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This article, DBSV, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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DBSV (Dragon Ball: Saiyan Vengeance) is a fanfiction written by Zeon1. It follows a young Saiyan named Peran attempting to find the Dragon Balls in Otherworld to transport him (and eventually, some friends he's acquired), to Earth.


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  • Snake Way Saga- Peran travels along Snake Way to meet Lord Pernicious.
  • Lord Pernicious Saga- Peran and Kray attempt to defeat Lord Pernicous to gain his Dragon Ball.
  • Improvement Saga- Peran and Kray meet up with Master Barren in order to get the strength to defeat the second Guardian, the Raith.
  • Ouroboros Saga- Hoping to guard his Dragon Ball, the Raith unleashes the ancient monster Ouroboros.
  • Gift Saga- Peran, Kray, Barren, and Sari attempt to find another way to reach the real world.
  • Kill Squad Saga- Peran vs the Kill Squad! 'Nough said.
  • Earth Saga- Peran arrives on Earth, but things don't go as expected, as the first person he runs into is his father's killer, Piccolo!


  • It is Zeon1's longest planned fanfiction to date.