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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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Dae Vampire (デイドラキュラマン Deidorakyuraman) is a vampire, a high-ranking member of the Dark Empire, and a captain of Cell-X's Time Breakers. Her name is a pun on Day Vampire referencing the daywalking ability exhibited by Vampires in most fiction in addition to maintain the time related puns of the Time Breakers.


Dae is a 5'6" tall female Vampire with an oval face, pale blue skin, almond-shaped eyes, and long spiky dark brown hair with two strands of hair hanging down her face similar to Trunks' and Future Trunks'. She has a welterweight build. Despite being a combatant - she doesn't dress like it instead she wears a navy blue jeans, a dark brown leather long-sleeved jacket, a faded blue undershirt with the Time Breaker logo in the centre, black and blue sneakers with green laces, and black belt with an oval-shaped golden buckle.


Dae is selfish and calculating as while she was willing to work under Cell-X, she was also after her own agenda. She has very strong sense of self-preservation willing to sell out her own underlings and fellow Captains to protect herself. She can also be short-tempered, reckless, impulsive, unpredictable, and manipulative.

Dae Vampire was initally an innocent and compassionate Vampire, however, after her family were unfairly judged as evil and murdered - she became lonely and embittered by there deaths. Dae slowly began to develop her sense of self-preservation after being forced into surviving on her own since her family's death.



In Age 774 - Dae Vampire and her family were killed when Kid Buu destroyed Earth with his Planet Burst attack. Dae Vampire and her family were revived along with everyone who died since the beginning of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament is revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls (except for the most evil people). Dae Vampire and her family lived in a village where the villagers worshiped Earth's Guardian. A year later in Age 775; Dae Vampire was out draining the blood of a monkey when a commotion was heard. She snuck up on a group of villagers that have declared Dae and her Vampire family evil as they were "monsters" and not Human or Animal-type Earthlings. Dae proceeded to sneak near her house where her parents have been brutally killed by the towns priest and his hunting party as they continued to search for Dae Vampire. Dae proceeded to erupt in anger and attacked the villager - deliberately sparing their lives, but wounding to point of incapacitation leaving the priest for last.

She demanded proof of the Priest's judgement that they were evil and he told her that just the fact that her family were vampires was proof enough. She told him that it wasn't fair to judge her as evil as she hadn't done anything evil. She and her family fed on animals not people. The Priest told her that Vampires can't be good to which Dae told him that she was going to leave the village and found somewhere that wasn't run by ignorant jerks before shapeshifting into a bat and flying away.

Dae Vampire spent the next years of her life being rejected by other Vampires and leaving on the streets surviving off the local wildlife. Dae Vampire proclaimed that she'll one day get her revenge on Mortal kind and declared that one day she'll make herself into a Goddess and condemn Mortals to become they unfairly label as Evil.


Dae is a formidable fighter. While holding back her real power - she was able to fight evenly against Royal Super Saiyan Rosé Vegeta Black.

Thanks to wish made by Captain Bacterian - Dae Vampire was made one of most powerful, proficient, and fastest sorceress.


  • Blood Drain - The ability to drain someone of blood by biting them.
  • Blood Sensing - The ability to detect entities via their blood.
  • Shapeshifting - The ability to change her shape or, more commonly, her form and appearance.
  • Flight - The ability to fly with or without ki.
  • Time Traveling - Thanks to Cell-X's ability to use dynamic-based time travel; Dae was also granted the power and was able to Terceni to Age 776 to summon Super Shenron.
  • Portal Opening - The ability to open portals.
    • Resurrection Portal - The ability to open a unique portal thanks to the Time Breaker Dragon Balls
  • Crimson Volt Stream - An energy blast used by Dae. Dae generates blood-red electricity in her right hand and then forms a fist before firing a blood-red electrical energy beam at her opponent.
  • Crimson Polar Blast - An energy blast used by Dae. Dae forms ice around her left hand and proceeded to fire a blood-red beam of ice at her opponents freezing them in place.
  • Seismic Crimson Sphere' - A blood-red energy sphere of Vibrational energy used by Dae Vampire.
  • Seismic Polar Volt - An energy blast used by Dae. Dae forms ice around her hands and proceeded to bring her hands forward firing a blood-red volt of ice, lightning, and vibrational energy.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - A standard energy wave attack used by Dae Vampire. She fires a Blood-red energy wave at her opponent.
  • Telekinesis
    • Psychic Rock Throw - The ability to launch rocks at her opponent via telekinesis.
      • Super Star Break - She flies into Stratosphere of the planet she's on and use telekinesis to crash multiple meteors into the planet followed by a gigantic energy sphere and causes a massive explosion.
      • Stone Barrier - Using her telekinesis - she's able to causing a piece of the ground to jut out in front of her protecting her from physical attacks.
  • Full Nelson - A grappling technique used by Dae Vampire.
  • Magic - Dae Vampire is able to use magic.
    • Vampire Magic - Dae Vampire is a powerful user of Vampire Magic.
      • Blood Boil - An ability used by Dae Vampire which allows her to boil the blood of a target.
      • Aochisenko - An ability in which Dae Vampire uses either her own or another's blood and firing it as a blue energy wave with a blood-red core.
      • Glucose Shot - Dae Vampire uses a Pressure Point Attack targeting the sternum and causing her to either lower or raise one's blood sugar level causing either confusion and potentially killing her targets.
    • Time Rail - Dae Vampire summons several circular space-time ruptures which reverse the movements of an attack or person.
    • Life Energy Manipulation - The ability to manipulate life energy
      • Fire and Flames - By manipulating the energy of a planet - he was able to create a pillar of fire.
  • Power of Destruction - Thanks to her wish she was able to learn the power of destruction from the Gods of Destruction.
    • Hakai - A technique used by those who can use the Power of Destruction.
  • Warp - Thanks to her wish she was able to use the ability to quickly warp through out the world and throughout the Multiverse.



A state that which all Vampires take if they lack sufficient amount of blood causing their body to become discoloured. Their facial features become sunken and the sclera of his eyes become black. Her body atrophies and her limbs are mostly withered and as most of the body desiccates. In this state - the user's aura becomes a darkened blood-red colour and their power decrease by 90%.

Sealed Form[]

A state in which utilises via her brown leather jacket. This allows to retain a more humanoid appearance which halves her true powers. Even in this state - she is capable of fighting on par with Royal Super Saiyan Rosé.

True Form[]

A state in which she removes her jacket causing her true power to be unleashed. Her power far surpasses even that of most of the Dark Namekian. Her aura becomes bright blood-red.

In this state - her sclera is dark blood-red while her hair vanishes while the veins around on her forehead bulge and become darkened. Her frame and appearances become thinner and younger. Her nose becomes smaller with only her nostrils visible and her fingers are now long. Her body becomes sturdier and more resistant to damage.

Ultra Ego[]

Dae Vampire has the power to utilise Ultra Ego and access to power using her lust for battle.

Dae Vampire's muscle mass increases while eyes turn purple while a brief flame-like aura appears. She was able to match Mystic Mega Instinct Vegeta in this power and even defuse some of his techniques. She is able to use the power of destruction.

Ultra Ego Time Power Unleashed[]

Dae Vampire used Face to acquire the power to use Ultra Ego Time Power Unleashed

In this state - her sclera becomes golden yellow while her eyes become solid black. She gains a white and gold leather trenchcoat with a white undershirt, white and gold jeans with white belt with a golden buckle, and white and gold shoes with with gold laces.

Unlock Mage Potential[]

With the result of wish made to Domarangosun - Dae Vampire was able to become the most powerful and proficient sorcerer in the known timeline. Her appearance remained relatively unchanged with exception of gaining dark marks around her eyes. As a result of wish - her magic increased to the point that she was able to use a wider range of magic other than just vampire blood magic.


  • Rashmorphe - Killed with Full Power Energy Wave to protect herself and plan
  • Vegeta Black - Killed with Aochisenko
  • Gravy - Killed with Crimson Volt Stream
  • Shroom - Killed with Glucose Shot
  • Salsa - Killed with Glucose Shot
  • Chamel - Drained of blood.

Preferred Voice Actresses[]

  • Japanese: Eriko Tamura
  • English Dub: Eriko Tamura


  • The preferred voice actresses for Dae Vampire played Mai in the Dragon Ball Evolution.