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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic Menace is a crossover fanfic taking place in a universe when Gohan goes mad, 5 chosen warriors by Prince Bartek come to stop his ruling


  • Prince Bartek - The one that started it all, hates mystic Gohan with a passion. Princess Pan's and Princess Chi-Chi's boyfriend
  • King Bardock - father of prince Bartek, hates that Psych Lady and Grazyna are in love with him
  • Prince Turles - older brother of prince Bartek, Bartek trusts him


Pokemon support characters[]

  • Jackie - The zordon of PR MM, he gives the morphers to the rangers, also Bartek's right handman
  • Pan
  • Grazyna
  • Ariel - One of Bartek's "aunts" that rised him when he was an baby, apears in water themed episodes
  • Psych Lady - Bartek's kamikaze girl, likes to sing opera with Princess Pan, Arthur's girlfriend, likes Evil Bardock's sexy body
  • Arthur - Bartek's kamikaze boy, Psych Lady's boyfriend

Guest Rangers[]

  • Trini Kwan
  • Maya
  • Kendrix Morgam
  • Wes Collins
  • Sky Tate
  • Doggy Cruger


Crossover main villians[]

  • Rita repulsa
  • Lord Zedd

Some universes[]

  • Droopy (Droopy of the opera parody)
  • Code Lyoko
  • Disney's cartoons
  • Anime style Jungle Book
  • Goonies
  • Pokemon


  • The power rangers assemble (first episode)
  • Goonies final mission! The Mystic Menace Comes
  • Mystic Gohan’s evil plan! The Mystic mockery of Akira Toriyama & Walt Disney (Lion King and anime version of Jungle Book crossover)
  • Mystic pansy of the opera (Phantom of the opera spoof based on Droopy of the opera minisode, non Power Rangers themed episode)
  • On your knees mystic pansy! I am Super Clumsy!
  • Super mystic bros (Super Mario bros crossover)
  • The little mysticmaid (Disney's Little mermaid crossover)
  • Sailor Moon hates mystic boy (Sailor Moon crossover, takes place after the battle with Galaxia, uses the manga origin of Sailor Starlights rather than the anime where they are males transforming into females, coindence being Serena and Darien in bed, which mimics the final chapter's scene. The classic sailors also have their beta designs)
  • Deja vu hurts, huh mystic boy? (23WMAT reaction with Bartek as Piccolo jr and Mystic Gohan as Goku)
  • Little mystic princess (dream episode, based on "A Little Princess" novel staring Princess Pan as the main character)
  • Little red mystic girl (dream episode, based on the "Little red riding hood" novel)
  • The end of the tyranny (last episode)

Opening and Endings[]

  • Kakuranger (instrumental) (First sessions with non classic PR)
  • Dekaranger (instrumental) (Sessions with the classic PR)
  • Gaiden main theme (Ending)