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Trunks Super Saiyan 2

Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 3)

Future Trunks transformed into A Super Saiyan 3.

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It takes place in a world much like Trunks' future, but with the change of Tien living. It shows how Tien being saved changed everything. It follows the lives of warriors such as Trunks and Tien, major supporting characters like Bulma, and a whole cast of RPCs as they defend their fragile world against powerful enemies such as the androids, Cell, and others.

While the New Z Fighters fighting to keep their fragile world safe there's a new Android boss sending his new powerful Androids to attack them. A new Android boss named Kai being programmed by Dr Gero's computer underground to kill Goku but he fights Trunks and the New Z Fighters instead.

Canon Characters who died

  • Goku (died of a heart virus six months prior to the androids attack, roughly November - December, Age 766).
  • Piccolo (was killed by #18 on May 10th, Age 767).
  • Nail (because he became one with Piccolo, he died along with him).
  • Kami (died when Piccolo was killed).
  • Vegeta (was killed by #17 on May 10th, Age 767).
  • Yamcha (killed by #17 on May 10th, Age 767).
  • Krillin (killed by the androids on May 10th, Age 767).
  • Yajirobe (killed by the androids (shown in a flashback in the series, but not in this special))
  • Gohan (managed to survive the initial battle, but is eventually killed thirteen years later in 780 Age).
  • Dr. Brief (may have died from natural cause or was killed when the androids destroyed West City.)
  • Approximately two thirds of the Earth's population were killed about thirteen years after the androids appearance.
  • Ox King (Killed by #18, Age 774)
  • Canon Characters who survived

    • Future Trunks (was a baby when the androids attacked and he survived the attack on West City)
    • Bulma (managed to survive the onslaught on West City)
    • Tien Shinhan (survived the battle thanks to Launch for doing CPR to save him)
    • Master Roshi (Was living on the island)
    • Chiaotzu (managed to survive the initial battle)
    • Chi-Chi (was at her home in the mountains)
    • Mr Popo (It is assumed he survived and lived alone on Kami's lookout)
    • Korin (Was in his tower)
    • Turtle (was on Master Roshi's island)
    • Oolong (was on Master Roshi's island)
    • Puar (was on Master Roshi's island)

    My Characters in Another Future as New Z-Fighters

    • [[[Kiyoshi]]]
    • Akina
    • Kotoha
    • Akio
    • Kenji
    • Melina
    • Sarah
    • Jack
    • Yuri

    My Characters in Another Future as Villains / Androids

    • Kai- (An new Bio- Android)
    • Android 29
    • Android 30
    • Android 28 (Haruko)(Goes Good)
    • Android 27

    Characters are not born due to the alternate timeline events

    • Kohan and Pan (Gohan never met Videl)
    • Zen, Bra or Bulla (Vegeta was killed by the Androids)
    • Gina, Geki, Goten (Goku died of a heart disease)
    • Goku Jr. (Pan never existed)
    • Marron (Krillin was killed by the Androids)