode in the large windy explosion as he falls to the ground. Rola powers up to his Super Saiyan as Pend powers up to his Great Terror in order to take down the Prison Guards after being each of them were given an Aura of the God and manages to repel most of their attacks before Pend powers up to his Desesperación form and fires Full-Powered Hi-Speed Fear Kamehameha at the group and manages to vaporise them and destroys most of the Northern sections of the Prison. Rola knocks down the remaining two guards, and they head to the ditch created by the Pend's energy wave and they're interrupted by an explosion in front of them. Vegito Black notices the large explosion just as he is punched in the chest and is knocked several feet away by a windy explosion and crashes into the Flight Inhibitor destroying and lands in the South section of the Prison. Vegito Black emerges from the rubble and reveals that he has received some light injuries and his outfit has been damaged. He regenerates his injuries and proceeds to double axe handle Salsa in the back while he suffers damage from his own form as Vegito Black is able to use his form; damage-free. Vegito Black tears his shirt off leaving his undershirt on and proceeds to battle him as he knocks Salsa through cliff and into the valley. Salsa punches him in the shoulder and results in him being launched into the ground by the explosion, and emerges as he dodges his second attack. Vegito Black begins to power up as he remembers Chronoa giving him potential for another form and his aura begins to change to a ripple-pattern as an earthquake forms around and causes the ground to deform into a large crater as an explosion fills the entire area before he emerges in his new form Future Super Saiyan Unlimited. Vegito Black manages to block Salsa's punch without being hit by an explosion and double kicks him in the gut before throwing him up into the air as dodges every kick and punch that Salsa throws at him and throws Salsa into the ground before he launches back up to air only to be knocked back into the ground, and finally knocks him down with a punch to the top of the head. Vegito Black lands in front of him as he taunts him and demands that he gets up in order to continue fighting as Salsa lays in the ditch seemingly unconscious.

Future Trunks and Dial sit in Tokitoki City after the 1 year gap after Demigra's defeat and watch history to past the time and the scrolls begins to glow as Dial relaxes and they watch it to find that Hirudegarn is wreaking havoc in Age 782 of Future Trunks' timeline and while Future Trunks assures Dial it's normal - it seems that Hirudegarn has more power than normal. He watches how the beast is released as it was by Hoi using Porunga and observes the battle that he already experienced. Future Trunks of Age 782 fires his Buster Cannon at Hoi; disintegrating him and proceeding to attack Hirudegarn with Tapion trying to use his Flute, but it knocks it out of his hands and causes him to drop it. They dodge all his attacks including his Gigantic Flames as they attack it, and Tapion manages to surprise him with a Brave Cannon, but he dodges it and attempts to punch him while Future Trunks kicks him in the head and sends him into the ground. Hirudegarn tries to crush Future Trunks, but he blasts him in the head with his Brave Cannon and tries to punch him, but he grabs his tail throws him into a clothing store that Future Android 18 has just exited and the two are surprised by their appearance as Androids being in the same area, but he focuses on attacking the behemoth while they just watch from a distance. He howls in anger as he punches Future Trunks into a clocktower before swiping Tapion into the ground and proceeds to torch area with its Gigantic Flame before attacking Future Trunks once again, but he dodges his attack and blast the beast with his Brave Cannon again. Hirudegarn gets up from the attack and throws several buildings at Future Trunks, but he dodges them and knocks him into the ground. Tapion severs 'Hirudegarn's left arm and scar his right eye by slashing it before the beast grabs the blade of his sword and tries to knock him away, but is able to free himself from his grasps and double kicks the beast in its stomach as Future Trunks elbows it in the head; knocking it over into a carpark. Tapion double kicks in him the stomach and Future Trunks follows up with a powerful punch to the gut; resulting in the town being nearly destroyed as some of it falls into a river below. They spend the next few minutes battling against the behemoth as it is at a great disadvantaged and as result becomes angrier by the second the tries to kill them, but it's not powerful enough. Tapion explains that the lack of humans around for it to drain is the reason why it's not as powerful as Tapion originally thought. Future Trunks than fires his Brave Cannon one more time at Hirudegarn and seemingly destroy it.

However, it wasn't destroyed as it emerges from the rubble in it's new form and easily takes them down with a few attacks and incinerates Future Trunks' Trunks shirt before trying to crush him in its tail. Tapion tries to stop it with a punch, but manages to dodge it with its Dark Eyes ability and swipes Tapion away. The Brave Sword falls into the river as Future Trunks goes after it and begins to use it against Hirudegarn and nearly slashes one of its wings off, but it knocks him to the ground. He spends the next few minutes toying with him and manages to knocking him down with a few attacks as the Saiyan tries to take it down. Even with assistance from Tapion; they are having trouble against him as he easily knocks them away and even wounds them with its Gigantic Flame as it prepares to stomp on them, but they dodge it and try to fight it using coordinated attacks, but they are easily knocked away. Tapion is pinned to the ground by Hirudegarn's foot as Future Trunks attempts to take it down with 'Buster Cannon, but the beast deflects it back at him and results in him being knocked through a destroyed building and crashes into a pole underground. Hirudegarn crashes through roof and punches Trunks into a stairway as the beast continues chase him underground and eventually throws into the sky before delivering a powerful kick; pinning him against a tree as it attempts to drain his life, but Tapion use his sword to cut away the threads and saves Future Trunks from having his life drained. However, despite trying to find cover to recuperate - Hirudegarn continues to find them as it continuously attacks them until Future Trunks is knocked and leaving Tapion to take care of the behemoth by himself. They continue to clash across the sky and Tapion is nearly knocked into the ground with a heavy strike, but he blocks it with his sword - slashes its fist before cutting it off and then using the Flute to make it go only after him while he dodges every attack it throws at it. It has trouble attacking him with only one hand, but despite that it manages to knock him down with his tail eventually and destroys the Flute. Future Trunks from the Time Nest sense Towa's Energy as it slightly powers the behemoth up as it prepares to burn Tapion to death; forcing him to intervene.

Future Trunks manages to deflect its Gigantic Flame after entering his Strengthened Super Saiyan 2 form and severs his tail with his sword before kicking him into a nearby building. Towa places Hirudegarn under her Dark Magic and it uses Bloody Sauce to knock Future Trunks down before blasting the second sphere with Brave Cannon. They battle against one another and Future Trunks destroys its severed body parts before knocking the beast into the ground and double kicking it in the gut. Future Trunks and Hirudegarn continue to fight over the town and each clash causes tremors in the area. However, Hirudegarn manages to knock Future Trunks away with a powerful punch before sending him into ground and nearly crushes him with powerful skydive punch, but Future Trunks blocks it before slicing his remain fist off and destroying it. The behemoth sends him flying with its Baked Sphere, but he manages to stop himself hitting a piece of debris with his sword and repel each attack it throws at him before being knocked into sky. Future Trunks flies underground and manages to lift the centre of town and drops it back on the behemoth, but it manages to destroyed it as it fires its Chou Makousen, but Future Trunks reflects it back at him. It appears behind him thanks to its Dark Eyes ability and tries to swipe him down with its tail, but he catches the tail and throws him into the ground as he powers up to Super Saiyan 3. After a few more clashes; Future Trunks manages to slash Hirudegarn in the chest with his Shining Sword Slash before using his Vertical Guillotine on him to slash it in half vertically; finishing Hirudegarn off once and for all. Future Trunks talks with Tapion as they recuperate from the battle and returns to the Time Nest before his past self awakens where he explains to Dial that it was Tapion who taught him swordsmanship and helped him improve. After that they document the battle and continue to monitor the Time Nest while talking to one another.

Mira and Towa summon Dark Shenron at Mechikabura's Palace and wishes for the three of them to have Six wishes each and Dark Shenron agrees. Towa has Demigra revived, brought to the the Demon Realm, and increases his power to equal to the combine power of Mira and Gravoom. An explosion occurs in front of Rola and the others as Towa watches from the palace and the three asks for sometime for the next wishes and although he agrees; he demands to be fed by Mechikabura. The skies of the Demon Realm begin to change as lightning covers the realm as earthquakes destroy several towns and villages, and several tornadoes emerge. Brimstone and fires rain from the sky and results in several deep impacts and destroying the area around the areas and tsunamis of lava as the citizens run for cover despite their homes being ripped apart and several areas melt away into magma. Towa walks in the palace with a cloaked fighter and explains that she had him revived and as result Mechikabura uses his magic on him to take control of him. The negative reactions caused by Dark Shenron seem to be decreasing as she makes her sixth wish for all five Distorted Eggs to be in their possession. Mechikabura uses the eternal dragon to regain his youth and asks for a massive Tree of Might to grow in the middle of the realm; as the wish is granted - a tree the size of a skyscraper rises from the ground and most of the area around it settles down as each wish restores the realm. While Mechikabura makes his third wish; Dial and Future Trunks watch the progress of the Dark Dragon Ball Team and seem to be surprised by their progress. Mechikabura uses Dark Shenron for his fourth wish to make him a semi-sentient machine mutant version of the machine used when Pilaf and his gang merge their machines. He dubs the new entity as Yamidamake and orders it to wait in the palace. He orders it to clean the palace after returning and returns to his throne after making his last two wishes. Future Trunks asks why Dark Shenron is causing so much chaos in the Demon Realm and Chronoa reveals that he contains all the negative energy that Face should exhibit and as result his presence causes negative effects on the world and should be summoned in the Timespace. Towa grabs Thirith as she takes him into her lab with Yamidamake after its finished cleaning the palace and runs diagnostics on them. She spends several minutes working on them.

As the dust settles; Demigra emerges as he looks on smirked at everyone below him and begins to descend to the ground. He asks for Dial, but Goku Black enters Super Saiyan Rosé and fires his Divine Retribution at him before kicking him in the back. Vegeta Black powers up to Super Saiyan Rosé fires his Big Bang Smash at him before following up Big Bang Wave to his back and causing a small explosion. Goku Black and Vegeta Black combine their energy waves Divine Retribution and Big Bang Wave respectively into Divine Light Grenade. Vegeta Black follows up with his Big Bang Pulse before finally ending their combo with Holy Light Grenade. However, Demigra survives their coordinated attacks by entering his Giant Demon God form and proceeds to attack them both and manages to smash the two of them into the ground and injures them. He uses Boiling Fist on them and manages to send the two flying into a cliff before the two begin to power-up even further and take on the Super Saiyan Rosé Powered-Up; they grabs his tail and hurls him across area before crashing into the edge of the crater. They battle against him using consecutive punches and kicks before kicking him away with a powerful kick. The two grab him by the tail and hurl him into the hair as Goku Black appears above with Instant Transmission and Vegeta Black uses vanish to get as close as possible as they punch strike him with a heavy punch on both sides causing him intense pain. Vegeta Black shoulder charges him as Goku Black knees him in the chin before heel dropping Demigra on the nose. Vegeta Black grabs him by the tail before he hits the ground and swings him into the air before smashing face first in the ground. He then uses Dragonthrow on him and sends him crashing into the prison and crushes the rest of it. Goku Black punches Demigra in the gut before kicking him away with a knee to the face and a boot to the back of the head. The two continue to clash with Demigra though out the area and disrupt the area around them as their battle causes earthquakes before hurling the giant Demon God into the ground with a powerful throw. Goku Black uses Instant Black Kamehameha while Vegeta Black on the opposite side uses Super Black Galick Gun; resulting in a large explosion and sending Demigra into the sky before crashing down near the edge of the crater. They continue clash through out the area until finally settling down above the crater and power up to their max as they each charge at each for another clash and causes a large airburst and blows all their allies away before finally kicking Demigra into the ground with a powerful kick. They sense they his power is changing as Demigra's aura becomes bigger and begins to power up; resulting in large explosion and altering the sky to a dark red instead of a light red. Goku Black and Vegeta Black look on with a hint of intrigue and anticipation.

Demigra transforms into his new form and knocks Goku Black away with a single punch while kicking Vegeta Black into the ground with ease. He toys with them before taking the fight seriously and smashes them face first into the ground with a single punch each to the back. He goes back to toying with them before Vegeta Black and Goku Black begin powering up again this time with Vegeta Black's desire to impress Goku Black and defeat Demigra while Goku Black simply wants to take down Demigra. Naraku augments Goku Black's power while he transforms in order to help as the two transform into Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour and Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé respectively begin attacking him despite their differences in power and only able to make semi-coordinated attacks, but those had help working instead of hindering their fight before Demigra manages to accurately analyse this fighting and knocks them away with two powerful kick each. Goku Black tries to use Destruction on him, but he dodges out of the way in time and hits Vegeta Black, but has no effect on him as they continue to attack Demigra. Vegeta Black begins charging his energy before telling Goku Black to clear the area and unleashes Final Explosion on Demigra and manages to wipe an entire colony of Kagejin and an entire squadron of Demon Realm Soldiers with it, but fails to destroy Demigra and leaves himself drained of energy. Future Zamasu heals him while Goku Black continues to take Demigra on and restores his clothes before Vegeta Black returns to the fight. Demigra continues to overpower them and manages to punch both of them away as Goku Black attempts to use Instant Black Kamehameha, but is knocked away with ease before being knocked into the ground with a powerful kick. He uses Goku Black to bat Vegeta Black away before punching him in the chest before hurling him into the ground. He wraps his tail around Vegeta Black's neck and begins to strangle him as Goku Black attempts to free him, but only his blasted away with a barrage of punches and kicks. The others watch the fights as Future Bulma and Future Mai remain sceptical about Goku Black's assistance. Vegeta Black tries to break free, but with multiple elbow shots; Demigra knocks him out before creating shockwaves with his punches to keep Goku Black at bay. Chronoa notices a second wave has hit Earth and calls a Bardock from another dimension to help and assist while everyone is in the Demon Realm; he agrees as he believe he is no longer necessary. Xeno Bardock asks for Hirudegarn, but Chronoa reveals that he died along time ago. He uses Vegeta Black to block attacks from Goku Black before kicking Vegeta Black in the back and sending them before into the ground before delivering them a powerful punch. Vegeta Black begins to feel some strain due his soul and forced to power down to Super Saiyan in order to conserve some ki and tries to fight in the weaker form, but is heavily outclassed by Demigra as he drags him across the ground before knocking him into a cliff with kick. Demigra opens a large wormhole and drags Qurita, Xeno Frieza, and Xeno Piccolo into their dimension.

Demigra knocks out Goku Black and Vegeta Black with a punch to the chests as Xeno Frieza battles against Frieza, Xeno Piccolo against Rola and Cell, and Qurita against Chilada. Frieza kicks his doopelganger in the gut before striking him down with a tail attack as he tries to avoid each attack, but fails due to Frieza's higher power. He transforms into his Super Evolution form as he continues to be pummelled with ease. Qurita fires his Saturday Crush at Chilada, but she dodges each attack as he is controlled by Demigra as Xeno Piccolo is knocked away with ease. Due to new power instilled in Qurita; he is able to access Super Saiyan and tries to attack her once again, but she knocks him out with a single punch to the chest. Xeno Frieza is placed under the Third Villainous Mode and begins to fair against his double as they clash throughout the area. However, Frieza manages to regain the upperhand as he knocks him into the ground before decimating the area with Death Balls. The South side of the Prison suddenly becomes damaged as Vegito Black's battle reaches to point of his Future Super Saiyan Unlimited form awakening and Frieza tail whip his double before sending him hurtling to the ground. Xeno Piccolo watches the battle as he contemplates Xeno Frieza's lack of power and attempts to intervene, but Cell severs his arm before he can interrupt. Frieza punches him in the gut as his double attempts to fire a Death Beam at him, and sends him into a piece of debris. Xeno Piccolo blasts Frieza in the back with Explosive Demon Wave before using his abilities to infect Xeno Frieza. Xeno Frieza knocks his double through several debris before hitting the ground and is smashed in the gut by a powerful punch from Xeno Frieza. Frieza begins to power up to his Golden Form and begins to assault Xeno Frieza once he has the upperhand again. They clash through the area as the debris piles up and others look on. Demigra augments Xeno Frieza's darkness even further and enters the second stage to his heteromorphism. He brutalise his double as he tries to maintain the battle, but Frieza is knocked down with several kicks and tail attacks. They clash disperses all the Kagejin in the area before Frieza is punched in the gut and knocked to the ground with tail attack to the back. After several clashes; Frieza begins powering up again and manages break past his limits into his new form Super Golden Frieza as he begins to move towards his double before dashing punch him in the gut as he follows up with an elbow to the stomach and sends him through several pieces of rubble and crashes into the remain pillar of the prison. Xeno Frieza tries to dodge each of his punches, but he hits every time before sending him into the ground with a powerful kick. They punch each other in the face before attempting kick each, but only knock each other back before clashing throughout the area before landing in the crater as they continue to clash with one another. Frieza grabs his double by the ankle and smashes him into the ground as Xeno Friezaattempts kick, and flies up after only to be thrown back into the ground. Frieza wraps his tail around his doubles wrist and smashes him several times into a cliff before throwing him through some debris. Xeno Frieza tries to use the same combo against him, but they fail as Frieza kicks him in the back before elbowing him in the gut and follows with a knee to the back. Xeno Frieza that enters his final stage of his heteromorphism and punches Frieza in the gut before kicking him into the ground.

Frieza emerges from some rubble as he flies towards his double, but is knocked down and stomped on. Xeno Frieza grabs Frieza by the hand and punches him into a cliff and attempts to knee him, but Frieza manages to get out of the way and kicks him hard enough to sever his arm as he gives him a barrage of punches and kicks before trying to tail attack him. Xeno Frieza manages to regenerate his arm due to Xeno Piccolo's presence in him and punches his double into the ground before trying to stop him, but is knocked to the ground with punch to the jaw and a kick to the gut. Frieza fires a Supernova at his double despite being drained of most of his energy and stamina, and attempts to challenge him in a struggle as Xeno Frieza pushes the energy ball back towards him with kiai. As their struggle ensures; Cus and others in Chronoa's Room of Spirit and Time eat as they watch the fight and Future Bulma is amazed at their power as they continue to struggle continues. Frieza manages to push it back as Xeno Frieza begins to descend further into the ground as he uses his kiai to push back once again. His loss of stamina forces him to return to his Golden Frieza state and loses some footing in his struggle as it nearly hits him only for the others to share some energy with him and send it almost right back at him. Xeno Frieza nearly hits the energy sphere into his double, but Frieza dodges it as it hits a piece of debris. Frieza begins to focus his thoughts and energy until he feels his limits reach. Xeno Frieza fires a powerful Death Cannon and results in him breaking his limits as his energy explodes and large pillar of energy emerges from the ground as he enters the Ultra Instinct -Sign- form. He effortlessly dodges all of his attacks and knocks him into a cliff with punch to a face as he dodges every attack thrown at him on instinct and bursts through his chest as he charges him at fall power before knocking him to the ground with kick to the shoulder. Frieza dodges his attacks as he attempts get closer and eventually manages to get close enough by using his arms as platforms and punches him in the jawline; sending into the air and nearly dislocates it. They continue clash through out the sky as Frieza tears his double apart and nearly dismembers his left leg as he heel drops it before cutting his cheek with a punch to his face. His double senses Goku Black's ki nearing him as he stands up and Xeno Piccolo becomes panicked as he is losing and tries escape Xeno Frieza's body, but Demigra uses his magic to for him to stay in it and manages to manifest a mouth on Xeno Frieza's knee in order to spit an egg out. A time rift causes the egg to move through time as the fight continues and -Sign- begins to fail him as he gives him a barrage of punches before kneeing him in the gut and is about to strike him down with a tail attack, but Xeno Frieza catches his tail and throws him into the ground as his form disappears. Xeno Frieza is about to finish him before an energy blast strikes him in the back causing him to turn to see Goku Black standing beneath him. He kicks Frieza to Cell as he flies up to him and uses Destruction to finish Xeno Frieza and Xeno Piccolo off for good. Vegeta Black stands up as Demigra questions him on how he is going to take him down as they are both battered and bruised. Future Zamasu throws Vegeta Black his Potara Earring and tells him to put on it his right ear. Demigra tries to stop the fusion, but it is too late as they merge together into Vegito God.

Vegito God powers up to Super Saiyan and revels in his new found power as he increases further to Super Saiyan 2, but as he continues to revel; an impatient Demigra attacks him and barely gives him time to dodge. He is knocked into the ground where he emerges seemingly unscathed from that attack despite showing injuries from his fusees' battles. Future Zamasu heals him and manages to return him to full strength as he powers up to Super Saiyan Rosé and begins to dominate the battlefield as he overpowers him with ease. He envelopes with Final Black Kamehameha and manages to severely injure him as he expects the fusion to end quicker, but Chronoa tells him that she managed to make the fusion an hour for the whole deal. He grabs Demigra by the neck and punches him repeatedly in the gut before knocking him into the ground and elbowing him in the back. Demigra punches 'Vegito God in the gut before elbowing him in the back; sending him into the ground before delivering a heavy punch to him. However, Vegito God isn't fazed by the attack and proceeds to kick Demigra in the gut before spin kicking him the rib, and follows up with a backflip kick to his head. As he falls Vegito God grabs him by the face and smashes into the ground with him before halting and using a Black Galick Kamehameha at point-blank range, but Demigra manages to create a small wormhole to escape from the blast as majority of the ground is hollowed out by the explosion. They continue the fight in the recently created underground cave; Vegito God kicks him into a wall before kneeing him and sending him away with a double axe handle. Demigra knees him in the back before striking him with his tail and punches him in the gut. However, none of the attacks work against him and is kick into the wall on the opposite side and causes debris to fall on top of him. He emerges from the rubble as Vegito God remains in the air as he waits for him to make the next move and dodges his punch as he double knees him in the gut before grab him by the face and throwing him into the ground. He stomps his knee; breaking it as Demigra tries to stand up and dislocate his shoulder. Vegito God continues to brutally assault him until he falls unconscious from the injuries and the fused Saiyan looks down upon him. Demigra manages to wake up for a brief second and fires tiny ball of ki into the air as Vegito God punches him back down.

The others wait as they are still underground and lick their wounds in order to pass the time. The ground begins to crack as the area become less stable by the second and they leave the area in order to escape the eventual collapse of the ground, and as they do Demigra comes crashing through the ground as they become topside once again, and Vegito God places him in a chokehold. He tells Demigra that he'll not let him damage the world as he is trying to create a utopia, and eliminate the mortals. He tells him that pawns don't interest him as they don't think for themselves, and Demigra retaliates by saying that he isn't a pawn and manages to free himself from his grips before placing him in a hold as he continues to belittle Demigra and the others that left him to the demon alone. With a little extra pressure and breaks Demigra's neck; killing him as the tiny ball of ki falls down onto his potara earrings and destroys one of them. The fusion becomes undone as a result and Vegeta Black gives the remaining one to Future Zamasu as they clear out the area. The two of them fly away as Vegeta Black flies to Vegito Black as he continues to battle against Salsa. Vegito Black emerges some rubble; battered, bruised and parts of his outfit damaged. He knocks Salsa into the ground as he is damaged more by his new form and reverts back to Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed as he heals from damaged caused by Future Super Saiyan Unlimited. He use Meteor Crash against him, but he is too injured to keep up the battle is knocked away with ease as Salsa uses every ounce of his power to transform into his Giant Demon God form and punches Vegito Black a few times; defeating him. Vegeta Black powers up to Super Saiyan 2nd Grade and begins assaulting Salsa, but none of his attacks have any affect on him and powers up to to his Saiyan beyond God state to battle against before entering his Super Saiyan Rosé and manages to nudge him a little before blocking all his punches before punch Vegeta Black into the ground. Vegeta Black powers up to Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour and proceeds to battle him, but Salsa easily dominates him at every step until his power becomes unstable due to his unstable Demon God form and is punched into the ground before being kneed in the gut. Salsa grabs Vegeta Black's ankle and slams him into the remaining wall of the the prison. Salsa continues to dominate as his power is back to normal and he dodges his tail attack and attempts punch him in the gut, but Salsa grabs Vegeta Black and throws him into the ground. After receiving a beating from Salsa; Vegeta Black takes advantage of Salsa unstable power and kicks him into the unstable ground and sends him into a sinkhole caused by Vegito God. Salsa becomes enraged by his powers instability and unleashes his power in the area as his anger boils.

Salsa attacks Vegeta Black and knocks him to the ground with ease as his anger becomes his primary power and his godly ki slowly leaves his body. The body-snatcher is overpowered and thrashed as he attempts to defend himself; he is knocked into the ground and realises that Salsa is shrinking and begins to focus his thoughts and disconnect them from his body. While focusing his mind; his beaten by Salsa and knocked to the ground with a kick to the groin before a piece of debris is thrown on him. A burst of energy obliterates the area around him and nearly breaks the seal of the Demon Realm. Vegeta Black emerges and Chronoa realises the form that he has obtained his Ultra Instinct -Sign- as Future Bulma and Future Mai look on in amazement. The two begin to battle each other as Vegeta Black instinctively dodges all his attacks and causes Salsa's rage to intensify. Salsa nearly hits with a punch as Vegeta Black dodges it and is knocked to the ground with a kick, but he realises that his attacks are sloppy and notes that he only has the defensive version of the form. He proves it by catching his fist and throws him into a cliff before kicking him in the back. However, he manages to get up quicker and instinctively dodges all his punches as Salsa attempts to take him down. Naraku becomes convinced that they won't succeed at their current power and summons Gohan. Naraku offers to train him and augment his current power in order to make him ready to fight against the Dark Empire; he agrees and begins his training. Meanwhile; Vegeta Black continues to remain defensive in the fight in order to gain the upperhand when Salsa is exhausted from attacking. As a piece of debris falls through a crack; Vegeta Black hears someone exclaiming "OW!" and notices Staz Charlie Blood before continuing the fight. Salsa tries to grapple him, but Vegeta Black simply dodges him and continues to dodge each of his attacks. Salsa begins suspicious of his strategy as he notices that he isn't trying to fight back anymore and begins to read each of his movements in order to anticipate them. Eventually he is able to anticipate him at least once and kicks him in the chest as he attempts dodge him, and is knocked into the ground as Ultra Instinct -Sign- begins to fail. As a desperate attempt before the form fails; he unleashes all his energy into a single punch and causes a titanic explosion and sends Salsa into the ground.

Salsa grabs his Vegeta Black's fist and throws him to the ground as he prepares to finish off. However, Gohan arrives and saves Vegeta Black while Vegito Black questions is sudden appearance with the only response that he receives is that he is an ally. Future Zamasu begins to heal Vegeta Black and reveals that he returned to help as he was healing Vegito Black. Vegito Black powers up to Future Super Saiyan while Gohan reveals his hidden limits by transforming into the Supernatural State and admits to prior training with Old Kai and Piccolo. Gohan knees Salsa in the gut, but it doesn't nothing to him as Vegito Black attempts to punch him the face. They fight together as Salsa easily overpowers them and knocks them to ground despite them getting right back up and continuing the fight. Salsa makes Future Zamasu's healing of Vegito Black seem pretty pointless as he beats him to point that he is left heavily damaged again, and shirtless as Gohan attempts to attack hime while his guards is down, but Salsa simply grabs his wrist and hurls him into the ground before punching Vegito Black into him. Gohan and Vegito Black grab Salsa and attempt to nose dive him into the ground with them, but he manages to get loose and sends them before to the ground with a single kick each. Vegito Black in struck by powerful punch to the gut as he is getting up and is sent flying while Gohan attempts stop him. However, after sending Vegito Black flying he knees Gohan in the gut before grabbing them both and throwing them at the ground. Vegito Black because confused on why he is getting stronger than weaker, and Chronoa suggest that his unstable godly ki maybe turning into something else. Aggravated at their current predicament Vegito Black powers up to Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed and flies directly at him, but just before he strikes Salsa he enters his Future Super Saiyan Unlimited form, but 'Salsa manages block his punch by grabbing his fist. After mocking him; he punches him in the chest sending him flying into several rock formations while shattering his rib cage. Gohan tries to help him, but Salsa appears behind and strikes him down with a powerful punch. Two Metamo-Rings fall out of Gohan's outfit and catches the attention of Future Zamasu. He heals Gohan and orders him to use the them with Vegito Black while he holds Salsa off. Gohan flies over to him as Future Zamasu begins to battle against Salsa and despite being not having enough power to do really damage to him; Future Zamasu is able to hold him off. Gohan restores their clothes as he helps Vegito Black recover and tells him that they should fuse in order to defeat Salsa. He agrees as they watch Future Zamasu being torn apart over and over by Salsa as they get into position for the fusion. They begin the fusion as Future Zamasu is knock to the ground and Salsa flies directly at them. However, it's too late as the EX-Fusion is complete and Salsa catches the glimpse of base form Gogitan before he transforms into Super Saiyan and knocks Salsa back with punch before powering up to Super Saiyan 2. He dashes at Salsa as the former prepares for his attack.

However, prepared or not - he is unable to predict being kicked into the back and sent into ground as Gogitan' attacks him relentlessly without letting him a single chance to counteract as he uses Soaring Dragon Strike on him and Quiet Rage as soon as Salsa gets back up. Even his Angry Rush is able to leave some bruises on Salsa as he attempts dodge each attack and eventually managed to knock him back with a kick to the back. Gogitan uses the rush attack Complete Shot before using a backfist to Salsa's face before back kicking him in the chest and spin kicks him into the ground. As Salsa flies up to him; he is struck by his new rush attack Soaring Dragon Rush and deals heavy damage to him as he is sent into the same rock formations that Vegito Black was sent through. Angered by his constant attacks on him; Salsa prepares his Wind Sphere of Destruction, but as he is about to throw it; Gogitan powers up to Mage Transformation after returning to his base form and causes him to drop it as he is punched in the chest and sent flying; destroying the area around him. Gogitan powers up to Spectral Future Super Saiyan as he punches Salsa in the gut and knocks him into ground with back kick before double kneeing him in the gut; sending him into the ground near a river. Gogitan remembers the area as it was the area is where Gohan fought Dabura. The two clash above the water and manage to part it before kicking him into floor of the river before it refills the area and causes large impact. He grabs Salsa by the face and drags him across the ground before tossing him into the ground, and continuously pummels him into the ground as it deforms around him. Salsa's aura begins to turn dark purple as his eyes slowly become blank and shrinks even more. He flies under the water as he begins to feel agonising pain as his muscle tear themselves apart, and aura becomes even darker. Gogitan flies up to sky and flies directly at Salsa with the intention to strike him down for good, but as he does Salsa's energy pours to the ground; resulting in Chronoa begging Gogitan to finish Salsa off before any more of his ki pours to the ground. However, his energy acts as barrier as it pours to the ground and results in massive super earthquakes and violent thunderstorms as the air begins to sting Gogitan and the rock formations slowly deform. A large explosion covers the area as it pushes the edge of banks apart and disintegrates the area as Gogitan is knocked away by the explosion. Chronoa notes that Gogitan should be more affected by the Devilry ki, but she remembers that Gohan's fusions with his future self, and reasons that it must be residual godly ki. Chronoa explains that Demons have more an affinity for acquire devilry ki than Godly ki and it can make them even more powerful, but the Demon Devil form is extremely rare and usually only happens once a millennia. A devastating blow to gut sends Gogitan into the sky and falls to the ground. Salsa lands on the ground as he admires the freshly made crater his transformations caused as Gogitan punches him in the face.

However, he becomes shocked when the punch did nothing to him and proceeds to ruthless beat him down before knocking him into the wall; causing the ground to collapse on him as Salsa grabs some water from the newly formed waterfall and throws in Gogitan's face in order to distract him and strike down to the ground. Gogitan begins charging Full Power Special Beam Cannon as he dodgees each of his attacks before firing it at him, but he deflects it away into the top of the waterfall before slamming him into the west side of the crater before dragging him across the ground by his face. He double knees him in the gut before he manages to get away and begins charging his Kamehame Beam Cannon before unleashing it on Salsa and vaporises the prison area and the damages around it; leaving a long crater west of the crater, but Salsa shows no signs of damages or fatigue. He is struck in the stomach by Salsa's knee before being struck by the back of his fist and follows up with smashes him in the ground by grabbing his face before finally throwing him into the walls of the crater. Salsa breaks of a piece of rock and impales Gogitan in the back without, but he manages to regenerate from the injury as he attempts to do the same, but is knocked to ground. Gogitan attempts to attack him as he recovers from the attack, but is again knocked to the ground. Gogitan uses Wizard Barrier in an attempt to defend himself from Salsa's onslaught, but is destroyed easily and he is knocked away. In mocking fashion; Salsa uses several boxing moves on Gogitan as he sticks with brutal methods to attack him. He stomps down on Gogitan's neck as he attempts to get back up before grabbing him by the neck and slamming several times into the ground before through him away. He grabs Gogitan by the face and buries him in the side of the crater and punches him in the gut; repeatedly before grabbing him by the ankle and smacking him several times in the side of wall. Gogitan begins to unleash his ki and manages to destroy the wall and rises up in the air where he continues to power up, but is knocked down as he focuses his ki. He uses Instant Transmission to dodge Salsa's next attack and appears behind the demon before unleashing his ki again.

Salsa is hit from behind by Staz as the vampire leaps at him and attempts to stop him, but he is ruthlessly taken down as Gogitan attacks Salsa. Angered by how cold and ruthless he is being; Gogitan's anger and explodes and evolves his form into Spectral Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed. However, he is disappointed that he didn't take on the Unlimited form but attacks Salsa anyway, but his attacks barely make him flinch. However, his form allows him to dodge his attacks better and attempts to punch him, but Salsa stops his attack and punches him away. Salsa grabs Gogitan by the belt and throws him into air before head butting him in the gut and follows up with power punch to the back of the head. Using Gogitan as the platform to jump from; Staz punches Salsa in the face before being knocked away with a backhand as Salsa grabs his ankle and throws him into Gogitan sending them into the ground. Gogitan doesn't stay down for long as he flies up to battle against him, but is knocked away every time he tries to. Vegeta Black wakes up after being healed by Future Zamasu and they watch the battle. Future Zamasu notes that if it continues; Gogitan will die, and tells him that he should fuse with Vegito Black for the last time. Salsa continues to torture him and knocks away Staz every time he tries to help. Vegeta Black calls Vegito Black a means to an end; prompting Future Zamasu in hitting him and calling him a gutless git for treating him the way he does. Vegeta Black is shocked by his response and decides to head over to him. The two continue to battle against Salsa as Gogitan manages get free and although their combined attacks are easily blocked; the two easily dodges his attacks. Staz is knocked away into rift that sends him back to his own time while Gogitan continues the battle alone, but is knock down once again. Just as he is about get up; his Metamo-Ring is suddenly ripped off his arm and Vegeta Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé lands in front of them as Gogitan defuses and Vegito Black struggles to stand-up. Vegeta Black reveals that on the way he spoke with Chronoa and she agreed to make their fusion irreversible even by a powerful eternal dragon and they won't feel any strain or lifespan being shorten. He also tells him that that their power in their Future Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Rosé forms as been increased until its equal to the power of Vegito God's Super Saiyan Rosé. He urges him to transform into Future Super Saiyan and he agrees while Gohan lies on the ground shocked at Vegeta Black's decision to fuse forever, and Future Zamasu's heals Vegito Black.

Salsa attempts to attack them, but Gohan puts him in a full-nelson in order to give them time fuse and they respond to his assistance as Vegito Black hands an earring to Vegeta Black. Vegito Black blasts Salsa with a Full Power Special Beam Cannon in order to distract him from attacking Gohan, but he knocks several yards away anyway as they fuse together. V emerges from some rubble and proceeds to punch Salsa in the face and sends him into the ground. Salsa recovers from the attack and remarks that it was simply a surprise attack as he knocks V to the ground with multiple kicks. However, V recovers more quickly and the two begin to battle each other through out the sky, but Salsa retains the upperhand by punching V in the gut and than knock him to ground with a kick. V manages to stop himself by anchoring his boots into the ground and backflips off the the ground to use a falling piece of debris as a springboard and launches himself at Salsa where they continue to battle it out. V is knocked away by a punch to the face and as he is knocked away; V feels a strange sensation in his body as he recovers from the attack and manages to calculate Salsa next attack and dodges each of his attacks before punching his face multiple times and sending him to the ground with jab to the shoulder. Chronoa notes that V is acting less brutal and less sarcastic than the way he was the first time. V punches Salsa into the ground before being headbutt in the stomach by Salsa as the Demon brutally assaults him and throws him into the air. They continue the clash as their battle causes large tremors and knock each other back with punch each to the face. V dodges all the rocks thrown at him and punches Salsa in the chest before knocking him into the ground. Salsa emerges as he is waist deep in the ground and begins to inhale and consume all the negative energy around him caused by Dark Shenron and causes the area around him to crack as he glows dark-coloured ki and giant explosion erupts around the area. V is briefly blinded by the explosion as Salsa begins to change appearance once again. The smoke vanishes as the Salsa's energy settles and the area is blanketed with energy.

Before V can notice Salsa a fist emerges from a cloud of smoke and knocks him to the ground; V notices the smoke moving towards him and realises that Salsa is using it as a cloak before being double axe handled in the face and sent in the ground. V however survives the attack and tries to punch him, but he misses and is struck down with a kick to the ribs. Chronoa notices that V is beginning to act more like Piccolo and Naraku explains that Vegito Black's soul was a natural once while Vegeta Black's Machine Soul isn't a natural soul and as such the Vegeta Black's presence in V is fading away. Chronoa asks whether it'll affect their power and Naraku says that it won't as the power has merged with Vegito Black's soul. She asks why it didn't affect them while they were dead, and Naraku replies that prior to Chronoa taking her place; she made a special place in Hell for time criminals like V where time doesn't effect them in case she decided to conscript them. V dodges each of Salsa's attacks as he attempts to gain some distance, but Salsa disperses his cloak and proceeds to deliver a brutal assault before restore his cloak and leaving him to fall to the ground. V is then engulf in energy and his armour is destroyed as his becomes 2% weaker than before. V stands back up and witness Salsa attempting to kill Gohan causing him to become enraged and powers up even further. He is able to overpower Salsa as he brutally assaults and knocks him away an elbow strike to the ribs before stomping on his wing, but Salsa manages to regain the upperhand and begins to brutally assault V as he overpowers him with ease. Salsa punches him further away from himself so that he is aligned with Gohan and hurls a Giant rock at V, but he dodges; however he reveals that it was a ploy and it hits Gohan instead; triggering his Quake of Fury. V uses his Furious Assault rush attack against Salsa and manages to moderately injure him in the attack. V delivers a powerful punch to the gut; causing the smoke to disperse and proceed to continue his assault against Salsa. He picks him up by the neck and than knocks him away with a punch to the gut; sending him into the ground. They continue clash as Vegeta continues to the ritual and manages to sense V's energy from where he is. Salsa punches V away and begins to brutally assault him before conjuring a Demon Fork and attempts to use it against him; he only manages to impale him twice before V grabs and crushes it as he regenerates his wounds.

Salsa uses the pole of the fork to impale him through the abdomen, but V simply removes it before knocking the demon away with it as he regenerates. Salsa continues battle against using every wind-base energy attack, but they all fail as V simply regenerates from the attack before landing on the ground and destroys the pole before throwing the pieces at Salsa. Salsa punches him into a cliff side in one of the damaged mountains caused by his wind attacks, and fires his Scorching Hell Blast at V decimates the entire area as the rocks become molten and the river evaporates while the pieces of Salsa's Demon Fork are destroyed. However, as the smoke clears from the explosion - it is revealed that only the left side of V's torso and most of his head survived. V however regenerates his body with ease and powers up from attack after restoring his pants and boots before kicking Salsa into the ground and attempts execute him the same way Demigra was killed, but Salsa bites him before punching him into the partially melted mountain. V removes his remain glove and the remain part of his shirt before resuming the battle. Salsa engulfs his hands and feet in hell-fire before battling against V and severely burns him with every kick and punch. V blocks each punch, but stills ends up getting a hell-fire punch to the face and several burns him. He regenerates on the injuries before being impaled through the chest by a burning fist, but despite the injury; he is able to regenerate form and it begins assaulting Salsa and knocks him into the rock formations and they ended up back at the remain section of the prison. Salsa reveals that hell-fire burns even the mightiest of foes and proceeds to kick V in the face sending him to the ground as his regenerates his face. Chronoa becomes scared that V may loses and in her haste asks Face to give V powers granted by Vegeta Black's Super Saiyan Rosé Powered-Up, Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé, & Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour forms and Vegito Black's Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed form. Naraku tells her to calm down, but Face grants the wish as he is obligated to and as result an explosion of power surges through V resulting in him taking on a new form that Naraku dubs as his Full Power form. V punches Salsa and sends him into a rock formation as he proceeds to beat him as he knocks him down. Salsa continues to punch him with his hell-fire, but he regenerates easily. V refers to his new form as his true powers as he blasts Salsa with Full Power BF Galick Kamehameha and causes a colossal explosion.

As the smoke clears from Salsa an aura of hell-fire covers him protecting him from the explosion as he unleash his power and transforms for the final time. His new form Hell-Fire Mode as Chronoa calls it gives him a naga-like body as he proceeds to assault V and goes toe-to-toe with him. They counter each punch as Salsa strikes V down with his tail and manages to burn him with his cloak. As his body is cloaked with hell-fire; each of his attacks are 80% more lethal as V is burnt and impaled by his punches. However, he regenerates from each attack especially his fists as they take the brunt of the hell-fire every time he punches him. They continue to clash with another as Salsa uses his new body to his advantage and manages to dodge most of his attacks while Salsa's attacks always hit. Salsa constricts V and burns him with his cloak as he attempts to free himself, but all attempts fail as Salsa sends him flying into the ground. V recovers from the attack and as he wipes away from blood from his mouth Salsa grabs him by the face and drags him across the ground as his face burns and throws him into the Kagejin Valley causing them to flee as Salsa slithers down the cliff and punches V into opposite. V attempts get up, but he is grabbed by the wrist and punched into the sky as he is burnt even more and Salsa darts directly to him. Salsa constricts him again and attempts to preform the same technique, but V manages to escape and recover from the injuries. Chronoa and Naraku discuss how to help V next and Chronoa asks Face whether or not V can access Vegeta Black's Ultra Instinct form. After some thinking on the matter - Face concludes that their should be no reason why he cannot - his Future Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan Rosé form is basically his base form. V is about to unleash another energy wave until he is interrupted by Chronoa who tells him to try to access Vegeta Black's memories and enter Ultra Instinct -Sign-. After being told that he can access the form; he returns to his his "base" form and begins to focus his energy, but the sharp reflexes of Salsa makes it difficult to concentrate until he remembers the experience of the form as Vegeta Black. After being pummelled a few times by Salsa; he finally awakens his Ultra Instinct -Sign- power, and effortlessly dodge Salsa's punch.

V dodges all of Salsa attacks as he manages to lead him away from the centre of the valley and lands at the foot before attacking Salsa. V's attacks are sloppy as he continues to burn himself in his efforts to take down Salsa with physical force. He grabs Salsa's tail and spins him around before sending him flying into a cliff and burying him under the rubble, however he survives as the rubble melt and he proceeds to punch V in the chest. V wonders how to neutralise his Hell-Fire Mode, but Chronoa tells him that in order to put out hell-fire; he needs to produce a really powerful energy attack. V proceeds to increase his power and begins to assault him even more, but he is still being burnt by his hell-fire cloak as he punches him. He restores his gloves and proceeds to battle against Salsa as his gloves are burnt instead of his hands. He sends Salsa flying with a barrage of fast punches as he wedges his feet into the ground. He dodges Salsa's attacks with some quick reflexes and kicks him away, further knocks him away with Super God Fist as V lands on top of the cliff. Salsa digs under the cliff and attempts to surprise attack him, but V proves that he can't land a single hit and proceeds to use Instinct Roar on Salsa; blasting him and cliff away into the valley. Salsa proves to have even survived his kiai blast and proceeds to charge his Instinct BF Galick Kamehameha as he dodges each of his attacks and is nearly hit as it proves difficult to dodge his burning punches even with Ultra Instinct. While upside down and getting as close as possible; he fires his energy wave and manages to send through the cliff on the opposite end and nearly sends him into the barrier around the Demon Realm while deforming the ground around him as he lands on the ground. Salsa is revealed to have survived the attack albeit severely wounded from the attack and lands in front of him as he punches V in the face sending him into the ground before knocking him into the sky with a Tail Attack. V recovers as he continues to dodge each of his attacks with ease and knocks him away with kick to the jaw as Salsa grabs his ankle with his tail and drags him across the sky with him before hurling him into ground as he recovers from the kick. V lands on the ground and pauses for a moment in order to take a deep breath in order to correct himself. Using Vegeta Black's experience with the form; he collides with Salsa and throws super-fast punches at him and proves to be difficult to dodge as he knocks him back several times before suddenly dodging Salsa's punch and suddenly collides his fist with Salsa's causing a shockwave. V looks at his gloves and notices that they have holes in them from the constant punches he has given Salsa and wonders whether or not he has what it takes to defeat Salsa.

V proceeds to the continue his battle against Salsa and their battle is seen for miles by the others as Goku Black and the others take a break near a river. A clash of their punches causes a large explosion as result before landing on the ground. V goes under the ground and proceeds to the lift the area that Salsa is on and slams the rock back into the ground. The rock melts off him as he strikes V in the back and attempts bind him, but he dodges it and kicks Salsa in the back of the head. He restores his boots and gloves before shoulder-charging Salsa, but is struck down by his tail and the two get up as V feels his powers beginning to falter. He takes a deep breath again in order to correct himself, but it isn't enough as Salsa smashes him into the ground using double axe handle and attempts bind his torso, but he breaks free from the ground and attempts to attack him, but as he feels the toll caused by his form; he powers back down to his "base" form and attempts to reclaim some stamina, but Salsa doesn't give him the chance. Filling desperate; V is able to access some of Vegito Black's unnaturally obtained powers and awakens the Raw Power form. V kicks Salsa in his cheek sending him flying into the ground and proceeds to overpower him as he attempts to knock him away. V backflips in order to gain some distance, but Salsa trips him and nearly punches him, but V places him in an armlock and tries to dislocate Salsa's arm, but he manages to take control and slams him multiple times in order to get him to let go as V holds on tight, but is eventually forced to let go and proceeds the knee him the chest and drags him into the ditch where he continue to clash with him and seems to be overpowering Salsa and is being less burnt by his hell-fire. He assaults Salsa with a series of fast punches and kicks; sending him flying and proceeds assault him with rapid attacks. V is impaled in the chest by Salsa's hand and is punched in away in the gut as V recovers from the attack, and proceeds clash with him again. Chronoa considers whether Raw Power is enough, but Naraku explains that it isn't as each of the attacks that Salsa has received; he has survived and his cloak is still protecting him, but not as much as it was before. Naraku explains to her about the power of the Demon Devil form and how it only occurs everyone 800 years. The form is extremely difficult to defeat and sometimes even impossible. Chronoa is shocked by Naraku's words and wonders how she knows it, but remember that she was under their control before. V collides fists with Salsa and nearly brings the Demon's arm from the force of his punch as they causes a gigantic shockwave that shatters the area. 'V delivers fast punches and kicks to Salsa's gut before knocking him away with a backflip kick. V dodges all the stones hurled at him as he runs up to him and proceeds to strike Salsa into the ground with double axe handle to the back of the head and proceeds to assault him with rapid punches. V powers down from the Raw Power and begins to breathe deeply as most of his stamina is depleted. Once again; he awakens Ultra Instinct -Sign- as his ki lights the area around him. His hair and eyebrows begin to glow white as he speeds past Salsa as the Demon is struck by multiple attacks and is knocked into the ground as V approaches the cliff as the "shell" crumbles away; revealing that he has mastered Ultra Instinct.

The two Shinjin are surprised to see V's mastery of Ultra Instinct and Dial is in awe as V's regenerative body may handle the form better than Goku. V dodges every attack Salsa tries to throw at him and proceeds to knock him away with a rapid attack. V destroys the cliff near him as he lands on it after rapidly attacking Salsa again. The battle continues to be completely one sided as Salsa is overpowered by each attack and as result Salsa becomes angered by his current predicament, but he can do nothing about it as his hell-fire is no longer protecting him properly anymore as he is damaged more severely than before. Gohan awakens and finds himself surrounded by magma and leaves before he can be consumed to find V in the Ultra Instinct form. V easily strikes Salsa down with Silver Dragon Flash and proceeds to leave the area in ruins as he proceeds to assault him in rapid successions. However, Salsa shows that even with his power increases - he hasn't extinguished his hell-fire around his body yet and so long as it is encasing him; he'll not sustain fatal injuries. Naraku realises that he is right and that V can battle him in that form until it begins to affect him negatively and he won't be destroyed. As result he combines his Raw Power form with his Ultra Instinct form and enters his Final Form. 'V dodges all his attacks and proceeds to wound him twice as severely with kick to the shoulder and knocks him to the ground as Salsa is unable to protect himself with his cloak anymore as the attacks are able to penetrate it. He uses twice as fast punches against him and easily launches him into a cliff as the toll of both from begin to take effect. V clutches his chest as he attempts to hold back the toll and proceeds to punch him, but he falls to his knee as Salsa is trapped under the rubble. V focusing all his power into the centre of his body and his veins glow red. V begins to sink into the ground as becomes heavier by the second. Salsa spots Gohan proceeds to fly at him as Chamel watches the fight and V continues to focus his power. V notice Salsa darting towards Gohan and asks Future Zamasu to get him to safety as he uses Instant Transmission to get between them as Future Zamasu grabs Gohan proceeds to fly as far away as possible as Chamel follows him. V unleashes his Red Raw Explosion and decimates the entire area as Salsa is overwhelmed and vaporised by the explosion. Future Zamasu is shocked to see explosion as Gohan cries out Piccolo's name and Chamel is sadden by Salsa's death, but relieved that he is no longer under Mechikabura's rule. Future Zamasu questions his beliefs in regarding mortals, but affirms his stand on destroying the demons. Gohan is healed by Future Zamasu as they land next to Goku Black's group and offers his assistance against the rest of the empire. Chronoa requests that King Yemma give leniency for his deeds and Vegeta returns his focus on his ritual as he proclaims V to be a true warrior. Gohan turns around to meet a huge city and they proceed to walk towards it.

Mechikabura's Plan B Edit

Mechikabura pulls a lever into a test tube and causes whoever is inside it to scream in pain as liquid energy feels is placed into and proceeds to burst open the chamber. It proclaims itself as the Buu of the Demon Realm and greets Mechikabura as it using magic to create some clothing. Towa reveals that she created him after Cell-X's failure and required a lot of energy to finish him. Buu doesn't mind he is conception and asks what Mechikabura wanted and he tells him to destroy the Dark Dragon Team and gives him some fruit from the Tree of Might. He eats and gains a power boost as his muscles increase and proceeds to unleash his aura and ki. Gohan looks around the city and notes it to be deserted as the others become suspicious and expect an ambush as Buu flies from the Palace of Mechikabura and Rola enters the Palace of the Gods and finds Buritsurito sitting next to the current Demon Realm Supreme Kai. They ask them to leave, but he ignores them as Chilada enters and shocks them them as she asks him why he'd search the Palace of the Gods. Buu crashes through the roof and kills the Demon Realm Supreme Kai with a ki blast and knocks away Buritsurito. Buu tells them that he has orders to kill them and Rola access whether she has Darkness-enchanted Dark Potara Earrings. She tells him that he won't have proper control of them unless he trains and replies by saying that it'll be find. Rola puts the earrings as Chilada tells him that he'll need to wear the in order to maintain form unless he trains and he awakens his Darkness Form. Buu examines his new form and tells him that he isn't impressed as he binds Buritsurito to the throne as he tells them to be ready for battle. Buu tells him that he is annoying him and didn't want him to interrupt his battle with the two as he powers up and the two are in awe with his power. However, gain some of energy from Salsa and V puts him in a whole new league. However, he is not in the same power as the power. Chilada asks how he was created and Buu gives an honest answer as Rola attempts to convince him into his side, but Buu tells him if his conviction was stronger - he would have switched sides. Buu stands in front of them and tells them to fight together if they want to win and they take him up on his offer as they enter their battle stances.

As Rola attacks Buu; he is hit the gut by the Majin's extended arm and sent flying as Chilada kicks him in the head, but it only slightly budges him as he sends her flying into the throne. The two attack him at once and managed to overpower him however, Buu manages to grab Rola by the ankle and slams him into the ground before throwing him through the entrance and kicks away Chilada. Chilada assaults him with Red Magma while Rola attacks with Heavy Strike. Buu smashes into the ground, but manages to recover from the attack and stands up ready to fight them again. The both of them use Spinning Heel Drop on him and sends him flying and proceeds to pepper him with punches and kicks. Rola Rola begins to feel a surge of energy as he punches Buu in the face and sends him into the upper floor as their coordinated assault failed to land a decisive blow and prepares to strike him down, but he is knocked through the roof and lands on the steps leading to the palace. Rola stands back up while Chilada battles Buu alone and is unable to land a decisive blow even when she tries to trapped him under some support columns. Rola kicks him in the head as he flies in and gives Chilada a hand as they stand together. Buu punches Rola in the back and sends him into a wall as he extends his arm to strike Chilada in the gut and sends her through the wall as she lands in the courtyard and Rola tries to rush to her aid, but Buu takes advantage of his lowered guard and proceeds kick him in the rib sending him into the archway. Rola uses his energy to blow away the debris and begins to power-up as his energy begins to try the colour of the sky to dark purple and is aura gains dark purple lightning streaks. His hair raises as and spikes up as his sclera becomes blood red. The ground crack as he transforms and the palace shakes as result of his sheer power and his hair begins to glow medium bluish green. The amount of energy be generate causes Cell to remember Gohan's ascension to Super Saiyan 2 as an explosion bursts from the palace and large gale force winds cause chaos in the city. His desire and desperation in protecting Chilada causes a new change in Rola and Buu simply attacks him as he is powering-up; sending him into the courtyard. However, Rola continues to power-up and as his transformation wasn't interrupted despite being attacked and proceeds to unleashes his power and deforms the ground in the progress. Rola emerges in a new form and Chilada is surprised that is able to gain such form through sheer will power and desire. He refers to it as the Super Darkness Demon form and begins to assault Buu, but despite being able to surprise Buu with his new power; he is however thrown against a wall and knocked to the ground. However, he is able to recover quicker and begins to exchange blows with him as Chilada joins him and they coordinate their assault. Buu laughs at their attempt in defeating them as Rola responds by infusing lightning into his hands and feet before kicking Buu into the and pile drives him into the ground as he charges the lightning through out Buu's body. The impact of destroys most of the courtyard and Palace entrance as Chilada knees him in the chest and Rola shoulder-charges him; resulting in the two; driving him into a wall and back into the palace. Buu and Rola punch each other in the face as he uses Mystic Shot and sends his leg underground in order to knock Chilada into the air. They continue to clash throughout the palace and causes havoc in the palace before the three settle in the centre.

The ground beneath Rola begins to crack and as he attempts to avoid a surprise attack; Buu grabs Rola by the ankle with his antenna as a ki blast burst through the ground and he proceeds to smash him into the ground and into several support pillar. Chilada tries to intercept his attacks, but is knocked away as Buu continues to toss him around until the palace's ceiling collapses on them and buries Rola. Buu throws his Dark Crash at the two and they both try to stop it causing it to stop as the palace is destroyed and Buu absorbs Buritsurito as he struggle against them and assumes his Dark Demon God form and uses his new power to overpower. An explosion results - destroying the Dark Potara on Rola's ears as Chilada used a Magic Barrier using energy from them and her earrings to withstand the blast. However, Chilada is severely injured as a result as only her black sports bar and most of her black pants as only half of the left leg socket remains. She falls to the ground and nearly passes out due to the injuries as Rola emerges and tries to help her. However, despite being alive - she is in bad shape and uses Super Saiyan 2 to battle against Buu alone despite being completely overwhelmed. Rola struck down as Chilada wakes up and watches in shock and horror as Rola is beaten mercilessly and brutally. Chilada remembers how he was while they were in prison together; always being near her and acknowledges that they've become closer as she pleads with him to stay down. Rola refuses as he continues to get between her and Buu resulting in him receiving heavy injuries. He continues to get between them despite the pleas from Chilada and the severe injuries he's sustaining. Rola is struck in the gut as Buu uses his Mystic Shot against him and is sent flying into the ground. He is struck in the gut as he attempts to get up and proceeds to power-up to Evolved Super Saiyan 3, but despite the superior form and is brutalises as they continue clash while Chilada pleads with him. Rola tells her that he won't stop fighting to protect her. As he continues to declare his resolve - he's attacked by Buu. He dodges some of Buu's attacks as he continues to speak and proceeds to clash with him, but a punch from Buu sends him into the ground and causes him to revert to Super Saiyan. Rola is kicked into a pillar in the courtyard as Buu assaults him with a barrage of Mystic Shots and Mystic Attacks. Rola is blasted by a ki blast and sent in through several pillars before landing at the entrance of the courtyard. Rola struggles to stand and as well as struggles to maintain his Super Saiyan form as he continues to battle against Buu before finally declaring his love for Chilada as he is struck in the gut by Buu sending him flying. Buu is about to finish off until Dark Janemba arrives and he is told by Mechikabura to absorb him. He does so and gains Janemba's power as Chilada begins to glow and regains her strength to stand as Rola faints. Chilada declares to protect Rola with all her might as her earrings shatter and a stranger power circulates around her.

Chilada's' power continues to increase as her clothing morph one more time and gains two wings as her body continues to glow. Mechikabura becomes concerned while Chronoa becomes confused. Naraku tells Chronoa about the history of the Demon Realm and Chilada's birth; she was unique as she caring and free-spirit - which is unusual and that she has been referred to as the Demon of Light. As the "shell" breaks away from her; Naraku admits that she is their trump card and needed motivation to access her true power. She unleashes her power; producing a large pillar of light energy and collapses the courtyard into a sinkhole. Chilada begins her assault and punches Buu in the gut sending him through several buildings in the city as she appears behind after growing through a fourth building and knocks him into the ground. Chilada fires her Morning Glory Cloud sending the three energy waves into Buu and decimating the area around her as the Majin is severely injured and his lower half is destroyed. However, he regenerates from the attack and attempts to attack her, but she dodges his attack and proceeds to punch into the ground. Chilada appears on the ground behind as he gets up and he proceeds to attack her, but she counters every attack and even smashes him into the ground with a double axe handle. Chilada continues strangely appear near despite her recent attacks and blasts her with ki blast, but the blast goes through as she disperse into pollen and twelve pollen clones appear above him revealing that her new Pollen-port ability enables her to leave a clone behind that disperse when attacked with ki. The real Chilada is still at the courtyard attending to Rola and heals him using her Healing Pollen ability. She witnesses an explosion where her clones are and their assaulting Buu from all corners. Buu takes out most of the clones with Scatter Finger Beam, but is assaulted by the 2 remaining clones before being dispersed by firing a Vanishing Beam from his feet, but as he is about attack the real Chilada is struck to the ground by Chilada as she Pollen-ports to him and ports to him again in order to knee him in the gut. Chilada snaps his sword as they continue to battle against one another and tries to get some distance from while planning his next attack, but she knocks him through the roof off an apartment complex. Buu's sword begins to glow as he gets ready for his Dark Fusion, but Chilada stops him by knocking him through several buildings and proceeds to deliver a powerful assault on him as he is knocked into the ground and thrown around. Chilada tries to slash Buu with her blade, but only manages to slice several buildings as the top floor of a building crashes on the majin as the battle continues. Buu tries to gain some distance from her, but she is able to port directly in front of him and knocks him into the ground. Buu hides his ki and tries to go back to his sword, but Chilada is able to track via his magic and proceeds to knock him underground and continues to battle. Each slash from her blade causes a sinkhole in the central section of city before Buu escapes and finally executes his Dark Fusion. With his new power; he proceeds to attack her, but she blocks his punch and sends him flying. They continue to clash in the air, but Chilada is still able to overpower him. Buu is confused as to how she is more powerful than he is and proceeds to try a sneak attack, but she is able to knock him away with ease and ports in front of him as her clones proceed to attack. Chilada watches as her clones continue the attack and views Rola as he is completely healed. She takes his hand and flies away from the city; leaving him with Goku Black and the others before darting back to Buu and knocks him away. Chilada cuts Buu's arm off and attempts to kick him, but he tries to absorb her. However, she destroys the piece of him as Buu regenerate his arm as they continue to clash through out the sky. Chilada blocks every attack he throws at her and proceeds to kick him in the jaw as he throws a tantrum due to his inability to take her down. Chilada counters his Mystic Shot attack and proceeds to deliver a powerful punch that pulverises him into a pile of goo. However, he reforms and proceeds to punch her in the gut but it does absolutely nothing to her; shocking him and is struck by a back hand. Chilada demands an apology from Buu, but he refuses as Cell and Frieza arrive on the battlefield. Chilada notices them and tells them to leave everything to her as she proceeds to prepare to make the final blow, but an energy blast from above catches her attention and she notices three different Miras. Each of them are confused at the appearance as Chilada demands to know who they are.

Dark God Mira introduces himself while introducing Demira and Fusions Mira. They explain that they were created via wish to Face two years ago and have been assign to stop anyone that is trying to interfere with their plans. Demira tries to attack Chilada, but Frieza states that if he has to work with them to escape from the Demon Realm than he'll make sure they won't fail as he knocks Demira down with a kick. Demira is uninjured by the attack and proceeds to knock Frieza down with a Tail Attack and uses Demigra's Tricky Strike against him as Cell transforms into his Excellent form. Cell punches Demira in the face, but is blocked and knees him into the ground as he back kicks Frieza and punches him in the back of the head. Frieza transforms into his Golden Form and is about to attack him, but Dark God Mira knocks him down with Peeler Storm. Demira launches his Marbling Sauce attack and manages to knock the two away and damages the area while Chilada is able to shield herself from the attacks. Dark God Towa watches the battle as the battle intensifies when Fusions Mira kicks Frieza in the back. Frieza and Cell try to steal the Metamo-Ring from Fusions Mira, but it is merged with his body. Chronoa sends two for them to use and they fuse into Cellza as Chilada manages to by their time by creating an earthquake with strike to the ground as the three attempt to fire their Galick Beam Cannons at them and instead destroy half of the city. Cellza knocks the three down with quick strikes as he dashes past them and lands on a destroyed piece of building. Fusions Mira transforms into the E-type Super Saiyan while Demira powers up even further and Dark God Mira increases his power. However, Cellza counters all their attacks and overpowers them with ease. Cellza easily sends them flying with a Tail Attack and punches Demira in the gut before elbowing Dark God Mira in the chest. He grabs Fusions Mira and Demira by their hair and smashes him into each other before kicking Demira in the gut and sending him flying into the street with a second kick before teleporting in front of Dark God Mira and delivers a strong right punch. He then attacks Dark God Mira with several high-speed punches and kicks. Cellza finishes the attack by knocking the enemy away with a right-hook kick before flicking Fusions Mira in the forehead and sending him crashing into the ground. Dark God Towa tries to to intervene, but a swipe of his tail at Dark God Mira sends enough force to destroy the building she's own and causes her to fall on him. Dark God Towa is absorbed by Dark God Mira and enables him to obtain his Evolved State. However, his new form doesn't help him as Cellza is able to overpower all three of them and proceeds to pin them to ground as Chilada resumes her battle with Buu as he is fixated on Cellza's power. He once again uses his Tyrant Rush on them as they three attempt to escape from Cellza while Chilada kicks Buu in the underground section in the centre of the city. Chilada elbows Buu in the head and knocks him into the ground while watch Cellza's battle. Cellza continues to overpower them while Chilada continues to overpower Buu and proceeds to knock him into the ground with with knee to the gut and side kick. Cellza lands in the outskirts of the city and the three turn their attention to Chilada, but Demira is grabbed by the back of the head and smashes face first into the road as he is thrown to Dark God Mira while Cellza emerges from the dust cloud and knocks down Fusions Mira with his tail as he elbows Demira in the face as he charges at him. He knocks the three down with a single hook kick before landing on the ground in front of them as Fusions Mira powers up to E-type Super Saiyan 2 and tries to punch Cellza, but he is grabbed by the wrist and thrown into a nearby wall. He than transforms into the Darkness Demon form and punches Cellza in the face; briefly budges as Cellza knocks through several buildings and they proceed to clash with one another. Fusions Mira cleans some blood of his chin as he prepares to continue to the battle with Cellza as Dark God Mira and 'Demira also power up as they prepare to engage him.

The three of the battle together against Cellza and their coordinated assault begins to overpower him as Demira and Fusions Mira knocking him away with a heavy punch as Dark God Mira knees Cellza in the face, but doesn't have the same impact. Cellza punches Dark God Mira in the face as he back kicks Demira and elbows Fusions Mira in the gut. Fusions Mira through his deepest desire of defeating Cellza manages to unlock Super Darkness Demon and continues his battle against Cellza using coordinated assaults against Cellza. Demira powers up and increases his muscle mass to an abnormal level and proceeds to punch Cellza in the face as he coordinates his attacks with Dark God Mira. Demira and Dark God Mira deliver a barrage of punches as Fusions Mira kicks him in the gut before kneeing him the back and than smashes Cellza into the ground with a combined assault. Dark God Mira uses his telekinesis to summon an evil egg and absorbs it; obtaining a new form and proceeds to coordinate attacks with Fusions Mira and manage to overpower Cellza with their combined assault as Demira knees Cellza in the back and sends him flying with a kick. The three of them attack him together and overpower him as he blocks one, but is by another and continues to be pushed back as they land outside the city. Cellza manages to get free from the for a little while and proceeds to dive directly at Fusions Mira and breaks their coordinated assault as he pummels the copy in the gut before delivering a right-hook and left-hook kick before hitting him in the chest with a double axe handle before using Quick Rush on Demira and Arts Rush EX on Dark God Mira. As Fusions Mira tries to fly back to him, but he strikes him down with Raging Rush SP. However, all three of them survive his weaker rush attacks as he proceeds to use his Tyrant Rush against them and critically wounds all three as they manage to knock him away. Cellza swipes some blood off his chin as he recovers some stamina and enters his 100% Full Power-Weighted state and overpowers all three once again despite being unable to dodge their attacks correctly and proceeds kick Demira in the gut and elbows Dark God Mira in the rib. Cellza grabs Demira by the wrist with his tail and yanks him forward as he knocks him down with a punch to the gut. Cellza proceeds to clash the trio as his power slower chips away and attempts to exert less power as he continues to clash and proceeds to power down and dodges their attacks as he knocks down Demira with a kick to the back and elbows Dark God Mira in the head and headbutts Fusions Mira. Fusions Mira and Demira strike Cellza in the chin with an uppercut and proceeds to knee him in the chest as Dark God Mira elbows him in the back and heavily damages him. Cellza elbows Demira in the gut and force him through several damaged buildings before crashing into the street below as he grabs Fusions Mira by the wrist with his tail and throws him into Dark God Mira. Cellza strikes Dark God Mira down with a tail attack and elbows Fusions Mira in the gut as he kicks Demira in the neck and sends him into the ground. Fusions Mira and Dark God Mira proceed to attack Cellza in a coordinated assault and manages him down with a couple punches and kicks before kneeing him in the face sending him into a collapse roof and crashes into the street. Cellza bulks up again in order draw the three in closer and returns to normal to use his speed while using his power-weighted form to attack. He uses Bait Tyrant Counter on Demira and manages to critically wound him. He uses Tricky Tyrant Rush against the trio and manages to critically wound all three. Cellza pins Demira to the ground and proceeds to assault him repeatedly and deforms the ground around before appearing by him Fusions Mira and bulking up to punch Demira into the ground. Demira back hands Dark God Mira in the face before kneeing him the gut and delivering him a left-hook punch in the face before using a flying kick on him; sending him into the air with a knee to the shoulder. Future Bulma and Future Mai watch the battle as Goku Black and Future Zamasu rests with the rest of the escape prisoners in order to regain some stamina and heal. Cus goes to meet up with Vegeta as he continues the ritual and leaves the two in the chamber as they watch Cellza strikes the three down with Supernova and teleports behind them to use Arcane Kamehameha; decimating the area as the three are blown away as a piece of pink skin is about to engulf him as Chilada alerts him. Buu succeeds in him engulfing him as he encase in his skin.

Cellza struggles as he tries to free himself and Chilada tries to help him, but Buu blinds her with Solar Flare. He proceeds to absorb Cellza as he takes on several of his aspects including his exoskeleton. Cellza powers up to his maximum and proceeds to attack Chilada, but she blocks it. However, he manages to injure her with a kick to the ribs and sends her into the ground. Buu uses Tyrant Counter on Chilada and mildly injures her as she punches him in the face sending him into the ground as she repels most of his punches and kicks. She use her rush move also called Princess of the Demon Realm. After shouldercharging him through several buildings before landing him in the sole remaining intact building and grabs by the head and crashes into the ground. Chilada touches a destroyed building the it and the area around it repair themselves as Buu punches her in the face and cracks the building behind her as she is hit into it. She proceeds to use her ability to repair the city and manages to get Buu trapped under the road before punching him in the gut through the asphalt. She forces him through the asphalt as she holds him briefly before punching away through multiple buildings and crashes in the first floor of a hotel room and deforms the hotel. Buu uses Instant Transmission to appear behind her and kicks into the hotel and proceeds to clash with her. Buu uses Illusion Smash on her and manages knock her around the building before knocking onto the street. She uses her ability to restore the building and trap Buu in the wall, but manages to break free and attacks her with Mystic Shot. Chilada is hooked on a low hanging beam and is nearly attacked again before Goku Black and Gohan attack him with a kick to the head. They power up to Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé and the Supernatural State respectively before before attacking Buu together, but they are easily overpowered as Future Zamasu heals her and brings Rola to her where she agrees to teach him how to use the Darkness form without relying on the earrings. However, as they begin leaving - Gohan flies past them as a staff that was struck in his gut causes him to cough up blood and crashes into several buildings. Goku Black dodges his sword as he attempts to slash him and proceeds to punch him in the gut before teleporting behind him and spin kicking him in the back; sending him fly a few feet. Buu knocks him away with Mystic Shot as Pend attempts to him with his mystic attack, but Buu blocks his attack and proceeds to throw him several feet away from the city and punches Cooler in the gut before sending him flying with a headbutt. Pend returns in his Desesperación form while Cooler returns in his Ultimate Evolution - Ultimate F form as he attempts to punch him in the gut, but Buu elbows him in the back and throws him by the tail before knocking him into the ground. Buu attempts to grab Chilada by the ankle, but Future Zamasu gets between them and is knocked into the ground by him as he continues to get in the way. The Miras watch them try to protect her as she goes off to train Rola and refuse to intervene as their not in her league and Future Zamasu proceeds to become a nuisance as he battles against Buu despite being significantly weaker than him and is easily knocked away as he looks over to Goku Black and is picked up by the hair is knocked away as Chilada quickly trains him with Naraku helping the process from Conton City. The power he obtain from the earrings that is still in his body begins to magnify as Buu arrives and proceeds kick her into a cave system and proceeds to clash with her as he knocks away Future Zamasu as he tries to surprise attack him and Chilada takes over completely again as she reveals her true power by channelling her ki. The entire city is crushed by the pressure of her ki as most of the fighters are affected and Buu crashes into the ground. The ground begins to crack beneath her and the sky turns blue and than becomes crimson red as her aura causes everyone around the area to flee in terror. Buu becomes intimidated and is knocked around before her left forearm explodes as result of the form's ki pressure building up in her arm. Chronoa speculates to that due to not using the form for over 1000 years, but she is quick to deny it as she is supposed to use the full power as the build up of ki would destroy her or the area that she put most of the ki into. Buu kicks her through the cave and into the surface as she reverts to her base form and Buu prepares to turn her into chocolate and her surge of ki bursts from Mechikabura's vault and proceeds to knock him away with a ki. Chilada passes out as she recognises her saviour as Broly.

As Chilada lays on the ground as she bleeds shocked at Broly's arrival and Rola arrives to try and stop the bleeding. Cus asks Rola to bring her back to Conton City and he takes her as she explains that her original body was taken by Jeiyu and explains that her spirit may be female, but her body is still technically male. Further explaining that her Override ability may biologically and physically change her appearance back to her own body, but her chromosomes remain the same. Cus gets Face to restore her body back to normal and asks her to train Rola to use his new powers. Meanwhile; Broly proceeds to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan and attacks Buu, but with his guard up - he is able to counter his attack and easily knocks him away with punch to the gut as Broly powers up to Legendary Super Saiyan 2 as he attempts to battle against him, but is unable to do any damage to him as he is knocked around with ease and transforms into his controlled Legendary Super Saiyan God form as he proceeds to battle against him and despite his form; he is unable to overpower despite being able to force him onto the defensive. Broly punches him through the rubble left behind by Chilada's battle and proceeds to double kick him into the ground as he proceeds to throw him by the antenna and is punched in the gut resulting the ground by deformed while Buu only suffers mild damage before recovering. Buu laughs at him and tells him that he was only toying with him and allowed him to believe he was able to make him flinch as he proceeds to ruthlessly attack Broly. Broly knocked around as he is thrown into the ground deforming the area as he is kicked throw several raised parts of the ground before being assaulted by his Ilusion Smash. Buu grabs him by the ankle and smashes him into the ground before knocking him through several raised sections of the grounds and nearly faints, but is able to stand up as he powers up. Buu sends Broly flying into the ground leaving a large crater behind as he remains in it to come up with a plan to take down Buu. However, he burrows through the ground and attempts to surprise attack as he bursts through the ground and attempts to punch him, but is knocked away and kicked in the back as Buu continues to assault him. He grabs him by the wrist with his antenna and swings him aroung before sending flying. He is punched in the ribs, and kicked in the face before knocking him down into the ground as Broly attempts to dodge each attack. Buu stands over him and taunts him to as he struggles to stand up while blood comes his forehead and chest. Broly manages to put a tear in Buu's pants while Broly is struck in the gut and causes him to revert to his base form as he continues to taunt him. Broly powers up to Super Saiyan and attempts to kick Buu, but is easily thrashed as he attempts to attack him and he is punched into the ground. Broly powers to Super Saiyan 3 and deforms the ground around while doing so before attempting to fight Buu, but is easily overpowered. Broly is thrashed as he struck down with ease and knocked around using Illusion Smash. Buu emerges from a portal and appears behind him as Broly attempts to get to cover, but is knocked through a rock and into the ground as his form has drained most of his stamina forcing him to revert to his base form. Broly faints as Future Zamasu attempts to heal him, but he is knocked away by the latter as Buu flies at him and punches Broly causes the ground beneath him to collapse into a sinkhole near the crater from the previous attack and is almost buried underneath. Goku Black picks up a pair of Metamo-Rings near Pend and places one on while throwing Broly one as he powers up to Legendary Super Saiyan 2 once again as Goku Black uses Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé as he kicks Buu. Goku Black has been completely healed by Future Zamasu while he uses Kiai to create dust cloud as he puts on the Metamo-Ring. A green light illuminates the area along with a rush of a green and pink aura as a fist flies directly at Buu.

Karoly Black grabs Buu by the neck and delivers a powerful punch to the gut before kneeing him in the head and punching him in the head before finally finishing with a punch to the gut again. They proceed to clash with one another as it results in large tremors and shock waves as Karoly Black fires his Divine Retribution and Eraser Cannon at Buu, but he deflects both blasts before being blasted with in order to burn off the excessive ki and follows up with Super Black Kamehameha resulting in a massive explosion around areas from his energy barrage and Kamehameha wave. Karoly Black uses Legendary Flash on Buu and is an engulfed in the attack resulting in a huge explosion. However, Buu is able to regenerate from it and knocks him into the ground, but recovers a lands on a raised section of the ground and proceeds to prepares his attack again and launches attack at close range resulting in massive explosion and leaving a massive crater while raising even more sections of the ground around him while Karoly Black is injured by his own attack. Buu regenerates and the two proceed to clash through out the sky as they strike each other in the face and Karoly Black slashes Buu with Legendary Flash Slash and results him in being blown to bits, but still manages to recovers from the attack. Buu strikes hown down with double axe handle and causes him to fly towards the ground at immense speed forcing Karoly Black to soften the ground by using his Legendary Flash on it. Karoly Black severely injures Buu using Gigantic Sledgehammer before smashes him into the ground with Gigantic Impact. Karoly Black dodges Buu's Hell Gate but is struck in the back by his Arcane Kamehameha resulting in him becoming severely injured and falls onto a raised section of the ground and causes the section topple over until it is hanging over the edge of the crater. Karoly Black powers up further and manages to cause massive earthquakes and lightning storms before punching Buu in the face as he grabs his antenna and proceeds to hurl him using Dragon Throw into the bridge and sending it into the crater. Buu fires a strange energy blast that engulfs the entire crater and calls it his No-Fly Zone attack and causes both of them to fall down to the ground. Karoly Black drags Buu across the ground by his head before frontflip kicking him in the gut before elbowing him into the ground. Karoly Black attacks him with 'Gigantic Impact and smashes him through several debris before kicking him into the side of the crater as he continues to clash with him before the two settle on opposite debris. Karoly Black punches Buu in the gut and pins him a wall as it shatters and is pinned to the side of the crater. Buu wraps his antenna around Karoly Black's neck and smashes him into the ground before kicking him away. Karoly Black flicks a rock at his head and knocks him into a large piece of debris. Buu begins to taunt as he gets up and taunts back. Buu gives him some weak shots as he grabs him by the waist and attempts to suplex him, but Karoly Black is able to break his suplex and kicks him in the gut. Buu locks his neck in his grip as he proceeds to brutally assault him before kneeing him in the face and sending him flying with an elbow to the face. Karoly Black fires a Divine Retribution at his gut sending it and Buu flying and hits the side of the crater as they proceed to only use weak punches against each other as they demonstrate their love for battle. They continue this for a while as Chronoa watches and wonders why they not taking the battle seriously, but Cus reminds her that Karoly Black is still Saiyan and the thrill of a strong opponent maybe giving the desire to fight less seriously and more about self improvement. Karoly Black walks up to Buu as he is sent near a piece of debris and grabs his fist as he attempts to punch him again, and is punched in the head with a heavy punch instead dazing him and declaring their playtime is over.

Buu uppercuts him sending into the air through a piece of debris and lands on the ground a few feet from it before roll9ing at of the way as Buu attempts to knee him, but Karoly Black rolls out of the way and his knee hits the ground instead. Karoly Black picks up a piece of debris and uses it as shield to block Buu's punch and proceeds to use another piece of debris after punching him as a baton. He stops his combo with his wrist and punches Karoly Black sending rolling, but he recovers as Buu sends his arms under the ground to attack him, but he is able to dodge them before being backhanded. Karoly Black parries his second backhand before using combo on him before sending him flying into a piece of debris and destroy it even more before using his Mystic Attack again. He attempts to punch him, but Karoly Black uses his makeshift shield to block his attack before sending him flying back into another pile of debirs with his makeshift baton. He uses his speed in attempt to lefthook Karoly Black in the rib before he is almost struck with the baton, but blocks and sends him rolling with a punch to the face. Karoly Black uses the same tactic to repel Buu by block his punch with his shield before sending him flying as his makeshift baton and shield crumble away, but Future Zamasu creates a 'Mace and Shield made of Kachi Katchin to use instead. Buu once again tries to attack him, but this time with Mystic Shot, but misses completely. Karoly Black proceeds to attack Buu with his Mace bludgeoning him and taking chunks of him as he regenerates the injuries after they are made. Buu elbows him in the gut before punching him in the gut and uppercuts him into the air before grab him by the ankle and smashing him into the ground before throwing him into the air and leaps into air in order to grab Karoly Black by the face and smashes him back first into the ground. While he is on the ground; Buu attempts to stomp, but he moves his head out of the way into before grabbing by the leg and places him in leglock; after breaking his leg - he proceeds to pin him to ground as, however, Buu grabs Karoly Black by his her and smashes him into the ground as Karoly Black does the same to him before Karoly Black forces Buu off him and smashes him into the ground as he punches him several times in the head before double axe handling him in the face, but Buu kicks him off him. However, as Karoly Black is getting up Buu grabs Karoly Black by the waist and suplexes him before stomping on his chest, and kicks him; sending him fly across the ground. Destroying toppling the debris in the way as he stomps himself by punching the ground. Karoly Black grabs a large piece of debris and breaks on Buu; sending him flying and proceeds to grab as he charges through several large piles of rubble before smashes him against the wall of the crater. Buu double axe handles him in the shoulder in order to break Karoly Black's grip as he taunts him for being take down easily, but Karoly Black punches him in the gut before give him a right hook to the face and dodges his second hook before giving some weak shots to his chest and face before dodge punch to his own face and shouldercharges Karoly Black into the wall and taunts him further as he is temporarily trapped, but due to being outside the perimeter of his No-Fly Zone field is able to fly directly at him punching in the face; sending him into a wall before destroying it with punch after smashing his face against and uses the ground to leap him and uses a large piece of debris to send him through the edge of the crater and the two arrive at the edge of the crater that once was the prison. Buu sends his fooot through the piece of debris and knocks him back before punching him back a few feet before Karoly Black begins to attack with several combos of ki-induced punches and destroys several rock formations as they fight heats up. He easily repels Buu's Mystic Attack and continues his power combo as reuses the same tactic by blocking with his shield and sending him flying with his mace. He blocks his mace recovering from a combo and punches him a few feet back as they continue the battle as Karoly Black uses the same tactic again, but this time is shield cracks. He receives several power punches from Buu and responds with his mace. He attempts the same tactic again, but his shield shatters and he sent flying into a rock formation as he throws his mace at him and sends him flying again. Karoly Black uses Dragonthrow and sends him into the same rock formation before kicking him in the head and delivers a combo of punches before sending him flying upwards against it into the air and proceeds to grab his waist as he forces Buu into the rock formation and into an underground cave. Buu crushes his Mace as he stands up and heals his injuries as Karoly Black lights the cave up with his aura. He leaps at Karoly Black, but he is able to grab his fists and sinks into the ground as continue to try and pushes each other and results in the cave collapsing around them. He uppercuts Karoly Black in the gut after letting go; sending him flying and results in a brief aerial clash before the God of Destruction; is knocked back down into the ground. Buu causes the ground above to collapse into the underground cave and seemingly buries Karoly Black under the ground as the cavern lighten up by the outside sky. Karoly Black emerges with a shield around him as he dodges a punch from Buu and continues the battle without his mace and shield. Instead of using the shield this time; he grabs Buu's fist and simply punches him away as he attempts to evolve the combo. He shoulder charges into Karoly Black knocking him onto the ground. The clashes continue as they take it to the air before landing back down on the ground and continues to assault him; Buu changes his styyle of battle by firing a barrage of Death Beams and manages to only lacerate Karoly Black as he dodge the attacks. Karoly Black throws him into the ground by the ankle and knocks him down with punch to the chest. Karoly Black and Buu clash through out the sky as they punch each other in the face and knocks each other away a few feet away from each other. They land on collapsed rock formations opposite to each other and channel their energy as they prepare to battle each other again.

Buu opens a portal proceeds to punch Karoly Black through it as he casually walks through it before using another portal to get closer to him as he is sent flying and knocks him into the the air with a kick. Buu grabs him by the shoulder and kicks him in the chest before delivering barrage of fast punches and sending him flying. Karoly Black lands on the ground and prepares to attack him, but Buu emerges from a portal behind him and punches Karoly Black in the jaw and sending him flying before using another portal to kick him in the head before using another to grab by his ankles and slams him face first into the ground. Buu punches Karoly Black as he is get up and continues to brutally assault him before being knocked over and sent head first into the ground. They proceed to clash with one another again while Buu retains his upperhand and easily knocks Karoly Black away before being punched himself away as they continue to exchange fists with one another. Buu grabs Karoly Black's' fist and attempts to hold him in a chokehold, but is knocked away and uses a portal to dive at him and attempts a Nova Strike-like attack on him, but Karoly Black manages to free himself with Instant Transmission before knocking 'Buu. The two collide their fists and continue push as the ground around him deforms and they begin to sink into the ground. Karoly Black's shirt begins to tear while Buu's boots burst from the pressure of their struggle and the two step back as they face each other. Karoly Black decides to give up his beliefs after failing to make a difference and annoyed by his own failures Buu causes a Dark Evolution on himself in order to become more powerful and as result the two begin their new assault as their power causes significant damages the Demon Realm and manages to split it completely. They fight through out the debris field as they almost become still as the gravity begins to become affected their battle and cause more debris by exchanging fists with one another. Karoly Black channels destruction into his hand and attempts to use it on Buu, but punches a Demon Realm soldier instead turning him to dust. Mechikabura manages to raise Hirudegarn and attempts to send him to the battlefield, but a small energy of destruction released by Karoly Black hits him and completely destroys him. The palace begins to collapse as large fissures split most of it and the debris from the rest of the realm bombard it as the two continue to fight against one another and nearly causes the palace to collapse completely. Chamel arrives at the palace and notices most of its contents are falling into the fissure and tries to find Pend in order to figure out what is going on and is almost knocked away by the two fighters as they continue to clash through out the entire realm. Using the debris as a foothold; Buu manages to knock Karoly Black through the remaining wall from the Palace of the Gods as it collapses into the fissure as several parts of the loose chunks collide of another section of the ground and causes the others to lose their palace. Buu uses a portal to get on a large chunk of debris that was once a section of the ground and knocks Karoly Black on to it. Buu grabs Karoly Black by ankle and smashes him several times into the ground before throwing him towards edge before kneeing him in the back an destroys the debris and crashes into another section of the ground and continues the battle through out the realm and is almost crippled by the brutal attacks on him. He kicked him in the gut as Karoly Black attempts to get up and is knocked away with a spinning kick and is punched in the gut as Buu grabs him by ankle with his antenna and forces him towards. He proceeds to assault him brutally before knocking him into the ground and almost whipped in the face. Karoly Black clotheslines Buu and proceeds to attack him to brutally before front-flip kicking him and finishing up with an elbow strike to the back of the head. They continue to battle agianst each other as Buu is able to regain upperhand and cotninues to block all of Karoly Black's attack and is nearly killed by his attacks, but is able to dodge it and repel each of his attacks and manages to dispel his aura of destruction as he knocks him into the ground and knocks him over wit several kicks before pinning him to the ground and prepares to blast with him with his Dark Smash attack and launches it at Karoly Black and as it descends he prepares to stop the massive energy ball and begins to sink into the ground as he attempts to force it back. Karoly Black rips off the Metamo-Ring and forces him to separate into his fusees while Broly creates an energy shield around it as the energy sphere explodes.

Goku Black is knocked away by Broly before he encases himself with an energy shield along with the energy sphere and results in a massive explosion insides the shield. Broly is completely obliterated by the explosion and is killed. Future Zamasu manages to heal Goku Black to full half and stamina before contemplating the current events and wonder whether what their doing is enough. Yamidamake informs Mechikabura of Broly's death, but instead of being glad - he is mad. Is anger causes most of the windows to break and lights to the fall to the ground as Goku Black considers fusing for a final time. The two manage to fuse into Fused Zamasu after sneaking away from the battlefield and and return to face Buu. Fused Zamasu manages to hold his own against Buu thanks to his immortality, and manages to reduce him to pieces with a Holy Wrath before proceed to engage him into hand-to-hand combat. Yamidamake is observe the battle between the two until a shock wave nearly hits him and is forced to retreat. Fused Zamasu infuses his fist with energy and punches him in the gut sending him into the ground as he is about to strike, but is knocked off his feet by a sweep kick. They continue their battle as the others watch on until a piece of Buu manages to ensnare Fused Zamasu and absorbs as Fused Zamasu places a shield around him and Pend force him to come with him. He flies off towards Buu's head where he finds his absorption victim and is able to free Cellza and transports him off to Conton City with Pend before allowing Buu to absorb him. Buu becomes astonished with his new power as he unleashes his ki and manages to cause the others to free his new potential powers and results in a large quake in the area, but Cellza returns and kicks him into the ground as his guard is down. Cellza proceeds to battle against Buu and fight on equal terms with one another. However, Buu manages to destroy Cellza's Metamo-Ring and separates the two before kicking Frieza away and turning his attention to Cell. Gohan arrives to give him assistants and powers up to the Supernatural State and the two fight together against Buu together and manage to deal so decent blows, but decent isn't good enough as Gohan is knocked into the ground and Cell is almost maimed, but his energy blasts. However, the two manage to continue fighting as their combined attacks manage to knock Buu back with enough force before being overpowered themselves and are almost killed by his Violent Fierce God Slicer, but manage to dodged it and simultaneously kick him in the head; sending him into the ground. Buu accidentally tears Gohan's shirts he attempts to grab it and is knocked down as a result. The two use Special Beam Cannon on him and manages to destroy his left half, but Buuregenerates and out of anger tears off his shirt before engaging the the two in an intense clash before ending it with a powerful kick to the gut; sending him into the ground before the two get back up and knock him back with a simultaneous punch to the head. Rola watches the battle as he overhears Naraku saying that any deaths that occur will be reversed by Face and appears to anger him as Rola is convinced that they treat death as if it has no consequence. Gohan is knocked away by an elbow to the face before Cell is hit in the gut with a heavy strike; sending him into a large piece of debris that was once a section of the city and is now floating. Buu fires his Black Ball Rain at them, but they managed to dodge each of them before clashing with with him and knocks Buu away with heavy strikes before they fire their Arcane Special Beam Barrage at him as they run along side their energy barrage and as they manage to deliver powerful attacks as their energy barrage hits him and results in him losing all, but the left side of his head. He begins regenerating as the two destroy his remain pieces and large surge of energy causes a booming effect that is heard through out the realm. Cell and Gohan immediately stop to try and find the location until they refocus on Buu and realises that his regeneration has stopped and instead is disappearing. He slowly disintegrates as the others are confused about the recent event and begin to realises that is happening from a previous attack by Fused Zamasu as Buu disappears while Fused Zamasu is freed from him. Fused Zamasu reveals that he infused Hakai into his fist during the beginning of the fight and had the effect delayed so that he could free Cellza in order to recover their Metamo-Rings. Demon Realm Kid Buu has been destroyed by as result of a Delayed Hakai and therefore, he and his remain absorption victims have been erased from existence.

The Next Threat Edit

The remaining fighters relax amongst each as Fused Zamasu attempts to use his powers to restore most of the Realm, but only the central quadrant is able to be fixed while Chamel arrives to warn Pend that one of them has been turned and that they were being played since they were locked up. Chamel proves his alliance by handing over the remain Metamo-Ring and Pend accepts his alliance for now as they work out who was the traitor. Fused Zamasu is immediately blamed by Cooler and Gohan, but Pend defends him due to his recent actions in order to protect them against Buu. Meanwhile, Rola finishes his training with Chilada as Chilada has also become more powerful. They each chow down while awaiting for the next plan and Fused Zamasu plans with them to free the rest of the fighters. Rola powers up to his Darkness form and manages to summon the Dark Potara Earrings at will on his ears and powers up further to Super Darkness Demon before returning to his original state and goes off to the direction of Face. Fused Zamasu drinks some tea while the others agree on the plan they came up with and proceed to head off. However, Rola arrives in his Darkness Demon form and acts suspiciously until Chamel reveals that he is the one that has been turned shocking the others as Rola takes off a power-inhibitor and reveals his the powers his able to obtain a long time ago and enters the Demon God form. Cell stops after catching glimpse of a person and assumes its Android 21 after Gohan told him about the Android but turns out to just be a sculpture resembling her shape.

Rola proceeds into attacking Fused Zamasu and he is knocked back slightly until easily overpowering him and slams him into the ground by his ankles. Rola prove his power again as he further powers up to a form he refers to as Super Saiyan Dark. He proceeds to assault Fused Zamasu in his form and proves to be much more formidable than he pretended be as he withstands most of the fused Gods blows before being knocked down. Rola uses his Shock Drive on him and manages to smash him into the ground before continuing to assault and proceeds to shoulder-charge him before clashing fists with as the battle attracts attention from Mira. However, Fused Zamasu taunts him for betraying him and Rola angrily states that the others treat death as it has no consequence and that he seeks to destroy the Eternal Dragons to stop them from thinking in such a manner. Rola attacks him with God Big Bang Fire and manages to knock him away before being assaulted by Fused Zamasu's counter-attack and is knocked into the ground after a combo attack. Rola grabs Fused Zamasu by the hair and kicks him in the gut before by kicked himself in the gut and proceeds to be knocked away with a punch to the jaw. He grabs Rola by the face and smashes him several times in the ground before throwing him several feet away into a large chunk of debris before forcing him into another cube of debris. Using Time-Skip; Rola attempts to overpower Fused Zamasu, but is knocked to the surface of the debris before being taunted by Fused Zamasu once again and mocks his views and beliefs. He continues to antagonise him while he is face down on the ground and as result of his constant antagonism; Rola enters an intense rage and begins fighting an equal terms with Fused Zamasu as Zamasu uses the same energy attacks he used against Vegito before the timeline was changed and proceeds to use his Holy Wrath on Rola, but he sends it away with Hyper Galick Fire and results in a massive explosion. They continue to clash through out the realm as the debris field is disrupted and sent flying by the shock waves created and as Rola is about to deliver a heavy blow when Fused Zamasu loses composure and tears his shirt off in rage as he heals from his injuries and prepares to assault him even more brutally. Rola uses Time Lag to slow Fused Zamasu down and proceeds to knock him down before releasing the technique and proceeds to try to attack him, but Fused Zamasu uses Illusion Smash against him and manages to knock him around before proceeding to beat him down with Lightning of Absolution and sends him flying with Blades of Judgement. Rola manages to survive each of the attacks and proceeds to kick Fused Zamasu away as he is able to heavily wound him and knocks him to the ground with a few attacks. Fused Zamasu heals from his wounds and proceeds to become even more enraged at the fact that he is being overpowered and heavily wounded. He brutally assaults Rola in a counter-assault and manages to inflict heavy wounds to him as he results to physical attacks and the use of portals. He slashes him with his Violent Fierce God Slicer before being blasted by Rola and losing half of his face. However, he regenerates from it before engaging him once again and they clash through out the realm once again. In a burst of rage; Rola he tears sweater off and proceeds to continue the battle as he receives multiple wounds and bruises they continue assault each other and Fused Zamasu gaining more opening by using portals. Fused Zamasu restores his clothes to normal before proceed to regain his composure and assaults Rola as his rage blinds him; allowing Fused Zamasu to overpower him and uses his anger against him as he smashes him into the ground before proceeding to assault him further until Rola calms down and continues to assault him as he restores his clothes to normal and proceeds to summon a sceptre almost similar to his mother's and uses it to combat Fused Zamasu. Rola powers up further and proceeds to knee Fused Zamasu in the gut before powering up to his max and channels his ki into his hand and the two prepare to clash with another. Fused Zamasu delivers a heavy blow to Rola's gut and delivers a barrage of punches and kicks as he attempts to focus his energy into his palm and a white aura appears around Rola's hand as Fused Zamasu powers up to his max unleashing his ki and nearly destroying the area around him as Rola proceeds to point two fingers at Zamasu. Rola reveals the wish he made to Face before leaving as he simply states "Disappear" and as result an identical aura generated by Zeno's Erase ability surrounds Zamasu and a blue energy sphere is generated before causing Fused Zamasu to vanish. Gohan looks on as their ace as now been erased from existence and looks at Rola with nothing, but contempt as he declares that he'll fight him next in order to finish what Chronoa ordered them to do. Gohan powers up to his Supernatural State once again and proceeds stand between him and the rest of the fighters as Chamel joins him.

The two attack Rola, but he manages to block their fists and throws them into the ground as he picks up Gohan and throws him at some debris causing it to crash into the ground. Rola reveals that his Sceptre is also a slander sword similar to a rapier and stabs Gohan in the ankle before stabbing Chamel in the shoulder. Gohan knees Rola however is able to withstand the attack and grabs Gohan's knee as he punches him in the gut before slams him into the ground as Chamel attempts to attack him, but Rola blocks his fist by grabbing his wrist and hurls him into the ground and uses his telekinesis to deform the ground and launches a shower of stones at Gohan; severely wounding him and sending him flying into a chunk of debris. The debris crashes into another chunk of debris shattering it as Rola easily defeats the two using the skills he learnt from Dial and Mira. Chamel is struck from behind by a large rock as Rola use his telekinesis to control it and knock him into the side of the debris chunk while sandwiching Gohan between a large rock and the surface of the debris chunks. Rola breaks the rock and grabs Gohan as he punches him in the gut and hurls him into side of the debris chunk as Chamel attempts to reprise attacks him but is morph two hands from sections of the ground and proceeds to crush Chamel between them. Gohan tries to free him, but is knocked away by left hook as Rola uses his Geokinesis to manipulate the ground. Rola creates a Geokinetic Construct and uses it to attack the two and the two at first having difficult, but eventually destroy the golem as they turn to their attention to Rola. Rola creates several more and manages to control each of them as Gohan manages destroy two and frees Chamel in for to help in destroying them and the two manage to do so with coordinated attacks. Gohan is trapped beneath a golem after it is destroyed; Chamel attempts to attack Rola, but is knocked away as he grabs Gohan throws him away. Gohan crashes into Mechikabura's throne room and instead of focusing on him; he goes after Rola and is knock down with a punch to the gut. Rola continues to fight against the two and easily overwhelms in his new form as they attempt to throw him offguard, but are unsuccessful. Chilada contacts Chamel and tells him to focus his powers and concentrate on the advice she gave him while she was locked away; Chamel came to her in order to learn how to use a higher form of power and trained endlessly in the Abyss of Time with Naraku was able to gain several augmentations in his power as he focuses his energy and allows it to swell. As his dark aura becomes a light-coloured aura; Gohan is knocked away by punch from Rola and Chamel proceeds to initiate his transformation as a large pillar of energy emerges from him and his appearance alters. A silhouette of Chamel is created as the pillar expands and Rola becomes confused on the light as Chamel appears to be moving in it. A red aura emerges as the energy settles and Chamel reveals his new enhanced Demon God form that he dubs as the Noble Demon God form, but Cus notices the forms different flow of power and instead states that its an Angel God form and not a Heroic Demon God form or barely a Demon God form at all.

However, Chamel is decides to go with Demon Light God form and proceeds to punch Rola in the face and sends him flying. Chamel opens a portal and they arrive on Earth where most of the Galactic Patrol have eliminated the Demon Realm army and Gohan knocks him into the ground before being kicked in the face by Chamel. Chamel is kneed in the chest and knocks him into by Rola, but recovers and kicks him away. As the two clash fists with one another; the ground beneath them deforms and they return to the Demon Realm where they proceed to battle with each other. The shock waves of their battle are felt through out the realm as it becomes increasingly intense and Rola is knocked away with kick by Chamel. Rola uses speed against them and manages to uppercut Gohan in the chin while spin kicking Chamel in the chest before delivering an uppercut to the chest and forcing him through several pieces of debris. Rola is kicked in the gut and sent flying into the air by Chamel before knocking him into the ground as he recovers and the two clash with one another. Rola powers up to his max and proceeds to use his abilities to turn the floating debris into constructs as the others fly on the remaining sections of the ground as they attack Chamel and Gohan while Rola controls them as he stands on the biggest golem. They avoid each attacks and as they attempt to get close but are unable to due to the number of golems attacking them and are eventually brutally assaulted. Gohan powers up to his max and destroys five of them with a kick through the stomach and destroys five more with few kicks while the 10 remaining golems continue to barrage Chamel with attacks. Chamel uses Lost Arts - Dust Shock Wave destroying nine of them while the single remaining golem is shrunken to his size and kicked away into an empty river as the rest of the golems are reduce to dust and the Demon Realm is reduced to a quarter of itself. Rola proceeds to continue the battle as he is losing against the two and tries to preform a Dark Fusion, but Chamel knocks his Staff Sword out of his hand before sending him into the ground with spin kick. Rola use his Time Lag ability and manages to briefly gain an upperhand before the effect wears off and uses Time Skip to attack Gohan. Rola continues to assault Gohan using Time-Skip as Chamel tries to intervene, but he misses every time and vows to stop him. Rola proceeds to kick Chamel in the chest and forces him back as uses Time Lag to knock down Gohan and regain his upperhand. However, Chamel proceeds to overpower and knocks him to the ground. Eventually Rola is able to briefly get away from Chamel's relentless attacks and shrinks the Tree of Might in the Realm to the size of a walnut as the others a surprised that it somehow survived and proceeds to consume it. He's power surges and his sweater is shredded by his muscle mass increase. The surge of power is felt through out the Demon Realm and causes the ground around him to shake and create fissures.

After his power settles down as he casually walks up to and proceeds to punch Chamel in the gut and knocks Gohan away with a single attack. Rola summons his weapon back to him but instead of catching it as it flies at him; he lets the blade impale Chamel instead in the abdomen and causes him to revert to his base form. He removes the sceptre and proceed to sheathe the blade and use it as a sceptre while attacking Gohan. Rola assaults Gohan while Chamel remains face down in the ground and impales him in the leg. Rola effortlessly overpowers Gohan as he attempts to take him down on his but is knocked away with a few attacks and kicks. Gohan is knocked into a large mountain-lie debris and is buried underneath some rubble while Rola continues to power up. Rola uses the remaining sections of the realm to his advantage as he creates a fortress around him and traps Gohan in it with him as they continue to fight against each other with Rola easily overpowering and knocking Gohan away. Rola grabs Gohan by the neck and smashes him into the ground before repeatedly stomping him in the chest. He kicks him across the ground before impaling him in the foot with his blade before picking him up by the neck as he taunts him. Rola grabs Gohan's fist as the latter attempts to punch him and punches him in the gut before knocking him away with a kick. Rola proceeds to brutally fight against Gohan as he toys with him through out the fight and easily knocks him to the side as he attempts to fight back, but isn't as powerful. Rola throws him across the ground as taunts him and stomps him in the gut. Rola kicks Gohan in neck and sends him flying into the ground as Rola continues to toy with him and leaves him critically wounded by a crater as he prepares to kill him. Gohan uses a Masenko to launch himself away from Rola and proceeds to attack him again as Rola dodges each his attack with ease before kneeing him in the gut and kicking him away. Gohan attempts to use a full-nelson on him but he easily breaks out of it and kicks him away. Rola picks up Gohan by the hair and punches him in the gut with heavy punch before hurling him into the ground as he taunts him. He smashes him in the chest with a double axe handle before punching him rapidly in the face before grabbing him by the ankle and hurling him into the air. Rola flies after him as continued to toy with him before standing at the edge of where the rest of realm use to be and states that he'll learn that death has consequence as he charges a God Big Bang Fire and is prepared to use it to kill Gohan before being kicked away by Pend. Rola fires his God Big Bang Fire at Cooler in anger and kills him as a result.

Pend punches Rola in the gut but it does nothing to him as Rola uses his magic to revert back to Super Saiyan Dark and proceeds easily overpower the Stick Figure. However, Pend is able to get some distance as he powers up to his Desesperación before using Fear Field in order to himself sometime to return to Conton City and uses the Freeform Station to Freeform fuse with an alternate version of himself in the Dios del Miedo form. He immediately returns to the battlefield and prepares to attack Rola but is knocked away by his Staff Sword. Pend manages to gain advantage by punching him into away and manages to wound him. Rola realises that the power of the Dios del Miedo form didn't just come the amount of power but also from the fact that his feral mind allowed him release his emotional restrictions. Pend and Rola manage to go toe-to-toe as Pend manages to block and parry each of Rola's attack as he knocks him to ground before continuously punching him in the gut. The two continue clash through out the realm as Gohan looks on and attempts to return to Conton City but he is too injured and too exhausted to teleport. Pend manages to change his dimensions to 5D as he manages to get behind him before returning to his 3D state and fires his Mehameha and sends Rola into the ground before proceeding to delivering a barrage punches to his gut. He uses Mystic Attack against Rola as while maintain some distance as Rola attempts attack him. The half-Demon receives multiple bruises and lacerations from the spike on his elbow before ceasing his attacks and flying on a large piece of debris. Pend delivers a powers up even further before punching him in the face and sending him into the ground before bombarding him punches and kicks. The two become locked in a struggle to try and push each other but it simply causes the ground the crack a part as Rola begins regretting in reverting to Super Saiyan Dark. Rola tries to summon his weapon but Pend ends up breaking his arm and sends him flying into the ground with a double ax handle. Pend and Rola continue to clash one another through the realm before settling down on a piece of debris.

Pend powers up to his max up as he charges up his attack while Rola taunts him and even encourages him to join his side. Undeterred; Pend continues to charge his attack and even dodges Rola as he attempts to lunge him several times while avoiding him. After several attempts Rola tries to go for a sneak attack but Pend is able to detect him before he is able to get close. Rola attempts attack him but a barrier forms around him from charging his attack as the ground beneath him cracks and Rola injures himself by attacking the barrier and is sent flying from the area before landing near Mechikabura's Palace. Pend sinks into the ground as it deforms around him as Rola is unwilling to move closer as bluish-white energy is emitted throughout Pend's body. Pend reminds perfectly still as Rola continuously taunts him and attempts hit him with a volley of energy blasts. However, each energy blast is redirected off him and creates a large dust cloud. He continues to fire blasts at him and nearly breaks his barrier before flying up and charging his Dark God Final Flash. He questions which attack Pend thinks will succeed as Pend continues to sink into the ground before hitting bedrock. The bedrock begins to crack as he is causes massive earthquakes and nearly causes Gohan to fall off to the one remaining piece of debris from the destroyed portions of the Realm. Eventually after finally charging their attacks Pend's eyes glow and he shouts Full Charge Full-Body Kamehameha firing his massive energy wave in every direction while a Rola fires his energy beam and causes them to clash. The clash causes a massive explosion destroying the nearly all remaining sections of the Demon Realm except Mechikabura's Palace as the others flee to the palace. As smoke covers the crater Frieza wonders whether any of them survived the explosion and is confronted by Mechikabura.

As the smoke clears Pend lies in the middle of the crater he caused while Rola is still in the air and is heavily injured. He summons his sceptre spear to him and uses Dark Fusion merges with his weapon while Pend remains on the ground and unable to move. He attempts to attack him but Hose tries to save him but she is easily overpowered. Rola continuously overpowers every attack she throws at him and thrown to the ground near her father as Rola prepares to fire his God Big Bang Fire at Hose causing Pend to develop a new phobia in regarding his daughter and massive surge of energy restores his stamina and causes him to undergo another transformation. Hose is convinced that it an impossible transformation made possible due to Pend's Freeform fusion as he transforms into an evolved version of his Dios del Miedo form. Pend stands as he emerges in his new form and begins his assault. He easily blocks Rola's attempt at impaling him with his arm blade while grabbing his wrist and throws him into the bedrock. Pend is too fast for anyone to keep up with as he easily overruns Rola as he anticipates every move thrown at him and even severely injures him. each of his attacks land as he is knocked into the ground and critically injured. The force he creates everytime he moves is able to destroy his surroundings and knock away Hose as she remains unconscious. They exchange punches but the spikes from Pend's knuckles are able to pierce and wound him. Rola's options become limited as the sentient stick figure overpowers him left and right. Rola attempts to strike Pend but he blocks the attack and sends him into a piece of debris before grabbing him and sending him through several jutting bedrock before slamming him into a cliff of bedrock. Rola uses Time Laceration on Pend and is able to complete it as attack but Pend grabs Rola by the wrist and kicks him away. Rola become furious at the fact that he is unable to do anything despite gaining more power and attempts transform again but Pend punches him in the gut severely injuring him and impales him at the same time before sending him flying into another bedrock cliff. Pend steps on the blade and destroys it before mindlessly beating Rola before sending him into the cliff. Rola creates a massive bird with the bedrock and proceeds to use its claws to lift him in the air but Pend destroys the feet and burrows through the bird to attack him further as the bird flies around the remains of the Realm. They battle on the bird while using only their fists and Rola uses a debris field to create a giant fist and uses it to hit Pend but he destroys it before stomping on Rola's chest. However, before he can make the final blow Pend freezes and a large flow of energy bursts from him.

He proceeds to make his attack but Rola was able to get away thanks to him freezing and proceeds to punch Pend in the face before realising the cracks in his Metamo-Ring. Rola is able to use this to his advantage whenever Pend's attacks failed as he freezes in place. They continue to battle with one another as each attack is able to land from either side and the Pend is injured for the first time in a Dios del Miedo form while the battle continues to heat up. Pend grabs Rola by the face and uses his speed to smash him through the "bird's" head and sends the bedrock construct into the abyss. Pend flies after Rola as he attempts to get away and manages to escape a critical attack as Pend frozen but for a longer period of time as the crack in the ring became larger. Rola attempts to immobilise Pend but his attempts fail as he dodges each attack before overpowering him and sending him into the ground. He nearly crushes Rola's skull before throwing him away and nearly breaches the barrier around the Demon Realm. Mechikabura delightfully tells them how he used his anger and mindset to have him turn against the Time Patrol and as result the organisation will end up in shambles. Rola manages to make a small breach in the barrier and uses his ability to draw rocks from the nearby asteroid field and creates another giant bird and they battle atop the bird once again. Pend attacks him mindlessly and severely injures him leaving him with wounds all over his chest and is unable to heal from them properly. Rola is unable to fight properly due to injuries his sustain and instead resorts to using quick movements and Time-Skip to attack but Pend is able to overpower all his attacks. The difference in their power collides with each other as it is forcing Rola to push past his limits and causing him to think of different strategies on the spot as he keeps trying to focus his mind but keeps getting interrupted by the sudden attacks used by the sentient stick figure. As Rola's power continues to grow while they prepare to collide with each other again and as result creates a large explosion as they attack each other and causes both them to be thrown at opposing sides of the bird as it crashes into the ground causing a large explosion. Pend's ring is finally destroyed forcing him to lose his transformation and loses his Freeform fusion. However, an energy blast pierces Pend's chest as massive surge of energy explodes from the ground along with debris around him and Rola emerges in his new form. Chronoa and Cus become shocked as Rola emerges in the Ultra Instinct -Sign-" and Pend falls to the ground.

Pend dies as result of his injuries as Rola has time to get use to his new powers before Chilada arrives with her new arm and proceeds to power immediately to the her Princess of the Demon Realm form. She requests that he stops what he is doing as he may be right but killing his former friends is wrong. However, consumed with his anger, he attacks her and they begin fighting it out. Each attack causes cracks in the palace to emerge while the barrier begins to fail as the Demon Realm is one the verge of destruction. Their fighting continues as they move so fast through out the realm it becomes impossible to track their movements but shock waves are created with each clash. Mechikabura teleports the palace out of the area along with the other fights and Dark Shenron as Chilada and Rola continues to fight as Chilada pleads with him. With each attack; they repel each other and critically injure one another before Rola's form begins to fail. With several swift attacks he knocks Chilada away and knees her in the gut before sending her flying but she recovers easily. He launches himself from a piece of debris as uses the surrounding asteroid field to repair some of the land destroyed and forced to redo everything he did as he proceeds to attack her further. Eventually his form continues to fail as he is about to attack her but she blocks his fist as his form is undone and reverts to his regular Dark Fusion form and is overpowered immensely while trying to fight against her while she continues to try and convince him to stop what he is doing. Rola begins to attack her but none of his attacks land while she attacks him with everything she's got but he survives her attacks as she grabs and sends him the recently restored the ground. He tries to impale her but it fails as she snaps his forearm blade while punching him rapidly before slamming him into the ground. Their battle continues as Chronoa remarks that twenty minutes had already past and Rola is on the losing end despite surviving her attacks and manages to reawaken his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form and dodges her attacks as she attempts to slash him. She begins using Dark Fusion to merge her wrist-blade with her and creates a large explosion as result and emerges in her new form; Demon Realm Princess Dark Fusion.

They proceed to battle each and is able to disrupt the barrier enough to force the asteroid field to crash into the ground as they continue to battle. As they continue their battle she continues to overpower him with ease while learning to predict his movements and is able to overcome his automatic reflexes with a few fast kicks before slashing his face. With each punch thrown by Chilada; Rola is knocked around even in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form and they continue this battle for quite sometime as the Demon Realm collapses around them. Chilada is nearly hit by some debris as she punches Rola and manages to knock him away. They continue to clash with one another as the realm collapses and the barrier let's in several space junk. Chilada avoids all space rocks while Rola is hit by them and sent into the ground. With Chilada overpowering Rola even in his Ultra Instincts -Sign- form while using dodging entirely on instinct. However, Rola prepares to assault her with fast punches and kicks but Chilada counters each of is attacks before kicking him into a space rock. Rola eventually reverts back to his Dark Fusion form after long drawn out battle and is sent into the ground causing to revert back to his base form. Chilada tries to convince him to change course of action and turn against the Dark Empire. He refuses to change his decision as he powers up to his to full power proceeds to attack her but she blocks his fist before hitting him in the gut. Rola dodges the space rocks that are crashing into the ground while the ground around him disintegrates around him while dodges each of her attacks while attempting avoid the space junk. He begins to power up a new technique as become he enraged at the fact the he is being stopped by the person he joined the empire for. He fires his Final Galick Fire at Chilada but she counters with Super Morning Glory Flash. However, Rola's attack proves too much as he is able to repel her attack and forces her to teleport out of the Demon Realm as the Energy Sphere collides with the ground and causes a colossal explosion. Energy tears through the remains of the Realm and incinerates everything in its path as an explosion swallows everything. Angered as Chilada thinks that Rola was killed in the explosion; she vows to destroy Mechikabura herself and is about to leave until Rola arrives revealing that he is alive and further explains that destroying the Realm was part of the plan. Rola explains that there is 19 minutes left before Mechikabura's plan comes into play and awakens Ultra Instinct -Sign- for a third time.

Rola breathes deeply as Chilada attempts to punch him but he deflects all her punches before engaging her once again. With fast attacks; Rola is able to do better than before as he continues to battle against her while the others sense the battle. As the battle continues throughout Earth while the others sense or watch the battle. Rola avoids most of her attacks but is knocked away with an elbow strike to the chest. Chilada is able to anticipate Rola's movement after studying his style and reactions to point that she regains the upperhand. She manages to turn tide of the battle as they continue to trade blows with one another as Chilada continues to try and convince Rola to rejoin her side. Meanwhile; Dark Shenron grows impatient and begins to threaten Mira if he doesn't make a wish soon. Mira makes his wishes in private and the Dark Dragon Balls disappear. Rola senses a strange energy circulate in him but doesn't think much of it before continuing the fight. Chilada blocks his fists and tries to reason with him but when she realises that her words aren't reaching; she headbutts him in the face and sends him flying. Rola retaliates and continues to try and strike her but she dodges his attacks before knocking him away with a few kicks and punches before grabbing his face and slamming him into the ground. Rola uses Time-Skip to overpower Chilada while in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- and seems to use this method in order to continuously overpower her until she is able to learn his rhythm and is able to repel Rola's attacks. After sometime; He uses Time Lag due to Chilada being able to anticipate Time-Skip and is able to briefly regain the upperhand before she stops his movements and block his attacks. Rola becomes frustrated as his form begins to fail and cause discomfort to him before being forced to release the form. Due to being re-energise by the form; he is able to re-enter Super Saiyan Dark and while his form seems to be slightly different and even more confused about the appearance of his Demon God he was briefly using before entering Super Saiyan Dark. Rola tries to battle against Chilada but evolution or no evolution; his Super Saiyan Dark form is no match for Chilada in her current form as he is knocked to ground and easily overpowered. Chilada pins him to the ground and punches him rapidly in the chest before stopping to kiss him as a means to convince Rola. Instead of convincing him; Rola is even more convinced that Goku and the treat death with no consequence and thus angers him causing to gain a power boost, but the power boost is not enough to be any sort of match for her as she easily knocks him down. Rola receive some wounds to his shoulder causing him to tear off his left sleeve and proceeds to continue the fight. As reverts back to Demon God before using every ounce of his ki to transform into his Giant Demon God form. Chilada is able to dodge his attacks before knocking him to the ground and resulting in him transforming further into Super Saiyan Dark: Giant. They fight evenly and clash throughout Earth as Xeno Bardock watches while eliminating the last Demon Realm Soldier and Chilada is able to analyse each of his attacks and repels his Time-Skip and Time Lag attacks in his new form. Chilada lures him into use his Giant Hyper Galick Fire and counters with Morning Glory Flash and remain locked in an energy clash for sometime before overpowering Rola's energy beam and causing a massive explosion as Cus is forced to contain to explosion to prevent the planet from being destroyed. As the smoke clears; Rola is revealed to have reverted to his base form and lies in a large ditch while Chilada lands on the ground. A pillar of energy explodes from Rola as he stands and enters Ultra Instinct -Sign- once again but it evolves further into Ultra Instinct "Harbinger as Chilada notes this event as rebirth of Ultra Instinct.

With his wounds negated and fully re-energised; Rola proceeds to attack and manages to scratch her while she is able to exploit his sluggish defensive movements and knocks him around and overpower him while his sharp offensive movements are able to overpower her. Chilada stabs Rola with her nails before kicking him away and as they continued to battle one another. Chilada dodges most of his punches as he focuses on the offensive and unwittingly allows her to continue to exploit his sluggish defensive movements as she punches him in the gut and Rola is knocked into the sky. They continue to clash through out the sky and eventually takes it to the stratosphere as they continue to fight. Rola becomes disconnected as he continues to fight and while Rola's movements have grown sharper than before, he is still unable to deal Chilada a finishing blow due to being unable to properly defend himself. He uses Time Lag/Illusion Smash on her and manages to knock her away before trying and failing to dodge her next attacks. 'Chilada uses Pollen-port to appear in front of him and the clone delivers a left-hook to the back of the head before Chilada punches him in the gut before firing Aconite Rain at his chest but he uses his energy to burn the toxins followed up with the clone and Chilada heel dropping him and finally finishes with consecutive kicks and punches from the two and kicking him to the round. Rola begins to breathe heavily causing Chilada to believe Rola is surrendering but the truth is; he is focusing his energy and as such she attempts to stop him but he kicks her in the chest before grabbing her wrist and throws her into a cliff. Rola attempts to attack her but Dial arrives in his Ultimate Sorcerer God Evolution - Desesperación and kicks him in back. Dial and Chilada fight together as Rola remains disconnected and unconcern how he attacks Chilada. Dial punches Rola in the nose before telling him that he is throwing away everything and calling him as death has consequence especially during incidents like this further explaining that taking a moment to grieve could of been detrimental and thus grieving after the villain was put down was ideal. Rola is too disconnected to listen and proceeds to grab his tail before him slamming multiple times into the ground, and sends Dial flying into a mountain. Chilada kicks Rola multiple times before knocking him away and proceeds to backup Dial as her clone assists them in their battle against Rola. Rola breathes deeply again the three fly up and the Pollen clone disperses and continues to focus they throw a mountain at him. As it collides with him; he sends energy into it and causes it to explode. Now shining; Rola appears behind them and striking them with fast punches and sending them flying. He easily overpowers them before the glow surrounding his body clears to reveal he now sports radiant silver hair and silver eyes.

Knowing that Rola has reached Ultra Instinct; Dial goes in a for an assault but Rola begins his counterattack against Dial and Dial reminds him not to be so cocky, but Rola begins to completely overwhelm Dial. Chilada returns to assist but both of them are overwhelmed by his attacks. Cus worries that the two won't survive the fight and tries to contact Goku but locating him proves impossible so she contacts Xeno Kakarot and Xeno Raditz. Chronoa offers Gohan her Potara Earrings and tells him to give the other to Bardock as she gets ready to call him back. Xeno Bardock asks her why she wants him to use Bardock and not him, but she says that is power level is too low to make a difference and immediately apologises for insulting. Rola delivers a powerful punch to Dial's face sending him into the ground before grabbing him by the jaw and smashes him into ground and smashes them with a knee attack; knocking Dial out. Chilada tries to attack him but Rola is far too powerful for her now and easily overpowers her. Rola continues to fight Chilada exclaiming that death has consequence and he'll show the Time Patrol just that; proving that due to being disconnected in his "Harbinger" form - he didn't hear Dial. Rola continues to resist and ignore her words. Rola and Chilada take the battle into the stratosphere as Chilada becomes worried that the Earth may become damaged. After battling for sometime; Chilada tells Rola what Dial said. Rola refuses to listen as he continues to fight against her and sends her flying into the ground. Rola angrily tells her that he turned for her and wants her to see what he sees, but she tells him that she does and Dial was right. She asks him to marry her and wants him to be her prince. Rola feels put off by her proposal but she claims that she is completely serious. Rola has super surpassed his limits and accuses her of using a false marriage proposal to stop her. She angrily assaults him while telling him that she is serious but also wants him to stop as he instinctively retaliates and tells her that it sounds to him an attempt to dissuade him as he knocks her away with swift attacks and sends her into the ground. Becoming even more angry; she delivers a swift punch to the face but it does nothing to him; he tells her that he senses her frustration but still doesn't believe as they continue to battle it out as Chilada confirms to herself that she isn't lying as her eyes begin to glow.

She announces her proposal as her resolution as she powers up to her Full Power state and is able to overwhelm Rola. Rola is shocked to see her use a power that maimed her and begins to waiver in his beliefs. The two continue to battle as Chilada resolves to convince him and do what is necessary to save him. Cus and Chronoa watch in concern and anticipation as Chilada puts her life on the line as the form can put a massive toll on her and even damage her body. Still unconvinced of her resolution; Rola becomes enraged and fires his Peerless Galick Gun at her while she counters with Hyper Morning Glory Flash as the energy wave fills the stratosphere and pushes back Chilada to the planet's surface as the massive energy clash continues. Dial in his True Form gets up on his knees beside her and fires his Super Buster Cannon to assist her shocking both of them as Dial dedicates to helping Rola see the truth. Rola's attack is being pushed back as Dial senses that Rola's form is reaching it's limits. Chilada sense his doubt and notices his hesitation in continuing the struggle as the two continue to push him back. Xeno Bardock lends some of his energy to Dial in order to allow him to give 30% as a pose to 18% while the remaining fighters also lend their energy to him. Dial transfers all his energy collected from the others to Chilada as he faints from exhaustion and Chilada creates a barrier around him to protect him as her energy build-up begins. The clash causes intense shock waves and even the sky become chaotic as Dial is blown away by the violent winds caused. Dial slowly raises his arm while laying on the ground to exhausted to move and fires a weak Ki blast to assist her as Rola begins to regain the upperhand. The ground begins to crack beneath Chilada as her power seems to be increasing instead of her decreasing and Cus realises that she is pouring her heart into the attack. V's spirit appears and reveals that he and others have been sent by Yemma in order to assist her and the population of Heaven arrive to assist her. Chilada thanks them for their help as Rola begins to realise that they're right. As both of them concentrate their and energy and let out one last shout before their energy waves cancel out as Rola's Ultra Instinct power reaches its limits and causes his body to break down while the build-up from Chilada's form not only causes her to revert to her base form but destroys both her arms. Rola falls to the surface and crawls to Chilada and realises that both are overexerted and are on the verge of death. Rola cradles Chilada in his arms and apologises for misinterpreting the actions of the Time Patrol and additionally apologises to Chilada with her responding by tearfully saying he is a jerk and asks him a final time to marry her. Rola accepts her proposal but tells her that both are dying and his mother Putine hid a formula that can break the barrier and allow the Demon Realm to override the mortal plane in his blood and asks Chilada's permission to use his remaining energy to self-destruct but she explains that both of them are gravely overexerted so she asks Dial to do it whom was able to crawl to them. However, he initially refuses. Rola apologises to him for attacking his allies and especially attacking him as Dial begins to shed tear for both of them as Rola begs him to destroy his body as his death would allow Mechikabura's plan come to fruition if his body isn't destroyed. Dial tries to use the time Cell-X caused him to become unbirthed but Rola reminds him that was a pre-life scenario not an actual death and further reminds him his other death was reversed by Keela. Reluctantly Dial raises his arm and vaporises both of them with a Buster Cannon while vowing to put down the Dark Empire as the Demon Realm strangely is restored as Mira explains that he used his fifth wish to restore the Demon Realm once Rola is dead and have the Dark Dragon Balls transferred to the Vault of Mechikabura's Palace after Mira's last wish as they return to the Demon Realm while Gohan become enraged by Mira's statement and angrily lunges but Mechikabura teleports him to a far away area in the Demon Realm undergoes some changes as Frieza, Cell, and sends Towa to seal Dial. A laughing at his success; he places them with others before beckoning Chronoa to send my mice his way.

Chapters Edit

The Prison of the Dark Demon Realm Edit

  • 364 - Resurrection Z
  • 365 - A Dark Realm
  • 366 - Captured!
  • 367 - Escape!!
  • 368 - Urgent Mission! A Sword's Tale
  • 369 - A Losing Battle! Future Trunks vs. Hirudegarn
  • 370 - The Second Trunks! Tapion's Sword!
  • 371 - Summoning of the Dark Shenron!!
  • 372 - Return of Demigra!!
  • 373 - Demigra Transforms!!
  • 374 - Trouble from Xeno Bardock's Dimension!!
  • 375 - Tale of Two Friezas!!
  • 376 - Fusion of Goku Black and Vegeta Black!! Vegito God Attacks!
  • 377 - Death of Demigra!!
  • 378 - Pushing Past the Limits!! Vegeta Black's True Power!!
  • 379 - The Hidden Limits!!
  • 380 - A Demon Descends!!
  • 381 - Shivered Bones!!
  • 382 - Gogitan's Evolution and Defeat!?
  • 383 - Rebirth! The Ultimate Warrior... Returns!!
  • 384 - The Darkest Demon!!
  • 385 - The True Powers of V!!
  • 386 - The Never-ending Nightmare...
  • 387 - V's Stand! A Huge Explosion!
  • 389 - Limits Removed!! V's Other Power!?
  • 390 - The Final Showdown against Salsa!

Hello, Demon Realm Edit

  • 391 - The Boo of the Demon Realm
  • 392 - Boo of the Demon Realm... Part 2
  • 393 - Because I Love You...
  • 394 - Princess of the Demon Realm - Chilada!!
  • 395 - The Miras!!
  • 396 - The Artificial Demons Evolve!
  • 397 - Princess in Trouble!?
  • 398 - Broli vs. Boo
  • 399 - Intense Battle!
  • 400 - Clash of Gods
  • 401 - Imposing Presence!
  • 402 - Boo's New Offensive
  • 403 - The Final Trump Card! Zamas's Plan!

Keep Your Friends Close... Edit

  • 404 - Momentary Peace..
  • 405 - Duplicity of Rola
  • 406 - Duplicity of Rola... Part 2
  • 407 - Demon Light God
  • 408 - Gohan v Rola!
  • 409 - Pend's Determination!
  • 410 - Full Charge Full-Body Kamehameha
  • 411 - An Impossible Transformation and Predictable Transformation
  • 412 - Chilada Returns! Chilada v Rola!
  • 413 - The End of the Demon Realm!!
  • 414 - Ultra Instincts Reborn!
  • 415 - All-Out War!!
  • 416 - Super Surpassed Limits!!
  • 417 - Chilada's Resolution!! Ultimate Final Battle!!

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Canon and Fanon Differences Edit

  • Salsa is a Prison Warden and his wards are Rola, Chilada, Pend, Cooler, Frieza, and Cell
    • Salsa doesn't master his Demon God form.
  • Goku's not part of the Saga
  • Salsa never battles Turles
  • Brainwashed Dende never happens
  • As the Dark Empire already possesses the Dark Dragon Balls; they don't fight people with them embedded in their body.
  • Putine, Gravy, & Shroom don't appear as they are dead
  • All the fights occur in the Demon Realm
  • Vegito, Xeno Gohanks, & King Vegeta don't appear
  • Demigra makes small appearance and introduces the Makyouka Form
  • Buu absorbs Buritsurito instead of Dabura to gain his Dark Demon God form

Battles Edit

  • Rola (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Salsa (Demon God) (multiple times; flashbacks)
  • Rola vs. Frieza (True Form) (flashback)
  • Future Zamasu, Goku Black, Vegeta Black, & Vegito Black vs. Demon Realm Soldiers
  • Goku Black (Base/Super Saiyan Rosé) & Vegito Black (Base/Future Super Saiyan/Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed) vs. Salsa (Demon God (unstable))
  • Rola vs. Frieza (True Form)
  • Rola vs. Prison Guards
  • Frieza (True Form, Rola, & Goku Black vs. Salsa (Demon God (unstable))
  • Buritsurito vs. Salsa (Demon God (unstable))
  • Rola vs. Prison Guards
  • Future Zamasu, Frieza (True Form), & Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Prison Guards
  • Vegito Black (Base/Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed/Future Super Saiyan Unlimited) vs. Salsa (Demon God (unstable)/Dark Fusion/Dark Fusion V/Dark Fusion W/Giant Demon God)
  • Rola (Super Saiyan) & Pend (Great Terror/Desesperación) vs. Prison Guards (Aura of a God)
  • Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), & Tapion vs. Hirudegarn (Initial Form/Metamorphosis)
  • Future Trunks (Strengthened Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Hirudegarn (Metamorphosis/Towa's Dark Magic)
  • Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé/Super Saiyan Rosé Powered-Up/Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé) & Vegeta Black (Super Saiyan Rosé/Super Saiyan Rosé Powered-Up/Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour/Super Saiyan) vs. Demigra (Demon God/Giant Demon God/Makyouka Form)
  • Frieza (True Form/Golden Form/Super Golden Frieza) vs. Xeno Frieza (True Form/Super Evolution/Villainous Stage 3/Heteromorphism 1/Heteromorphism 2/Heteromorphism 3)
  • Rola, & Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Xeno Piccolo
  • Chilada vs. Qurita (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Frieza (Ultra Instinct -Sign-/True Form), & Goku Black vs. Xeno Frieza (Heteromorphism 3)
  • Vegito God (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan Rosé) vs. Demigra (Makyouka Form)
  • Vegeta Black (Super Saiyan 2nd Grade/Saiyan beyond God/Super Saiyan Rosé/Super Saiyan Rosé Pompadour/Ultra Instinct -Sign-) vs. Salsa (Giant Demon God/Enraged)
  • Gohan (Mage Transformation) & Vegito Black (Future Super Saiyan/Future Super Saiyan Red-Eyed/Future Super Saiyan Unlimited) vs. Salsa (Enraged/Unstable Godly Ki)
  • Future Zamasu vs. Salsa (Unstable Godly Ki)
  • Gogitan (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Mage Transformation/Spectral Future Super Saiyan) vs. Salsa (Unstable Godly Ki)
  • Gogitan (Spectral Future Super Saiyan) vs. Salsa (Demon Devil)
  • Gogitan (Spectral Future Super Saiyan/Spectral Super Saiyan Red-Eyed), & Staz Charlie Blood vs. Salsa (Demon Devil)
  • Gohan vs. Salsa (Demon Devil)
  • V (Future Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan Rosé/Quake of Fury/Full Power/Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Raw Power/Ultra Instinct/Final Form) vs. Salsa (Demon Devil/Super Demon Devil/Hell-Fire Mode)
  • Rola (Darkness form/Super Darkness Demon) & Chilada (Demon God) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Fruit of the Tree of Might/Dark Demon God)
  • Rola (Super Saiyan 2/Evolved Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Dark Demon God)
  • Chilada (Princess of the Demon Realm) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Janemba absorbed/Dark Fusion/Cellza absorbed)
  • Frieza (True Form/Golden Form) & Cell (Excellent) vs. Dark God Mira, Fusions Mira, & Demira
  • Cellza (Excellent-Golden form/100% Full Power-Weighted) vs. Dark God Mira (Base/Absorption Devolution/Absorption Devolution-Evolution), Fusions Mira (Base/E-type Super Saiyan/E-type Super Saiyan 2/Darkness Demon/Super Darkness Demon), & Demira (Base/Power Stressed)
  • Goku Black (Base/Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé), Gohan (Base/Supernatural State), Pend (Base/Desesperación), & Cooler (True Form/Ultimate Evolution - Ultimate F) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Cellza absorbed)
  • Future Zamasu, & Chilada (Princess of the Demon Realm/Full Power/Base) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Cellza absorbed)
  • Broly (Base/Legendary Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan 2/controlled Legendary Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Demon Realm Kid Buu (Cellza Absorbed)
  • Goku Black (Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé) vs. Buu (Cellza Absorbed)
  • Karoly Black (Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé-Legendary Super Saiyan 2/God of Destruction Mode) vs. Buu (Cellza absorbed/Dark Evolution)
  • Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan 2) vs. Buu (Dark Evolution)
  • Fused Zamasu (Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé) vs. Buu (Dark Evolution)
  • Cellza (Excellent-Golden Form) vs. Buu (Fused Zamasu absorbed)
  • Frieza (Golden Form) vs. Buu (Fused Zamasu absorbed)
  • Gohan (Supernatural State), & Cell (Excellent) vs. Buu (Fused Zamasu absorbed)
  • Fused Zamasu (Upgraded Super Saiyan Rosé) vs. Rola (Demon God/Super Saiyan Dark)
  • Gohan (Supernatural State), & Chamel (Demon God/Angel God) vs. Rola (Super Saiyan Dark/Tree of Might Power-Up)
  • Gohan (Supernatural State) vs. Rola (Tree of Might Power-Up)
  • Pend (Desesperación/Freeform fusion) vs. Rola (Tree of Might Power-Up/Super Saiyan Dark)
  • Hose (Great Terror) vs. Rola (Dark Fusion)
  • Pend (Dios del Miedo - Evolución/Desesperación) vs. Rola (Dark Fusion/Ultra Instincts -Sign-)
  • Chilada (Princess of the Demon Realm/Demon Realm Princess Dark Fusion) vs. Rola (Ultra Instincts -Sign-/Dark Fusion/Base)
  • Chilada (Demon Realm Princess Dark Fusion) vs. Rola (Base/Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Demon God/Super Saiyan Dark/Giant Demon God/Super Saiyan Dark: Giant)
  • Chilada (Demon Realm Princess Dark Fusion/Full Power) & Dial (Ultimate Sorcerer God Evolution - Desesperación/True Form) vs. Rola (Ultra Instinct "Harbinger"/Ultra Instinct)
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