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About the Comic Edit

Dragon Ball Zeroverse is a fan made Chinese continuation to DBZ. This sequel was commercially published as Dragon Ball Tibetan Edition (Chinese: Lóngzhū xīzàng-ban, 龙珠西藏版), after the name of its publisher, Tibet People’s Publishing House (Chinese: Xīzàng rénmín chūban-shè, 西藏人民出版社).

The company behind the commercial publication eventually had to close down its operations (presumably due to copyright infringement notices from Shueshia). This made it quite difficult to obtain a copy, let alone a complete set.

But eventually one was obtained by an ambitious man named Marb who painstakingly spent over two years scanning, cleaning and translating all 15 published volumes of the series so it could be read online by an English speaking audience. You can watch his cleaning process on this video.

Prologue Edit

A few years have passed since Goku first met Uub, he's become satisfied that Uub is becoming stronger so decides to take him to the next Tenkaichi Budokai tournament in order to test him.

In the background, a mysterious adversary from a different universe, Universe 0 (This was long before Dragon Ball Super) wants to return to our universe. In order to achieve that task, he requires the power of the Dragon Balls, and has revived Babidi in order to accomplish that goal.

Babidi soon awakens the remnants of Majin Buu sleeping deep within Uub and turns him into his puppet. Now it's up to Goku and Co. to stop this new adversary from crossing over into their universe at all costs!

Trivia Edit

  • In order to more cohesively fit with current Dragon Ball canon, the scanner Marb made the strange decision to implement references to the Multiverse structure of Dragon Ball Super, despite them never previously having been there.
  • The series ends rather abruptly during the final stretch of the story, this has lead to many fan other fan continuations being published in China (of varying quality).

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