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Alternate names Darkness Dabura
Debut Manga: "Bobbidi the Warlock"
Anime: "The Wizard's Curse"
Appears in
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Advanced (SSJJ)
Race Demon Realm race
Gender Male
Date of death May 7th, Age 774 (revived in Age 775)
Age 993 (As Psidabura; spirit destroyed later resorted in Age 998)
Occupation King of the Demon Realm of Darkness
Allegiance Babidi's forces
Time Breakers
Affiliations Future Dabura (alternate timeline counterpart)
Mechikabura (grandfather)
Towa (SSJJ) (sister)
Fu (nephew)
Psidevilman (Fusee)
Babidi (former boss)

Dabura is the Demon King of the Demon Realm of Darkness, former member of Babidi's forces, and a member of the Time Breakers.



In his first appearance upon being revived is the same outfit he wore prior to his death, and later he wears a red outfit with Demon Army symbol on him with the infinity belt. However, after going to search for the Dark Dragon Balls with Psidevilman; he starts wearing a belt with the Demon Army symbol on it, and abandons his tight red shirt.


Dabura seems to have a good relationship with his younger sister Towa while in terms of his battle actions and methods of disposing of enemies - he is very sadistic. He seems to view Mira as nothing more than a lab experiment created by his sister but nevertheless as some respect for the Artificial Demon.


Super Bardock Saga[]

Dabura is revived by Shenron as a result of Towa's wish and following his resurrection, Dabura used the second wish to regain all the power he had while under Babidi's control.


Dabura's strength was stated by Shin to be the strongest of the Demon Realm prior to Babidi taking control of him. However, after becoming a Majin - he powers were supposedly comparable to Cell's power as believed by Goku.


  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast Deflect - A technique used by Dabura
  • Evil Impulse - A technique used by Dabura
    • Super Evil Impulse - A technique used by Dabura
      • Giant Evil Impulse - A two-handed version used by Dabura.
  • Portal Opening - The ability to open Portals.
    • World Portal - The ability to open portals to Parallel Worlds
    • Hell Gate - A type of space-time portal utilized by Demon Gods.
      • Hell Gate Slasher - A technique used by Dabura.
  • Stone Spit - A technique used by Dabura
  • Darkness Sword Attack - A technique used by Dabura
  • Evil Flame - A technique used by Dabura
  • Telekinesis - A technique used by Dabura
    • Psychic Rock Throw - A technique used by Dabura in his Demon God Advanced.
  • Cape Swing - A technique used by Dabura
  • Magic - A technique used by Dabura
    • Corrupted Ki Blast - A technique used by Dabura
      • Gigantic Corrupted Ki Blast - A Giant version of the Corrupted Ki Blast with vast power, and greatly wound his opponents.


Demonic Will[]

A power-up that is exclusive to King of Demons, and allows Dabura to become extremely strong. After being revived he is able to challenge a Super Saiyan 3 with this power-up.


Majin Dabura is Dabura's primary form in his appearances in the anime and manga. This is the state that Dabura took on after being taken control of by the wizard Babidi.


After being hit by Majin Buu's Cookie Beam, Dabura was transformed into a lifeless Dabura shaped cookie.

Darkness Form[]

Using Dabura's hatred; an unseen individual transformed Dabura into the Darkness form, and give him the Darkness Dark Potara earrings to allow him to maintain the form. In this form his blue pants turn into dark blue spiked robes, and no longer has a cape.

Demon God[]

After absorbing enough Kili from the Namekian Showdown Tournament; Dabura was able to become a Demon God, and his uniform becomes red. He gains a gold band each his arms with a Dark Potara earring on the gold bands. He has black horns, and blank yellow eyes.

Demon God Advanced[]

After being imprisoned in the Time Labyrinth - Dabura was able to access an advanced version of Demon God. The Blade of his sword while in this form is red while he has a red and black trenchcoat with blank pants, and two black horns. He has black markings on his chest which also goes up to his shoulders.

However, even with all his power - he was sealed away by the Evil Containment Wave in a small box.


  • World 46 Earth Inhabitants of West City - Killed with his Super Explosive Wave
  • World 46 Goku - Killed with his Super Explosive Wave
  • World 46 Gohan - Killed with his Super Explosive Wave
  • World 46 Future Trunks - Killed with his Super Explosive Wave
  • World 46 Bulma - Killed with his Super Explosive Wave
  • Tobi (World 11) - Killed with his Giant Evil Impulse