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This takes place somehow in a universe where Gohan killed Cell before he exploded.

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You know how Bardock died in Frieza's supernova right? Or did he....


The pod lands

After the blast (chapter 1)[]

Passed out on the surface of the planet Kala, Bardock had survived the massive blast of Frieza.

"Ugh.." mutters Bardock as he awakens on a Kalian medical bed. "Where am I?"

"You’re at the Hospital, young man" said the Doctor.

Bar dock could only think of 2 things at moment, his son Kakarot, and Frieza. "Do you know where there’s a space ship, Doc?" Bardock asked the Doctor.

"Yeah, but the only one left has locked coordinates for Earth." the doctor replied.

"It will have to do!" Bardock said as he jumped in the pod.

On Earth(chap. 2)[]

"GOKU!!" yelled ChiChi "Yeah, ChiChi?" said goku "WHERES GOHAN!!??" yells Chichi "He's right here!" goku says while pointing at gohan. "Uh.. Dad?" says Gohan "Yeah Gohan?" says Goku. "Look!" *points at Bardock's pod* says Gohan." (bardock comes out of the pod and sees Goku)Son?" says bardock. "Uhm who are you and why do you look like me?" says Goku. "Im your father, Kakarot." replies Bardock. "Who's Kakarot?" said Goku. "YOU MEAN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR OWN NAME?!?!" yells Bardock. "I like him.." whispers ChiChi. A few hours pass as Bardock explains himself and why he's here. "Well its good I got Frieza killed." says Goku. "YOU MEAN YOU KILLED THE TYRANT!? How did you do that AND survive?" questioned Bardock. "Well, I did this *goes super saiyan*" says Goku *bardock stares wide eyed and jaw-dropped* "I can do it too! *goes super saiyan*" gohan replied. "You can do better than that son." Goku says. "Uhm, okay.*goes super saiyan 2*" gohan says *Bardock's eyes go wider and jaw drops farther*

The Prince Arrives[]

  • vegeta flies over* Vegeta:KAKAROT! YOU MISSED IT! THERE WAS A BUFFET!! Goku:WHAT I MISSED FOOD!?!? Bardock:*bows down*Hello prince vegeta.Vegeta:WHAT BARDOCK HOW COULD YOU HAVE SURVIVED THE BLAST.At that very moment Trunks comes over and is staring at the newly arrived saiyan.
  • Bardock:Who is this this.Trunks:I am Vegeta's son but i came from the future.Vegeta:IMPOSSIBLE MY OWN FATHER DIED IN THAT BLAST.Bardock:I dont know how i survived either i took it head on but....... but...... then i was sent back in time somehow and i became the first Super Saiyan i killed Lord Chilled And then i fell on the floor and woke up present day.Vegeta:Well then i wonder what happened to all the other saiyans becuase me Kakaroy Nappa and Raditz survived.Bardock:Raditz where is he where is my son.Goku:i had to kill him he took my son and was pure evil.Vegeta.