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Kuriza Saga[]

This article, DBXD, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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DBXD, (DragonBall Xtreme Dreams) is a series in the Dragon Ball manga. It takes place two years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. Goten is the series' main protagonist. It shows his adventures along with Pan and friends. Earth seemed peaceful until Kuriza, Frieza's son comes to Earth. The Kuriza saga is very short and humorous. It ends with the comedic battle between Pan and Kuriza where she she kicks him in the stomach and he blows up. The very stupid battle finally comes to an end. We all know Vegeta is stronger than Goku.

Coraza Wants Revenge![]

Cooler's son Coraza appeared to get revenge for his cousin Kuriza. It was a heated battled between Coraza and the Z Warriors. Will Earth be saved? Pan finally unlocked her Super Saiyan abilities when Coraza blew Goten off the face of the Earth to New Planet Namek with a Full Power Energy Wave. After defeating Coraza with the Masenkohameha, she teleported to New Planet Namek along with Trunks, does any other trouble await them on Namek? Can they defeat any other enemies without Goku? Meanwhile when Goku was training with King Kai he was told about the trouble Pan, Trunks, and Goten were in. How can he save the three heroes? Goku somehow got to Earth in time for Coraza's invasion, but Pan,Goten and Trunks couldn't make it in time. Now it is just Goku and Sora,Pan's sister in-law from the future, to fight a giant army. Pan and the others have finally arrived! They each turned Super Saiyan. They help Goku and Sora defeat the army. Now it is time to defeat Coraza! To defeat him they fused all of their attacks, Kamehamehameha,Masenkohameha,Masenko, and Burning Blazer, but Coraza used Supernova, the attacks clashed and Coraza was blown to pieces.

Prince Kiko Saga[]

Now our heroes must travel to Planet Kikon to kill the evil prince Kiko and retreive the Dragon Ball! The warriors had to deal with his minions before they could kill him. When Krillin Jr. (DBXD) saw the battle from his space pod he decided to help the Z warriors. Pan had told him to kill Prince Kiko and get the Dragon Ball. Krillin Jr. used the KamehameDisk. The attack sliced Prince Kiko's head of in one strike. Krillin Jr. gave Goten the Dragon Ball and tried to leave but Goten asked him to become a Z warrior. Krillin Jr. happily accepted the offer. The Z warriors finally had a new menber.

Majin Buu's Corruption[]

Majin Buu has become corrupted due to his anger taking him over. First the Z warriors have to save all the Kais on Grand Kai's Planet, including the Grand Kai! Pan decided to split from the others to save different towns. In one of the towns she finds Kid Kai, Supreme Kai's son. Majin Buu is almost at the Grand Kai's palace! Krillin Jr decides to stall Majin Buu so the others can send him and to the remote planet with the others. Kid Kai decided to help him stall Majin Buu, he froze Buu in time and the Grand Kai was saved! Majin Buu was defeated when Goten turned Super Saiyan 2 and used a Spirit Bomb with enegy from all the worlds including the spirit worlds. The Grand Kai gave Krillin Jr. the Axel Blade because everyone else declined the offer. Krillin Jr. was happy about receiving the weapon.

The Evil King Kiko![]

The Z warriors received a call from King Kiko, the father of Prince Kiko who wants to kill Krillin Jr. (DBXD) and his friends because of his son's death.The Z warriors traveled all the way to Planet Kikon. They saw a surprise when they got there, there were thousands of King Kiko's minions! Since Pan (DBXD) and the others were busy fighting his minions, Krillin Jr decided he had to kill King Kiko with the Axel Blade. Krillin Jr. killed King Kiko with the KamehameSlash in his Axel Mode. After the battle the Z warriors went back to earth and met Julia at West City.

Julia Meets an Old Enemy![]

When Julia was walking home she was ambushed by Hoshi, the rival of her mother Sora. Hoshi is an evil girl who wants revenge on Sora for killing her mother. Hoshi thought Julia was Sora. She attacked Julia, but Julia was too strong. Julia easily killed Hoshi with her new weapons, the Z-Guns. She used the Galick Shot. Hoshi's head was blown off by the intense blast.

The Ancient Labyrinth[]

The Z warriors went inside the Ancient Labyrinth to find the Dragon Ball Sora picked up on her radar. Pan, Goten and Sora took the right path. Kid Kai, Julia and Krillin Jr went took the left path. Will the Z warriors find any dangers on their way? At the end of the Ancient Labyrinth the Z warriors found Cryogen, the long lost brother of King Cold. He defeated all the Z warriors except Kid Kai (DBXD) and Julia (DBXD). Julia tapped into her saiyan blood and turned into a Super Saiyan! Kid Kai used the Grand Kai's unlock ability to unlock his true potential. They mixed Energy's Last and Super Saiyan Rush to defeat Cryogen and save the Earth.

Janemba Returns![]

The evil souls were released once again but this time it was due to a different one of King Yenma's workers. The Z warriors must defeat him to restore balance to the earth. Krillin Jr tried to defeat him with the Axel Blade but it didn't work. Julia tried to shoot him but it didn't work. Pan, Sora, and Kid Kai worked together but they were defeated. Goten turned into a Super Saiyan 3 and used Mega Kamehameha to kill Janemba. After Janemba's defeat Sora went back to her time. After the battle Goten passed out because his body wasn't used to such a powerful form. It could not contain the power of the Super Saiyan 3 form.

Tarble Joins the Z Warriors![]

After Sora left, Tarble (DBXD) joined the Z warriors. Tarble is the brother of Prince Vegeta. Pan attacked Tarble at first because she thought he was an enemy. Pan turned Super Saiyan 2 out of rage, but Tarble still overpowered her in his Super Saiyan form. He was truly a powerful warrior. His Super Saiyan form was more powerful than Pan's Super Saiyan 2 form. Goten told him that he would be a great addition to the Z warriors.

Tarble vs Vegeta, The Battle Between Brothers![]

Tarble told his brother Vegeta about joining the Z warriors, Vegeta wanted to battle Tarble to see if he was worthy. They both turned into super saiyans. Tarble saw this as a chance to test out his new skills. He used the Galick Blade, but Vegeta blocked it. Tarble used his tail to constrict Vegeta. When Tarble had Vegeta in range he sliced him with the Galick Blade. Tarble thought he had won but Vegeta blasted a Final Flash at him. Tarble used the Full Power Galick Gun. The blasts collided in a beam struggle. In the end it was a Tie. Vegeta told Tarble he was ready to be a Z warrior. Tarble was happy Vegeta said he was ready. Afterwards Tarble left to set out on his journey. What will happen next? Next time on DBXD!

The Evil Tyrant Kane![]

Kid Kai was on vacation with his dad on Supreme Kai's world. He found out a tyrant named Kane. He had to stop him. He used the Grand Kai's unlock ability. Kane said that he was no match for him. It turned out that compared to Kid Kai, Kane was a total weakling. He only seemed strong because he was attacking the residents of a small village. Kid Kai easily destroyed him with Energy's Rush.

Pan Vs Goten![]

Walking Maze

The ancient labyrinth

Pan and Goten decided to spar during their vacation. They both turned into Super Saiyans. Pan used Maiden's Rush to try and end the match quickly but Goten evaded it. He used a Kamehame Wave to counter it but Pan blocked it. Pan used the Masenkohameha, Goten was surprised she had used it so early. He Used the Super Explosive Wave to collide with the blast. Each of them gave it all their effort but in the end Goten won but he told Pan that she was getting very strong. He said that she was ready for the next attack on Earth.

Hoshi Retuns![]

Hoshi returned and sought out to find Julia. When she found Julia's house she shot a huge energy blast at it and the house was destroyed. Luckily everybody inside was safe. Julia saw Hoshi outside and was surprised that she was was still alive. Hoshi had learned to become a Super Saiyan somehow. Hoshi used Burst Force Cannon. It hit Julia dead on. Julia was surprised that Hoshi had become so strong. Julia turned Super Saiyan and pulled out her Z- Guns. Hoshi knew what attack was coming and quickly countered it. Julia had tricked Hoshi into believing that she was using the Z-Guns. She used GalickKamehameha, a move she made during her vacation, to kill Hoshi once and for all. The blast had blown Hoshi off the face of the Earth. Hoshi was no more.

The Evil Shinpaku Arrives![]

The Z warriors vacation is finally over. The next great evil has arrived on Earth just like Fortuneteller Baba had warned them. The Great Shinpaku has arrived. The Z warriors were ready however. They each transformed into their most powerful state. Krillin Jr. and Julia tried to end it quickly, but Shinpaku was truly their strongest enemy yet! He had used the Pulse Fissure to blow them each away. Goten was surprised at his power. He tried to use the KamehameRush, another move he learned in his vacation, to counter him. Shinpaku had extremely quick reflexes. In an instant he blocked Goten's attack and countered him with a knee to the head. Pan and Kid Kai were frustrated that Shinpaku was defeating all of their allies. They combined Energy's Last with the Masenkohameha. The combination had actually hit Shinpaku. Everyone was surprised but Goten knew something was wrong. Shinpaku wasn't even scractched. Everyone had decided that the only way that Shinpaku could be defeated was with a Spirit Bomb. Goten had charged it with all the energy from himself and the universe. He knew that it wasn't powerful enough. He told all the Z warriors to put every ounce of their energy into it. When it was fully charged Goten launched it with all his might at Shinpaku. Shinpaku had blocked it. Krillin Jr. said that it was impossible. Shinpaku launched it back at the Z warriors. Everyone shot their most powerful blast at it. The blasts gave the Spirit Bomb enough energy to defeat Shinpaku. When the attack had hit Shinpaku it caused an explosion so powerful that it caused Shinpaku to disintergrate. The battle was finally over.

Baba's Warning[]

The Z warriors were warned by Baba that Shinpaku was not yet defeated. Goten said 'How is that possible, he was disintergrated!' Baba said that he was revived by an unknown alien. Baba had gathered information about the alien possibly being Shinpaku's sister. She said that they had 6 months to prepare for the return of Shinpaku and his brother. They had to train harshly because they knew how strong Shinpaku was and that his brother could be even stronger. The only way to become this strong was for all of them to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for six months! Kami said they were only allowed for one day. Training in the time chamber for six months was much too long. When Goten told him about how strong Shinpaku was Kami let them train for six months.The training begins next time on DBXD.

The Training Is Finally Over![]

During the training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Pan found a new transformation! She had become a Super Saiyan 3. It was amazing. Goten couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen Pan this strong before. Pan was ready for the return of Shinpaku. By the time she was a Super Saiyan 3 everyone was as strong as they could become. Julia became an Ascended Super Saiyan 2, Krillin Jr.'s Axel Mode had reached Level 2, which gave him and the Axel Blade a red aura, Kid Kai had unlocked the power of the Kai Ring that his father gave to him for the battle that gave him a black aura with red lightning and Goten became a Full Power Super Saiyan 3.Tarble became a Full Power Super Saiyan 2. The six months of training was over. It was time for Shinpaku and his brother to arrive.

Baba's Warning Was Wrong![]

The future Baba warned the Z warriors about was wrong. Shinpaku and his brother did not arrive on the day Baba had said. Instead they got a message from Broly! It was unbeleiveable. Goten thought Broly was destroyed. It had turned out that someone gathered the Dragon Balls and wished that Broly, Janemba, and Shinpaku were alive again! The Z warriors had two years before their arrival. Broly and the others would spend the two years searching for the Dragon Balls. It shall be the final battle for the Dragon Balls! But they couldn't use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It was destroyed from thier six months of training. They had to train somewhere in the woods. The two year training period starts now!

Cell Returns?! Krillin Jr. Unlocks His True Power![]

Krillin Jr. wnted to take a break from his training so he went home to his family. Everyone was happy to see him. He came just in time for dinner. When everyone was eating they heard something outside. Krillin adn Krillin Jr. went outside to investigate. When they found where the noise was coming from they found out it was Cell. He had returned from Hell! Krillin tried to attack him but Cell used the Barrage Death Beam. The attack had pierced his heart. Krillin was dead. Krillin Jr. went bezerk! He unlocked the third level of his Axel Mode due to rage. He killed Cell with one Kamehameha but it was different the Kamehameha was red with black lightning due to his rage! It was the Bezerker Kamehameha. The blast was so intense it caused Cell to disintergrate just like how he was killed the first time.

Krillin Jr.'s Bad News![]

Krillin Jr. came back from his break but he had terrible news! He told everyone that his grandfather had been killed and that he had to travel to Planet Namek to gather the Dragon Balls and bring him back to life. Goten said that New Planet Namek's location was too far away. Krillin Jr. told him that he had to to do it no matter what. Goten knew that he couldn't convince him to stay. Goten decided to let Krillin Jr. go. Krillin Jr. left in a hurry to go to West City. He finally arrived at Capsule Corp. to tell Dr. Briefs to build him a spacecraft that could get him to Ne Planet Namek in less than two months. Dr. Briefs told him that it would take him three months to build such a spaceship! Krillin Jr. told him that he didn't have that much time. Broly and the others would arrive in 4 months, Krillin Jr. wouldn't make it in tme before they arrived because of how long it would take. Bulma came outside and luckily she had an extra spaceship that would take Krillin Jr. to Namek and back in just 4 months, Krillin Jr. would get back to Earth just in time for the big battle. Krillin Jr. went home to get his clothes from home. He came back to West City in a hurry. Bulma had the ship ready in the front yard for him. Krillin Jr. left in a hurry because he had to come back to earth in time for the battle to start. His journey begins next time on DBXD!

Krillin Jr.'s Trip to Namek Was a Success![]

Krillin Jr. had made it to New Planet Namek in just two months. When the Nameks heard that he was coming they had already gathered the Dragon Balls for him. He was happy they had done such a nice thing for him. The elder called Porunga to grant Krillin Jr.'s wish when Porunga had risen from the Dragon Balls he told Krillin Jr. to state his wish. Krillin Jr. told Porunga that he wished his grandfather was alive again. Porunga said that his wish had been granted. Porunga said that he still had two wishes left. Krillin Jr. didn't have anything else to wish for. The elder said that they would handle it. Krillin Jr. had to leave so he could get back to Earth. He told all of the Nameks farewell. The final battle begins next time on DBXD!

The Final Showdown[]

Krillin Jr. had arrived just in time for the battle. Broly, Shinpaku and Janemba had arrived! Shinpaku said that if the Z warriors win they can have the Dragon Balls but if they lose the planet gets destroyed. Goten accepted the offer. The battle had started. Each squad decided to take one opponent. Goten and Pan took Broly. Kid Kai and Julia took Janemba. Krillin Jr. and Tarble took Shinpaku. When everyone transformed into their most powerful state Broly had a surprise. He became a Super Saiyan 3! The Z warriors were surprised. Goten thought it was impossible. His power level was off the charts! Goten and Pan decided to charge in first. Broly used Blaser Shell to counter them but Pan deflected the blast back at Broly. Goten used Fatal Assault. Broly thought it was a simple combo but Goten surprised him by using an explosive Ki Blast at the end. The move blasted Broly into a mountain. Kid Kai, Julia and Janemba were locked in combat. Janemba used Energy Star Rain to attack them both at the same time. The attack had caught them off guard and did devastating damage. Janemba thought they had been defeated but Julia hit him with a sneak attack from behind. She used the Super Saiyan Rush. Janemba was launched into Kid Kai's Reiji Beam. The attack was fatal to Janemba. They used Energy's Super Rush to finish him off. He was still alive. Kid Kai used Bengetsu Blaster to finish him off. Janemba used Rashimon's Curse to collide with the Bengetsu Blaster. The attacks were in a deadlock but Julia helped Kid Kai by using the Blitz Bullet Barrage. Julia's attack broke the deadlock. Janemba was overwhelmed. The fatal attacks had killed Janemba. Krillin Jr. and Tarble were already in trouble. Shinpaku was winning the battle. Just when Shinpaku was about to finish them off Tarble was holding an explosive Ki Blast in his hand. He punched Shinpaku in the stomach and the Ki Blast exploded on impact.The blast sent Shinpaku flying into the air. Krillin Jr. jumped into the air and did a somersault kick that sent Shinpaku flying to the ground. Just before Shinpaku landed Tarble jumped and drop kicked him into a mountain. Shinpaku was angry and teleported right in front of Krillin Jr. and used the Kaido Blast. The move hit Krillin Jr. at point blank range. Krillin Jr. was sent flying into the ground. Tarble was furious. He sent a barrage of Galick Waves at Shinpaku. The blasts did devastating damage to Shinpaku. Tarble helped Krillin Jr. up and he was ready to fight. They were ready to finish it. Krillin Jr. took out his Axel Blade and Tarble pulled out his Galick Blade. They both sliced Shinpaku at the same time. Tarble sliced his body in half and Krillin Jr. decapitated him. Shinpaku was killed. Pan and Goten were being brutally assaulted by Broly. He jumped into the air with both of them in his hands in a choke hold and chokeslammed them into the ground. Pan was able to break free from his choke hold and used Maiden Barrage. The attack made Broly let go of Goten. Goten and Pan both used Kamehameha at the same time to blast Broly away. The attack did little damage. Krillin Jr. tried to help but Tarble stopped him and said to let them do their battle. Goten used the KamehameRing but Broly broke free from the attack. Pan used the Maiden's Burst but the attack didn't hurt Broly at all. Their chances looked bleak but Goten tricked Broly into thinking they were beaten Broly used Omega Blaster but Pan and Goten launched it back at Broly. It did devastating damage. They had an opening to attack! Pan used the Super Kamehameha. The attack blasted Broly through a mountain. Goten used the Kaiser Fist, his most powerful attack. The attack reopened the wound from when King Vegeta stabbed Broly as a baby. The wound was fatal enough to half kill Broly. It gave Pan the chance to use the Spirit Kamehameha, the most powerful form of the Kamehameha that is a Spirit Bomb blasted in the form of the Kamehameha, Pan's most powerful move that is even more powerful than the Kaiser Fist. Broly was finally killed and the Dragon Balls belonged to the Z warriors. Goten used the Dragon Balls to bring the world back to peace. The world was safe from harm once again and everyone's lives returned to normal...for now...

The End