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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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This article, DB Unguarded, is the property of TheDragonBallGuy75.

About the Comic[]

Unguarded is a Dragonball Z fan-created webcomic focusing on a fabricated backstory for the character of Freeza. It is produced purely for entertainment purposes. While a genuine effort is made to follow canon, some changes have been intentionally made for reasons ranging from creative preferences to narrative necessity. For more specific information regarding these choices, please check out the FAQ section of the main website http://www.ladytygrycomics.com/Pages/Unguarded/FAQ.aspx

The comic itself attempts to paint one of DBZ’s most noteworthy villains as a more rounded and dynamic character by exploring his story from his birth until well past the years of the actual series.


As Freeza is in the process of destroying Planet Vegeta he begins to reminiscence about his childhood, and the potential events that could have lead to become the tyrant he did.



Freeza fulfills his mother's prophecy, albeit with a paradoxical twist. 

Chapter 01 - Prodigy:[]

Gelid struggles to rein in a rambunctious prince. Cooler weighs his options. King Cold's suspicions are confirmed. 

Chapter 02 - Fledgling:[]

Freeza's parents fight for his future as the young prince is tasked with proving himself. A new breed of soldier arrives.

Chapter 03 - Purpose:[]

The Queen reflects on happier times. Cold sets his plan into motion. Freeza encounters a Saiyan for the first time. 

Chapter 04 - Introductions:[]

Cold moves forward with his new military intentions. Nova recalls her time as a newlywed. Freeza takes a chance. 

Chapter 05 - Rapport:[]

The firstborn tries to learn his place. Cold makes his intentions clear. Freeza finds a friend. 

Controversies/Changes to canon[]

  • His form as a baby is his true form, both here and in canon ;D
  • Cooler is canon for the purposes of this story
  • Freeza and Cooler have a mother. The reason for this is that Ladytygrycomics is taking advantage of the ambiguity of Toriyama's statement about Freeza's origins/parental heritage in a translated interview you can read more about here http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/episode-bardock-akira-toriyama-super-qa/
  • In order to avoid semantic misuse, it was necessary for the author to give Freeza's race a name (Interestingly, they were never officially given one). So for the purposes of this story they will be referred to as "Arcosians" (from the Ocean dub).
  • Some dates and ages have been altered slightly in order to more cohesively fit Ladytygry's script (such as Vegeta's father's age).