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About the Comic

Dragon Ball Multiverse is a French fan comic that takes place 10 years after the events of EoZ (End of Z). It began publication in 2008 (long before the announcement of Dragon Ball Super) and focuses around the concept of a multi-universe tournament between the best fighters of each of

the 20 universes competing.

Dragon Ball Multiverse is essentially a wish fulfillment comic, where many matchups we never got to see in the original show duke it out for supremacy. Characters like Bojack, Vegetto, Freeza, Buu and more all make an appearance in a bid to fight for the top spot.


We begin with a new race, the inter-universe travelers, the Vargas entering Universe 18 (the main Dragon Ball universe) and offering to enter them into a no-strings attached tournament where they can fight all they want with the chance to have a wish granted by their Dragon Balls.

After virtually no deliberation, Goku, Vegeta, Uub and Gotenks agree to enter and our heroes are quickly whisked away to a deserted universe where they meet the competitors of the other 19 universes they'll be fighting against.


A chart explaining all the different deviations for all 20 universes.


  • The comic was originally created with a pen and paper. After page 100, a transition was made to digital creation.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse often sprinkles special chapters in-between it's main story chapters, which have been drawn by a variety of different artists over the years (Including Scarz, the creator of Mate of the Monkey King and BK-81, the creator of Lone wolf howling).
  • While the comic is available for free online, it is possible to obtain a physical copy of the books if you attend certain French festivals/conventions.
    • However, some E-commerce sites selled the DBM books without the knowledge of the creators of this manga
  • After 10 years of operation, DBM decided to become an Association under French law (Essentially a non-profit organization) that allows them a better legal framework in the event of a clash with DB rights holders and allows them to have better book keeping for their expenditures with regards to the website, convention costs etc.
  • Pan from Vegito universe's outfit seem to be based off main timeline's Pan from Neko Majin Z 5, she's however not the first second Pan in fanmedia, that title belonged to Future Pan - the dauther of Future Gohan (whom universe isn't present in DBM)
  • Son Bulla from U16 became an hated character in many viewers eyes (specially due to her becoming an majin, and obeying Babidi's orders, thus killing everyone, even her own half brother), they also think that she must "reap what she sow" instead of being spared
  • After Gine was shown to the public and in DB-, the DBM stuff decided to not make her Goku's mom, but instead stick with Hanasia. Gine (spelled ジン instead of ギネ in the japanese version of this manga) is only used as an random saiyan due to the poor chararization she had
  • The Gohans of U16 & 18 look a lot like the famous AVGN, althought Salagir himself stated it is an coindence
  • The manga sticks with the OG dragon ball mature-like format despite being made by french people (The french dub of DB/Z being consirded the most emotional of all), even characters dropping F-bombs (althought this may be due to an translation error from french)
  • Many of the main characters of U18 got redrawn due to poor designs from GT (even thought Toriyama made them), Goku and Vegeta however are wearing their Buu saga outfits instead of End of Z ones, Pans' hairs were kept thought from GT (even thought removing the orange bandana) instead of looking like short haired Videl, althought U18 Pan no longer has her loli clothes
  • To mock DBGT creators, Salagir and co made Pans eat like pigs (the GT Pan fall over as her grandpa wanted to eat more, despite Pan being her grandauther and Gohan's dauther, all who ate like pigs in the manga), same with Nappa and Raditz to show the Daizenshuu 7 claim that saiyans are gluttonous aliens
  • Even thought using modern characters like Beerus and Whis, DBM seems to be focused only on DB and DBZ events, ignoring DBGT and DBS
    • This can explained why Vegito is still fused, even thought 1 hour has passed. Salagir explains that it's because of the Supreme Kais in Buu defusing him
    • This is confirmed on page 11 with the txt below saying "(...) DBGT and DB Super are ignored in our story."
  • During the the final special about U20, Buu's (After he absorbed every warrior left on Earth) pose after being shot by Broly, is an homage to Frieza's face when Goku used his angry kamehameha at him, this may be an refference to "What if Broly was sent to Earth" NicoNico videos, as the legendary saiyan kills Frieza there with an single KI blast after (originally) pilaf didn't got his wish
    • In addition, Pan U16's face when Ginyu was revealed in Bulla's body seems to an homage to GT's Pan when her blast failed to hurt great ape Baby
  • Despite the DBM stuff making U13 Kakarot more of an maniac than Turles, he has some soft spot in him, after playing with Krillin, he consirders his friend, only to found out he's human and sworing that he will wipe all humans
  • Even thought there are many translated versions, all of which are translated from the engrish version (except japanese, which also adds other translations, like Bra's "You're gonna die Bojack" being replaced with "i............i avenge Pan!") which makes the polish version the only valid and accurate translated version of the comic
  • Broly from U20 is seen to be an Vegito tier in this comic. Salagir admited that Broly isn't as strong as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan from the Cell games (Unlike most fanboys of Broly clamiming he's stronger than that or even an Buu saga tier), however he wanted Vegito to have an challenge and Broly was chosen because "he was cool"
  • The character Xeniloum bares an resseblems to GT Goten (which was also drawn by Toriyama)
  • For some reason Neko Majin Z is registered as Neko Majin, reason for it is unknown
  • Naturally cyborg Yamcha is portailed as an playboy despite his fans see him an loyal to Bulma character
    • His kids with Bulma are named his their saiyan counterparts from U16 & 18: Trunks and Bulla
  • In the japanese version on page 414, U3 Bardock reffers to U13 Raditz as "shit(ty) brat", this is how the OG Bardock reffered to Goku in "Father of Goku", however this seems to be an error on the japanese translator, as Bardock stated that he "was an lousy father" and that he "seen the errors of his ways" and how "barbaric the saiyans were" on the next page
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