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Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic Menace is a crossover fanfic taking place in a universe when Gohan goes mad, 5 chosen warriors by Prince Bartek come to stop his ruling


  • Prince Bartek - The one that started it all, hates mystic Gohan with a passion. Princess Pan's and Princess Chi-Chi's boyfriend
  • King Bardock - father of prince Bartek, hates that Psych Lady and Grazyna are in love with him
  • Prince Turles - older brother of prince Bartek, Bartek trusts him


Pokemon support charactersEdit

  • Jackie - The zordon of PR MM, he gives the morphers to the rangers, also Bartek's right handman
  • Pan
  • Grazyna
  • Ariel - One of Bartek's "aunts" that rised him when he was an baby, apears in water themed episodes
  • Psych Lady - Bartek's kamikaze girl, likes to sing opera with Princess Pan, Arthur's girlfriend, likes Evil Bardock's sexy body
  • Arthur - Bartek's kamikaze boy, Psych Lady's boyfriend

Guest RangersEdit

  • Trini Kwan
  • Maya
  • Kendrix Morgam
  • Wes Collins
  • Sky Tate
  • Doggy Cruger


Crossover main villiansEdit

  • Rita repulsa
  • Lord Zedd

Some universesEdit

  • Droopy (Droopy of the opera parody)
  • Code Lyoko
  • Disney's cartoons
  • Anime style Jungle Book
  • Goonies
  • Pokemon


Opening and EndingsEdit

  • Kakuranger (instrumental) (First sessions with non classic PR)
  • Dekaranger (instrumental) (Sessions with the classic PR)
  • Gaiden main theme (Ending)
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