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The Daikodoku is the main enemy in Dragon Ball : AF Continues. It is one of the Daikaiju's offsprings, a monstrous, rotten fruit that came to life as the manifestation of the tree's loneliness, feeding with its energy for a long time until finally, thanks to its enormous power, it escaped from its father. As an evil fruit born from the Daikaiju, the Daikodoku is considered the original Makaioshin, the first king of the demon realm.


As its origins reveals, the original form of the Daikodoku was that of a fruit, however, it is not clear if this is on



ly a metaphoric view used to explain its abnormal nature or is indeed the real and physical true form. Despite being normally referred to as a fruit, the Daikodoku is, in its actual form, an amorphous entity vaguely seen, one that can alter its own shape to mirror other being's subcouncious mind, like a gigantic living Rorschach test. Because the monster is trapped, it is unknow if it posses a more defined form or some kind of transformation.


The Daikodoku tried to exterminate the Daikaiju; almost managed to do it but its father resisted the monster's tremendous attack and sealed the fruit with its own power. In the very last moment before the seal was completed, it created its own servants to aid it in the future, the Deva-Ourers. Since the begining of time, the evil monster has remained unconsious in the very bottom of the Vector of Infinity, protected by massive colonies of Deva-Ourers but recently it awakened by unknow reasons, trying to escape at all costs.


Even its guardians, the Jikan Hogo-sha fear its power, a dimensional-dirupting wave of energy that twists reality, mixing dimensions and timelines randomly. Its true power still remains unknow and more techniques may be discovered.

So far, only one ability has been confirmed:


As far as it's know, the Daikodoku only experiments three emotions: lonelyness, sadness and anger. It has almost no reasoning or empathy and it's unsure if it can even "think" but the fact it is the son of a sentient being may indicate that somewhere inside it, a rational mind is hidden. It remains defined as a monster with a very low reasoning level, only driven by an endless sadness.


  • Its name literaly means "Big Loneliness".
  • It's based on a Rorschach Test.