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This is the first Saga of Dragon Ball Chi. Be sure to meet the characters at the Dragon Ball Chi homepage!

Episode 1: New Beginnings[]

Zeku: Oh, come on, I was just-

Chilan: Zeku, I don't want you to ever talk to her again, you hear me? She's a bad influence.

Zeku: Fine, Chilan, I won't.

<Zeku flies away to go to the store.>

A Familiar Voice: Hey, Zeku. Where are you going?

Zeku: Just over to the market, Chiya. Chilan's mad at me because I keep talking to you.

Chiya: Why don't you dump her?

Zeku: Because, I think I love her. Just sayin'.

Chiya: Please, Zeku?

Zeku: No, I don't think so.

<They arrived at the market and bought everything Zeku needed.>

Zeku:<Zeku exits the market> I do think she likes Kan, though.

Chiya: Maybe.

<Zeku flies home while Chiya flies to West City. He arrives at his home and finds Chilan sweet-talking Kan.>

Zeku: Alright, forget it. Outta my house, Chilan.

Chilan: Uh, Zeku, I, um, I was just, um, talking to Kan about, um, the new house that me and you were building!

Zeku: No, I don't think so.

<Chilan takes her stuff and leaves.>

Kan: Hey, Zeku, I came over here to talk to you about an attack in West City.


Kan: In West City, why?

Zeku: Because Chiya's in West City, you moron!

<Zeku and Kan fly off to West City.>

Zeku: Cheeeeeeeyaaaaaa, where aaaaaaaarrrrree yooooouuuuuuu? No luck. How about you, Kan?

Kan: Nothing, sorry Zeku. This place looks like a dump.

Zeku: Yeah, the attack must've happened just when Chiya got back.

Kan: Yeah, I originally came over because I wanted to see Chilan, but then I got the call about the attack.

Zeku: We have to find who did this.

Kan: Yeah.

<They fly off to Center City, where they begin their search.>

Zeku: No way. There they are. Ransacking Center City. Let's get 'em, Kan.

Kan: Yeah, let's go.

<They fly into the center of the bandits.>

Zeku: Where is the girl named Chiya.

< The bandits look at him.>

Bandit 1: Who wants to know?

Zeku: I DO!

<Zeku knocks out the bandit with a single punch.>

Zeku: Who's next?

Bandit 2: She's at ou-our base, in, in South City, now don't kill us!

Zeku: Kan, watch them.

<Kan nods. Zeku flies off to South City to look for Chiya.>

Zeku: Where could she be?

<Zeku sees a dark and damp warehouse.>

Zeku: Bingo.

<Zeku enters the warehouse and sees Chiya tied up in the center.>

Zeku: I don't like this one bit.

<Zeku walks into the center and unties her. He sees a hooded figure in the corner.>

Zeku: Who are you?

Hooded Figure: Heheheheheh, I am the personification of evil. I am....Kiaru.

Zeku: Kiaru, eh? What species are you?

Kiaru: I am an Uwakian. I have come to destroy you, Zeku. You see, at first I took the shape of an innocent Saiyan girl. When you dumped me, I had to kidnap the only other girl you truly loved, Chiya.

Zeku: You were Chilan?

<Zian takes off her hood.>

Zian: Yes. I was trying to get close to you, so I could kill you.

Zeku: Chiya RUN!

<Zeku breaks the roof of the warehouse and escapes with Chiya.>

Zeku: You have to try harder than that.

Episode 2: Zian is only a Pawn[]

Zeku: Don't worry, Chiya, you're safe.

Chiya: I know, and I have you to thank.

Zeku: Listen, I'm going to train you to defend yourself, because I can't be in West City all the time.

Chiya: Alright, thank you Zeku.

Zeku: We'll begin with the Kamehameha. Cup your hands together, and put them to your side.<Demonstrates.>

<Chiya does the same>

Zeku: Form a ki blast......

<Chiya obeys.>

Zeku: Now straighten your arms and push your hands apart, releasing the ki blast.

<Chiya does it correctly on the first try.>

Zeku: Nice, you've got it. Now, do you have a tail?

Chiya: Of course, I am a Saiyan.

Zeku: Okay, so you can turn Super Saiyan?

Chiya<Powers up to Super Saiyan>: I've learned a few things down in Hell.

Zeku: Alright, so you've got the Super Kamehameha as well.

Chiya: Yeah, so- Zeku look out!

<Zeku barely dodges a ki blast from behind.>

Zeku: Ah, Kiaru, you came back.

Kiaru: With the best in the galaxy, Xion!

Zeku: Xion? Wait, you look like Buu.

Xion: Because I am a Majin. I can absorb anyone and anything.

Zeku: I see. This will be a good test of my strength.

<Zeku gets ready to fight Xion, and Xion takes off his robe.>

Episode 3: Xion, the Majin![]

Xion: So, you are the Saiyan named Zeku?

Zeku: I am. Just fight me!

Xion: So forward. I need a soul first!

<Xion uses Instant Transmission to teleport behind Chiya, and absorbs her.>

Zeku: Y-you absorbed Chiya.....

Xion: Yes, yes I did.

Zeku: That's it!<Powers up to Super Saiyan 5.> You're finished.

Xion: Really? We'll see.

<Zeku jumps forward and tries to punch Xion but Xion uses Instant Transmission to get behind him, and kicks him out of the way. Zeku lands on his feet and turns around with a Kamehameha x200. It hits Xion, and Xion flies into a building. Xion stands up, and fires his own Kamehameha toward Zeku. Zeku is caught off guard and is hit head on. Zeku backflips in midair and lands on his feet. Zeku runs back over to Xion, and kicks him in the face. Zeku charges up and hits a Super Dodon Ray to Xion's forehead. Xion kipups and hits a Death Beam. Zeku barely dodges it, and comes back with a Destructive Wave x20. Xion is hit, and falls backward. He gets up, and is visibly weakened.>

Xion: I need, I need to, to, I need to absorb someone new.

Zeku: Hm, you won't be absorbing anyone.

Xion: Except for you!

<Xion leaps forward and covers Zeku in pink goo. Zeku tries to fight it, but Xion absorbs him.>

Episode 4: Breaking Out[]

<Xion laughs, and then he looks like he's going to throw up. He starts to bulge. He blows up like a balloon. Then, he explodes all over the place, revealing Zeku in his Super Saiyan 5 form, and Chiya as a Super Saiyan 2.>

Zeku: You achieved Super Saiyan 2?

Chiya: I told you I learned some things in Hell. Super Saiyan wasn't my limit when I said that. This is my limit.

Zeku: Oh, well maybe I could help you achieve Super Saiyan 3 later?

Chiya: Focus on Xion for now, Zeku.

Zeku: He's a pile of blubber.

<Xion forms back into his Majin being, powered down after losing so much energy.>

Xion: How did you break out?

Zeku: I know a few things after being inside Ultimate Kai's mind. When he tells you he's seen it all, he's seen it all!

Chiya: Um, okay?

<Zeku flies over to Xion and glares at him.>

Zeku: Stay away from Earth.

Xion: You got it.<Smiles deviously, laughs, and flies away from Earth.>

Zeku: I didn't like that smile.

Chiya: Don't worry about it, Xion will stay away.

Zeku: I just don't know, Chiya.

Chiya: Tell you what, you can teach me Super Saiyan 3, but only if you stop worrying about Xion.

Zeku: Fine...

<Zeku and Chiya walk away from the site of their battle with Xion.>

Episode 5: A Majin's Wrath[]

<Zeku's talking on the phone.>

Zeku: Listen, Chiya, there's been a disturbance in North City that I need to take care of. Yes, I know I was supposed to help you achieve Super Saiyan 4. I know, I know. Listen, I'll be there as soon as possible, after I check out North City.<Hangs up the phone.>

<Zeku goes Super Saiyan 5 and flies off to North City. He finds Chiya there, and she gives him a look. He rolls his eyes and powers down to Super Saiyan 3.>

Zeku: Who's here?

Xion: Me.....

Zeku: Xion! I thought I told you to stay away from earth.

Xion: Never.....I am powerful now, I have gone around the galaxy in a matter of days, absorbing all of the best fighters, even your father Gohan.....

Zeku: I'm going to kill you.....

Xion: With that power level? You can't possibly kill me!

Zeku(Whispering to Chiya): Please let me power up, please?

Chiya: Only up to Super Saiyan 4.

<Zeku powers up to Super Saiyan 4.>

Zeku: How about now, Xion.

Xion: We'll see.....he he he......

Zeku: Yeah, we'll see!

<Zeku charges toward Xion, with Chiya right behind him. Xion fires a Kamehameha and hits Zeku dead on, while he just knocks Chiya aside.>

Kiaru: Zian! Where's the prisoner.....

Kiaru: Right here.

<Kiaru has Kan tied up in chains.>

Xion: Zeku, you wouldn't dare attack me...when you're brother's inside!

<Xion turns Kan into chocolate, then eats him.>

Xion: That's right, Zeku. Just attack me now.

Zeku: I attacked you when Chiya was inside, and I'll attack you now!

<Zeku reveals a Kamehameha x10 that he was charging behind his back and fires it towards Xion. It hits Xion, and Xion flies into a builing, making it crumble. Xion stands up and fires a Dodon Ray back to Zeku, but Zeku dodges it and fires a few ki blasts toward Xion. Xion absorbs them, and fires them back. Zeku is hit, but he isn't phased by the blasts. He and Xion run toward each other and punch each other at the same time, and their fists meet. This causes a shockwave, and the ground around them crumbles and lifts up into the air because of their power. It falls back down to the ground and Zeku and Xion are matched blow for blow. Finally Zeku lands a good hit, and Xion is thrown backward. Zeku charges a Destructo Disc and throws it over to Xion. Xion is cut in half, but his body stretches and melds back together. This shocks Zeku, and Xion uses this opportunity to fire a Destructive Wave, and it hits Zeku.>

Zeku: Ugh, you're strong.

<Zeku gives a look to Chiya, and powers up to Super Saiyan 5. Xion smiles, and begins to grow.>

Xion: I was waiting for this. Now that you've transformed, I can show you my true power!

<Xion transforms from his tall and fat form into a smaller, muscular form.>

Xion: This is my ultimate form, meet Ultimate Xion!

<Zeku gets ready to fight Ultimate Xion.>